Powerplant – ” Spine / Evidence” – [Static Shock]

whngr   12/15/2020   A Library, Cassette

 Synth-Punk-Rock “Pop op”. 

Ukraine / London oddity unleashes five tracks that are, to my ear, more profoundly dissimilar to one another, more dynamic, and take more risks than any rock outfit I’ve heard in recent memory a fact perhaps made even more exceptional when one notes that it was made by a single person, one Theo Zhykharyev. Bouncy, up-beat, danceable, and a bit dreary as well. Top-shelf good times.

Occelensbrigg – “Frostbitten Cleansing” – [Harvest of Death]

whngr   12/15/2020   A Library, Cassette

Murky, blown out Black Metal by this lone soul hailing from Portugal. Part of the  Aldebaran Circle, a clandestine group of projects that include:  Aldebaran, Degredo, Espírito, Ginnungagap, Mallitiae, Nox Insultum, Ordem Satânica, Trono Além Morte, and Voëmmr.  Cold, grim, ugly, and culminating in a brief passage of perverse valiance, these five tracks are like a plunge into a frozen lake occupied by a legion of medieval corpses. Drifting through the icy water, their hollow stares intermittently falling upon your empty soul while casting scowling aspersion before lolling on through the icy void.

Diotte, Braden – “General Manifest” – [East Imperial Noise]

whngr   12/15/2020   A Library, CD

Bass player of Tarantula Hawk explores the enormity of empty space employing field recordings and layers of sparse ambient noise/drone with all three compositions tied together by the hypnotizing rhythm of moving trains. There is something very captivating about these sounds that were informed by Diotte’s time riding the rails (I presume without a ticket) and in some ways I believe it detracts from the power of these pieces and the journey by attempting to describe them. Like fine cinema it is often best to go in knowing as little as possible… However, one brief caveat: this album begins at a glacial pace and the long/soft/slow signal may rattle the stones of even the most stalwart volunteer.

Virulent Specter – “Upon a Dead and Derelict Throne” – [Black Gangrene]

whngr   12/5/2020   12-inch, A Library

U.S.B.M. No-fidelity, no members, no fucks given. Tilling the frost kissed barren soil of our fathomless despair. The tinny drums buried below stand out perversely like a horrible secret that everyone knows but dare not speak. That snare that rings through the murky drone of trem-picked guitars and goblin shrieks. The scourge of divinity and the essence of antipathy.
Each side of this tremendous LP were originally released as two tapes compiled and released with great attention to detail by Black Gangrene. Unfortunately in direct contrast with my own attention to detail as the A side already exists in the our Library on cassette. Whatever, it still fucking punishes like a sadistic warlord prowling the battlefield for fallen enemies to drag back to camp.

More is known about this recondite but you won’t hear it from me… ’cause I’m not saying, but I will say this, the lone soul behind this recording embodies the kind of ethos that captured my interest in Black Metal back in the 90’s. One where every aspect of the project are envisioned and executed by a single person, and that person has total creative control and exists primarily in isolation. The song of the recluse.

Stigmatism – “Promo Tape” – [Static Shock]

whngr   12/5/2020   A Library, Cassette

Montreal/N.Y. two piece HXC with conscripts for the road back when that was a thing (fml). Three tracks each under a minute. Lean, mean, and the opposite of pristine with a 46 second rendition of  The Animals’ We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Play the tape, flay and scrape.

Sordid Crest – “Demo” – [Feral Heart]

whngr   12/5/2020   A Library, Cassette

Subterranean Black Metal two-piece from N.Y. and Texas though Metallum lists no members. No other information is available. Hideous, off-key guitar bends and a warped tape (effect?) that upset the equilibrium, thunderous buried drums, misery, cursed string interludes, screechy guttural vocals, wretched, profane, and ravishing.  Avoid at all cost or simply embrace your suffering.

Revenant Marquis – “Anti Universal Compassion” – [New Era Productions]

whngr   11/27/2020   12-inch, A Library

No fidelity spooky black metal with synth interludes from Wales. Dark, brooding and buried. Wet, caves of despair cloaked in a fog of misery with strange off-key hooks and brooding laments for the spiritually bereft. Solo project of one highly prolific and recondite, S. The sole member of this prolific Welsh abomination. Having released six(6) LP’s (one of which is single sided) since 2018 the one you now hold being the third and perhaps most visually striking. Who can deny the appeal of impending erotic violence or the allure ritual sex magic? “Not I.”, said the miserable sonic goblin, “Not fucking I.”

Coughin’; Vicars – “Post Omission Overtures” – [Self Released]

whngr   11/27/2020   A Library, Cassette

Rock from Britain reminiscent at times of Killing Joke or early Wire, elsewhence The Cure, Joy Division, ersewhile Echo and the Bunnymen or maybe The Fall. Building on the well-laid foundations of their forebearers, there is a something slightly retrospective about CV but not necessarily derivitive. An homage to post/death/goth/punk perhaps while still offering their own unique, and in my miserable opinion, exceptional voice to the arena (killing floor). A majestic sermon for the lost, an admonishment for the defeated, draped in lavish guitar effects. A shouting chant bellows above the angular and terse rhythm. Reverb and chorus swell and fade like shadows in the dreary pre-dawn of a deserted Liverpudlian landscape. We are being watched…

FCC on 3 Karma RuminationTrack 7 is an unlisted reverse tracked, somber and heavily affected guitar signal. Coughin’ Vicars is helmed by Russ ‘WeasHELL’ Longmire aka @sketchstance and credited as Roman Remains, vocalist, artist, skateboarder, and man of the 11th hour. Limited, numbered, and hand crafted on this second run of cassettes released by the artist.

Kult Offenzivy – “Tak Jsem Ji Prizval K Sobe” – [New Era Productions]

whngr   11/27/2020   12-inch, A Library

Cold, inscrutable Czechian Black Metal. Grim and fierce. Guttural and hypnotic. There is little variety on this LP so wherever you drop the needle you’ll find buried blast beats, anemic trem-picked guitar, and stolid, grim pharangeal vox in Chechen. What it lacks in virtuosity it makes up for with pure unadulterated spite.

A slightly cryptic entry in Mettallum states:

“Some session members are also in Sator Marte, Dirris and Valraukar, but the main person and former behind Kult ofenzivy isn’t a member of any other bands.”

Wild Tone – “Wild Tone” – [Helta Skelta]

whngr   11/23/2020   A Library, Cassette

Dreamy and slightly discordant synth driven pop with an edge from Perth. Like Suicide and The Screamers dp’d DEVO to ecstatic climax in a cascade ones and zeros. Beautiful, strange, and kinda seedy with a fucking well done cover of Gun Club’s “Sex Beat”.

Gaffer – “Gaffer” – [Helta Skelta]

whngr   11/21/2020   A Library, Cassette

Perth’s Gaffer (Aussie for geezer or old man) is a guitar-centric (post) punk power-house. Terse, driven, and pissed, they want us to slit our wrists, dance and spin as the blood hits the floor, scream, writhe and beg for more. Fight your boss, wake-up, and live like you give a toss.

Terra Soror – “Revenge” – [Self Release]

whngr   11/20/2020   A Library, Cassette

Devastating echoed-out nature-punk from London that crush my weary, wounded heart with catchy doom-laden riffs. Short, sweet, and steeped in sorrow and spite; a witches-brew tasting of loamy soil and moss, inducing harrowing psychedelic fever-dreams of humanity’s imminent annihilation.

Am in love with their bio I nicked from their myspace:“Post punk three piece, fresh from a ritualistic naked action on Leytonstone flats witnessed by dog walkers and doggers, and involving tree loving, mud and filth in the rain. Their recently released first tape is a feminist take on wildness, plants, the earth (and its possible brutal revenge) and our place in it, and vegetables as eroticism. Members include those of Frau, Es, and Good Throb.”  

Lucta – “Black Magic Punk” – [Self Release]

whngr   11/14/2020   A Library, Cassette

Milan, Italy – April 27, 2018. Shrill, echoing Italian vocals pierce through a tirade of cymbal crashesss, guitars crush. The energy, the drive… relentless and vital. Pissed mysterious hardcore. Nothing else is known. You must find your own reality… but I have found this compelling photograph:

Sissy Spacek – “Featureless Thermal Equilibrium” – [Helicopter]

whngr   11/13/2020   A Library, CD

Another aural atrocity from station associates and friends Sissy Spacek FFFFFEEEEAAAAATTTTUUUUUUURRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG their signature freak-out sound, a cacophonous assault on the lobes that employs Blast-beat Interruptus. A misery inducing barrage of chaotic drumming, throat rending roars, and ear piercing noise in a clean, alluring package that is, to my tastes, a compelling dichotomy with the horrific sounds contained within this stately and understated multi-fold digipak. Heavily represented in the library, Sissy Spacek is/was exactly the kind of project I would have scoffed at in the past… no composition, no orchestration, no virtuosity, no thank you. However, due in no small part to the time spent with kfjc (corrupting my mental faculties), I have come to understand that this may not be the case at all. In fact, as unlikely as it sounds, every note, every pause, every blast of unfocused mayhem may be a highly honed and polished effort that took countless takes to get… perfect. And now that I have been transmuted into a soul that can appreciate horrendous asymmetric dissonance, I might suggest that you play Featureless Thermal Equilibrium for your mother as you explain that college tuition would be wasted on you. That you are a true artist whose interests and trajectory are beyond the scope of mere plebeians. Or to simply bum (the fuck) out of any soul who hasn’t developed the thick skin, tinnitus, or demented sonic sensibilities of a dedicated KFJC volunteer.

A white hot release from J. Wiese (bass, tape, vox) and the current complicit cast including Charlie Mumma (drums,vox.), Mark Alan Miller (Eng.), and Jay Randall (vox.) recorded at Sonelab (Western Mass.), 13 June 2016.

Arson – “Savage Butchery” – [Self Released]

whngr   11/12/2020   A Library, Cassette

Leeds, England. Neo-post-Thatcher hardcore. Nihilistic, low-fi and crusty, it might remind one of the East Bay in the early 90’s. Furious and miserable. D-beat from the damp. Hardcore from the core of the heart. Breathy barking and growling over an onslaught of frenetic guitars not dissimilar to G. Ginn ca. mid to late B.F. Peeling away the skin, the bass throbbing like the pulse of the not yet defeated. Ex-members of Perplex Flesh, Whipping Post, Moloch, No Form and many other projects that, admittedly, only now have I become cognizant of… partially asocial goblin that I have become.

Gesture – “II Tape” – [Static Age Musik]

whngr   11/8/2020   A Library, Cassette

Words gleaned from internet sources: Self-reliant enclave of high-output low-info punks / anarcho / death rock / London /  petite mort / spiritual cramp / Berlin / real ugly / claws at the ether / chorus pedal / disaffected / unravel / kill you…

Words that seep from my brain: The youth are still angry, still miserable, still wearing black, still want to fuck… and they still enjoy a good down-stroke. Meandering, buried, dispassionate female English vocs over heavily modulated guitars  and primal garage/hardcore drums. Gesture is… desirous.

Murderous Vision – “Abscission” – [Live Bait Recording Foundation]

whngr   10/23/2020   A Library, CD

Creepy Dark Ambient/Industrial Noise.  Not spooky in a supernatural way, more like discovering the ruins of a forgotten civilization, doomed because of avarice, conceit, and a myopic perspective on their relationship with the environment that they might have corrupted, poisoned, and destroyed due to lack of insight and empathy.

Dark rumbling textures, throbs, disembodied voices, a thumping primal beat, pulses, hollow distorted shouts that echo and decay, strobes, trembling drone, empty space, and other electronic abstractions layered to induce an unsettling, hypnotic, aural forray into humanity’s (none too distant) future. One where the skeletal artifice of civilization has been consumed by the earth, lying dormant and forgotten beneath the rubble and residue of time. 

Murderous Vision is one Stephen Petrus of Live Bait Recording Foundation and co-producer of the filmCity/Ruins, a film about the Industrial scene of Northern Ohio.

Ljain – “Endasalmar Og Klofnar Tungur” – [Signal Rex]

whngr   10/10/2020   12-inch, A Library

Ljáin (Lē- yaw-in [scythes]) are an abstruse Icelandic black-metal project and this release is (originally from 2016 released on vinyl [currently in your trembling claws] by Signal Rex [Lusitania]).

The intro is a murky, haunting choral affair that segues into a brief echoing church bells before the avalanche of low fidelity metal ensues. A turgid, miserable flow of hollow wails, reverberating guitars, and buried, ugly drum assault. So murky and cacophonous that it could almost be atmospheric at lower levels but surely that is not the intent of Ljáin. In the red, all the way up, chaotic barrage of untethered rage sprinkled with spooky back tracked interludes. The vibes are of doom, terror, misery, death awareness, death longing, murder-lust, shivering spectral dissonance, famished troll worship, sweeping landscapes of jagged rock and ice…

Jackson-Pratt – ” In The Night, I’m Lost In Love” – [Oxen]

whngr   10/9/2020   A Library, CD

Jackson-Pratt is the name of a device used to drain surgery sites so you probably can glean what kind of harsh-noise this is: In the red, splatter-misery. 2020 release on Oxen. An excellent accompaniment for clawing your respiration barrier off in a convalescent home and forcing blood laden piss from the filthy incision in your abdomen.

Clock of Time – “Pestilent Planet” – [Static Shock]

whngr   9/26/2020   12-inch, A Library

Berlin Garage Death Rock.

Downstrokes, chorus, reverb. Nihilistic doom rock for the tail end of “Civilization” propelled apathetically in an English accent. You can hear the sneers and feel tears. Drape yourself over a wrought-iron fence of hopelessness and weep for humanity. Or just play this between Christian Death and Joy Division. Whatevah.

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