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Music Reviews

Poire_z + Phil Minton – “Q” – [For4Ears]

Grizzly Adam   9/29/2011   A Library, CD

Nice rounded forms, no beeping. Pops, clicks, misery’s wailing, bass
oscillations, sighing, mushy sounds, electric hums, early morning
humming, wind walls of aspiration, conversant groggles, 1000 rpm
rotation squells, wave washes, even underwater sounds from above.
Static waterfalls. Pulse purring, and dog mimicry (all the “I’m hungry,
having fun, not feeling good, and play with me” sounds.) Faux out
of breath (must have escaped with his life,) computer power up
focusing sound, wack a mole with mole laughs. At 9 min a beat
is introduced. Jet plane engine of flares; faint to noisy. Girble giberish.
Sound sources, a whole ton of circuit bending, plus.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Kuan – “Colors” – [self release]

Grizzly Adam   9/29/2011   A Library, CD

blow your rock fuse to stress trials on time pressured pop song forms. cuddle, snuggle along but no snot. casual listeners cannot leap frog these tunes, but the hardcore might pass. the license to tour was this, their eponym ep. quickly eclipsed by further work? or will these be the overlooked gem set clincher on the sound for the time and place.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Koichi, Makigami – “Tokyo Taiga” – [Tzadik]

Grizzly Adam   9/29/2011   A Library, CD

spectacular tundra fortuna
summa semiotic silly string
jelly-string foreign “guitars”
on a costal esplanade w/
picking, various emotional
singing states drink to, toast,
hob and nob, three hearts
and eleven stars -eveningly
infinitely wipes scrub sonny
atoms grizzly adam

Qluster – “Fragen” – [Bureau B.]

Grizzly Adam   9/29/2011   12-inch, A Library

For beautiful wavy moments, segue way songs gone as quickly as they appear. Beats between extrovert and introvert, suggestive of architectural containments and movements such as dams floodways gates running gutters for the inherent flux and transitions of the beat. Natures breathing – from wind to cognition. The gusts of music mediating the experience of nature, natural yet artificial, synthesized, which applies just as much to some other music. Given over to the feel of a robbery sequence, but not the chase, it also activates a sense of meandering and humor as the sounds harken to music made for sewers and vermin in 8-bit. I prefer the 1st track on each side.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Isungset, Terje – “Reise” – [Norcd]

cinder   9/28/2011   A Library, CD

Terje is a Norweigian musician with a background in jazz and Scandinavian music. In the notes, it says that he’s collected instrments through the years, and even created his own from found objects. Mostly on this release are horns, trumpet, drums, bells, chimes, rocks and the amazing jew’s harp. He performs with various Norwegian granites and uses all shapes of wood to create certain sounds. Very free and open in sound. Experimenting with objects, as “music shows him where to go”.

Microstoria – “Invisible Architecture #3” – [Audiosphere]

cinder   9/28/2011   A Library, CD

Markus Popp of Oval and Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars. One of their last releases recorded together, from 2002. Minimal electronic computer workings. Subtle and delicate, like a digital hummingbird zipping by. Dreamy and mellow. Lush and hypnotizing. Slumber inducing day dreams.

Ilaiyaraaja : Solla Solla [coll] – [Finders Keepers]

cinder   9/28/2011   CD, International

Another badass release from the B-Music label, known for kitsch, kooky and fun. This fits right along with all the various types of pyschedelic international compilations out there (Thai Beat, Singapore A Go Go, etc), but this is of course, with a Bollywood flair. Named Kollywood ??? for the Tamil-language film capital Kodambakkam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Totally danceable, twist-and-pony inducing fun times. These tunes come from the late 70s and early 80s, so you definetely get some of that cops-chasing-bad-guy type of soundtrack music. Horns, piano, keys, drums and lots of psych guitar & bass. Both male and female singers. Killer car chases, and heavily sequined babes waiting to fawn over the hero. A little bit of English here and there, mostly in “talking” sequences. A definite fun, upbeat time.

Nelson, Zac – “Same Hypnotic Point, The” – [Debacle Records]

cinder   9/28/2011   A Library, CD

A solo release from the guy behind Hexlove. Mostly mid-length tracks, with one long 18 minuter. That long one stands out as the most different from the rest. Rattling, clanking, moaning. Hitting drum sticks and other objects on tin cans and the such. I can see it being one of those “art” live performance type of deals. I bet there’s a headdress in there somewhere. The rest of the CD almost takes a complete 360 from that. It’s lush, drones, shimmering and glittering. Very rhythmic and soothing. The third track starts off with a lo-fi thick beat and a girl singing, which I guess is another 360 from itself, ha! It eventually smooths out into what the rest of the CD slow unfolds itself to be. Very pretty release.

Catlin, Tim & Machinefabriek – “Patina” – [Low Point]

cinder   9/28/2011   12-inch, A Library

Tim Catlin is a guitarist and sound artist based in Melbourne, and Machinefabriek hail from the Netherlands. This is their second collaboration together, this time on white vinyl. Beautiful side long tracks of lush, dreamy guitar drone. The first side has resonating tones and a ghostly floating chorus in the background. Incredibly mellow and relaxing. Sounds of bells and chimes drift through. Has an abrupt end. Track two has more of a loud feel to it. A slowly pulsing guitar drone, still with a hovering undertone though. A rhythmic pounding joins about halfway, then fades out. Very nice!

Astro – “Japanese Royal Blue” – [Turgid Animal]

cinder   9/28/2011   12-inch, A Library

Two live electronic noisy track from Japanese artist Hiroshi Hasegawa. Squiggle, wiggle, shriek and feedbacks, all in a rhythmic sort of pattern. It’s not a pure brain bash like Merzbow, although the second side comes close. A consistent humming drone under the massacre I think is what makes it enjoyable (for noise). It’s almost like a prelude to something bigger. Pedals that sound like 20 Atari games all jamming at the same time. Side B is where the massive noise is more prominent. This side is for the harsh ear-piercing walls of damaging feedbacks.

Noothgrush – “Live For Nothing” – [Southern Lord Recordings]

abacus   9/28/2011   A Library, CD

Another devastating dirt and nails gem from KFJC alum Noothgrush! This CD features two live broadcasts from KZSU in 1996 and KFJC in 1999. With the band broken up for almost ten years this feels like a lost, sunken treasure.. and it sounds like it too with the pounding, sludgy, bass heavy doom and gloom that they do so well. Lots of throaty vocals (I think lyrics are all clean but I can’t understand any of them), gritty power chord dissonance and booming bass reverberations with a few guitar solos spotted throughout. Most of the tracks are slow and punishing but there are a few headbangers in there too. Check it out! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Watch out! Track 5 skips

Parker, William – “Crumbling In The Shadows Is Fraulein Miller’s Stale Cake” – [Centering Records]

abacus   9/28/2011   CD, Jazz

This box-set is an exposition of emotional exuberance from NY experimental jazz bassist, as well as poet and composer, William Parker. Parker was brought to the public attention as a member of Cecil Taylor unit from 1980 to 1991 and is part of the music cooperative Other Dimensions in Music. He has performed with a variety of artists including Matthew Shipp, Derek Bailey, Bill Dixon, Joe Morris, John Zorn and Mat Maneri. The first two CDs were recorded in one session while the third is a reissue of a 1994 release. CD1 is the title piece exploring his feelings on racism and forgiveness. This is much sparser and introspective with the first two pieces full of heart-wrenching atonal beauty and the third sounding almost bluesy. CD2 contains the shorter pieces that are much more energetic and melodic, almost jazzy at times. CD3 is a reissue of the album Testimony and is much more frantic, chaotic and dissonant. The liner notes expose Parker’s inner thoughts through poetry and prose. Mix or play on its own, these are beautifully imaginative and intimate pieces.

Serengeti – “Family & Friends” – [Anticon.]

Belladonna   9/28/2011   CD, Hip Hop

Debut from Chicago native (now in LA) Serengeti (aka David cohn). It has been said that this is a departure from the more introspective raps of his recent past, although to me its pretty introspective. Yoni Wolf is responsible for roughly half of the beats and the rest come from Advance Base, AKA. Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone).
Moody, melancholy, is this autobiographical? There is some heavy content here. It’s lo-fi indie hip hop, quirky, humorous and at times depressing and overall thoroughly enjoyable. Unfortunately most tracks contain profanity:(
Fucks & Shits on: 1, 4, 5, 6, 9

fuzzy beats
sad raps and rhymes
your life was hard

Grieves – “Together/Apart” – [Rhymesayers Ent.]

MSTiZA   9/28/2011   CD, Hip Hop

There’s a dark element hovering a little too long,like a heavy fog that never quite clears. As the album progresses it takes a turn and the sun creeps through, as Grieves reminds us that even he has a silver lining.?? There’s seasons do change and you get to walk through the verses of a misanthrope rapper till you get to the light. If you like Atmosphere mixed with a little Outkast on some Cheif Excel type beats, you’ve got plenty to pick from in Together/Apart.

Paranoid Castle – “Champagne Nightmares” – [Fake Four Inc.]

MSTiZA   9/28/2011   CD, Hip Hop

Bay Area emcee Kirby Dominant and Canadian producer Factor make up Paranoid Castle. They have teamed up and dropped a feel good album reminiscent of classic Blackaliscious and Del. It has that canuck flavor, which doesn’t hold back on the juxtaposition of dark dub, grime step slow stewed with some bay area sea salt lyrics.

FCC: 2,3,5,7,8,10,11

Corvid Lorax – “Encyclopedia of Insanica” – [Little Whore Records]

MSTiZA   9/28/2011   CD, Hip Hop



what i find attractive about this release is hard to pinpoint. maybe it’s because there’s a fusion element and a lot going on in the beats. however, there is little pretense and its’ all layed out. love it or leave it, there is a general element of fun and not taking it all too seriously. it’s like lounging with like your homeys, smokin blunts, making shit happen in the small pond. it’s intellectual kid grown up rap music; one part throwback to childhood nostalgia and two part styles from the 90’s new school era. He’s got that head knock style that I miss about in rap music. Also, there’s very little braggadocio that ruins this style. Instead, you find alliterations, allegations, layered beats with just enough production and samples to illustrate there is a feel good vibe in the crew this guy rolls with. Madame Wang production is some of my favorite so far this year. Dope beats with sci-fi, public service samples, and subtle scape scrapes. can’t wait to hear more, from some of the featured guest artists(Tzadeka, DB Buxton, etc.). Dap to Little Whore Rex!

3WR: rag A rap

White Orange – “and This Is Why I Speak to You In Parables” – [Made In China Records]

Dianthus   9/27/2011   12-inch, A Library

Prepare for the encroachment of psychedelic glory as Portland’s band White Orange brings a 2 -track LP to a turntable near you. The first thirteen minute track summons Syd Barrett, dips into Hawkwind and fuzzes out sounds similar to Kyuss and Mudhoney with it’s pedal to the metal. If you want a much shorter, less weird version of the song, try the second track “middle of the riddle” which is coincidentally in the middle of the first track. Also, try not to get too distracted by the vinyl containing the seal originally created (or or for) Aleister Crowley and be beguiled by the Side B art by Raul Casillas. Turn it up and turn your self on to White Orange.


Deadbeats, The – “Day of The Deadbeats” – [Paink]

Cousin Mary   9/27/2011   A Library, CD

The Deadbeats is a local band that has been creating a stir in surf music circles and at punk venues for quite a while. This eagerly anticipated debut CD from these four young virtuoso musicians from San Pablo does not disappoint. Excellent instrumental gymnastics in guitars, bass, and drum combine with some fine original tunes and great tone. There is an excellent balance between relentless power and tasty musicality.