Zorn, John – “Ipsissimus” – [Tzadik]

Grizzly Adam   11/14/2011   A Library, CD

The fifth of a series called Moonchild from John Zorn. This hearkens back to Masada with it’s killer, heavy, and energetic performance standard, for extra loud play back. Guns and Roses for the noise rock of this decade just underway. #1 has no piano or guitar yet is intense, as is #7, the both most so on this cd. #2 and #8 are arranged with phases, with ample time for temple prayer, ceremony, and contemplation. With guitar and piano. Soriah comes to mind if it is mixed with the more spacey Acid Mothers stuff, and even Carlton Melton comes to mind. There are still technical rock portions to both of those tracks. Mike Patton nearly gives himself a hernia given his vocal performance. #3 is the most jazzy track on here. #4 is wicked, the supplicant. #5 is repetitive and vamps.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Poison Idea – “Darby Crash Rides Again” – [Tko Records]

Grizzly Adam   11/11/2011   7-inch, A Library

Before they showed you their anus. Before you could read on their chest cuts spelling Poison Idea. Before they were the subject of ridicule for largeman rock and obesity beat. This is English metal meets california hardcore and lyrically they really do hate, and do so hating things they should (underage, castration, this thing called progress, think twice, and give it up. All on the demo tape release here.) So don’t fault them for how they live their life. Thank them for the genuine confrontational (back at ya) songs they make and learn a few, it can only make you stronger. Audible lyrics and language, beware.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Jorgensmann, Theo Quartet – “to Ornette – Hybrid Identity” – [Hat Hut Records Ltd]

Grizzly Adam   11/9/2011   CD, Jazz

#1 Starts on a woodwind on a stroll through the woods, with reaction action from Klaus Kugel. At 2:20 bass comes in, and at 2:50 the vibes come in. At 3:33 the clarinetist falls asleep. Some melodies don’t fit in, but most do, with 20-30 in #1 alone. At 5 minutes the introduction and foundation is all done and the vibes take over, when exploratory role is handed off from Theo to Dell is. At 5:50 Theo wakes up and reestablishes the edges of the song structure, and the final thirty seconds is quite Iran sounding. #2 Bowed bass, more alert stuff, and gets quite out there. #3 after riffing analysis the path of the composition can be intuited when basing the knowledge on the amount and level of expansion retraction and other linear aspects like what note slides are taken as opposed to other routes. A well pruned original by Theo and expect a sudden halt at the end. #4 Quiet bass and eerie drums. Cymbal scrape and slow paced harmonics for spacing out. #5 Eric Dolphy “Out To Lunch” comes to mind. #6 Shows off the quartet’s chops. #7 Lovely, sleepy, ambience of Jazz.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio [coll] – [Numero Group]

Grizzly Adam   11/6/2011   CD, Soul

Cleveland Ohios Boddie Live Recording Material is Being Released as a Box Set by the Numero Group of Eccentric Soul Fame, and this is a promotional sampler. Womens Choruses, mostly Male Leads. 3 Minute Tune Average. Blues Funk-Soul #1. Urban Soul-Pop with French-Library Music-Soul-Bass #2. Sounds for amusement parks everywhere #3. Slow Blues Reggae-Soul #4. Cocaine and other vices, also a female lead #5. Youll recognize #6 which also has nice recording acoustics. Drive-In teen pop (ala Grease) #7. #8 Instrumental like the Sun Ra and Batman album. #9 Dual guitar Library Music-Psych-Soul. #11 Talk back and forth. #13 Clap along. #14 Jump Blues. #15 Lou Ann Bartons Stop These Teardrops. #16 Oldies. Lastly #17, a Metroid theme.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Locks, Fred and The Creation Steppers – “Love and Only Love” – [Tribes Man Records]

Grizzly Adam   11/6/2011   12-inch, Reggae

Given hi-hat, will make rockers style, disco reggae. Great sounds, measures up to the King Tubby standard. I think of Creation Rockers even though this is Creation Steppers. Somewhat Congos, somewhat Johnny Clarke somewhat Meditations, and some classic heavy Blood and Fire style riddims. The title track is almost Black Uhurus Guess Whos Coming To Dinner. Give Jah Your Heart and Soul is almost Rock Steady. Homeward Bound is good for coming in hot. Birdie effects on A1 and B4.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Boothe, Ken – “Let’s Get It On” – [Trojan Records]

Grizzly Adam   11/6/2011   12-inch, Reggae

Welcome to the world where Let’s get it on is Let’s get it on.
A time before some of us were born, along with their
antiquated concerns, those that in a way are hard to take
seriously, or innocently, such as the tune Playground of
my mind. Contemporary to early Bob Marley, and where
Jimmy Cliff and Ken Boothe are not that far off from each
other. There is the lovers lament song, here it’s come back
baby, featuring piano, but not as good as the nice few notes
you can hear on African lady, which howls like Otis Redding,
and follows bass first such as when the bass shifts the tune
over to a section of anticipation of the reintroduction of the
chorus. The bass lines carry the classic soul arrangements,
but it is the two guitars that give it that good reggae chik a
chik a. Leaving me has it’s primary and backup singers. That’s
the way nature planned it is oldies style reggae, a nice
Impressions feel good carry on, with it’s sliding rhythm,
side to side dancing, or rocking side to side, and in both parts
is the best on this album. Not to say Boothe can only carry
the soul forward, some of these have a genuine Congos
deepness to them. Anterior to the precursor of Is it because I’m
black is one of these, and is still the teary tune it is known
for. On Whole world’s down on me, i can almost imagine
Cocoa Tea on this one. And is that Santana on down by the
river? All in all this makes for an easy “into”, even dum dum
works. Play dum dum.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Trockeneis – “5025 AD” – [Ehse]

Grizzly Adam   11/6/2011   12-inch, A Library

to wither, wilt, narratively. the underside metaphysics, fuzz microtones and vocal spookings, cave lit, memorable movements with memorable passages. blanket listening, winter hot springs. syrup fuzz aesthetic.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Fengxia, Xu / Niggli, Lucas – “Black Lotos” – [Intakt]

Grizzly Adam   11/6/2011   A Library, CD

student of Peter Kowald, Xu Fengxia plays a Sanxian, an instrument with flat linear repeating articulations, and a Gezheng, more of a jumpy motif crescent angular sound. The percussion of Niggli fills out the treble registers. Together open up the musical structure for innovation and creativity in the vocal registers (from Fengxia.) Not pans and plates, steppes of pitch and voice, movements asia postmodern.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

MC Maguire – “Nothing Left to Destroy” – [Innova/American Composers]

Grizzly Adam   11/4/2011   A Library, CD

Is it Debussy? Play the tracks whole, there is a great deal of invention throughout, a super nova full of sound. A quarter Lawrence Butch Morris, a quarter Quiet American, a quarter Luc Farrari, and a quarter Violent Onsen Geisha. Cpu collage, software scratching, sped-ups, layering, excerpts and sampling, and then of course free sounding violin throughout (love it), and flute (sounds good)
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Hyrrokkin – “Astrionics” – [New Atlantis]

Grizzly Adam   11/4/2011   A Library, CD

Brett, Ed, and Paul have toured and played as the separate groups Kuan and Matta Gawa, but now they team up as on here. It’s a Polvo type sound, with a focus on making prominent the melodies, that are quick catchy and all instrumental. Sounds like Zac Hill’s Ladies, or Campamento Nec Nec. Clean garage-surf and psych, or, a rock and free jazz pop concept. Full on intensity or cooling off from intensity, with variety, and good bass playing (eg. OM) #5 has some metal tones reminding me of Discordance Axis. #6 has some electronics making it distorto synth hiphop, which is very short as well.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Midnite – “Intense Pressure” – [Rastafaria – Roots, Dub & Culture]

Grizzly Adam   10/29/2011   CD, Reggae

Given to dank instrumental melody, with word thereafter attached to it, Midnite are also extremely productive. This is from 2003 and contains more instrumentals than the usual Midnite album. How they remember which song is which on their relentless touring is beyond me. There is no tediousness or saturation except into dankness. Many musical metaphors apply, stars in the sky, diamonds on your shoes, fresh vision, warning sounds. These are not studio dubbers, this is a real band. The vocals are given slowly, paced to the syncopations of the song. To this I ask “what’s going round?”. I am reminded of Wibbly Wobbly, and recommend Spliff Skankin close Jah’s Music with track six. Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9 all have lyric.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Ferraro, James – “On Air” – [Underwater People’s Records]

Grizzly Adam   10/29/2011   12-inch, A Library

Phineas Narco would love this, as might Bob Lindsey.
Faux remakes of 90s MTV era hits, with lots of great
guitar work. Many terse passages, and integrated layers
of melodic instrumental synth-scapes populated through-
out. Vacuum suck. Spilling buckets of sound color for
retro flashback. Harmonies, and sampling. Imagination
washes, and reverberation. Musical analogies of calculus
and computation. Major League Baseball Two rock.
Transformational staged repetition. I am reminded of
Eddie the Rat, Wendy & Carl, but it’s more like the synth
pop stuff, such as Absolute Elsewhere, Absolute Body
Control, and the Wierd Records Compilations. Think of
Astral Social Club with Tipsy and Disco Duck. But most
of all, like DJ the Fourth.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Gentleman – “Trodin On” – [Four Music]

Grizzly Adam   10/29/2011   12-inch, Reggae

Earlier stuff (’99) dancehall love, cue efx (A1) lovers dancehall slow funk / hip hop, follow it with the rap original (A2) play of horn-frontal dancehall with digi-squeak (A3) perdure, know thy-self (A4) like capleton with less idiosyncrasy (B1) advancing the dancehall rhythm, bass throbs, and spacy synth wobbles (B2) augustus pablo ish, flute, and rock ish gtr., together in a slow club dub, speaking of dangers, warnings, the poor state of politics in all (B3) semi-cover of buju banton “who have it” & play it!, word (B4) chill hip hop, run some of those singles, smif n wessun (C1) jah cure style (C2) shaggy style for a serious song (C3) ward 21 style, ele’s creeper, good riddim find them! (C4) real rap reggae (D1) luciano vibe (D2) ganja tune, get carried away (D3) urban g-rap (D4)
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam
Language: D1

Gentleman – “Confidence” – [Four Music]

Grizzly Adam   10/29/2011   12-inch, Reggae

“no hold us down”, he no hold back, with Anthony B they bun gunman,
says youths look, see reality, and talk up held beliefs of spiritual elevation
and the right way. criticism of the world living in violence (superior). and “no
time like now” is musically confused. special. tears for mama, one love, jah
bless. “for the children” to Sizzla “just one of those days”.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Rebel, Tony – “If Jah” – [Vp Records]

Grizzly Adam   10/29/2011   12-inch, Reggae

Love Fountain to So Much Trouble In The World.
Africa to Macka B Hold Onto Your Culture, on one drop.
Not joyous but smart and heart wrenching (A1). Good
digital touches. “Hide your joy”, sad.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Cocoa Tea – “Biological Warfare” – [Minor 7 Flat 5]

Grizzly Adam   10/29/2011   12-inch, Reggae

Good at the reggae inflections. Great at tongue twisters. From Jamaica, in the studio with Cocoa Tea. Beachy (A5) to serious (A2) to songs for the younger (A4 like Ele doing Sesame Street)
“War vibes I’m smelling. Freedom of speech but no safety for a split on the beach. War dust collects, winds blowing, war dust I’m smelling”, “Bun down Enron, Bun down oppressive power.”
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Hammond, Beres – “Love Has No Boundaries” – [Vp Records]

Grizzly Adam   10/29/2011   12-inch, Reggae

Up-lift-ment. Emotional understanding and harmony. Most of all sad optimism.
Real heart and joy (A4) Christmas (A5) Reflective, ruminations, and inspiration
to action (A2) Integrity and strength, perseverance (A3) Percolating dub bloops.
Breaking Up (A7) Romantic Reggae.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Friedman, Burnt & Leibezeit, Jaki – “Secret Rhythms” – [Efa Distribution]

Grizzly Adam   10/26/2011   A Library, CD

A species of the Laswell world beat american tribe of the neo eighties such as James Ferraro. A gtr organ bass and drum powerhouse putting out Pharaoh Sanders vibes, John Coltrane music for a gentle spirit. Dreamy synth scape organ prog downtown blues groove and fusion, extended to encompass the scope of musical variation of say jam bands. #2 Hip hop, boom boom bap, beat melodics and sand art in a #3 desert melodica, ibiza trance. “Old school” #5 dub step, and #6 steel drum international funk aswell. Out on the same label that had put out the beige disc. #7 Romantic soul jazz, K-Love style.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Taboo – “Power Charisma Influence & Property” – [War On Music]

Grizzly Adam   10/25/2011   12-inch, A Library

33 rpm
no hard breaks between tracks
#1 8:35
guttural grunt song kickoff
interlock pickup rhythm
engine, motor, tire skids, and fast furious takeoff
guitar with effects
two, three vocalists
lawn mower
reversed lyric chorus
echo voice effect
lots of lyrics
gnarled daemonic confrontational address
detroit rock/motor city aesthetic
lou reed vu guitar
dachau blues clarinet and drum vamp
#2 3:58
slightly more speed and additional percussion,
tambourine and metal blocks or keys.
more wailing than vocalizing
guitar melody which is strictly hardcore and
somewhat sabbath
#3 2:40
even more speed
mic close-up for whisper evil
like can but dark, black
side b
#1 3:05
slow start
bass dominant
guitar like flying saucer attack
vocals like joy division
#2 4:07
sounds like the band circle
language, fucking
female vocals included
say along style
#3 2:04
an interlude
speaking under the drift of breezy instrumentation
wind chimes
#4 5:30
the band’s sound deconstructed
instrumental at first, then it winds up and in comes
the sound of breaking glass, and a nice surf groove
confrontational with language, fucking and shit

Ladies – “They Mean Us” – [Temporary Residence Ltd.]

Grizzly Adam   10/9/2011   A Library, CD

Vigorating loose pop, catchy quick repeating drumming, choral lyrics
as were with Rob Crow’s Heavy Vegetable. Occasionally awful and
quite usual garage sound without particularity. Think Posies, Polvo.
Zach Hill’s steady saves the song-writing from too much of the
mundane. This gives the impression of caffeination on the edge of
of the seat, tilted, and playing forwardly. Jazz inflections and
industrial sonority. The twelve minute final track twelve does not
psych-freak-out until seven minutes and 40 seconds in, but
doesn’t lose my interest, transitions well, doesn’t drop out, starts
with humming chant, and processed voice, no cursing at all, and
is some angst lyric. Digging #1,2,6,7
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

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