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Winkie – “My Eyes Are Closed When The Sun Comes Up” – [Self-released]

humana   9/4/2013   7-inch, A Library

The title alone of A is enough to win me over. The first track is slow, dark, and dreamy, fitting for having trouble opening your eyes when the sun comes up. B is a lot faster paced and energetic. Distortion, percussed electronics, and hazy lyrics are the name of the game for this duo out of Brooklyn. Each 4+ minute track is suitable for many tastes here.

Tornadoes, The – “Swag/Raw-Hide, The” – [Sundazed Records]

Cousin Mary   8/21/2013   7-inch, A Library

First wave surf band The Tornadoes was well regarded in the Southern California surf scene in the early 1960’s and is still known for their hit “Bustin’ Surfboards”, one of the tunes used in the movie Pulp Fiction. This wonderful recording of two Link Wray songs was recently unearthed. Rough but well played, high energy and twangy. Fun fact – original sound recording was done by Frank Zappa.

Just a Little Bit of Milvia Son Records [coll] – [Milvia Son Records]

honeybear   7/17/2013   7-inch, A Library

this is a seven inch sampler from Milvia Son Records. Wonderful weirdos from San Francisco, who really like their pop music on acid! This 4 song mix goes from Scott Walker style crooner pop of Bob Frankford into pitch shifting synth wobbles of Jaki Jakizawa on side A. Side B starts with a crash of guitar and drums from Bad Drumlin Grass. Which melts into a frantic beat with spacey guitar effects washing over it. The Track loops into a hypnotic sound scape. Fades in the echoed out folk styling of Petomane. His somber voice floating above, near the heavens asking for some tenderness in a mix that will have your head and your heart swirl.

Voltiguers / Dark Bargain [coll] – [Turgid Animal]

Naysayer   7/10/2013   7-inch, A Library

A Turgid Animals label split 7 inch continuing to put out what they do best.
Voltiguers is a side project of Skullflower’s Matthew Bower and Samantha Davis. It’s hard for the uninitiated to tell the difference between the main project and the side project but that doesn’t matter. It’s rhythmic psychedelic noise with guitars keeping a sort of repeated beat while hard to decipher sounds fill up the space. Just when you think you figured it out, it changes somewhat. Oddly minimal and soothing, but powerful.

Dark Bargain, from Newcastle, put out their first release, but the three members are all from other projects so this is expertly done. Heavy sounds. Rough distortion, feedback, thundering rhythms and all going on for seven minutes plus, which really doesn’t feel that long considering. Good stuff.

Play both at 33 but sounds good at 45.

Lame Drivers / Woolen Men [coll] – [Sleeping Giant Glossolalia]

humana   7/7/2013   7-inch, A Library

About all I know of these two bands is that I love this 7″ release that commemorates their tour together. This is peppy, danceable rock and roll, just straightforward vocals, guitars, bass, drums. Both sides got my adrenaline pumping, and trust me, this is a good thing in my current inert state!

Post-Materialists – “Moist Rita & Glyptique” – [Self-released]

surferrosa   7/2/2013   7-inch, A Library

Naked music for naked people.. or so the Post-Materialists say- hailing from the experimental music scene of Moscow. This single sided 7” clocks in at a total of 4:16. Lo-Fi, DIY sorts of sounds made of layered drones, organ tones, broken piano and all in all mish mash. Vocals are about as muddy and murky as they come. Minimal percussion sets the groove, a repetitious little organ line keeps things together. Turns all weird and noisy-like for the second half. Broken, staticy and simple. -Surfer Rosa

Sun Children Sun – “S/ T” – [SPHC]

surferrosa   7/2/2013   7-inch, A Library

Sun Children Sun – from Japan, putting out spazzy, damaged punk-ska.. or something. These are quick, energetic tracks that end before you know it. Asymmetrical shits and giggles party time vomit at its very finest. There is something illogically catchy going on here…straight ugly rock n roll sentiment slop- totally killing it. The occasional use of hand drums, sax and a recorder makes me scratch my head..but it works! Punkers for sure.. weirdos also.. can’t go wrong. -Surfer Rosa

Ambarchi, Oren – “Destinationless Desire” – [Touch]

surferrosa   6/19/2013   7-inch, A Library

Ethereal drones on the lovely side using electric guitars, organ, samples, bells, percussion and a motorized cymbal. The A side brings the drones with a light groove, shimmering sounds that crack and pop. Shifts into a warbley, manipulated organ drone about half way through (you can see exactly where on the grooves) Heavenly sounds of a cathedral floating in the clouds. B side feels a bit like a raga.. meditative hums, and soft, slowed down, echoey vocals moaning a mantra which turns a little weird once the machine sounds and scraping samples kick in. Plugs me straight into a lucid dream.. -Surfer Rosa

Actuary/Juhyo [coll] – [Love Earth Music]

cinder   6/14/2013   7-inch, A Library

One sided flexi-disc! Actuary have the first track and build up an intensity of ambient turned angry. It slowly burns up, then climaxes with a gentle fade. Juhyo bring deep sonic noise guts, that rotate and poke. Churning like seismic ocean waves, then give you a final blast at the end. Both short, noisy excursions. Actuary from Los Angeles, Juhyo from Minneapolis.

Badawi / The Lady Room [coll] – [ZamZam Sounds]

Belladonna   6/12/2013   7-inch, A Library

Limited edition cute lil’ 7″ from the infamous Raz Mesinai working under his Badawi/Lady Man monikers/projects/aliases. This is sweet dubbiness with a bit of step but heavier on the dub. “Lost Highway” is more dark beats and plenty of bass. “In The Lady Room” is a bit more clang-y with a whisper of glitchy bleeps. Both are super catchy and enjoyable and my only wish is that they were longer. Also both work well at 33 rpm. Enjoy!

Carcinogenz – “Carcinogenz” – [Going Underground]

honeybear   5/29/2013   7-inch, A Library

Ugly lo-fi punk done right! This Bakersfield (Buck Owen’s Bakersfield!) threesome add the best parts of early hardcore punk and revamp the hell out of it. This is messy, fuzzed out, fast and snotty. This has the feel of GG Allin fronting a drunk Dead Kennedys. With songs about why you suck and should die(!), this is not a nice record… and you suck!

Ttotals – “Spectrums of Light” – [Twin Lakes Records]

jacksoil   5/23/2013   7-inch, A Library

A duo from Nashville Tennessee that doesn’t fit the “Nashville stereo type” at all. In fact, import/export Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember (Spectrum / Spacemen 3) into the mix (he mixed it), and Nashville is turned inside out. Drums and Guitar and washes of feedback all make for a magnificent psych journey. I saw these guys live at the Austin Psychfest in 2013 and the sounds they made were pretty mesmerizing as I crested the banks of the Colorado River (the backdrop for the band), I was expecting a helluva lot more than just two dudes with one of them being on a very stripped down drum kit. Good news, they sound as good, if not better, live!

On one side you’ve got the slow burner Sometimes You Just Are – and then the intensity level kicks it up about 10 klix more, then, back down and then again back up; a nice ride; Tricks of the Trade is a little meaner sounding and reminds me of a stripped down NYC NoWave act circa the late 80’s or early 90’s (something not to be messed with to say the least). Last thing, making this quite a find in the KFJC library is that every cover on these limited edition 7″ are all unique (and we defaced it and fucked it all up as is the custom).

Tryp out; hang out.


Lewis Parker, T.R.A.C., John Robinson – “Tic-Tac-Toe” – [KicDrum Products]

mann   5/22/2013   7-inch, Hip Hop

Independent sample-based hip hop released on vinyl the way it should be done. Philly’s production duo of Drumz and Llingo bring the most out of their SP12 with this one, teaming up with some cutty NY MCs for the perfect blend of streetwise wisdom both sonically and verbally. Heavy on the east coast traditional beat digger vibe and the remix on side B is a bit more spacey. The stand out MC for me is the last in line John Robinson, his gravely voice is reminiscent of Mr. Cheeks of Lost Boyz but his flow is more like a megablunted Keith Murray. KicDrum Products and their Silver Seven Series of indy rap 7″s are the future of the history of this real rap shit. No FCCs, plays at 45. Mann the General.

Cosey Fanni Tutti & Petit, Philippe – “Mist While Sleeping” – [Dirter Promotions]

Naysayer   5/22/2013   7-inch, A Library

This is a gorgeous, haunting collaboration between two very prolific artists. Philippe Petit is everywhere, rocording with everyone that matters, on every label that we at KFJC honor and trust. He calls himself a “musical tour guide”, not a musician. Okay. Whatever you call him his musical soundscapes are lush and rich creating chilling moodscapes for Cosey to moan and mumble mostly unrecognizable “lyrics” that feel awkward and unsafe. Part of it sounds underwater, part of it muddy but all of it wonderful and terrifying. The only drawback is that they are a bit short. But I will take what I can get from this team.

Blu (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man + Tristate) – “Thelonius King” – [Fat Beats]

mann   5/8/2013   7-inch, Hip Hop

Surprisingly rugged new single from the usually subdued and introspective Blu. The production by Bombay (never heard of him before but hope to hear more like this) is almost industrial, grungy savage, distorted all levels blocked out in the red, the sound wave of the entire track probably looks like a brick thru the window of Wells Fargo. Blu is joined by legendary undergrounder and NY boxing aficionado RA the Rugged Man and Tri-State of the new Alchemist-produced group Durag Dynasty. Blu and Tri-state are MC killers for sure who play the bread nicely with well above par verses, but RA is the butcher in between who really strips the flesh from the corpse with the illest endeavor; he says, “In a world of murderers and rapists, and children with exposed ribcages, organ damage from famine, flies on their faces, blood thirsty baby killers and mental cases, gun-totin’ cops born racist, school districts preaching hatred, angels with black wings holdin’ automatic guns like gatlins, bodies blown to bits, bloody torsos that lack limbs.” The b-side is the same beat, but it only has Blu on the solo tip with 3 verses (1 is his original and 2 alternates), but I wish it was the instrumental because this beat is so large it should stand on its own. If you dug Gangrene you’ll dig this chaos too. Plays at 45. Mann the General.

Van Allen Belt, The – “Songs” – [Self-released]

humana   4/30/2013   7-inch, A Library

The lollipop purple vinyl of this 7″ matches the upbeat nature of these songs, sung in a woman’s rich voice (sometimes in layers), set atop synth and other instrumentation. There’s a gentle, mellow, folksy pop feel to this, epitomized by the following lyric on A1: “I only do right ’cause it feels good.” You will feel good after listening to this.

Ramble Tamble – “Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol. 2” – [Casual Acid Tea]

Thurston Hunger   4/26/2013   7-inch, A Library

Again kudos to Matt Clark and his Casual Acid Tea label for taking
the dip/trip into Pat Conte’s amazing collections. But right off the
bat, KFJC’s got a problem here as we do NOT appear to own the original
Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. 3: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48.
We’ll get somebody on that, but let’s drop the needle here now.
This time kind men were found in the “band” Ramble Tamble which is
Turner Williams, Jr.??and friends, whether in NYC or down in Alabam’.
First up: From Epirus with epilove, “Ta Magia Sto Pegadi” has Ramble
Tamble swapping out the Balkan flights of clarinet for fiddle
flourishes and laser light pitch wheel synth dervishes. Under the
mix, drums kick up dust and Turner Williams, Jr grinds out some grit
on his Electric Shahi Baaja. That song sort of breaks into two,
an initial somewhat dour descending melody that hits a pause
and Adam Markiewicz slings his bow and the tune into a rising
kind of arpeggiated spin. To me the winner was Tunisia on the
flip side, “Raks Fazani” where Williams and Casey Glover now
on piano get the magic carpet flying like a santur dreaming
of a shooting star. On the 7″ inner seal, both tracks say
as “interpreted” by Ramble Tamble, so the sounds are intentionally
more citified and trade vocals for licks and maybe even tumble
the tunes a bit. Still good for soul.

-Thurston Hunger

Alter Echo & E3 – “Kufic Dub” – [ZamZam Sounds]

mann   4/24/2013   7-inch, A Library

Following in the footsteps of dub luminaries Lee Perry and Scientist (AE&E3 have collaborated with both), these former BSI label-heads stay devoted to the true essence of dub even when they get out there in a modern way. They flatter with their imitations of traditional predecessors, but balance this fanboy inspiration with nuances that bring new characteristics to the dub-iverse. Echo-delay vocals are potted up naturally and don’t sound like samples, while sudden key riffing and tempo jumps/drops show that these are not loops; what starts as a sacrifice to the old gods mutates into the scribbles of the new electronic scripture that actually lives when the lasers start firing and the 2″ tape starts whirring in the back ground. Both are slow and stoney and play at 45. Mann the General

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