Montgomery, Roy – “Music From The Film Hey Badfinger” – [Yellow Electric]

surferrosa   2/6/2013   12-inch, A Library

Roy Montgomery, of Christchurch, New Zealand brings us 23 brief, shimmering tracks of solo electric guitar. Sounds to me like a 12 string guitar, which gives the sparseness a nice thick sound. These pieces are simple. Like fleeting thoughts.. glimpses of a daydream, beginning strong and often fading out instead of ending.. like a frayed string or a loose end. Lonely little musings, lovely, moody and somehow elated. This music comes from far away, pushing through the haze with a rotating Lesley speaker or a Uni-vibe sort of wobble. Makes your hairs wiggle. Abandoned riffs which belong to no song, and never will. Truly something the sway to. -Surfer Rosa

White Shit /Megafuckers [coll] – [Limited Appeal]

surferrosa   1/23/2013   12-inch, A Library

Two quick sides of filthy dirty under-produced hardcore punk as part of Limited Appeal’s limited pressing of 480. WHITE SHIT- includes members of Big Business, Melvins, Monorchid and Skull Control (to name a few..) messy, punch you in the stomach sort of punk… T.H.R tells the very special story of an organically grown little radish which gets eaten by Teri Hatcher and embarks on a magical journey through her bowels. Lyrics are included so you can follow along! A good story to tell your children before bedtime.Democracy starts of sounding like a good idea and ends up a shit show (aint it so.. )MEGAFUCKERS- Drugs II is riddled with feedback, delivered at a dirge-ier sort of pace with a cabinet shaking bass line and unintelligible lyrics. Extra lo-fi, super sloppy and proud of it. Mechanical Bull is a live track starting off with a spoken intro containing some very clear FCCs… but if you skip the intro you’re more or less in the clear. Tastes like blood, sweat and semen. Yummy. -Surfer Rosa

White Pee – “Trumpets Bring On Gallows” – [Self Released]

surferrosa   1/23/2013   A Library, CD

Blistering Psych featuring local jammers and noisemakers including Josh Pollock (DJ Female Convict Scorpion, 3 leafs) and Larry Boothroyd (Victim’s Family) among others. These pieces are not so much compositions as they are massive jams. Busy and cacophonous, things get noisy but the driving rhythm is ever consistent and the beat doesn’t drop. This certainly has a kraut-rock sort of feel to it, especially with the squiggly synth sounds which never take the front seat, keeping things cosmic but not so cheesy.. which is good. Thick drones swirl in and out of the murk along with buzzing static, sprinkles of vocal nonsense and the occasional bleat or squawk of a sax or horn. Tracks # 1 and 2 air on the darker, heavier more doomy side while 3 & 4 maintain an electro-acoustic, slightly more upbeat but still pretty tense, ominous sound. #2 starts and ends with a neat vocal monologue which is pretty self ??explanatory if you read the track title. These pieces don’t really go anywhere, but that’s ok, because getting somewhere is not the point. This is more like a superimposition or mish mash of psychedelia, noise and sound collage. Hypnotic and blissfully directionless. -Surfer Rosa

Dreadlords – “Dreadlords” – [Prison Tatt Records]

surferrosa   1/9/2013   A Library, CD

It ascends from the murky depths of Prison Tatt records.. Try the first track for a great example of what you will not be hearing for the rest of the record.. search and you shall find some killer feedback manipulation.. guitar feedback I think, wth a bit of power electronics and violence too. Raspy, choking, earth rattleing sorts of drones.. with a decaying kind of crackle. white with noise and sticky with static.. if you mine for metal you won’t have to dig deep..lo-fi, double bass, black and angry sorts of sounds on a few of these tracks. Harsh, moldy, and dank like a dungeon…Dreadlord creeps and crawls -surfer rosa

GR – “A Reverse Age” – [Mexican Summer]

surferrosa   1/6/2013   12-inch, A Library

GR is the moniker of Gregory Raimo, Frenchman and former guitarist for Gunslingers. Here is his one man band, in which he performs on guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The riffage is delivered, fuzzy and infectious.. guitar squeals and licks a plenty, going beyond the strum of rhythm. Drums do much more than keep the beat, locked into the liquid bass lines. Far away, sorta nasaly, telephone receiver style vocals are delightfully barely intelligible. This is some lo-fi, asymmetrical, dirty-gritty breed of psych, hearkening back to a few decades ago..some good old broken rock n roll for fans of overdrive and welll placed, tastefully executed, moderately but not overly indulgent guitar solos…Processing is minimal, this sounds mostly like its coming straight from the amp, but includes reverb and a little tiny touch of wha-wha…as far as I can tell anyway. Acoustic number at the end of A, killer drum work at the end of B. A nice balance of sweet and nasty. -Surfer Rosa

Crank Sturgeon – “Hair On The Fozen ‘Nial” – [Self Released]

surferrosa   1/1/2013   A Library, CD

Talk about a mind fuck.. where do I start? There is nothing wrong with the cd player and no, your brain is not short circuiting.. Crank Sturgeon is a madman from Maine whose creations are concocted using homemade, ultra-sensitive vocal/contact microphones.. plus a whole slew of other found sound sources, instruments, machines and god knows what else. These pieces are about as schizophrenic as it gets. You shut up when I’m talking to myself, bitch. Imagine a tiny little sound amplified times 100, chopped up, looped and layered.. a noisy, scratching, gurgling, scraping, glitching cacophony! Plenty of weird human mouth sounds here.. words or burps or throat clearings.. all the voices in my head talking over each other all at once -take turns god fucking damn it before I bust a vein! And just before chaos gets the best of you, Crank will break out into a catchy little, awkwardly delivered jig..circumscribed within the brain tease.. sing along on track 1,12, 15 or all of them??. Try track 4-its about making friends! Nonsensical spoken word- esque slurpiness on #7 (mandating, womendating, reproduction maybe?) or #9..#6 is comprised entirely of SHITnFUCKnDAMN. Hair on the Frozen ‘Nial is delivered with the most sophisticated and refined sense of humor. I still find you attractive as hellakjhdkjlahsd9kdjbvzjkchv -Surfer Rosa

Teen Anal Terrorist – “Warm Blatz For Teenage Runaways” – [Savage Quality Recordings]

surferrosa   12/12/2012   12-inch, A Library

Fully undanceable industrial beats, glitch and filth. All construction sites, office buildings and hospitals may have joined forces to birth this record. This is a warped, heavily manipulated, asymmetrical mind fuck. Scraping, buzzing, gurgling and chocking on its own blood. Hats off to whoever did the production here. Sampleage is out of control…backwards loops, ladies whispering, phones ringing, distant conversations fading in and out of audibility…crackles and bumps and broken, lopsided beats. Life support beeps and dings. Ominous hums. Wet, bubbling noises and familiar sounds made foreign. These sounds are stacked on top of each other to create pieces with just the right amount of cohesion, teetering between total sanity and absolute nonsense.. the music of attention deficit disorder, appropriate for today’s modern dysfunctions. Discogs tells me there are eight tracks here… some segue, some don’t.. you can sort of tell from looking at the grooves or listening for the changes, but not as a rule…so be mindful. This LP is layered with dirt, grime and shimmery craftsmanship. Appallingly good.-Surfer Rosa

3 Way Split [coll] – [Sweat Band Records]

surferrosa   12/12/2012   10-inch, A Library

Three way split is a 10” record full of booby traps and sounds from three very different bands. Three tracks on each side.. you can hear them change but good luck cueing this up..you will have to rely on your ears, not your eyes. Now the bands..Sac delivers noisy nonsense, riddled with samples, feedback , broken vocal loops and god knows what else. An electronic, manipulated face morph.. fantastically unpleasant and weird. Razzle Blaster initiate the heavies..angular, spastic punk-thrash-doom with a lyrical fuck you and a touch of electronics. All over the place. Mosh worthy. The Manx are a group of creatures that crawled out of the swamp to play a little ditty. Banjo, accordion, mandolin and bass make for a twangy gypsy romp.. sorta bloody and sweaty but it still makes you want to dance. These guys totally shred.. Their track Sacred Thistles ends side A and begins side B, which is unfortunate because you’ll have to choose which half of the track to play. Ok. Now the booby traps. Side A starts off with a locked groove. Side B has reverse grooves, so the needle will move outwards. B also ends with locked grooves ( I counted 9) sounds like they were taken from various tracks on the record.. a fun tool and a great way to make listeners uncomfortable. Each side lasts about 6 minutes. All and all this rips. Good luck. -Surfer Rosa

Walter, Weasel / Pitsiokos, Chris – “Unplanned Obsolescence” – [Ug/Explode]

surferrosa   12/5/2012   12-inch, Jazz

Imagine the sound of a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. Equally as weird as it is delicious right? What you have here is the first ever collaboration between Weasel Walter (drums) and Chris Pitsiokos (sax, synth). Recorded July 28 2012 and limited to 100 copies. Pitsiokos plays a home made, nostalgic sounding synthesizer which farts, burps, beeps and is a pleasantly surprising addition to these pieces.. its skronk, its free jazz, its fully improvised.. its Walter’s sporadic, relentless drumming all over the place.. going at it as if he’s got six arms instead of two.. its like being beaten down to a bloody pulp by a woodwind instrument…. but the electronics are what sell it for me, like sour cherries topping off this absolutely wonderful cacophonous mess, adding something utterly fresh and otherworldly for your ear to cling to.. all these parts together send this record into a writhing fit of sound shaking with convulsions. Chaos! Dissonance! The synth and the sax seem to trade off for the most part, and the pieces remain rather fast and busy. This kind of sounds like a rhino, an ostrich and a tentacled creature from outer space having a fist fight… or an orgy.. depends how you look at it. -Surfer Rosa

Ahleuchatistas – “Heads Full of Poison” – [Cuneiform Records]

surferrosa   12/5/2012   A Library, CD

If you are familiar with this Brooklyn duo’s past work, then perhaps you are expecting some sporadic math-rock freak outs.. while there is no lack of mathiness here, this album is more an experiment in texture and dynamic as opposed to meter, borrowing sounds from the far/middle east to make for a lush, all instrumental, sonic concoction. Here is what sets this most recent album from the rest of Ahleuchatistas work. These lengthy pieces blend non-western sounds, tones and structures with the massive jam we know and love. Like the freakiest belly-dance you never heard. Tight compositions, always always with room for free improv (or is it the other way around?), ranging from the absolutely lovely and musical (try 1, 4, 6, 9..maybe 7?) to the abstract and noisy (2, 5, 8) .. sometimes all within one track (3- epic 16 min title track!). Interplay and flux are heavy and changes are on the money without fail. Plenty of complicated break downs for the nerd in you and no lack of musical artistry and variation to hit all your soft spots… this album contains sounds for every ear.. its gonna make you bust out into interpretive dance.. not to mention that these two guys fill up as much space as five. Solid. -Surfer Rosa

Exusamwa – “Excusez-Moi!” – [100% Breakfast]

surferrosa   11/21/2012   12-inch, A Library

Just when you thoughr vinyl couldn’t get any better, Exusamwa puts out a record which comes packaged inside a board game… Excusez-Moi ! which apparently is not based on an oddly similar game called The Game of the Ascent of Mont Blac, created by Albert Smith in 1856.. Coincidence? I don’t know about that.. but this record comes with game pieces, dice and quite the detailed rule book which also covers the rules of the original game and the history of Mont Blanc and its climbers. Ok-so the music.. I think you’re supposed to put this record on while you play the game, which probably makes for the most enthralling, confusing board game ever… The music here is varied and full of yeti sounds, spazz and Exusamwa’s patented tiny bug voices. Convulsions! Sound effects! Many of these tracks are super muddy, fuzzy, noisy and angular, delivering quick bursts of chaos and energy. Call it art rock, if you insist…whatever that means. You will also find weird and warbly pop tunes in the electro-acoustic realm(A6, B1 for example) , and all sorts of ??whimsical instro-jams populated by synthy bloopiness and a whole slew of different instruments.. too many different tracks to give examples.. so find them! Drop the needle anywhere. This destroys as hard as Yeti himself. -Surfer Rosa

Mucky The Ducky – “Some People” – [Weird Forest Records]

surferrosa   11/20/2012   A Library, Cassette

This is a 27 minute piece originally coming from a split cassette release with Ava Mendoza and Nick Tamburro (Quit Your Unnatural Ways). We have the Mendoza/Tamurro side in the Library under A CD, so if you would like to hear the other half of this cassette its there for you. This music certainly goes somewhere.. or rather all over the place. It kicks off as a free improv noodle-fest. Sort of funky in a not that funky kind of way. Sounds like drums, bass and trumpet. As the piece progresses more instruments come in.. electric guitar, percussion, recorder, and some nonsense, babbling voice. At about 2:50 the electronics, drones and broken space sounds kick in as the incessant drumming marches on. Its got plunks and clinks, wiggles and wobbles.. a massive jam. About 11 minutes in, the drums drop out and things mellow out. Oscillating ambiance settles in, moving the piece into the realm of a sound-scape until the music thins out and melts away….delicious. -Surfer Rosa

Death Sentence: Panda!/ Silver Daggers [coll] – [Not Not Fun]

surferrosa   11/6/2012   7-inch, A Library

This 7” ends quicker than you can fake a belch. Released as part of Not Not Fun’s Bored Fortress Club, a series of 7” split singles intended to arrive in the mail once a month for six months to those who have signed up for the club… also included in the series are bands such as Coughs, Burmese, Afrirampo and 16 Bitch Pile up.. to name a few (the full list is in the liner notes)..have you wet your pants yet? These are two sides of fully assaulting, angular, lopsided art-rock. Death Sentence Panda proves that a clarinet and a flute can kick buckets of ass. Pounding, churning brain tumor riffage and a floor heavy drum beat that knows how to march… not to mention the lovely lady yells.. Silver Daggers bellow with horns and reeds and schizoid strummage. Free and noodley all over the place till the crunchy guitar fuzz drops from above along with a bass line to bump to and some killer she-howls. Oh yes. Yes please. -Surfer Rosa

Martinez, Israel – “Two Espressos In Separate Cups” – [Aagoo]

surferrosa   11/6/2012   12-inch, A Library

Turn this up loud, take a seat, close your eyes, and breath deep. Israel Martinez’s Two Espressos in Separate Cups is a piece commissioned by the Mexican Contemporary Art Museum in 2011. Originally this sound work was a 56 minute continuous loop projected into a gallery space over 16.2 channels. This text book sound scape is composed of samples from silent movies mixed with field recordings, analog/digital synths and computer sounds. The duality here is ruling, almost like a split personality, airing towards the wholly naked and organic, the fully synthesized and everything in between. Rolling, gurgling tones blend with the sounds of rustling and moving. Powerful drones oscillate around the natural sounds of chirping birds, humming crickets or running water. This piece moves in phases, always in flux..thickening up and thinning out.. hypnotizing in its variance and instability. It sounds like eating a bunch of psilocybin mushrooms and going for a walk through the suburbs. Captivating.. puzzling.. surreal.. If you drop the needle and don’t like what you hear, then pick it up and drop it again. This record is ideal for mixing, but also intriguing enough to stand strong its own. Oh the embrace of sound.. -Surfer Rosa

Tex Soul and The Bayonets – “Uto Nwa / Osi Na Ngada” – [Academy]

surferrosa   10/24/2012   7-inch, International

A reissue of Nigerian Afro-Funk recorded in 1972 by Tex Soul and his early group ‘the bayonets’. Tex soul was known for his showmanship, and has worked with bands such as the Funkees and his own group The Vibrations. This is some bottom of the funk bucket funk. That is the funkiest of funks, mind you. Soulful singing belted in the native language and super swanky organ lines all over the place. The bass line holds it down and the old school production/recording sound adds just the right amount of dirt. This is something you can boogie to. Both tracks are pretty short and end abruptly and without warning. So be mindful and funk off. -Surfer Rosa

Carey, Jeff – “Interrupt-Decay” – [CWnil]

surferrosa   10/24/2012   A Library, CD

Jeff Carey builds custom electro-instrument software which he uses to spawn these absurdly innovative electronic compositions. These are some super scuzzed out, glitchy arrangements..never redundant and quite linear. Sometimes harsh, but never abusive. The variety of sounds on this album is amazing. I would love to see this guy’s set up.. it doesn’t sound real..full of clicks and pops..warped and fuzzed.. tapping and tinkering. There is something almost conversational about these pieces, like all these bizzare noises are speaking to each other. At times it sounds like a short circuiting electronic zoo populated with broken cyborg creatures. Other times like a roaring, howling wind tunnel. The best thing about this is the profoundly artful use of negative space and dynamic… Carey really proves that a little bit of silence can go a long way. This almost sounds like its skipping at times, but don’t let that fool you. The tracks segue nicely, so allow it if you will. Interrupt Decay is an appropriate title for this release.. it truly does sound like a decomposing, teetering electronic swan song. Some of the best noise I’ve heard in a while. Dig it. -Surfer Rosa

Winters In Osaka – “Clandestine” – [Crown Tapes]

surferrosa   10/22/2012   12-inch, A Library

Numbing drones and piercing rings humming like a malicious wind. Winters in Osaka have managed to create a dark ambient soundtrack to the coldest of your nightmares. The sounds here are sinister, tense and ominous above all. Beautiful in the most uncomfortable of ways..instilling an imminent sense of subtle doom. The chime of a hellish, beastly growl emerges from the depths of Never (that’s A2..) Murkey electro-acoustics appear in the form of strums, drums, chimes and perhaps a violin…weaving in and out of the record as a whole.. you will know which ones these are. Here is the buzzing, pulsating, gurgle of the undead and the subconscious. -Surfer Rosa

note: A few of these tracks cut off super abruptly,particularly the shorter ones, so beware.

Furlong & Sick City Four [coll] – [Gubbey Records]

surferrosa   10/17/2012   7-inch, A Library

Two oblong bands on Gubbey Records, a label out of Louisville KY. Dirty, sweaty energy on a little 7” piece of vinyl. Furlong is kinda catchy, tweeked out headbanger riffage. Crunchy, gritty, motorcycle hard rock bananas. Sick City Four (this side wins) noodles and doodles for a couple minutes on an instrumental, improvised, skronk jam. Free and naked! Barry sax trades off with trumpet while the drummer rips and the guitarist stays far from rhythm. Formless, conversational…jazzyspazzy. Chunky..not smooth! This shreds. -Surfer Rosa

Blue Sausage Infant – “Flight of The Solstice Queens” – [Zeromoon]

surferrosa   10/16/2012   A Library, CD

These are the efforts of Chester Hawkins, a sonic chemist from Washington DC. The sounds here are fuzzed and scuzzed, touched with an echo of a locust abortion.. dipping into everything from kraut rock jams to schizophrenic cut and paste.Drones for days. Layer on top of layers. Electronic convulsions, buzz-saw meditations and oscillating pulsations. All of this with rhythm, beat and tension. #1 is an LSD choo choo train stuffy nose story time. Samplage is heavy, riddled with broken loops. #2 and #5 air on the side of relentless riffage and super spacious psych-kraut meanderings. #3 brings the noise blizzard. Buzz-saw hum and a warped voice spelling non-words. space. nonsense. space. #4 and #8 ride the low, milky drone. Slow burn with an ambient murk. #7 is a massive freak out which would sound like wiggly wobbly noise gurgle without the blistering drum and bass work driving on high speed to the stoner rock desert..tying all the strings into knots. This album is beyond delight. -Surfer Rosa

Prawnyxx – “Prawnyxx” – [Self Released]

surferrosa   10/10/2012   10-inch, A Library

These tunes are like fucked up cheers at a trashed out school pep rally where all the kids are pounding beers, taking bong rips and dancing around. Two dudes from Seattle. Drums, sax, theremin and vocals delivered with churning, noisy ingenuity. The Saxophone belches and spits..doing a service to the gods of skronk. Intoxicated vocals are hollered with brute directness and punk rock sensibilities… ranting… cracking jokes. Floor heavy, almost tribal drum beats drive the nail all the way into your head. This is massive.Its ineruppting. Drop the needle anywhere and wreak some havoc. -Surfer Rosa

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