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Music Reviews

DISFLEX.6 – “Slow Burn ” – [247 Records]

Max Level   2/26/2008   CD, Hip Hop

Hip hop out of Northern Calif with laid-back beats and melodies behind some fresh lyrical talent. Nothing too urgent or in your face, and that’s OK. The production is by Jason The Argonaut and, a team that knows how to make musical beats into actual song structures. Lyrics by Jason the Argonaut and Lazerus Jackson, with guest appearances by the rest of the Sunset Leagues emcee crew. I like the weird creepy vibe on #12. Worth checking out for sure.

Kubisch, Christina – “Night Flights ” – [Important Records]

cinder   2/17/2008   A Library, CD

A reissue of Christina’s album from the mid-80s. Tape
loops & echoed effects, trumpet, glass bowls and glass
horns, diverse field recordings, flute and
electronics. An experimental ambient trip. Each piece
makes your imagination go wild.
The first, Cat’s Dream, lets you explore what little
kitty sees in her sleep… from romping through the
grass, vibrating insects, purring madly, and distant
humans chatting.
On track 2, you get the sense that a glow bug had a
little too much rum. Lonely sounds of bubbling,
bouncing, bumbling up and down. The crickets are so
tired of that drunk.
For the final track, Circles IIII, layers of slow
oooooohhhh’s hypnotize you into a dizzy trance. A
qualuded vocal choir. Meditating moans. Floating

Harnetty, Brian – “American Winter ” – [Atavistic]

ArtCrimes   2/4/2008   A Library, CD

Harnetty, Brian ???American Winter??? full length

Field recordings, old radio airchecks and interview material culled from the Berea College sound archives of Appalachian culture, combined with newly recorded instrumentation including toy piano, banjo, harmonium, fiddle and other bright shiny sounds to make a New Weird America out of the old one. Snatches of song go in and out of synch; announcers introduce things you may never get to hear. The result is a stroll down a remote country path with angels and devils hovering nearby, should you fall dead in your tracks unexpectedly.

Birchville Cat Motel – “Seventh Ruined Hex ” – [Important Records]

Nozmo King   2/2/2008   A Library, CD

Eschewing all shimmery or hyper-rock amptones, Cammpbell Kneale spreads a generously dense, searing dronecrusher in five relentless parts. Do yourself a favor: Feast your eyes on the liminal photos inside this mini-gatefold while the record is playing. The palpable tension in the air molecules eminating forth from speakers are a perfect juxtaposition! I asked Campbell about the context. Supposedly it’s a Javanese ritual wherein these people actually feign suicide to cut the demons, who have infested them, out of their bodies. Matthew Bower (Pure, Total, Sunroof, etc) lends a hand, heaping blissful chaotic guitar sludge as only he does best.
???Nozmo King

Kaiser, Henry/ Day, Kiku – “Zen Kaiju ” – [Balance Point Acoustics]

Jawbone   2/1/2008   A Library, CD

The scene: a pointillist Zen saloon somewhere on the Western Bardo Plain. In bursts Gamera, lookin??? to brawl with Billy the Mountain. Lee Van Cleef tells him to cool his chops and have a sip of sake. Several cauldrons later, while trying to distinguish up from down, they notice the music in the barroom. ???Say, who???s that slingin??? the ???lectric guitar???? rasps Van Cleef. ???Why, that???s that Kaiser boy, Henry???, coughs Gamera, ???and tootin??? the Japanese flute is that Kiku Day gal. I???ve always been a sucker for the shakuhachi. It???s in my blood, I guess.???

As they stumble through the swingin??? doors out of the tavern, arm and arm, and down the dusty street, the music rips and tears gaping holes in the sky, and the double suns set into the east.

Experimental improvisation for acoustic or electric guitar and shakuhachi. The soundtrack to your next imaginary soba noodle western.


Higgs, Daniel A.I.U. – “Plays The Mirror of The Apocalypse and Other Songs ” – [Open Mouth]

Jawbone   2/1/2008   A Library, CD

Stuck on the bottom of the black Mississippi mud. Pulled free with Fahey???s 4-wheel drive & a rope. Slow crawling snake charming shaman drifting radio-tube/transistor dustbin drone under raga fogger lo-fi guitar; buzz, strum, shimmer and shake, Mr. Lungfish Higgs. Indian classical hobo camp mulligan stew-on-a-stick. Appalachia bird-dog echo box blues. Fuzzy barbiturate tales of hallucinatory melancholy. Limited instro ???05 cassette cum disc release a la carte. Peyote swirling field flopping cloud gazing minstrel dust. Brain tickling string popping gran’pappy porch juice.


Baker, Aidan – “Sea Swells a Bit…, The ” – [a Silent Place]

cinder   2/1/2008   A Library, CD

Three long beautiful atmospheric tracks. Aidan Baker
is from ambient-doom duo Nadja. Deep hypnotic
mind-swelling dreamy drones. Guitar textures, tape
loops and drifty drum machines. Each track feels like
glistening waves as the layers gently push forward and
fall back within themselves. Would fit it well with
the likes of Eno’s ambient albums or Stars Of The Lid.
It definately feels like you’re flying through the
Grand Canyon drowning in sunkissed dew drops. Very
peaceful and relaxing.