cadilliac margarita

Andy Bey and the Bey Sisters

cadilliac margarita   4/23/2019   A Library, CD, Jazz

Broad collection of standards from The Bey Siblings of Newark, NJ— recorded between 1964-1965. Their voices are deep and rich, and blend together like smooth cream. Andy is also a self-taught pianist, while his sisters Salome and Geraldine vocalize and harmonize. Together they pay homage to some of their greatest musical influences. Pop, Jazz, Blues, Gospel. They touch on several vocal styles…most are slow burners, but there are few upbeat bangers in the bunch.                                             <3!!! Caddy 

Eddie Russ – Fresh Out

cadilliac margarita   4/23/2019   A Library, CD, Jazz

Here is Eddie Russ on funky electric piano, accompanied by smooth sax, electric guitar, percussion, flute, and strings. He played with many jazz greats including Sarah Vaughn, Stan Getz, and Dizzy. Recorded in Detroit in March 1974, this has that cool 70s loungey jazz vibe in spades. Mellow grooves. Very pleasant.                                     <3!!! Caddy

Brrwd Love- Vol. 1

cadilliac margarita   6/29/2016   10-inch, Hip Hop

A creative collab between friends REPEAT PATTERN & TA-KU,

This collection features both of them on a few traks along with other friends

And emerging artists. Dreamy bedroom beats, samples, loops.

Incoherent lyrical content. The most abrasive track is A4???s Divison,

filled with scrapes, cuts, and heavy breathing. Mostly it???s pretty mellow sound

snapshots with many layers and elements. You will catch something

new with every listen. All tracks a pretty cool, but Primm (B3) is my

personal favorite because of the 1970s easy listening flute intro

and underlying current.



<3<3<3 Caddy


cadilliac margarita   6/29/2016   A Library, CD, Soul

Pronounced JAMESON

3rd solo album from Michigan multi-instrumentalist Christian Berishaj.

He writes and produces his records. He directs his own music videos.

Tracks dripping with soul grooves, lush string orchestrations,

the poetry of a hard life lived, longing and heartbreak. He has

a smooth voice, easy flow, decent falsetto, and is clearly very

talented. This record is sexy, melancholy, and quite beautiful.

A real panty dropper! I loved it! FCCs on tracks 3-7; 12

-<3<3<3 Caddy

Shaffer, Doreen – “Adorable” – [Grover Records]

cadilliac margarita   3/11/2013   12-inch, Reggae


1997 album from one of the original queens of ska and reggae. Recording solo albums since 1970, she often collaborated with the Skatellites starting in the mid-1960s before becoming their lead singer in 1994. This album is like a sweet breath of fresh air. Her vocals are warm and soothing, and the subject matter is pretty lovey dovey. There are elements of ska, straight reggae, and even soul. A nice cover of “Groovy Kind of Love” is just one of many sweet love tunes. This simply put me in the best mood while doing things around the house.

<3!!! Caddy

Af Ursin

cadilliac margarita   2/28/2013   A Library

Improvised compositions from electric/acoustic sound artist Timo van Luijk. This is mostly experimental scratches, squabbles and noise walls that go from nearly inaudible to incredibly loud and abrasive. The last 3 tracks were easier for me to listen to than the first 3, mostly because they feature some melodic and percussive elements. This is dark and unnerving, and Im not even going to start with the cover art. My nightmares have some new featured players. That is all Im gonna say.

Stereo Total- Musique Automatic

cadilliac margarita   2/28/2013   A Library

Together since 1993, this 2001 release from French-German duo of Franoise Cactus and Brezel (‘pretzel‘) Goring is so much fun, I didnt want it to end. Alternative electro pop-hop with video game vibes. While Cactus bangs on the drums and provides the majority of vocals in French (some in English, and German too… I think!), Goring does his thing on synth and guitar. The last track was remixed by Felix Kubin, so that should give you a good idea of what to expect. Neat-O!

The James Hunter Six- Minute by Minute

cadilliac margarita   2/28/2013   A Library, CD, Soul

James Hunter out of the UK has written and provides warm and gritty vocals for all songs on this album out on GO/ Fantasy Records. After touring for 20 years with the likes of Van Morrison (for whom he was a backup singer) Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, and the late Etta James, Hunter is back with his 5 piece band (now giving them name credit after many years of touring as his dedicated backup band). Channeling his pain from the 2011 loss of his wife Jacqueline to cancer, he has dedicated this great album of throwback classic R&B to her. For someone who has undergone such a huge loss, this is surprisingly upbeat with guitar, sax, drums, organ, bass, piano, vibraphone, percussion, and was produced by Gabriel Roth, co-founder of Daptone Records. They will be at Bimbos 365 on March 9th.

CSC FUNK BAND- A Little Weight

cadilliac margarita   9/26/2012   A Library, CD, Soul

Making beautiful music together since 2007, this Brooklyn noise punk musician super-group turned funk collective formed during a jam session of Sun Ras Lanquidity. Their blend of funky baselines, clarinet, horns, rock guitar, and steady drumbeats is classic and modern at the same time. I favor side Bs A Little Planet because of its punchy intro, snake charming clarinet solo, and mellow funkiness. However, both tracks are more than worthy.


Bitchin’ Bajas / Faceplant [coll] – [Bathetic]

cadilliac margarita   10/5/2011   12-inch, A Library

Two solo projects from a couple of guys that are no strangers to the kfjc airwaves. Bitchin Bajas is Cooper Crain of CAVE, and Faceplant is Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights. On the BB side, Consciousness??one and two??is wonderful and lush psychedelic meditatation of synth and organ. Track one invites the mind to wander to off to far out dreamlands of shimery shorelines, and then track two invigorates the blood vessels, waking your dead limbs with pins and needles. With Faceplant, trance like pop drones await. Try riding the ether as you slowly slip into the haze, then hit the dancefloor with Dickie Domecon to help dance you out of your warmly sedated state.

!!! Caddy

Baby Dee – “Safe Inside The Day” – [Drag City]

cadilliac margarita   3/9/2011   12-inch, A Library

Released in 2008 on Drag City, we find Baby Dee tinkling the ivories and delivering songs that are somber and personal at times and fun, theatrical, and cabaret-esque at others. I hear influences from Freddie Mercury to Jesus Christ Superstar. He is joined by the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy (who also produced) on backing vocals, and Andrew WK on bass and drums, amongst others who support with guitar, violin, viola, cello, sax, and the harp we find on “A Book of Songs for Anne Marie” makes only a few scattered apperances. It seems she dug deep into her (perhaps religious?) childhood and other memories both good and bad to come up with a well rounded and satisfying musical experience. This is totally rad!!!

Andy Human – “Toy Man” – [Tic Tac Totally]

cadilliac margarita   3/9/2011   A Library, CD

This 4 piece out of Oakland does 80s new wave pop and transplants it into 2010. Out on Tic Tac Totally, you would swear (as one review I read put it so perfectly) you were listening to the soundtrack of John Hughes movie.

Toro Y Moi – “Underneath The Pine” – [Carpark Records]

cadilliac margarita   3/9/2011   A Library, CD

Pleasant hazy pop from the mind of Chazwick Bundick out of Columbia, South Carolina. This 2011 release out on Carpark Records is full of catchy musical hooks, Brian Wilson- like harmonies, filtered sounding vocals, and is associated with the “Chillwave” musical movement along with friend and musical soul brother, Ernest Greene of Washed Out. The music and harmonies are what make this one work for me. If you dug Mitch LeMay’s Apartment Life, you will love this

Bradley, Charles – “No Time For Dreaming” – [Daptone Records]

cadilliac margarita   1/14/2011   CD, Soul

Put out on Dunham Records, in association with Daptone, Charles Bradley releases his first full length album here back by the Menahan Street Band. he brings his years of streetwise experience as a dayworker from places all over the US from Alaska to Maine. It is life, love, and heartbreak with a weathered and gritty voice that shows a life of performing and paying his dues has finally paid off. Awesome, super soulful, and definitely worth a listen!

Screamers – “In a Better World” – [Xeroid/Extravertigo]

cadilliac margarita   1/14/2011   A Library, CD

We were lucky to score this out-of-print two disc set of demos and live recordings from the late 70s. The Screamers, lead by the late Tomata DuPlenty, were true rebels on the LA punk scene of the 1970s blending raw punk attitude and energy with synth and drums —sans guitar and base. Their live performances at places like the Whiskey, Mabuhay Gardens, and the Roxy(where they were the only band to headline without a record contract) are the stuff of lengend. Having never released a single album in their four years together, their music lives on here.

Funky Frauleins 2 [coll] – [Bureau B.]

cadilliac margarita   1/14/2011   A Library, CD

17 tracks of campy and (mostly) German vampiness between the years of 1968-1981. Funk inspired growlers from a few of these lovely lassies are with mixed with some covers (Fever, Superstition, Harper Valley PTA), and the two tracks from 1981, that while good, stick out like sore thumbs from these mostly super groovy tunes from the 60s and 70s. Give into the cheese and learn some German via these bilingual babes!

Antony and The Johnsons – “Swanlights” – [Secretly Canadian]

cadilliac margarita   1/14/2011   A Library, CD

Out on Secretly Canadian, this newest release by Antony Hegarty seems to find the androgynes singer/ songwriter more at peace with life and love than in years past. He is as always deeply emotional as a writer and performer, and his soulful wailing is accompanied beautifully by the London Symphony Orchestra on a few tracks, along with a guest apperance by Bjork who co-wrote and performs guest vocals on track #11 (Fletta). This is just beautiful, with orchestrations that are both sparce and lush, most with a definite touch of melancholy. It’s not quite as tortured as his previous releases, as evidenced by the album’s first single, “Thank You For Your Love”.

*As a side note, along with the album, a 144 page book with original artwork by Antony inspired by the album has been released.

Linda Hagood – Pink Love Red Love / Awesome Vistas

cadilliac margarita   1/28/2009   A Library

New York???s Linda Hagood surrounds us in colorful bunny
love on this release from Awesome Vistas. This is like
a book of demented children???s stories read to you by a little
girl with a very active imagination. Her Vocals
are quirky and childlike. The sounds, created by a mix of guitar,
keyboards, violin, and drums, are weird, creepy, kooky,
and yes, even a little ookey. She describes her sounds
psychedellic punky comedy, and she looks pretty
interesting wearing masks and crazy hats on stage.
Overall her the vocals match her sound as they meet up in
crazy kiddieland.

Check out the cool album artwork by Christine Shields

Grouper / Inca Ore – 12″ Split

cadilliac margarita   1/28/2009   A Library

First released on cassette in 2007,
this split between Portland???s Grouper,
Oakland???s Inca Ore (aka Ava Salens of
Jackie O Motherfucker) , is full of
foggy ambiance. The Grouper side
( four tracks), apparently written as a response to
the search for a neighbor???s cat, is incredi bly
distant sounding musically, and even more
so vocally. She calls out into the night after
the gray cat she is seeking. It made me feel
cold, but calm. Could be played as an entire
side, because it is cohesive. Inca Ore brings us
native ameican sounding chants through a hollowed
out tube. Seven fairly short tracks in all, with muffled
vocals, and mellow overtones.

Rough Bunnies, The – “Mit Weisse Westen Dreck Am Stecken ” – [Ypsilanti Records]

cadilliac margarita   1/10/2008   12-inch, A Library

This is great fun from female- Swedish- cousin duo, Anna and Frida aka Rough Bunnies. They have an sweet and innocent tone to their vocals, much like Deerhoof, but don’t be fooled, these girls are quite sexual and don’t take any bullshit from the boys. The album is a nice mix of folk, pop, hip-hop, and electronics, and broken English and Swedish vocals with a punk attitude that is contagious. The one-take, recorded in their bedroom feel of the record is charming, and that combined with the front cover artwork reminds me of daniel johnston in a way. There were only 200 copies of this one made, so treat it with care even though the artists like it rough.
-cadillac margarita

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