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Cop Warmth – “Trash Gods” – [Self-release]

abacus   9/16/2015   A Library, Cassette

new ep from self-proclaimed Houston’s Most Hated – Cop Warmth return with their low-down-dirty-trash-punk-noise-rock. unrelenting riffage with more guitars (or guts) than you can fit in any college dorm room; thick viscous sound recorded like shit just like it deserves (maybe an FCC on B1 but the vocals are all mush anyways). Trash Gods might be a bit ambitious but trash kings I’ll give em. it’s a wonder In the Red picked up on them at all…

Dead Gakkahs – “Demo” – [Ormolycka]

abacus   9/2/2015   A Library, Cassette

feral female thrashcore trio out of Seoul pound out 7 track demo in under 7 minutes; blistering energy and broken faced dynamics, these quick blasts carry a lot of power and leave basements trashed around the globe.

Miscreant – “Birthright” – [New Forces]

abacus   7/22/2015   A Library, Cassette

hate crime manifestations from this San Jose powerelectronics duo. piercing squall of churning harsh feedback, the title track layered pandemonium while the untitled track is more of a calculated attack. what terror humanity is capable of

COPKILLER – “ALIEN SOCCER” – [Rainbow Bridge]

abacus   7/8/2015   A Library, Cassette

justin marc lloyd electro piss-pop/noise glitter-tronica/childhood memories you wish you didn’t have but are better off having/psychedelic dada EDM/playhouse nightmares/industrial pony-violence/that asshole behind you in traffic and always more fucking insurance/sick muddled hiphop/torn between chronic self doubt and delusions of grandeur/that heavy heat that lingers, overwhelming beat drops and snare staggers/i seriously can’t handle how good this is, unbearable

Truchy, Jean-Sebastien – “…and The Hearth of Skulls” – [la cohu]

abacus   6/22/2015   A Library, Cassette

composer from Quebec experimenting in structures that are both beautiful and chaotic; an almost organic decomposition crackling beneath, cracking open a desert overtone drone; ominous pulsations whispering devilish incantations and sweeping into celestial dementia and tense static suspicions; the dynamics are startling and unsettling, eerily morphing through monastic chants, glitched sonic shredding, heady vacillating vocalizations over a strangely uplifting synth serenade. a trip for sure, cerebral in all the right places and cathartic where it needs to be. final installment of a trilogy of out of body introspections.

Flying Hair – “Haunted Hangout II” – [Self Released]

Thurston Hunger   6/21/2015   A Library, Cassette

A frothy blizzard of fuzz guitar. What did you expect
they’re called “Flying Hair” and have tracks named
“Pills” and “LSD Dracula.” So yeah stacks of Marshall
stacks, and Kurt Mangum’s psych bombast guitar will
tug at your ears like Monster Magnets. On “Pills”
there’s also some kind of slide/lapsteel shadows too
that are quite nice. Bobby Martin shouts rock exhortation
Redd Kross-y vox, but his thick bass drizzled into the
heart of songs is equally crucial. “LSD Dracula” has an
excellent chorus bridge warpath bass/guitar line (and some
ghost organ on top too, Dan Horne provides that and the
album’s lapsteel). LSDD feels more epic than its mere 5
minutes! I bet that track expands wildly live. Drummer
Matthew Clark rounds out the trio, and can whip up a
frenzy when needed, plenty of attack toms, but also
knows when to cool his jets for the slow-down/quiet-down
moments. (Plus he’s Mr. Acid Casual Tea, serving up the
7″ series of Museum of Kind Men singles!!) “Tiny Little
Man” closes this LA trio’s cassette and you feel the warp
and weird rising, but it’s still solid psych rock that
will bounce as high as lost classic reissues, with a heaviness
at the core that will rock milennial chakras.
Dig in! Thurston Hunger

Wizard of – “Naive I-V” – [Zamzam Records]

abacus   6/17/2015   A Library, Cassette

futurist electrobeats from Toronto’s Bob McCully, I guess possibly part of Women in Tragedy, a post-metal-drone-dance-shoegaze group that has apparently been rather prolific for the past several years. this isn’t really any of those things

KTB – “KTB” – [Feeding Tube Records]

Thurston Hunger   6/11/2015   A Library, Cassette

KTB as in “Ketamine The Benevolence” (naturally? I was going
to guess Kick The Bucket). A Boston splinter project from
Guerrila Toss guitarist Arian Sahfiee along with Shawnie
Brando from Bugs and Rats. Deep booming bass left over from
a rave a couple of weeks ago, and razzle-frazzled vocals
(cartoon tweaked, or maybe Brando is just a modern Mel Blanc?).
Artful swagger rock guitar from Sahfiee and thump machines
programmed by Brando, but it’s his vocals that stick in your
ear (reminds me of hip hop guys creating imaginary figures,
like “Chief Chinchilla” from the recent J-Zone album). The
vocals end up providing a cross of humor and swagger to me,
especially on “Medic” which has a sing-songy patter on the
verses and then just sort of wounded howl for the choruses.
Tracks are short and shweet (well the four I could download,
“Right in the Sun” and “Thrown” are apparently only on the
cassette. Maybe I’ll try cueing them up in my car but the
last cassette I listened to in there got munch and crunched.
But this is a kinda munchy, crunchy rock.
-Thurston Hunger

Moonbell – “Afterlives” – [Hypnogram Corp.]

humana   4/25/2015   A Library, Cassette

This four-piece San Francisco band plays music as pretty as its name promises. Three to four-minute pieces of shoegaze heaven, with synth, drums, guitar, and hazy voices mixing to create an intense pleasure that is all too short-lived. Track 11 is my favorite.

Leucrota – “Demo” – [Sentient Ruin Laboratories]

abacus   4/15/2015   A Library, Cassette

festering pustules post-punk hardcore from Santa Cruz’ most wretched. caked with the slime of the San Lorenzo, one might lean towards stoner but this is some serious shroom doom; lurching no frills riffage churning in agonizing elation but shrouded in psychedelic gloom. just as likely to lash out wildly as it is to writhe and smolder in a sludge that’s more frail than sluggish.

LFA – “MG^Inzpirator” – [Nostilevo]

abacus   4/9/2015   A Library, Cassette

liable for abuse: aural corruption a la crumpled beats, compressed and sliced static and beeps – harsh. strangled vocals claw at the skeletal structures, grasping for air in the toxic slime. short circuited dance music for blue screen saturated bit junkies.

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