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Par Avion & Perro Agradecido – "Perro Avion" – [Self-released]

Cousin Mary   8/19/2021   7-inch, A Library

This collaboration between Mexican cumbia band Perro Agradecido (Grateful Dog) and Southern California instrumental surf band Par Avion happened in Mexico City in March of 2020. Great energy, wonderful Latin influence, excellent guitar and terrific percussion. Like track four says – cero miedo (no fear)!

San Kazakgascar – Scar Tissue

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   7-inch, A Library

In 2019 San Kazakgascar morphed into more of a collective of collaborators after years of being a four person band. Guitarist Jed Brewer mixed and matched players. This release has Jed Brewer on guitar and Jeff Tobias on saxophone. Recorded last year at Brooklyn’s legendary Sunview Luncheonette this is a lathe recording. Tobias’ saxophone is a perfect match for Brewer’s Eastern-tinged string work. Limited edition of 30.

Haram – “Where Were You On 9/11?” – [Toxic State]

whngr   8/4/2021   7-inch, A Library

Fiercely confrontational Islamic Punk Rock

This is not a novelty.

This is not fun.

This is a call to arms.

A declaration of war against ignorance.

Driving guitar, shuffling thumpity drums, long, noodly, note intensive bass runs, riff, rage, and ruination in Arabic. “Haram” translates to “forbidden”. As in, not for you, filthy swine gobbler, as you belong in Jahannam. Much has been written about the architect and front-man, Nader Habibi that has value and is relevant but will not be discussed here. Do your own research, almutaharib allaeayn.

Another compelling release from Toxic State Records, leagues apart from the status quo.

NYC – 2019

Arabella – “Arabella” – [Spacement]

whngr   7/2/2021   7-inch, A Library

Crusty female-fronted Scream(?) Punk

Stoppy starty.

Clean/filthy vox.


Warbly and dissonant.

String harmonics.



Frenetic guitar (with up-strokes and angles) over note-intensive noodly bass runs.

Syncopated hand claps.One-two shuffles.

Passion meets lethargy like early west-coast Emo (Heroin or Indian Summer) with a bit of a Dischord Records sound. The innocence of youth corrupted by a lack of effectuality.

Dig the tripped out transparencies in the packaging, this might have felt pretty innovative at the time.

Their final release feels a bit dated for 2021, just like… your source (for convalescence).

No discernable FCC’s.

Reno, NV 2004

Rot In Hell – “Termini Terrae” – [Dark Empire Records]

whngr   6/25/2021   7-inch, A Library

Crushingly wicked HXC with a few nods to Black Metal and a full-on Black Metal aesthetic.

The skies part… and behold! The heavens raineth fire upon thee… and the earth is consumed in CONFLAGRATION!

Pervasive destruction at a blistering pace, samples, chugs, riffs, one guitar solo (borrowed from RATT?), and a bit of resonant feedback from this emphatic three-piece. 

U.K. 2012

Dollhouse – “First Day of Spring, The” – [Toxic State]

whngr   6/11/2021   7-inch, A Library

Truly unhinged rock from members of Mommy, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, L.O.T.I.O.N., Cheena, Pharmakon, et alia.

A Mental health reverie in four parts with hardcore punk elements. Both catchy and repulsive, this is my favorite kind of artistic expression, once the membrane of our awareness is penetrated we are drawn in but the closer we get to the source the more we want to pull away. Though no longer am I repelled. Instead I am driven like a moth to the flame of these beautiful and uncomfortable sounds from N.Y.C. with perhaps dire consequences. I just might be falling in love.

Toxic State 2021

Obsessions – “Obsessions” – [Static Blooms]

SlartiBartfast   6/6/2021   7-inch, A Library

Loud, in your face, post apocalyptic garage punk from Obsessions. This 7” release out on Static Blooms Records will leave you killing time and escaping the dystopian dream of living through a final solution nightmare. The A side “Killing Time” is an anthem to the age old quest to escape from an absurdly stifling daily existence, The flip side track “Final Solution” is a visceral shout out to surviving the world’s insanity when you feel at ropes end. Drop the needle and punk on!

Membrane – Membrane – [Byllepest Distro]

whngr   5/21/2021   7-inch, A Library

Ardent Execration Adoration

Cacophonous Hardcore punk at a breakneck pace..

Squealing walls of feedbacking guitars, buried diaphragmatic bellows, drumsticks raining from heaven upon booming toms, furiously impatient two note (and sometimes more) solos, vigorous punk rock bass.

There is something familiar about this flavor of testosterone (¿probably?) fueled animosity. The channeling of near boundless energy into an uncompromised expression of sweeping dissatisfaction. It’s nothing new… but it is fresh. Piping hot right outta Oakland, pressed by Oslo’s Byllepest Distro. It’s comfortable for me… like John Denver or Joan Baez is for my mom. Now where is my ascot and black smoking jacket with the velvet lapels? I aim to retire presently, to the study and reflect for a spell on my youth, and when I used to, as I once said, fuck… shit… up.

An allusion to a fun and catchy D-beat exists online but I beg to differ. This isn’t fun at all. This is a vehement display of force designed to rend with six short blasts that aim for the throat.

No discernable FCC’s

Decoherence – “Decoherence” – [Sentient Ruin Laboratories]

whngr   5/14/2021   7-inch, A Library

Terrifying in its vastness and its strata.

Guttural bellows, growling guitars double one another over a litany of polyrhythmic drum virtuosity. 
Obliteration and havoc reigns until the last 18 seconds of side b where we are allowed to lick our wounds momentarily after our propper drubbing.Three members frum U.S./U.K. Mysterious and prolific.

If we were able to take any meaning from the miserable and unintelligible lyrics I am confident they would not comply with the F.C.C. outside of safe-harbor.

Created with GIMP

Life Stinks – “Hanging From The Ceiling” – [Total Punk Records]

whngr   5/14/2021   7-inch, A Library

No frills garage/punk in the red.

The stench of rotten rock n’ wretch permeate the stains in the back seat of this now defunct S.F. project. Reeking of the broken promises made to those who were once in love, like dog breath. Like fucking in your Mom’s Eldorado when you were 14 and saying you’d stay true. It was a lie… You’re a lie! You got it everywhere… and you never even thought to offer her your shirt?! You’re a waste, a fetid smear… a streak of spoiled lipstick on the cracked mirror of life and… you ‘re… fucked… up!

No Fcc’s.

No Statik – “What Did You Give Away When You Gave In?” – [25 Diamonds]

whngr   4/27/2021   7-inch, A Library

Two charged female-fronted hardcore punk rock PXV(?) tracks on side a while side b is more of a electronically augmented instrumental breakdown/loop noise/rockploration groove. One should note, however, that each song on this 7″ is progressively chill with the caveat that the first track is the antithesis of restraint and decorum. 

 Fucking great cover art. 10/10

No Statik were extremely active, feverishly chucking out 13 releases during their 8 year stab at severity until their apparent conclusion in Los Angeles, 2018.

Condition – “Bombed Out” – [Rust and Machine]

whngr   4/23/2021   7-inch, A Library

Tempest of Death Worship

A wrathful incursion of berserker rage in the key of Hardcore with a spattering of noise elements. Chainsaws, taught toms, crushing, screams, tendons strain, tight af, twin guitar attack with aplomb, impossible tempo, blood coursing, palm mutes, a blinding flash of light before annihilation. Cohorts of Trash Talk, DNF, Smut, Scalped, Ritual Control, The Dark, Kommand, Lock, et al.
Los Angeles 2013

Kjetil Brandsdal – Untitled – [Drid Machine Records]

Max Level   4/13/2021   7-inch, A Library

Wobbly layers of gently ambient Norwegian noise with an insistent beat. Evidently it is to be played at 45rpm (although it doesn’t actually say that on it anywhere) to give you a nice concise three-minute experience, but I like it better at 33rpm, which offers a more dragged-out and woozy perspective. This 2019 release is a one-sided 7″ on clear vinyl with green and pinkish dots silk-screened on the reverse for a cool see-through effect, and the cardboard sleeve is printed on the recycled cover of some unknown record album. I love offbeat art-damaged stuff like this.

Controlled Death – “Requiem For The Boundless Flesh” – [Urashima]

whngr   4/6/2021   7-inch, A Library

Ambi-Idustrial Horror-Noise from Masonna

Not quite crushing noise in ten parts. Five seven inched singles with each side being at least five minutes of moderately uncomfortable beauty. Quiet enough to grab your attention and horrifying enough to keep it. 

Terrible vocals bend and twist through heavily distorted filters amidst an agitating and sometimes meditative backdrop of electronic abstractions. Echoes abound.

Controlled Death is one Masonna (Yamazaki Maso) of Osaka, Japan (originally Kyoto) who is part of the first wave of underground sound production and noise whose performances are notorious for their unpredictability. Connected with many diverse and bizarre projects including Christine 23, Space Machine, Bustmonsters, Flying Testicle (A collaboration of Masami Akita [Merzbow]), Acid Eater, and Angel’in Heavy Syrup, and manager of Jojo Hiroshige’s Alchemy Music Store until its recent closure.

One quick note on the housing for these lil’ demons, absolutely gorgeous laser etched black wooden box and an interior containing more black with gold foil accents limited to 308 copies.

Wood, Hank and The Hammerheads – “Use Me” – [Toxic State]

whngr   4/4/2021   7-inch, A Library

Taught, twangy, Punk/Garage/Rock from NYCity. Guitars swimming in reverb, emphatic pleas and vows, and a well rehearsed rhythm section mixed well with just a taste of yearning organ.

Sentimental with 3 fingers of mental. Devastating hooks that get buried in one’s brain and knead the memory, finding woozy moments of romance, passion, and hope (no longer present in this miserable volunteer). Four hot sticky cuts that pulse and sway like a heart that cares not that it will soon be broken. Fucking great, would bang.
One slightly tender FCC on A1

Sargeist – “Dark Embrace, The” – [Moribund]

whngr   3/26/2021   7-inch, A Library

Wintry Norse Valor

Black Metal from Finland. Cold, dark, and seething. This 2008 recording emphasizes drums and guitars and, sadly, is mixed well (I like mine’s RAAAW). However, still sounds crusty (like old snow) and emphatic though it slightly lacks that underground, cvlt quality that this miserable volunteer tends to be drawn to. Is that why this is the first Sargeist recording to be added to our library? Too mainstream? Too palatable? Are they cancelled due to their political beliefs? Dunno, but it slays well in its nice, tight, mildly offensive package. 

Glueams – “Glueams” – [Static Age Musik]

whngr   3/22/2021   7-inch, A Library

Pre-Grauzone ’79 female-fronted punk from Berne, Switzerland.

Fucking great. Raw, tight, high-energy Rock-‘n-Roll sung in their native tongue (Bernese). Jangly guitars, hand-claps, angry-dancy, fucking rad, and doesn’t sound at all dated to my floppity ears. 

Shoulda’ given this 7″ to Zero Gravity to discover what he would have written but I wanted to round out the other slightly harsh sounds I intend to add to our library this week.. It’s not Kleenex and they’re not X-ray Specs but they’re not tryin’ to be. They’re their own thing and I wish I coulda’ been there.
A bit of history exists online and in the enclosed booklet that mirrors what I understand to be the fledgling punk experience all over the world: friends go to see seminal (insert name here) band (in the case of Glueams, Sham69), forms own band and rocks it with vivacious aplomb, disbands and/or evolves (in our case the bassist and drummer leave to form Berne’s Grauzone) and their memory is lost to the annals of drug clouded, beer fueled history of our now slightly aged forbearers. This rerelease by Static Age Records includes a recently rediscovered song titled “Arsen” (Arsenic) with lovely throbbing bass, driving power-chords, and a sneer so fierce you can almost hear it through the angry barking vocals and the fog of time. One final note that deserves mentioning, Glueams is a meaningless word with an alusion to sniffing glue (as mentioned in the afore-mentioned booklet) “that was popular at the time”. So have a huff, and enjoy this stuff on your source for sticky fingers.

Bombardment – “Bombardment EP.” – [Destructure]

whngr   2/23/2021   7-inch, A Library

Bordeaux France, female fronted guitar driven five-piece hardcore punk.
Blazing, ripping, shredding, squealing onslaught of dystopian D-beat.

Havoc of detonation. 

Conscision, derision, precision.

Emphatic and brief, Bombardment EP. is a terse, vital expression of an established genre with chops and vision that will get the coldest of hearts thumping. 

Blazing Eye – “Ways to Die” – [Static Shock]

whngr   9/25/2020   7-inch, A Library

Four unsheathed slashers from this four piece out of the city of angels. Growling, smoking fretboards, note intensive bass-lines, hammering the snare, crushing the cymbals, necro-centric hardcore punkrock led by Austin Delgadillo (Deathly) inciting fury, contempt, and violence. Tracks are short with short pauses, stay alert and have some Christ On Parade cued up.

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