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Mylingar – “Doda Sjalar” – [Amor Fati Productions]

whngr   8/25/2021   12-inch, A Library

Hideous Black Death

Devastatingly ugly bombast. Murky and bleak, unhinged growls and animalistic  howls  through a haze of terror, dissonance, and echoes. Searing guitar riffs, tortured cries, soupy bass, and buried drums propelling misery. An unhinged cacophony in the key of the savage hermit. Sometimes messy, often disjointed, but always reveling in discomfort and despair. A black series of psalms for the worship of the wretched.

From Encyclopedia Metallum: “Mylingar” is the plural of “myling”. In Scandinavian folklore, the word “myling” indicates a wandering ghost of an unbaptized child.

A compelling aside, Metallum also states ‘Members’ as ‘None”.

Tyranny and tortuous ruin without authorship adds value to this fiendishly sickening LP, their third offering in a feast of steaming viscera.

Sweden – 2019

Damagers – “Damager” – [Deranged Records]

whngr   8/25/2021   7-inch, A Library

Low fidelity Hardcore Punk outta Toronto.. 
Buried vocal antipathy with call and response from the gutter. A squealing guitar lays down frenetic pentatonic solos, vitriolic peals of feedback, ugly downstrokes with venom, simple hooks, and four on the floor bass attack. Impassioned sounds from this four-piece on Deranged Records – 2018.

FCC on A3 “fucking”.

Par Avion & Perro Agradecido – "Perro Avion" – [Self-released]

Cousin Mary   8/19/2021   7-inch, A Library

This collaboration between Mexican cumbia band Perro Agradecido (Grateful Dog) and Southern California instrumental surf band Par Avion happened in Mexico City in March of 2020. Great energy, wonderful Latin influence, excellent guitar and terrific percussion. Like track four says – cero miedo (no fear)!

Von Till, Steve – "A Deep Voiceless Wilderness" – [Neurot Recordings]

cinder   8/18/2021   12-inch, A Library

Known for being the vocalist and guitarist in Neurosis… a punishing, heavy band, Von Till’s solo efforts often take a soft departure and venture into new delicate territories. This release is his first solo record without a guitar in hand, opting this time for piano, cello, strings, French horn, mellotron and analog synthesizers, no voice. It’s drifty, ambient, reminiscent, gloomy yet optimistic. The cover art influences a vision of resting on an isolated island, soft winds and gentle waves, while giant moons and ships float by. A ghostly feeling, as if you’re watching your life walk down another path you almost chose.

Acid Twilight – "Acid Twilight" – [Not Not Fun Records]

cinder   8/18/2021   A Library, Cassette

Magical, hypnotic psychedelia rhythms from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They mix synthesizers, organs, and electric guitar among Andean rattles, bells, tarkas, and field recordings from Bolivia and Peru. The buzzy, whimsical sounds from the synthesizers give this a mystical desert feel. Ambient yet rhythmical, harmoniously futuristic, deep swamp jungle sci fi resonances. Very chill.

Bassett, Marcia & Dimuzio, Thomas – "Losing Circles" – [Yew]

cinder   8/18/2021   12-inch, A Library

Collaboration between Buchla heads, Marcia & Thomas. She’s out in Phillie (I think), is a part of Double Leopards, GHQ, and Hototogisu & runs the Yew label that this is released on. Dimuzio is a local guy, known for his modular knobbery. This work explores ‘sound interference, texture, and ultra low-end synth waves’. They met each other at Thomas’s radio show, Frequency Modulation Radio at KFPA up in Berkeley, and then met together again and created this dark, sizzling, experimental noise nest. Crunchy, static, alien radio waves, computer squiggles of the past, cavernous synth sounds.   

San Kazakgascar – Scar Tissue

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   7-inch, A Library

In 2019 San Kazakgascar morphed into more of a collective of collaborators after years of being a four person band. Guitarist Jed Brewer mixed and matched players. This release has Jed Brewer on guitar and Jeff Tobias on saxophone. Recorded last year at Brooklyn’s legendary Sunview Luncheonette this is a lathe recording. Tobias’ saxophone is a perfect match for Brewer’s Eastern-tinged string work. Limited edition of 30.

The Drood – The Drood

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   A Library, CD

This is the debut studio release from Denver band The Drood. The Drood travels a dark and dreamy path through space-rock and psychedelia. The sound on this album slides between sludgy space/prog rock, industrial grit and layered soundscape dreams. The Drood moves through an eclectic range of emotion, mystery and just plain weirdness. Sure to interest those seeking an esoteric journey in audio form. There is other worldliness and intensity to their music, and a fascinating overlap between mysticism and skepticism. A fun trip for all you KFJC space cadets.

Lizards Exist – Lizards Exist

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   12-inch, A Library

Croatian Psychedelic/Space rock band with a new approach to vintage psychedelia. Founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 2011. They played for almost four years, including live concerts, before they went into the studio to record their debut album in March 2014. This self-titled debut was recorded using only vintage equipment (pre-1976) which contributes to its warm and rich sound, typical of the 70’s psychedelic music. Recorded live at Kramasonik Studio, March 2014. It features a very interesting blend of influences including early Pink Floyd, krautrock bands like CAN or Ash Ra Tempel and Canterbury acts like Gong and Soft Machine. This is no exercise in nostalgia it is new, fresh and totally psychy. Album mastered at Abby Road and manufactured in England.

Boris Brozović – drums, percussions, thunder drum
Siniša Mraović – guitars, binson echorec, volume pedal
Roko Margeta – hammond organ, rhodes piano, mellotron, arp 2600 & kawai 100f  synthesizers, roland space echo
Tihomir Zdjelarević – bass, space effects

Sula Bassana – Organ Accumulator

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   A Library, CD

Psychedelic spacerock and electronic musician Sula Bassana is a member of Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone and Interkosmos. He is an ex-member of Liquid Visions, Growing Seeds and Psychedelic Monsterjam. Sula was born in Berlin and is now living in northern Hessen. This version of the album includes the three tracks from the Dissapear EP. Casiotone 403, Casio SK 1, Roland TR 606 drum box, Yamaha PS 30 are among the instruments Sula used on this album.

Quarantine Compilation [coll] – [Dullahan Productions]

whngr   8/11/2021   A Library, CD

Violently varied genres, the common thread being, with only a couple exceptions, a prevalence of guttural vocals and a general leaning towards the bleak, heretical, and nihilistic. Exactly half of these tracks fit within the purview of my show (A.S.O.L.), the remaining tracks run the gamut from dated to laughably bad. However, I may just be a jaded, cynical, geriatric fart stain on the diaper of life. You decide.

B.T. Saints: Stoner Riff Metal, chin singing, Cathedral worship

*Elderly Abuse: Punk Rock, Thrash leanings

*Grody: Trash/Speed/Death Metal

*Hallucinator: Speed/Death Metal, Black Metal leanings

*Heavy Stench: Fem fronted Hardcore

Hemorrage: Stoner Riff-Sludge

Meatslab: Thrash/Grind, may be the actual Cookie Monster, FCC’s – many

The Obsolete Man: Thrash Rage Doom

Phantom Witch: Thrash, riffs

REKT: Detuned HXC Sludge Scumdog: Sludge Grind HXC – FCC- “fucking” x4

*Shrinking Killers: Punk/Death Rock, thick bass, hooks, emphatic vampire vox

*Sodomy: Speed/Death Metal, riff and groove,

Supernaut: Retrospective Heavy Metal, Sabbath worship

*Throat Rip: Hardcore Art Grind, Aggressive and tinny

*Violent Legacy: Old school Tech/Death/Speed Metal – FCC- “shit x2”

*Vorlust: Death Metal, Thrash/trash drums, Guttural fem(?) vox

Xgrifox: Grind, Strange, antithetical recording, Mariachi outtro


Flesh World – “Wild Animals In My Life, The” – [Iron Lung Records]

whngr   8/11/2021   12-inch, A Library

Sweet and somber sounds both emotive and indifferent in 4/4.

Depressive (reverb, down to mid-tempo, perspective/lyrical themes) 

Post (reverb, song duration)

Punk (Downstrokes, Distortion)

Local (to San Francisco… at least they were in 2017)

Queer (like most of the local talent they were probably evicted)

Rock (they did, they might again… if you put them on the radio)

Shoegaze (reverb)

Favorite tracks: Poolside Boys (B5), Strawberry Bomber (B6), Here In The Dark (B8)

We may already possess the lion’s share of Flesh World releases but they may have become too recognizable for kfjc to add “The Wild Animals In My Life” to our “underground” library when it was released in 2015 perhaps due to the attention they received by mainstream “hip” “subculture” media outlets. Perhaps we turned our backs on them like their soulless landlords did, maybe Greta Clue left for warmer climes, or could it be that we lost touch with the marginalized youth of our rapidly changing Bay Area? Got old, got lazy, sick, tired, cripled, jaded, and comfortable. I know I did… but I’m not giving up. Not like you. So put the record down and grab a fist full of thumbdrives, let the algorithm do it for you, give ‘er the ol’ “random play” and see how little your tastes have changed in the  the last 40 years ya fuckin’ codger. 

One can read fairly extensively online about Flesh World’s motivation, line-up, and perspective but what one can’t find out is whether they still exist. Do so and you might, like I did, discover that they are queer (a fact which eluded me, lummox that I am. An online article even stated, “…you’d have to be pretty dense not to get where they’re coming from”). That’s cool. It doesn’t matter much to me how an artist might get their kicks (though I am a huge fan of consent) but I recognize (more so in recent years) that being queer informs a slew of aspects around creative output… and I know that my favorite artists tend not to be that “well adjusted” so how you identify is fine with me. Just know that I think it is important that you hurt. Temper your art against the anvil of suffering. Do it again. Get strange. Get dark. Get relevant. And if at all possible stay… in the (once far more queer) Bay Area. Do it for me, do it for the art, and do it, if for no other reason, than to piss off your landlord.

Scolex / Mortuous [coll] – [Carbonized]

whngr   8/11/2021   A Library, Cassette

Regional Death Riffage

Guttural bellows esophageal tatters. Note intensive single note soloing with pinch harmonics and trem-dives. Cartilage quivering, heart palpitating bass profanation. Thunderous and technical drumming spurs down to uptempo necrotic-horror veneration and aural devil worship.The prominent Mortuous is a San Jose four-piece that delivers a doom laden unholy lament. in a powerful and bespoken south-bay tradition. Scolex shovel out a similar sounding offering ‘cept they’re from Oakland and a two-piece with revolving cast of live members.

The sprawling list of Death Metal allies and affiliates from the Bay Area adds provenance to both of these wicked talents. Play the tape loud, bang your head, imagine a human head decay in time lapse, read Lovecraft, repeat. 

Highways Over Gardens [coll] – [Carpet Bomb Records]

aarbor   8/11/2021   A Library, CD

A collection of several outfits on the obscure New York Carpet Bomb label from 1998. What’s notable is that even though there are a variety of band names: Livestock, Microstudio, Kundalini, Tripform and Unagi Patrol, most of these outfits contain the same musicians: Adrien Capozzi (now known as Adrien 75), Doron Gura, Pablo Manzarek, Norman Reed and Daniel Raffel. You’ll hear Carpet Bomb’s trademark mix of obscure-break, live instrumentation (tablas, guitars, etc), and extended minimal loopery. Tracks are of varying lengths from 3 to 22+ minutes. AArbor

Electric Moon – “Stardust Rituals” – [Sulatron Records]

SlartiBartfast   8/10/2021   12-inch, A Library

Electric Moon – “Stardust Rituals”

Dark, heavy, psychedelic, Krautrock on Electric Moon’s 5th studio release “Stardust Rituals”. Released in 2017, “Stardust Rituals” guides you through a heavy guitar and bass lead journey through the galaxy that will keep your musical soul entranced. Electric Moon delights the senses  laying down swaying, fuzzed out, psychedelic loops with the occasional infusions of e-sitar, Mellotron, and more that lead to musical….trips of your own experience. Strap on your space helmets dear listeners, and enjoy the Stardust.

Papir – “Jams” – [Stickman Records]

SlartiBartfast   8/10/2021   12-inch, A Library

Papir – “Jams”

Strap yourselves in, adjust your space helmets, and enjoy the cosmic space dust that Papir emanates on this double 12” LP. Papir is a psychedelic, space rock trio out of Copenhagen, Denmark that have been spreading their brand of space jams since 2010. Pushing the boundaries of how improvised, psychedelic, space jams are defined, Papir have driven this live, improvised jam session to new cosmic heights. “Jams” was recorded live, in studio during two recording sessions in January of 2020. Find your comfy chair, relax your mind, and let Papir blast you off to new galactic wonders.

Dynotones, the – "Dynotones, The" – [Kornyfone]

Cousin Mary   8/6/2021   A Library, CD

This terrific Orange County surf band’s 1999 recording takes its place on the shelf of the KFJC library! Some covers such as the great High Wall, some originals – excellent playing and energy.

PGM: Track 14 Blood and Sand ends at 4:40, then silence, then a hidden track starting at 6:40 – a ripping live rendition of Jack the Ripper.

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