White, Sylvan – “Africans Unite” – [Roots Foundation Records]

Grizzly Adam   2/2/2012   12-inch, Reggae

Limited by local circumstances, this artist could only
record during the time most musicians would consider
early in their career. For White it remains as his work.
This collection gathers some of this material, and wow
there are quite a few gems. Roots style rhythms from
players in the Greenwich Town community of the mid
70s. Not a toaster, more natural style, speaking style.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Hovda, Eleanor – “Eleanor Hovda Collection, The” – [Innova/American Composers]

Grizzly Adam   2/2/2012   A Library, CD

the shape of a changing tone, active energy
moving in place, that is also beautiful, the
sounds were chosen with a great deal of care,
notational directions, did not inhibit energy
flow, space between sounds (or movements
or objects) sounds around the sound, move
in “breath” or “process” timing, inhale as
well as exhale melodically for energy flow,
the conductor’s main responsibility is
ensemble flow, dynamic and energy balances
and non-balances, sonic sculpture created
by the string quartet, the “mind and body
energies”, audience: humming, a sound,
once found, should be used again and again,
invisible, like the floor, the light, the space
around, layer sonic textures and energies,
figure-of-eight energy shapes drawn by the
body in space, information in score then
the sound material is already there, long,
speculative conversations, musician,
theorist, and writer, unplanned “like the
wind”, define only part of Eleanor Hovda,
who’s work is presented as anthology;
across these discs, works made for various
ensembles later performed as well as on here,
by Jeannine Wagar’s Prism Players, California
Ear Unit, and more, in addition to Eleanor’s
own proficiency in piano innards, and bowed
cymbal. Humble yet Miss Hovda was a
master writer for every instrument used, as
she made a serious study of each. And the
vocal work wowza, cd 2 track 2 Diamondia
Galas step aside. If Phil Niblok is like Sol
Lewitt, Eleanor Hovda is the deKooning of
renewed perspectives on classical music.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

White Gourd – “III The Empress XIV Temperance” – [Self-release]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   A Library, Cassette

Is there a live chicken in the house? Probably just effects, yet this and a percussion introduction brings out the village in the city, the wilderness into downtown. A speaker who might be announcing grand day, as a ringing metal instrument marks the sound jovial as in a church with music accompaniment. Sudden hair rising and blood curdling voice enters, and still in time we return to a tranquil garden in sound-oppolis, where there are animals stirring, friends lounging around reading, piano, guitar, and sax played by Suzanne Stone who also vocalizes, making dinosaur voices, chant, and languid, has words to say. Track 2 is in parts a horrific sound scape, and in others the sound of a heritage festival. Some accordion in here as well. Nice.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Ray / Rosas Project – “Still Readings” – [Ovrg]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   A Library, CD

A distance close to a star is the burning flaring guitar. With few note tangles, and more burst, the guitar shades the twinkling stars of piano notes. Piano withholding meaningless movement, all the more so by capturing change and flux while incorporating an absorb and release style of play. Both instruments suffer dissipation; for the piano it is the varying line that does not carry over, waiting for pockets ready for synchronic strategy and movements or stages to be played, while the guitar scape, scrape, shape, and effects engage diachronic listening of the instant present time as it is a more note-to-note lead-playing instrument. This is music, cosmos, and psychedelia -vexingly infinitely wipes

Grupo Oz – “Miss Thing” – [Secret Stash]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   12-inch, Soul

Is this half spy thriller soundtrack and half psychedelic sly and family stone disco funk? For it’s time and day this stuff is on the cuff of bleeding edge advancements achievements of music and accord with these movements in music. All originals for a one-off session in English from the Mexican Grupo Oz. I say it’s soul funk for the density of the arrangements. A1 A2 have vocals. A3 instrumental, a groove is found and they sink deep into it with solos and sustained horn work. A4 is interesting because of it’s romantic style is not far from some other groups at the time such as Camilo Sesto. I see this release as smart musicians
trying to stay out of poverty by applying themselves to a foreign style for a foreign audience to do good business, an idea that makes sense given the fledging Mexican economy, this diversifies exports. B1 instrumental. B2 vocals. B3 reminds me of the theme chosen for the movie Swingers when the whole gang drives their own cars to the club. B4 has an ebb and flow to it, and something like a tunnel rush feel. B5 is the longest track. It starts out like a British concerto for a symphony. It sounds like an Issac Hayes tune.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Shipp, Matthew String Trio – “By the Law of Music” – [Hat Hut]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   CD, Jazz

First Note: Matthew Shipp (His piano gets grumpy.) With violin, my favorite. Jazz with no drummer, I love it. Caution abstruse pianist at work. I thought that maybe William Parker (everybody’s favorite) could have done more, in fact Mat Maneri is more than enough to flesh out some of Shipp’s melodic ideas except that Parker fleshes out Maneri’s ideas while Shipp fleshes out Parker’s ideas while Maneri fleshes out Shipp’s ideas, and then it switches or the melody is exposed enough to have trio clarity on the whole thing. Occasionally one of the players gets left out on a limb playing by themself and this tends to deaden the
progressions being explored, or leads into a kind of sub- level of listening to melody in movement; some take the main roads, others use the alternate and ugly routes. Maybe sometimes a player doesn’t know how to approach a track or session and doesn’t help much at developing material live. This release might occasionally seem like this, but fares well. So, does the string trio make something satisfiably of each member and together a unique sound to the disc, I would say so.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

3 Moons – “Almanac of The Dead” – [Psyop Recordings]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   A Library, Cassette

Folk pop. Actual swamps and instrumental #4. Well trodden paths and LANGUAGE #5. Upbeat #2. Instrumental #8. Like the Mumlers? #1 and #3. Nice accordion #9. For the living and then maybe the dead. Donated from the Fake Hospital group, which #10 reminds me of.
LANGUAGE Track 5 – shit

-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Haptic – “Scilens” – [Fss]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   A Library, Cassette

First Note: “Mingus Plays Piano”.
Exterior grooves in fist-sized metal clang when struck, being thrust downward to bang on it’s symmetrically opposed double. Some that are actual used sources; Sewing machine, location recording (field recording or found sound.) Clanky in the construction. Over blown horn squeak, air flow fault, cavernous or in closure surround sound water and trickle inside the piano with a scrape object with a little piano unikey expression upward increasing dynamic, sound of cylindrical air tubes, blow horn, a distant thunder heard from inside faint. Breathing, breathy word mutter and less than a minute inside. Violin in a slide technique, only a few are done and in a just as much done still fewer in a small range. Emulating boat creak, a process, massive object, and slow to change. Heart pound bass sudden, accompanies with fainter drum from tom tom or the like
(parade drum). Wind in rain, tapping a window. A fairly encircled tonal range, trebly. Fuzz from the cassette originals comes to the front and gets accompaniment. A loose cling together is once again encircling. This time a higher pitch tonal area is revealed as being with more drone elements than done so for the crinkly start and progressions. Near nothing yet it might be an organ, of what sounds like a chord, you can spot it out. And 10 minutes in, the sound dissipates into a few closing notes on drum. That was track 1. #2 Bass to rumble, wind against glass, and muted snare roll builds to be the largest sound until dissonant harmonies come up quicker than a lab grows cultures. A very loud track. Manual alarm to sudden quiet and electronic invis-a-drone. Folds into clock seconds, tick tock and end. #3 More like the guitar drone stuff of frontier. Pulse active, trance sleep and evening, at night, calm collected, doing sewing grinding etc. The more liminal stuff that goes with a band like Gog. There is a coda ending this piece where
some creative use of silence was done so be aware. #4 More of a noise piece, with longer, more sustained, noise sources. Flickering, scanning, and printing. Pan percussion or cymbals. To ambient electronica. Sudden silence here too, and on into a piano coda. #5 Skipping portable CD player. Rain noise (almost) humming acoustic sound, and screechy electronics that drone. Fire crackle, and marbles.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

a Orillas Del Magdalena [coll] – [Domino Sound]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   12-inch, International

Accordion on every track, it’s Cumbia with that great bass back beat. An anthology of Colombia Cumbia 1955-1975 this label reissues from the catalog of Discos Fuentes. 2-3 Minute songs. The Women narrate Evil, Loss, Decision Stories, while men seem to narrate what tend to be combinations of reckless abandon like drink, culture like dance, love like a lady, and stories that call one to action or work and consider consequence for example. A1 Spanish Dancehall, man chorus, A2 Some of my favorite accordion riffs and some man narration, A3 Men lead lyric and female/male chorus, A4 A very beautiful melody, A5 Festival! Street party favorite, A6 Tango guitar and more favorite riffs for accordion, Female singer, B1 Woman narration, ehPA ehPA ehPA an’dalee. B2 Man narration, pace ala black Orpheus, and doesn’t really begin or end, B3 Silly, a little polka; this is how Mexico makes them too, B6, Whoya Uwa Whuya, something like phonetic melodies. The Spanish is all clean.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Bukelman, Ido – “Cracked Song” – [Out Now Recordings]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   CD, Jazz

Very relaxed sessions. Seconds away from sleep. Stretching out the ear, while retarding the intensity and sheer amount of sound being taken for granted to make music these days, especially the idea that such large amounts are even needed, in a wise jazz sort of way. For when only a tad bit of jazz sound is desired, like when someone’s palette for drone extends a bit to jazz, this would delight. Those who like quiet wandering classical, would dig this outfit. They are surviving the recent history of Tel Aviv. Power to them.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Wilen, Barney – “Moshi” – [Saravah]

Grizzly Adam   2/1/2012   CD, Jazz

American Jazz in Canada by the French. A whole early career playing with Miles Davis. Even this is quite early, 1972. This is an attempt to engage his sounds to play and invent music from Africa of the imagination, and the impression of musicians from Africa, met through touring it seems, playing it. More around our time, he has played with Philippe Petit. There also seems to have been some exploration of psychedelic music early in his career as well. He tended to play with other French musicians, this no exception.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Fake Hospital – “Never Use The Same Door Twice” – [Psychic Sound Recordings]

Grizzly Adam   12/6/2011   12-inch, A Library

Look at track density to distinguish tracks. Modified accordion or hurdy-gurdy. Light tablas on rhythm. Tuned bronze bowls. Large consonant unison structures, heavy washes of elemental and essential harmonizing layering behind melodic focal note forms. Bird, rattlers, flute or clarinet. As good as the rather good Philip Glass. Where’s the utopic philosophy of harmonics? This stuff is good! Eric Dolphy through Pharaoh Sanders through Philip Glass. It is too easy to say simply Muslimgauze. Breathers, these are no sneezers. Trumpet? Someone has their Sonny Rollins / Miles Davis down. -Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Cazukay – “Untitled Cassette 2009” – [Scotch Tapes]

Grizzly Adam   12/3/2011   A Library, Cassette

1 – Industrial, Sudden Infant, backyard percussion, pvc pipe, wood shingles, ceramic pots (with mics inside), chimes played like a gamelon. 2 – Aquarium bubbles with an underwater mic. Surface blops, and the oxygenator, eye liminals outer edge most flickering tears of perceptual reality and ultimate light (always away from what you are looking at.) Snow winds, slope sport ready conditions. Hiking down to a ravine in a canyon, watery overflow as you prepare a bucket of soap to wash your car (which, if you ever wanted to listen to for hours on end, here is your chance.) 3 – A further inside sound, if 2 was feet into the earth, this is a mile into the earth, if you have such a tunnel machine. Calls back saying “Hey Hey.” Mostly the sound of open mics (if I’m not mistaken, perhaps just the cassette hiss.) Definitely evokes mining and tunnel travel to me as you hail those you pass going on the cart tracks. These don’t track through too. Zooming by too quick for your eye to hold onto anything. Or maybe like a stomach churning. Towards the opening towards the end of the ride is the gateway, announced by a timpaniesque pounding, a plodding rhythm by a slave master. 4 – Space take off, jets and fuel burn. Earthy, pouring of dirt, highly amplified. Inner chambers of still further sound. 5 – Waterfall with successive putting into the water and out of the water like a towel. 6 – Electro-acoustic performance, laptop as well I suppose. Showering the audience with sounds from washing clothing by hand with a wash board, to closing. -Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Expo 70 – “Awakening” – [Sonic Meditations]

Grizzly Adam   12/3/2011   A Library, CD

Two 25 minute tracks. Solo sound orchestration from guitar and drum machine, and when the sound settles in there is the chance to accommodate some guitar technique, a few choice runs, styles, and rather freeplay, along the up and up as this is built for ultimate psych drone trip. This plain works. As both compositionalist and instrumentalist there are the elements of where the limit of good music is and the limits of the gear and instruments involved. Beginning with Geiger counter clicks, in come a top hat and bass drum, and incomes what sounds like resonating a bronze or brass object by rubbing, and the tunnel scope/sight of guitar drone, until a leading sound comes in, what sound like but cannot be keys. There after come the notes, and electronics to supplement a voice that isn’t there. Is this solar rock? Something derivative of postrock? It is gently “awakening”, limited only by energy levels (solar rock); it says track one but this alone would be enough for a satisfying cd long listen. I think Edward Said might roll in his grave with this one, is this Arabic? Track two does not settle for the sedate approach. More techno and ambience for this one, and with the tempo slowed some for this occasion. Beautiful misty ambience which is sadly mostly a missed experience as the beat plodding goes on and on, like Audion slowed, covering up all the neat environmental-tronix, like a car eliminating the sound of wind and the smell of animal dung, or the dry dirt kicked up on a dirt road, or the smell of wet dirt. Well at least 7 minutes into the beat plod goes away and is reestablished such that the ambience is now the prominent feature. The melody featured in the ambience only somehow segues over into the guitar and becomes doom bass drone, quite nicely, and returns to the solar fluctuations in a nice strumy fashion and psych twist. And that is how it expels electro rhythialand in favor of the edenic garden and lastly to silence to sleep. -Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Abunda Bida – “Politics and Sex” – [Cochon Records]

Grizzly Adam   11/30/2011   12-inch, A Library

A jalopy of classic technique from early cut and paste mixtapes, fly boy beats, not hardfast dancefloor pound, building up atmosphere via Idm, the disco successor the house dance party, real bass ‘n’ funk, charming goofy aerobics, and seeing musical stars, indebted to James Brown, Stanley Clarke, Gov. Schwarzenegger, soundbites and tidbits; dirty breathing and muhs, guns, tribalism, echo voice, a thrash rock and dance track and that’s just the A side. B side, filled with language, and moans all over, intersecting with horns and tire squeals, doesn’t start that way. Namlook ambience, birds, water and a paradise of keys, rustling walking, and string chorus A or E drone, fragment poetry, slowly plays with introducing lounge beats and asia instrumentation, a tutu e ta voots oaisis, then turns contradictorily ambiguously sleazy and hateful, puddles and exploring the operatic registers, and a surf favorite. Lastly there are flow distinctions, but no real hard track gaps.
A1_5:00 A2_7:00 A3_5:30 B1_8:00 B2_6:40 B3_2:00 B4_6:30
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Language B2 fucking, B3 cunt cock

Los Llamarada – “Gone Go Ne Cold” – [SS Records]

Grizzly Adam   11/28/2011   12-inch, A Library

This group, named after the drummers last name, have a great deal of form to their playing, all the more difficult to do considering the amount of abrasiveness in their music; a great deal of rock forms under their belt. It is a garage sound, meaning the substance of the interplay might migrate across several sounds of the genre as they pick and choose the appropriate passage sound leading the way forward. It is easy to imagine the group embracing shoe gaze performance theory, a looking down delivery. Most songs have 2 guitars in grit with each other. Another group with comparable qualities might be Taboo. A1 Grew to be annoying; not Eternal Tapestry etc., and too much VU in the brain. A2 AMT and language (shit). A3 Female vocals. Sounds like a lady asking “Did you cheat on me?”. A4 Silver Apples without the goofy pop. A5 With harmonica, a good track! A6 Rhythm guitar chuga chuga, and melody from bass along side feed back harmonics. B1 Buzz chill. B2 Crunching hard drives poised for failure and corruption. B3 Female screamer. Rhizome rock organics. B4 Safety failure and city on lockdown vibe. As well, bass to the forefront. B5 Power goes to the drummer, and the resulting noise straight to our heads. B6 Arabian feedback. B7 Slow cowpoke rock club.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Fake Hospital – “Audio Lore” – [Psychic Sound Recordings]

Grizzly Adam   11/21/2011   A Library, CD

A work comparable to some of the efforts of Robert Ashley, like if he teamed up with Muslimgauze. A tour of narration mixed with CM Von Hausswolff, Golding Institute, Mohammed M’rabet, and Vincent Price Zero Hour vibes. I applaud the effort and here is some criticism; too much postfacto depiction, and architectural landscape is not usually given nearly as much attention. Plot advancement is done sporadically and in chunks, meaning choppy story making. Much too florid, the talk is much too crafted, with plot much too dependent on that unreal converse. But I really liked it, so two thumbs up!
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Corsano, Chris – “Young Cricketer, The” – [Family Vineyard]

Grizzly Adam   11/21/2011   12-inch, A Library

A look at some of the ideas I came away with for a musician of percussion. A1 Atonal. 2 cacophonous one person march drum ensemble with inner tones with outer percussive auras or shells. 3 serial flugel harmonics that is not crazy lined but contractive lined performance. 4 coming onto the drums hot, nice rolling passages, steam roller, rolling over hills, steaming hot, or/and, circumscribing the bass drum heart beat. 5 avoiding the beat, bowing all to hell, long arches, laser CNC, Borg intelligence self soliloquy. 6 intuition and structuring passages, gathering and multiplying flow, feudal anticipation on a night watch, running to signal the alert. 7 extended technique, string and snare maybe, proof of concept. 8 & B2 post-music cranial massage. 1 suitable for choreography, gamelan for one. 3 blows the dust out in manic hyper sound in sound play. 4 like blow horn on a classic old timey sea vessel. 5 difficult dual rhythm exercise. 6 tone, frequencies, and noise all smashed together; borbetomagus’s don dietrich would be proud such a sound can be made by a drummer (such as the eclectic chris corsano here). 7 a jazz combo in one, poly rhythm lest my ears lie. 8 perfect for a damaged rock concept, overload!
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Orgelvark [coll] – [Minimal Wave]

Grizzly Adam   11/21/2011   12-inch, A Library

from minimal-wave to quirky art-sound to house party synth grooves, if it was made today I would complement the sound zoom recording quality and the rhythm taps. this evokes gothic cellars and vampires through melody, reverb, and the foreign language (swedish). the sound is between glass candy (side 4/ track 4), suicide (2/1), the rocky soundtrack (3/6), depeche mode (2/4), the ghostbusters soundtrack, and the sounds found of the absolute body control box set. this compilation was first released on cassette the year I was born (’86), only now reaching a wider audience with this limited release on minimal wave records (our’s is #274). this is enjoyable stuff, and I learned a little bit about sweden’s geography from the very cool graphic on the inside flap showing where each band hail from. some tracks with female vocalist (not enough to out-number the males), some instrumental, some love and dance pop, some merely rhythm and beat, some a combo art and dance attack, and if the title is in english then the song is also in english (otherwise it’s swedish), and the titles often appear in the song as a chorus or some part of the song-text. maybe i like distractions but my favorite part as reviewer here is learning that a caique (the name of one of the bands) is also a very beautiful and friendly looking bird.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Astral Social Club / Tomutonttu [coll] – [Tipped Bowler Records]

Grizzly Adam   11/21/2011   12-inch, A Library

Astral Social Club – 18:21 – Imposing, monolithic, wall of sound, impregnable, mayan sound warfare. clatter, shimmering, and grinding efx. no erosion, definition, or clarity is achieved. no sign of abatement until the sudden disappearance of the motif allowing malfunctioning beats and tone noise to cover the last 1/3 of the record.

Tomutonttu – 13:30 – keyboard zaps and bass throb. accordion notes, and finger walk like sun ra. their own disco 3000 with noise toys. frog croak, wind tubes, and flaring rainbow.

-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

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