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Music Reviews

AUME – “Agere Urendum Mentis Epode” – [Self-released]

lexi glass   7/31/2016   12-inch, A Library

AUME (Scot Jenerik and Aleph Omega, the drummer from Chrome) create “immersive soundscapes.” Agere Urendum Mentis Epode is their first non-digital release. Upon opening the beautifully crafted record (only 555 of these were made), you find a note from the artists recommending that you listen “in a darkened room with headphones.” I took their advice and was rewarded with an exhilarating listening experience. But even in the light of day, these two tracks still hold their power.

Sides A and B each contain a 21-minute track, “Praeludium” and “Epilogus,” that share a similar structure. Both open with the sounds of the cosmic: imposing metal-on-metal booms, the ambient roar of deep space, electronic static that races in circles around and past you, the sound of a beam of light that swells into the foreground until it is blinding, white-hot. Then, the alien atmosphere shifts to something that sounds more human – in “Praeludium” it is percussion hit with the hands, in “Epilogus” it is strummed strings – interwoven with looped vocal-like sounds, melding into something like a chant. These familiar sounds subside and the space odyssey resumes. As the record concludes, the sounds grow more distant, leaving you adrift, alone, in the dark.

If you like what you hear, AUME will be at the 2016 NorCal Noisefest.

Krube – “Krube” – [I Dischi Del Barone]

Louie Caliente   7/31/2016   7-inch, A Library

Krube is Alexander Schneider, a sound artist working out of Berlin since the late 90s.

Two quick tracks of music concrete. Everyday sounds juxtaposed in new and disturbing ways. Crackling flames, rending metal, billowing wind, and percolating water. Unidentifiable yet strangely familiar machines.

Corum – “Black Or White Orpheus 2: Place of The Hidden Sun” – [Lost Discoveries]

Louie Caliente   7/31/2016   A Library, Cassette

Corum is Grant Corum, a graphic designer, sound artist, and member of Million Brazilians and many other bands. On this cassette, he is inspired by Indian shrines and rituals, transcending time and reality, awakening higher levels of consciousness.

Looped breathy beats and shimmery atmospheric synths, very flowing and rhythmic. Lo-fi trance-like vocals. Lots of layers that combine, meld, and disorient. Reminded me of a mellower, more spiritual Black Dice.

Extensive liner notes liken singer and trickster Michael Jackson to a modern day Orpheus, a divine creature full of magic and a symbol of metamorphosis.

Das Torpedoes – “Qu Nar” – [eh?]

billiejoe   7/27/2016   A Library, CD

AKA Charles Lareau and Voost Vistz. Field recordings. Garbled windy gobbledygook but good! Motorcycles, bar (including juke box music), subway loudspeaker, piano, street chatter, train moving across track, and other tasty treats.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

TenHornedBeast – “Elphame” – [Neuropa Records]

billiejoe   7/27/2016   A Library, CD

Drone doom metal from Belgium that will rattle your brain and launch you into a nebula. Heavy without being overpowering. Features bell tolling and birdies. The second track is a very comforting 42 minutes.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Marquis De Portago, The – “Story of Racing’s Most Colorful Driver, The” – [Riverside]

Naysayer   7/27/2016   CD, Comedy

A toast to the time when white European wealthy aristocrats concerned themselves with such endeavors as raising horses for polo, flying fast planes, hunting, gambling, womanizing, buying chateaus, driving fast cars. This unique piece is about The Marquis de Portago, one of those wealthy aristocrats, and is told through interviews and in The Marquis’ own words. The comfortable arrogance with which these men speak is nostalgic of those times that some folks think we should go back to. Between cigarettes and bourbon, the talk is of fast cars, powerful engines, dinners with the heads of Italian car companies, racing the European circuit, women, the honor of driving, a love of their fellow male car driver, death and winning. The Marquis de Portago’s voice is sensual, assured, sliding from one sound the next. He is comfortable with himself.
Oh, he dies in the end. Great for mixing.

Amdt, John – “Field Recordings From The Great Salt Lake Desert” – [Gallery 400]

Naysayer   7/27/2016   A Library, CD

Under the auspices of the ever so amazing Center for Land Use Interpretation, John Arndt took part in a residency at Wendover Airfield, Utah. Exploring and recording the region from “the Nevada border to Salt Lake City, and north almost to Idaho and south to the Dugway Proving Grounds”, Arndt has captured a unique and diverse collection of sounds, some haunting, others mundane, all interesting in their recognizability and yet uniqueness and strangeness. The desert is a weird place. Play loud.

Duchamp, Marcel – “Creative Act, The” – [Sub Rosa]

Naysayer   7/27/2016   A Library, CD

Marcel Duchamp is one of the most important artists and avant garde thinkers of the 20th century. His influence on many aspects of art is undeniable. In these six selections, four being interviews and two being short musical selections, the ever tireless Sub Rosa label brings us a further look into the man who changed the way we look at things. Interviews with Duchamp explain his beliefs, process, and meanings. All very interesting and GREAT for mixing.

Sick Lipstick, The – “Sting Sting Sting” – [Tiger Style]

mouthbreather   7/27/2016   A Library, CD

toronto pissy punk, ‘now wave’, fast paced dirty feeling yum for this perv. clunky musicality, nails on a chalkboard/japanese school grrrl vox. anxious, stomach churn, gonna meat and greet a venereal friend in an alley surrounded by downtown vermin eager for a peek of this freak show.

‘pull my hair in the shower/it comes out in lumps’ tk. 2

‘I want yer baby/so you’ll have to cum inside me’ tk. 4

‘stick yer toungue down my throat/make me gag in my garden’ tk. 9

fuck yeah, I’m in love

Maher Shalal Hash Baz – “Hello New York” – [OSR]

mouthbreather   7/27/2016   A Library, CD

child of Tori Kudo and Reiko Kudo, out Japan. a set of musicians from Maher who collected in NY for a 30th anniversary gig play here.

if Velvet Underground got drunk and jammed with Can’s Damo Suzuki, you’d have about this mix of jammy groove punctuated with odd pronunciation and generally aloof lyrical content. super yummy over all. connect the (non)dots with continuous play for vibe. track times very from 7 minutes to 18 seconds. even the alt. version are worth a play.

Badaboum – “Badaboum” – [Bruit Direct Disques]

Max Level   7/26/2016   12-inch, A Library

Here is a French F trio keeping the darkwave sound alive. Reminiscent of bands such as Lost Sounds and even approaching a no-wave thing in places. Bass, drums, keyboards, vocals. No guitars that I could detect. The vaguely evil-sounding keyboards are the best part. I heard some horn-like sounds in a couple of places so maybe they invited a sax or a trumpet to the party. Some of the singing is in French but I’m pretty sure there are some other languages in there too–German maybe, and English too I think. Bleak and dreary and good.

Premature Burial – “Conjuring, The” – [New Atlantis]

Hemroid The Leader   7/26/2016   12-inch, A Library

Brass trio Premature Burial’s debut features Matt Nelson on sax&efx, Dan Peck on tuba&efx, and Peter Evans on piccolo trumpet. Named for a Poe story about being unable to move and buried alive. Spectral improvisations. Tense drones. Close mic mouthpiece makeouts. Processing.
Versatile material could be drone, academic, jazz, noise.

Impact Test – “Seven Songs of Darkness” – [RRRecords]

billiejoe   7/20/2016   A Library, CD

Started by the Milwaukee kids from Boy Dirt Car. This album is from 1993. Noise jazz with reading/spoken word about ethnic cleansing and bombings of cities. Bells and horns and synth sounding like airplanes. Tribal drumming. Non sequiturs about hot dogs and martinis and fatness. Creaking door sound that goes on too long on track four is amazing. Track nine gets bluesy. Track ten is the crunchiest.
FCC track 12
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Inade – “Burning Flesh” – [Loki]

billiejoe   7/20/2016   A Library, CD

Spacey cooing. Some trancey beats and vocalization, like Gregorian monks chanting. Or a didgeridoo. Tat tvam asi is sanskrit for “thou art that.” German electronic goodness without an “uh” at the end. Kind of.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Outsound New Music Summit 15 [coll] – [Self Produced]

billiejoe   7/20/2016   A Library, CD

This non-profit has been supporting experimental artists since 2002. This album is a taste of the performances to come this week. Plenty of delicious skronky horns and playful sounds. I like track three, Brandon Evans, for some heavy brass and track nine, IMA, for its out this worldness.
— Billie Joe Tolliver