The Dying Californian

sailordave   6/9/2007   A Library

WOW. This is a dozen beautiful pieces all of which are worthy. It has both pop and folk elements but wouldn’t commit to either. BALLAD OF COARSEGOLD is my favorite. Yet SACRED SHADOW iis a good piece too. WAGLESS WAR another. Recorded in San Francisco this local music should be enjoyed by many,

Unborn Unicorn

sailordave   6/9/2007   A Library

Please take the time to expirement with this auditory trip. A very open spacious free flowing album. This will find that unique cavern inside your mind. I highly recommned dropping the needle on this vinyl

Mors Ontologica – “Dead And/or Famous ” – [Vss Records]

sailordave   5/14/2007   A Library, CD

This took offguard a bit and it took me a second listen but I must admit this is a fun up beat CD. 14 songs all relativly short in duration ..
the longest is SHOES which is just under 6 minutes, is the best jam although LAZY SUICIDE is a close second. I recommend ME AND A GUN as well. The first cut 45 REVOLUTIONS has some language ( sh!t) so BE CAREFUL to bad cuz it is a jammin song.. LOVESICK rocks..
I can hear this on many shows.. upbeat and fun if you listen you too will become DEAN AND/OR FAMOUS.. which ain’t all bad..

Sacred Steel Instrumentals [coll] – [Arhoolie Productions]

sailordave   4/17/2007   CD, Country

This is a collection of spiritual steel guitar recordings. 14 pieces done by 10 different artists.This is a much needed spiritual break and will make you stand up and praise your Higher Power. Beautiful pieces heard traditionally and primarily in Southern churches what was a single recording released in 1995 has spawned many soulful spiritually uplifting pieces.Known to mostly the attendee’s of the churches; the beauty of the spirit in these predominantly African American churches is caught so perfectly in these recordings. I highly recommend any and all of these.

The Book of Knots: TRAINEATER

sailordave   4/2/2007   A Library

This Brooklyn based band takes there time but like any good trip it is well worth the journey. At first listen it was ok. But once this was into the sorround sound mode it was like the trip had taken full effect. This has some fantastic pieces on it. The enchanting Carla Kihlstedt has a beautiful voice and is prominently featured on my favorite cut SALINA. The cd TRAINEATER goes from the spoken word of PEDRO TO CLEVELAND to the full on audio assault of WALKER PERCY EVANS HIGH SCHOOL..SALINA is a spacious melodic master piece I highly recommend. MIDNIGHT is as the name implies , dark..WHERE’D MOM GO is another outstanding cut. The therimin is promounced in this cut. The title cut, TRAINEATER has a slower earthy quality to it.. LANGUAGE ALERT ON TRAX: #1,8,10,12, 13. Big time F bombs, Sh!ts, p!$$es and G-dams. Which is too bad because the songs are really worthy of play especially track 12 THIRD GENERATION PINK SLIP. But again avoid tracks 1,8,10,12,13…

Wilderness Pangs – “Indivisible Squalor of Wilderness Pangs, The ” – [Apocalypse The Apocalypse]

sailordave   3/22/2007   A Library, CD

Wilderness Pangs offer 11 songs that take a peek into several musical genres.
Hailing from Louisiana these four take some time but eventually get there.
MAGIC BULET is 24 seconds long so be aware playing track one.
A SUITCASE THEIF takes off and jams.
I SHOT MY FAVORITE HORSE has a country flair
Tracks 8 and 9 are shorter and differ from the prior three tracks
MOUNTAIN BOMB is short and dark.
STOLEN LOGIC has almost a hip hop sound
My favorite track and the one I would highly recommend is
track 10 MS. SMITH.. it starts with what sounds like a bong hit and ends with a full court press into your ear canal.
LISTEN and you too will feel the WILDERNESS PANGS..

Nurse With Wound / Stereolab – “Crumb Duck ” – [United Dairies]

sailordave   3/22/2007   A Library, CD

Something here for everyone. This five song EP sails from an ambient sounds in STEEL DREAM MARCH of the METAL MAN. Flying from one side of the room to the other this piece is a jack hammer. As subtle as a ballpeen hammer to a kittykats skull The DADDA’S INTOXICATION is a trip into sublte torture. Like water boarding it only hurts when you resist. EXPLODING HEAD MOVIE ANIMAL OR VEGETABLE has a softer pop sound
A NEW DRESS is a spoken word tale worthy of a listen. Feel his pain and wear the damned dress.

Coe, David Allan – “Penitentiary Blues ” – [Hacktone Records]

sailordave   3/9/2007   CD, Country

Growing up I heard the country legends. Cash, Haggard, Jennings, Nelson, Porter Waggoner,Patsy Cline,Twitty, and many more. Of all the legends I heard none made an impression on me as much as David Allan Coe. Peniteniary Blues is an incredible song. Death Row , Little David both are soulful deep meaning tunes. A true American Icon.I recommend all of Coe’s library to any one who is interested in country music. His brand of country is seen through the prism of a hard knock life.

Thee More Shallows Monkey Versus Shark

sailordave   3/8/2007   A Library

This is the followup to Freshman Thesis.?? There is a remix to Freshman Thesis but the best song is Monkey Vs. Shark. Polished pop and easy on the ears Thee More SHallows are good clean fun.Short in duration, this left me wanting “More” from the Shallows.

Alela Diane – The Pirate???s Gospel – [Holocene Music]

sailordave   3/8/2007   A Library, CD

This is the debut CD for the California native Alela Diane. Alela posesses a beautiful??strong voice. Born and raised in Nevada CIty??Alela grew up singing with her parents who??are??musicians. The talented writer and singer wrote these songs on a trip to Europe and recorded them in her fathers studio. Inspired by family events and nature Diane penned 11 songs that come in at 30 minutes. PIGEON SONG displays the beautiful voice the best. SISTER SELF has a country flair to it. CLICKITY CLACK the longest at a set friendly 3:50. It showcases Alela’s voice. Oh ! My Mama??is a tribute. A beautiful compliment??to a strong mom.This is NorCal folk??with a polished sound.??There is a certain country sound to this cd as well?? It is??certainly a fine effort for a debuting artist. A fine addition to any who like??strong spiritual female voices.


Listening to this marvelous CD once again.. This is a fantastic piece of music.Drawing on her life???s expeience???s and family life Alela Diane has created a debut cd that may be hard to top.All 11 songs are worthy of a listen. NO foul language. All 11 tracks clean. My only complaint is it is too short. It certainly left me wanting more. I look forward to hearing more from this talented lady.

Lerman, Richard – “Music of Richard Lerman ” – [Em Records]

sailordave   3/8/2007   A Library, CD

The first listen made me think HOW do I interpret this? I mean I hadn’t listened to this before? So I give it a listen. WOW. WHAT A RUSH. This is almost 2 hours of Manic music created by a local genius.
Richard Lerman(1944) is a San Francisco native who began working with electronic music in 1963, at age 19. He has taught at Universitys all over America. He has used sounds of bicycles and common everyday items combined with state of the art ( for what ever era) electronic equiptment to create some outstanding sounds.
This is a 2 cd set. Music done from 1964-1987.
Travelon Gamelon? A gamelon orchestra is a large group of precussive instruments usually metalic from South East Asia. The name is a play on words. This is a auditory soundscape that is very spacious and cosmic.
This is a BIG departure from music I have listen to BUT I have really enjoyed it the more I listen. The pieces were created for Music festivals and debuted at those various festivals. Most of the tracks are long but there is one 2 minute track and a couple of 5-6 minute tracks on CD1. These panoramic sounds are flowing moving pieces.The piano, flute and metallic sounds create both music and a sound FX that is amazing. On CD2 track 2 Sections for Screen, performers and Audience is a 9 minute journey from music to FX and back again. It has a classical hint to it yet has a jazz feel as well. END of the LINE some recent dealings with DEATH has an ambient sound almost operatic voice combonation that was worth listening to again and again. A 14 plus minute journey that sounds AWESOME insurround sound. It is very much like classical in there are 2-3 second gaps in the piece that are segues into another tip. Perfect for potting down but let this one roll out. It is incredible.
I can hear this on MANY KFJC shows. Cheech, Goodwrench. Cinderaura, Outlier..
This 2 cd set was dedicated to every one who rides bicycles.
This is a cosmic auditory trip into hallucinations and fascinations. I highly recommend this. Either for awesome sound FX on a show or as stand alone pieces played alone.

Jackson, Keefe (Fast Citizens) – “Ready Everyday ” – [Delmark]

sailordave   3/2/2007   CD, Jazz

Recorded at Chicago’s Riverside Studio this is 56 minutes of JAZZ mastery. Keefe Jackson is a fantastic tenor sax player. He is accompanied by the equally fantastic Aram Shelton on alto sax. Anton Hatwich plays bass Josh Berman on cornet , Fred Lonborg-Holm plays cello and the drums are the domain of Frank Rosaly.
WOW What can I say? THIS is amazing. I have listened to this on my home, car and computer stereo’s. At first listen you might swear this is something from the halcyon days of jazz when the masters played and recorded the genius we now call jazz. This could be at the BlackHawk in San Fran in 1963 or the Chicago Illinois 2006 recording that it is.
All pieces are under 10 minutes” the longest being the 9:38 brilliant SIGNS. Rosaly drums like rolling thunder.
I am jamming the CD for the I can’t tell you how many times as I write this.The title piece READY EVERYDAY is truely and jam of epic proportions. SIGNS is relentless piece. The Hatwich bass is constant and carries the piece from one instrument to the next.
The symphonic sounds of Band Theme is evident and comes in at a set friendly 4:28.
Blackout has a mystic eastern beginning. A jam that could fit into many genres.
Saying Yes. YES is a fast horn and equally fast bass. I like this one .
Pax Urbanum is perhaps the slickest piece
Course is a fast tempo quick bass beat.
I would never encourage the illegal downloading of cd’s onto a computer and than making copies that would be illegal. But if one were to temp fate the wrath of Lars Ulrich and FBI warning labels I would encourage you to….I can’t single out these two as my favorites for the entire CD is great. If you like JAZZ you will like this If You LOVE JAZZ you should love this.. if you don’t like jazz.. HOW can you not like jazz? What are you sick? It’s jazz. The only true form of AMERICAN MUSIC. My gawd man its JAZZ…
Please listen to this .. this is an awe inspiring piece of music.

MV & EE with the Bummer Road GREEN BLUES

sailordave   3/1/2007   A Library

This is the most electric koolaid Legalized spiritual discovery I have listened to in many years. 7 wonderully magical trips into musical colors.Matt Valentine and Erika Elder collaborate to create a trip back to the??acid blues??.Steel Guitars and violins electric dulcimers all mix to make a trip woirth taking.??I highly recommend this to anyone . ??No foul language. PLEASE ENJOY…

Chrome Cranks, The – “Diabolical Boogie ” – [Atavistic]

sailordave   2/22/2007   A Library, CD

The DIABOLOCAL BOOGIE is a two CD set with previously unreleased and demos that the band has done through out their long careers.
Band member and song writer Paul Aaron calls this an exorcism.
Well LINDA BLAIR MY HEAD because I am exorcised.
This is an excursion into the depths of punk and blues. Every song is worth listening to. They do an AC/DC Dog Eat Dog. which is as good if not better than AC/DC’s.
CD 2 has longer and bluesier jams. CD 1 more traditional shorter punk tunes.
JULIE DO YOU LOVE ME on cd 2 is a jam.
NO foul language except on SACRED SOUL I heard a MOFO. I listened over and over and it sounds like it. It may not have been an actual mofo but it isn’t worth the risk.
THIS IS GOOD STUFF. If you like Punk you will like this . If you don’t like punk, you do not pass go and you do not collect 200 dollars. AND must listen to Britney Spears.

Chrome Cranks – ” ” – [Pcp Entertainment]

sailordave   2/22/2007   A Library, CD

These guys are an amazing punk blues band. I am diggin the DIABOLOCAL BOOGIE two cd set right now. Many of these songs are on the latest. These guys jam like the crazy New Yawka’s they are. Listen and learn. If you don’t like punk you must go home and not collect 200 dollars.

Little Cotton Woolies, The – “S/T ” – [Johnson/Williams?Andrews]

sailordave   2/22/2007   A Library, CD

Just when you think you have this duo pegged they change it up. The Little Cotton Woolies. Good for soaking up blood and even better for jammin 29 minutes of southern flair eclectic fun. M.F Lunch and Zenobia Marsh offer some bayou tastes and funky beats. A Christmas Surprise is a Cinderaura type of tune. The french soundin country beats are best in track #9. Mon Petit Cochon. ( My Little Eva)
I listened and liked. AND YOU WILL TOO..

Mustafio – “Family Bastard, The ” – [Stinko Productions]

sailordave   2/22/2007   A Library, CD

What do Ronald Reagan, Eve Arden and Liberace have in common? They all are mentioned on THE FAMILY BASTARD… Mustafio tells a most unique tale of Little Mustafio and his bizarre outlook on the world. He has a middle eastern sound in his voice yet it is not a middle eastern piece.
This is a 12 piece spoken word story that makes me think of Cheech, Cinderaura, and Ophelia Necro.. Yet when i play this on my cd player it says there are 13 tracks. Im not sure where the extra track is at. ha
No foul language ( although there is one Godam in track 12 it goes by so fast yet i would pass on playing it)and all pieces are under 6 minutes. The longest is 5:53. This would make a great piece to play as background or as a segue from one genre to another. The breaks between the tracks tend to flow from one title to the next. Not very long gaps.
Good stuff. give it a listen. Or Mustafio will write the next story about YOU!
His name is pronounced Musta-FEE-O

Rep, Mike and The Quotas – “Black Hole Rock ” – [Old Age/no Age]

sailordave   2/5/2007   A Library, CD

Mike Rep and the Quota’s. The original lineup from the 1970’s. Progressive punk with a polished rock sound. Lots of heavy guitar riffs. Looks like a Kenny Rogers and Jerry Garcia love child. These Ohio legends are like cockroaches nothing can change them and nothing can kill them off.
This is fun good time stuff. Light one up and listen.
WELCOME TO OHIO… Now go home.

Nanook of The North – “Taby Tapes, The ” – [Exergy Music]

sailordave   1/22/2007   A Library, CD

Nanook of the North is from Sweden. This twelve piece gem is a story of a boy, Nanook and his journey from Alaska to Taby Sweden. The male/female duet is reminiscent of late 60’s pop. Taby is a melodic piece starting instrumentally and flowing into the last two pieces, The Explorer and the theatrical Forget it Jenny,Love is a privlege for the rich.
I highly recommend to pop and non pop fans alike.

Nanook of the North -The Taby Tapes

sailordave   1/22/2007   A Library

This is an interestlingly melodic??tale. The Taby Tapes tells of a story of a young man, Nanook and his journey to the city of Taby, Sweden. The music flows from intrumental to upbeat pop sounds and has a flair of theatrical sound in??The Explorer. Forget it Jenny Love is a privlege for the rich reminds me of late 60’s pop.??The male/female lead??singers has a dynamic not heard??a lot nowadays. This is??a plus for any collection, I’d recommend this piece to those who like theatrical flair in their pop.

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