Jacks, The – “Vacant World” – [Sweet Dandelion]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, International

This album, Vacant World, was released in 1968 by the Jacks, a Japanese psych-rock band. The music here is not really that heavy of psychedelic, with a generally melancholy sound and quite a number of low-key ballad style songs. This album is vocal-centric and not as guitar heavy as most psych, with sad sounding male vocals sung entirely in Japanese, and the occasional fuzzed out guitar?? solo. A1, A5 and B1 are the heavier, more psychedelic tracks. A2 has got some nice vibes on it. B3 sounds a bit more cheery and upbeat. B5 is a nice track with booming organ and spoken word. -Surfer Rosa

Those Shocking Shaking Days [coll] – [Now Again Records]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, International

Here is a collection of Indonesian hard, psychedelic, progressive rock and funk from 1970-1978. In order to avoid western cultural imperialism, the dictatorship at the time banned the sale of records by western artists such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis, ect. ..as well as those b Indonesian artists playing western style music. So this music was not really embraced at the time it came out. You can hear te sounds of the 70s all over these records, with influences from bands like Deep Purple, King Crimson and Cream. There is plenty o fuzz, epic guitar solos, sweet organ lines and driving rhythms here. A3, E1 and E2 are particularly funky, and D2 is a nice long instrumental. C2 has some lovely instrumentation that sounds a bit more traditional. Overall, this is a collection of 20 solid tracks with absolutely no space fillers. Play anything. Its all awesome. These Indonesians just want to ROCK! -Surfer Rosa

We Are Getting Bad: The Sound of Phase One [coll] – [Phase One]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, Reggae

This is a collection of music off the UK record label Phase One. A variety of classic late 70s/early 80s Reggae. The record contains lots of echo, mostly vocal tracks, and a few great instrumentals (marked). All the tracks are good, there is a nice touch of female vocals on B4, and all the tracks on side B are relatively long (over 5:30) Both sides are fully spin-worthy. -Surfer Rosa

King Tubby – “Psalm of The Time Dub” – [Roots Records]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, Reggae

King Tubby delivers some solid Dub, just as you might expect. Super chill, ,classic Dub, instrumental for the most part, tracks with vocals contain a minimal amount. This music is often simplistic, consisting of just drums and a bass line (B5, B6, many others). This record is covered in tape delay, revery drums and tight bass lines. You can’t go wrong with any track, they are all great. -Surfer Rosa

Slits, The – “In the Beginning” – [Lilith Records]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, A Library

The slits are a botworthy all female punk rock band who paved the way for many she-rockers to come. This record contains highlights from live performances recorded by the Slits 1977-1981. These ladies gained momentum after touring with the Clash’s White Riot tour in 1977. The music here is simple and minimal, in a pretty typical punk rock fashion. Short tracks, lots of energy, gritty, fuzzy and raw with tastefully sloppy musicianship. The Slits did not make music based on their amazing technical ability, and you can certainly hear it. But what they lack in technical skills, they make up for in enthusiasm and the insatiable urge to rock. The music here is playful,. I like Side B myself, it has a bit more of a groove with reggae and funk influences though it still fully rocks. (check out A7, A8 and B3 for a little touch of reggae) B1 is a playful cover of “heard it through the grapevine”, or “heard it through the bassline” as the Slits seem to sing it. B4 is a long, jam track which floats around for about 12 minutes. Pretty sweet. There is some banter between songs as these were all part of a live set. The record is clean for the most part, profanity is marked. Watch out for a FUCK in the intro to A8, the song is clean but the band chat is not. – Surfer Rosa

3 Hur-El – “3 Hur-El” – [Guerssen]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, A Library

One of Turkey’s most popular “Anatolian Rock”bands, 3 Hur-El is a group of three brothers playing western rock fused with Turkish folk. This record leans more towards rock rather than folk, but the classic Turkish sound really comes through all over this music. Plenty of long instrumental sections in all the tracks, lots of beautiful string-work, tight bass-lines and mellow vocals sung exclusively in Turkish. All the percussion here is hand percussion.! Check out A5 for 2 full minutes of nothing but hand drum sweetness. What’s even better is the double necked electric saz (kinda looks and sounds like an oud if that helps) for some worldly string savvy sounds to pleasure your ears. This whole album rocks. All the tracks are good. Spin away! -Surfer Rosa

Inca Ore – “Brute Nature Vs. – Weird Forest” – [Weird Forest Records]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, A Library

This here is an audio exploration in vocal instrumentation. These are the almost a Capella sounds of Inca Ore’s (aka Eva Saelens) voice. There is no singing here, she uses her vocals as an instrument to create a meditative yet eerie soundscape of vocal drones and ghostly moans. Its pretty amazing what this woman is doing with mostly her voice, multiple tracks and all sorts of layering. Side A includes short tracks, some of which have decipherable vocals (words along side sounds), guitar clicks and scrapes, or chimes and bells. The sounds here are thick but at the same time sparse. It teeters between nerve wrecking and meditative with heavenly hums and banshee-style moans. There is no percussion anywhere here, and very little non-vocal instrumentation. Side B is 20 minutes of vocal moans and drones. Its moody, its got dynamic, it sounds like a group of people moaning and groaning as they fall down a bottomless pit. Lots of these tracks end abruptly, so watch out for that. This album is beautiful, striking, piercing, relaxing, abstract and slightly uncomfortable all at the same time. -Surfer Rosa

Y Niwl – “Un Dau Tri” – [Adeyrn Papur]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   7-inch, A Library

Here is some great Welsh Surf! Released in 2009, this album has a classic surf sound with plenty of reverb, tremolo picking and Link Wray-esque guitar solos. Guitar-heavy and entirely instrumental, Y Niwil put out a release which is pleasantly reminiscent of the 60s while maintaining an original sound. All Three tracks are pretty short and sweet, and the whole thing runs under 10 minutes. A1 has some solid drive behind it, A2 slows down a bit and sets a more mellow tone and side B maintains a nice groove with a sweet little organ part. This record will definitely scratch your surf-itch. -Surfer Rosa

San Francisco Watercooler – “Kool Shoes EP” – [Sun Sneeze Records]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   7-inch, A Library

This is some fuzzed out, energetic garage-punk. The music here is a little catchy and pretty approachable. The A-Side has a light hearte3de garage-pop feel, while side B is a bit heavier with a touch of feedback and more of a punk sound. B2 is my track of choice, it’s a bit lengthier and has more of a psych-jam feel. This here is good garage fun. -Surfer Rosa

Halo, Abdel Hadi & The El Gusto Orchestra of Algiers – “Abdel Hadi Halo & The El Gusto Orchestra of Algiers” – [Honest Jon’s]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   CD, International

This is a project lead by Algerian Pianist Abdel Hadi Halo as an effort to bring the North African Chaabi musical style (popular in the 40s and 50s) back to light. This Cd was released alongside a documentary attempting to track down this music’s remaining proponents. Hadi leads this 42 piece orchestra comprised of musicians from 70-90 years old who have been playing for decades.There is an impressive variety of instruments here including banjo, violin, darbouka and oud to name a few. The music here is soulful, quite beautiful, energetic and often played in a call and response style. All tracks contain vocals, skillful instrumentation and a traditional Arabic/Middle Eastern sound. -Surfer Rosa

Terrors – “Lagan Qord” – [Weird Forest Records]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   A Library, CD

Limited to 300 copies, this is the project of one man band Elijah Forrest. This album is covered in tape hiss, with a sleepy, dreamy, melancholy feel. Its got a very lo-fi, DIY sound with no percussion and no low end. The music here is simple and straight up. Vocals have a far away, reverby sound, and are sparse when present. Instrumental tracks are droney, often minimalistic and seem to serve he purpose of soundscapes more so than composed, structured pieces. Plenty of guitar and other noodlings with some occasional fuzz to keep things bittersweet. Instrumental tracks: 1, 3, 6, 7 – Surfer Rosa

Freak Out Total Volume 33 [coll] – [Mucho Gusto]

surferrosa   11/9/2011   12-inch, International

The psychedelic sounds of the French underground in the late 60s- early 70s. This is a collection of rock-pop-psych courtesy of our french hippy friends out of both Quebec and France 1967-1973. If you are a lover of the 60s, you will know these sounds. Plenty of that hit-the-spot fuzzy fuzz fuzz, with a catchy, groovy and sometimes funky flair. The liner notes tell me that A3 is announcing the birth of the Antichrist (though its hard for me to confirm this using my ears since my French skills are more than lacking), and A5 is an ode to cannabis- l’herb magnifique! B2 is a hippy dippy ode to Woodstock little ditty with a few english words sprinkled in for your not so french speaking self. Total freakout might be an overstatement, but this certainly does get a bit freaky. Think Texas Flashbacks, Nuggets or Pebbles..only French. Bon Appetit! – Surfer Rosa

Augustus Pablo / Jr. Delgado – “Showcase” – [Rockers International]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   12-inch, Reggae

A collaboration between Augustus Pablo and vocalist Jr. Delgado. The music here is smooth and upbeat with an easy listening feel. Tracks marked at Dub seem to be instrumental versions of the previous song. There is a tasteful touch of horns here and some nice lead guitar work. Pablo seems to be supplying electric piano sounds more so than those of the melodica, ( which is kind of a shame if you ask me… the electric piano sounds are a bit cheesy for my taste, bu7t you can gage the cheese factor yourself). This is some pleasant approachable, straight forward reggae, but nothing profound which stands out from the rest of the reggae universe. Sounds like a happy little 90s reggae beach party. – Surfer Rosa

Riley, Winston – “Meditation Dub Vol 3” – [Techniques Records]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   12-inch, Reggae

This record comes with listening instructions located on the front of?? this sleeve. So make not and kick back , because this here is some super chill, stoney-ass dub. Side A?? contains lots of funny synthesized beeps and boops which are?? a bit tacky in the best way possible. At times sounds like Robo-Dub. Side B is guitar/string heavy with more groove, it jams and occasionally rocks a bit too. There are solid bass lines and a continuous steady beat all over this record. At times it seems that the vinyl is a bit scratched and warped, which only makes this listen stonier and ever so delightful. Take a massive bong rip and enjoy. -Surfer Rosa

Human Instinct – “Pins In It” – [Sunbeam Records]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   12-inch, A Library

Remember the 70s? I don’t, but I know what they sounded like. A 3 piece from New Zealand, these guys were active in the late 60s, early 70s. What you hold here is super riffy, bluesy, maybe a tad funky and often catchy. Wailing guitar solos a plenty. You will forget that its 2011. Side C has live tracks which sound very similar to studio recordings. Side D is 45 rpm with two folky poppy, not so rockin tracks. I highly recommend playing them on 33 1/3. -Surfer Rosa

Prisoners Go Go Band – “Live At The Butchery With Special Guests On Fire” – [S-S Records]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   12-inch, A Library

Prisoners Go Go Band has only one record and this is it. It was created during the early 1980s in South Africa, under apartheid and culturally conservative society, where punk and alternative music recieved little attention. This band has three members, one white guy and two South African Indians. Ther music here is interesting, largely imporvised and varying in styles and track lengths. To quote from the liner notes: “We would come in and plug in, and play. We would just mess around untill a sound or riff or some element emerged that seemed to generate its own logic, and we went with it. We would leave the tapes running, and we got hours of these esperiments doun on tape. Eventually, we put together collages (the four ‘units on the lp’)” This is pretty much exactly what this record sounds like. With influnces like Can, Red Crayloa and Derek Bailey, you can certainly hear echoes ofpsych and musical experimentation here. The music is lo-fi, gritty and often times minimalist with a touch of electronic sound. Some tracks are more abstract than others, a few have a more jammy, rock feel (last track on Side A and second track?? on side B which is followed by a cool drum break). Mostly instrumental, though there are a few vocal tracks. Apparently, this record has not been heard by many. It is a limited pressing issued by the band, it got no radio airplay was never sold in any record?? stores. Originally, these guys just gave/sold pressings of this record to their friends. What we have here is a reissue. Make note: there seems to be a pretty vague correlation between the tracks marked on the back cover and the actual breaks on the record. This record is?? a bit different and uite delightful. I believe it may appeal to a variey of tastes. There is some really great information in the liner notes inside, check it out for more insight. -Surfer Rosa

Gould, David Solid Vs Laswell, Bill – “Dub of The Passover” – [Tzadik]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   CD, Reggae

Welcome to the Passover seder in the house of dub! This cd contains Bill Laswell’s dubbed out translations of traditional Passover songs typically sung at the seder table longside the readaing of he Agada (sotry of Passover). Each song correlates to a specific event or concept connected to the story. The music here is executed in your favorite dub fashion. Plenty of reverb, echoed out drums, a bit of keys, lots of horns, an occasional guitar lick or voal sample and a touch of synthesized sound. I even heard some Heberw on trakcs 10, 11 & 12! This album is quite delightful and even a bit nostalgic for Jews like me. Lechaim! -Surfer Rosa

White Hills – “H-p1” – [Thrill Jockey Records]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   12-inch, A Library

Here is some spaced out, stoney, desert psych-rock. This record is synth heavy, mostly instrumental?? and maintains a driving solid drone the whole way through. The synthesizer here dominates. It serves as flying-saucer space sounds and fuzzed out synth-drone. It sweeps and bubbles, and pairs ever so nicely with heavily distorted, saturated guitar driven rhythms. The mellotron even makes an appearance here, though its so heavily processed its hard to single out. Vocal tracks tend to have more of a stoner metal, rock music feel (A1, B2, D). Instrumental tracks tend to be more synth heavy, abstract and jammy (A2, A3, B1). Side C is all instrumental, synth dominated soundscape with plenty of hums, drones, ambient soundsa and sharp noises with very little guitar, if any at all. Side D is 17 minutes of epic stoner rock, riddled with guitar solos, spacious sounds and synthesiezed sweetness. You really can’t go wrong here. This record is a loud, heavy, psychedelic journey through outer space with not a catchy song in sight. To be thoroughly enjoyed by all. -Surfer Rosa

Koray, Erkin – “Mechul” – [Sublime Frequencies]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   A Library, CD

Erkin Koray is considered to be the father of Turkish psych/rock and one of the first to merge western rock stylings with traditional Turkish music. The music here was all recorded in mid 70s Istanbul, and showcases the best of both arabic and western sounds. Lots of wha-wha, soulful energetic vocals, and plenty of fuzz drenched melodies and guitar solos. The styles here range from straight powerful 70s rock, to catchier acoustic sounds, to more traditional middle eastern echoes. Check out tracks #5 and #10 for some really nice turkish-style stringwork. Try tracks #1, 2 or 6 for some good ‘ol fuzzed out rock. This album kicks. -Surfer Rosa

I’m So Convoluted! [coll] – [Agitated Records]

surferrosa   11/8/2011   12-inch, A Library

This record was released on record store day, April 16 2011, in the UK as a limited release of only 300 copies. It is a collection containing four tracks from different artists. The music here is at times chaotic, noisy, distorted and dissonant, while still retaining a tangible quality. There is?? lots of?? flux here, the music is loud and quiet, chaotic yet organized. This record contains mainly long, fuzzed out (mostly) instrumental tracks with an improvised psych-jam sound. The exception seems to be A2, a short vocal track which sounds much more like a compsed song then the rest of the music on this record. It’s a good track, it just seems a little out of place. Here is some stoney, droney, plenty heavy and certainly psychedelic music. Quite delightful. -Surfer Rosa

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