Group Ongaku – “Music of Group Ongaku” – [SEER Sound Archive]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   12-inch, A Library

A side is home studio recorded, where the site of confluence becomes the basis for new sound music, where participants play round robin with objects and instruments, use their voice and hands to generate sound with more than just the tradition of a european tuned orchestra. A discord of music technique, this study break be it from musicology, literature, or vocal music studies, brought out an understanding of performance away from the bench and based it squarely on a kind of audiology, understood as where “creation and performance occur simultaneously” and “acoustics” [are tracked] within actual time and space” such as where in poetry action disrupts representation, and a kind of realism is exposed. These performances contain evidence of a later concern of some of it’s members, where in it can be heard/felt that sounds have transitioned environmental conditions, turning morning to night, sun to rain, house to hall to political address, worded as “directly connect[ing] everyday experiences with musical expressions in an attempt to transcend conventional music concepts”. A side is full on music in chaos. Weo weo (woman) re a re a (radio scan) percussive door, shakers, crunchy food, bugs bunny piano humor, bowed string, vibrating surfaces, inner pockets of sound, tapping on glass, pilot voice, large motorcades, and escape action sequences, oil drum and delay processing, slide flute and dolls; Group Ongaku is ensemble outre. Cacophony. Hear the sheer gravity of a synthesizer which inhales all the surrounding sound into a giant black hole. Is that someone cleaning the studio while they record? Later they get in on it, flipper jocking the on-off switch. Music concrete by sheer effort, and ingenuity with tape. B side is live at Sogetsu Hall. This is straight post classical-jazz improv. Alan Silva comes to mind, as does Lawrence Butch Morris. They hold off the percussion until the levee breaks and wamo, the performance is reinvigorated, except the musicians hadn’t yet returned from a walk around the hall, and so the performance returns to quiet development. Also some organ, or accordion with piano keys, comes in.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Queen Omega – “Away From Babylon” – [Jet Star]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   12-inch, Reggae

#1 Entertainment, Rob Rankin’s Solid Foundation introduction tune, KKUP 91.5. Half rap half gospel “indeed”, Jahmazing Grace. Lovers conflated with heavenly overtones of love. #2 Above the conflict and friction in babylon, on large stepping rhythm. #4 Top joint, joyous, without the economy of the bare pop production (solely pop), and not for the dating either, for “single” reasons. Spins with the likes of Tarrus Riley. #5 Evidence of her large voice like used in top 90s soul. B #2 Hip hop style, like Damian Marley. Dancehall in a snap of the body rhythm. “I am the junglist-bring me my cannabis-and you just can’t stop this-you want this.” #3 On the “Satisfy My Soul” wavelength. #4 Did this end up on the Jeff Sarge (WFMU) compilation for the mothers, during the Reggae Schoolroom fundraising marathon, end of February beginning of March, a few years ago? #5 Play with Aisha’s “Wickedness Increase”; on an in common riddim.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Francis, Winston – “Mr. Fix It” – [Coxsone]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   12-inch, Reggae

#2 A lifted melody. Sure is sweet, and given fine treatment, in vocal and bass. The guitar is a bit prominant, give it a great character, and anticipates since much loved reggae sounds. #3 A sound explored by Jimmy Cliff as well, could have been The Harder They Come or You Can Get It If You Really Want. #4 A cover, “too experienced to be loved by any one”. #5 Eretta a girl, being wooed by the crooning voice of Winston Francis. #6 Tambourine, and the sounds like might be found on old country radio, Elvis and the such. B #1 Built on the melody of that other ancient tune, The Long Black Veil by Lefty Frizzell, which has the coda that talks about the mind going or over my bones, and is quite sad. #2 Funk/Rocksteady. Highly recommended, anticipating funk free jam. #3 About regretable attraction, that kind not good for you, like Philip for Mildred in Of Human Bondage; done in an upbeat style with a nice hand percussion accompaniment. #4 This was upgraded and redone and used many times as a riddim, you might recognise it. #5 Well known. “That’s the sound of a man working on a chain.” Recommended for the Soul Patrol. #6 With a brief solo on the guitar. Composed with having some improvisation in mind.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Romeo, Max – “Our Rights” – [Greensleeves Records Ltd.]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   12-inch, Reggae

Better on headphones or extremely loud sound-systems, the music otherwise suffers and does contain noise error in it’s production, while the music also is not very compelling. The messages however are. #1 Image, and theoretical diagnosis, theological and philosophical, indicting the realities of mass relativism. #2 Anti-formalist, anti-theoretic-reductionism, is rather, social constructivist, and, economic and rights progressivist. #3 Congos style down-tempo dank saddened sounds. #4 Sensi spirituality, visiting Jah. Genealogy of the smoker, from present to HIM – his imperial majesty. B #1 Keys and bass helixially interwoven. The same year as Luciano’s Where There Is Life, and shares musical qualities with the like of Luciano. Segues right into the next cut (with silence). #4 Black man time, like the cover shows “We want Mandela face on the *kuger rand”. #5 Show stopper, shortened horns, deeper bass played like a strobe light, dub dancehall.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Twinkle Brothers, The – “Wind of Change” – [Twinkle]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   12-inch, Reggae

The Twinkle sound seems to have branched off toward a more crisp electro-disco sound, embracing the treble pop of the prior decade (it being 1990). I think of cross-over rock reggae, dub dance disco, and the such. Right Here Waiting is the wonderfully sentimental chart topper, commercial hit, and hear the woo woo magic of I Still Love You. Not the disco mix sound, more synth-pop. Last track “Live Good” is great, and would like to dedicate to my neighbor who recently passed away.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Toyan – “Every Posse Want Me” – [Live and Learn]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   12-inch, Reggae

#2 Ganja is what “It have fi light”, on the pass the kutchie riddim. #3 “Joyce” on a truncated dub of the entertainment riddim. #4 I concur with Toyan, these are more rub-a-dub than otherwise, this one also being quite a strong tune. #5 “Calypso” is fun and dare I say “Ribbit!”. B #1 !! #4 On a much enjoyed riddim, see black roses and eek-a-mouse at sunsplash.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Aisha – “There Is More to Life…” – [Ariwa]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   12-inch, Reggae

Like Christmas at the heart, Jah in the inside brings happiness in the 12″ form. As good as Alanis Morissette, and in other ways outdoing Ella Fitzgerald. Sound production is top, a studio sound inviting of the lyric Aisha brings. A side, each cut brings out different emotional responses. #1 A choral or humming response along side Aisha (beautiful hidden flute flurries aswell as Christmas reserved reggae technique, the vibraphone). #3 Sticking out the no-no finger and dancing in place in a circle at the hips. #4 Heavy guitar part, for a bar dance crowd or late night radio, with bass punctuating the delivery of the words. B #1 Rebel music, “wrap it in a draw”, do the twist. #2 Faith based chant music in free verse in the style of Prince Far I. #3 The bass line from one of those crooning dance oldies, recommended for the Soul Patrol. #4 This rhythm in vogue on Jah’s Music, recommended. #5 Disco plate style. Like Twinkle but more of the class rather than particularly Twinkle.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Garcia, Miguel A. – “Red River/Rio Tinto” – [Ghost and Son]

Grizzly Adam   3/27/2012   A Library, CD

A few seconds of field recording start the album, and this, the first track, has the most of the percussion that appears on this album. As the sun shiny noise rock stretches out over nine tracks it takes you through, cone-wise, from many to more discrete noise, in a kind of noise collage much like a blender does to a variety of ingredients, all tracks ending early, and have silence in places within (false endings throughout all tracks), the blended noise going to rumble to bumpy noise (like speed bumps), static noise to distortion, clipping to frequency noise. The key ingredient is the semi-processed vocal work. The Spanish that appears in this is extremely funny, like getting your little sister on the mic to broadcast sound emergencies (4) as if it were a godzilla approaching, and to voice imaginative opinions on what the sound is or does. Very funny stuff, and hard to translate. Later (6), some words are distinguishable, and happen to be angry criticism made in a traditional style that is partially a religious standpoint, with well regarded Spanish explicatives such as, peludo (hairy), degrassado (mf-er), and para mierda (like shit). This is common cultural humor. The voicing is in quite well done childish inflections and cartoonish kiddy language. A cushion of noise both obscures some of the word content while supplementing the inflectional content quite well (3,6), reminding me of noisy tv reception of cartoons overdubbed in Spanish like Speed Racer. One gripe is that the screaming that appears in some of the tracks takes away from the humor of this work, I wish it were left for a different release. Track five has a little of something one might term a beat, that is thankfully absent from the other tracks. Guitar work like Skullflower. Percussion crisp and clear, sounding as if done on a stairway (5), or a stairway played like a piece of percussion.
-eveningly infinitely wipes

Italian Horn – “Bells of Spring, The” – [Dais]

Grizzly Adam   3/4/2012   12-inch, A Library

Either outstretched landed relaxation, or, escaping the situations, evading opposition, taking on no missions, on vacation; does life still hold sublimity to settle the mind’s want of another vantage, the seeing of free settlers, or, withstanding landed settlements. Exercise your free choice. Music made between that life of a break from the common into the common unseen, sounds of the spirits of the venturing musicians, and that sound’s maturity in songs, for evening performance. Dreamy, 80s pop rock done on the industrial punk bare-boned structure. The loneliness of spaced shoe-gaze Nashville country and garage, of say the Posies
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

T.D. Skatchit & Company – “Skatch Surveillance” – [Edgetone Records]

Grizzly Adam   2/29/2012   A Library, CD

Finding; inner sounds (Greenlief), over sounds (Stackpole), rhythm (McDonas), pre-sounds (Moller), analogue sounds (Brown). Feeling song structure (Aurora 1), getting super tones (Segel), rainy exteriors (Djll), and rocky mountain flag capture (Dryer). The majority of the recording was done in public installations (prior to guest collaboration), with an assembly of combs and recording equipment, capturing anonymous players on this instrument of plastic combs. Its sound is like a shuffling across of similar sounds (each part of the same comb), a bit like sawing, zipping, or the sounds of a fence when walking by with a stick sliding on it, or a bit like the crank ensemble. 1 also gives us phone and speaking fragments from a male. 2 female voice spit, spritz, spray, gargle, piggy noises, mood intonations, hm, arigato, ah!, ahhh, grumble, end of voice awes (stretched), and some words “we do (know)”. 4 snakes, garbling fish, arcade noises, and further (very accessible track). 5 more wind-voice then flute. 6 male voice, Italian? French?
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Pyramids, The – “King of Kings” – [Ikef]

Grizzly Adam   2/21/2012   12-inch, Jazz

Playing along the equator of melodic variation. Over gnawa-esque beat vamps. Playing circumlocutionary, a lead wild musical actor, with coltrane surety, positive spiritry, and given the quick tempo setup, solid soloing. Fruity fluting, planer scales, more jungle less pyramidal. A-4 stands out, is exquisite. B-1 more pharoah sanders / sun ra, but without the space chords, and the rest still apply.
-eveningly infinitely wipes scrub sonny atoms grizzly adam

Robair, Gino – “Noisebox (e.11.b)” – [Holy Cheever Church]

Grizzly Adam   2/17/2012   A Library, Cassette

Rotatables, rotor sparks, spit sounds from a straw in low
soda and exhaling. Tufts of air. Creaky hinges, space
sound efx for play miniatures. Mighty mountain men mine.
Toad’s wild ride on car and galloping horse. Emulating
expensive electronics via simple acoustic exploration
of Modern products for home, office, sport, business,
recreation, and entertainment. All your most annoying
poor table manners rolled into one cassette double
sided janus faced object collage, musical play room.
Kids would dig it, so can you. Compositionally noise
as diverse as a purist might make. A branch against
a fence as you walk by, a strong twig against the steel
poles of a fence as you walk by. A blender with ball
bearings inside set on super low speed. Sputtering
alien babble.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly

Oliveros, Pauline – “Electronic Works 1965-1966” – [Paradigm Discs]

Grizzly Adam   2/17/2012   A Library, CD

Blinking in and out, phaser lasers changing the
state of matter, poly-composite sound. DNA nano
surgical splice. Prior to bass throb noise. A feast
with all the meaty treble included. Kick-out the
frequencies. Not a search for tone or harmony,
a study of mind drift as it relates to the performance
style of reintroducing phases and progressively
elongating the connection between states of brain,
body, listening, sound, and sleep-fading. Track
two is more wall of sound, and monumentality.
Stark ice cliffs and contrasts with sonic resonance,
also known as warmth in sound which evoke as
well extreme frigid environments. Part way it loses
it’s wall effect for a horizon effect, where sound
is sensed traveling out over the landscape to
beyond the horizon. There are some inserted
sounds, the kick of a crate with some metal in-
side, and the cuing of a record that makes that
fap sound.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Asian Women On The Telephone – “Chelsea Grandpa” – [Self-release]

Grizzly Adam   2/16/2012   A Library, CD

Noise-Rock from members of Yarche-1000-Soints,
DimenticarmiNON!, and Lisichkin Khleb, that reminds me of
Taboo, Sleep, Eddie the Rat. Feeling like; prey from a
shark, bunny from a dog, mouse from an owl. While not
like; a deer in headlights, walls of noise, getting
spooked and your heart misses a beat, or waiting on
a phone system for the operator. Russian quite welcome.
8 songs long, and like all of it.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Ain Soph – “Kshatryia” – [Musica Maxima Magnetica]

Grizzly Adam   2/16/2012   A Library, CD

1_Advancing toward doom. Cries of the stark raving mad
who survived. Piano and overtone from a female vocalist.
2_Within the caves of shores bittersweet siren sing, and
clash, boats collapse, and noise erupts at the time of
drowning. 3_”Industrial Ambient”. Male chant on a
metronome. FM Einheit and Dante for comparison. 4_
Confrontation music theatre; displays of emotion, the
bitterness of futility, and the kind of annihilation
that does not have to be so. 5_Try this one, it might
be the best on here.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Young Magic – “Melt” – [Carpark Records]

Grizzly Adam   2/10/2012   A Library, CD

Young Magic A Library CD
Whether screech choir, or choral guitar and noise;
also dub step, bass melodies, pop gamelan, the clap,
and bass drum of #2, the affinity with Bjork w/ Dirty
Projectors, or Zola Jesus, or voice that repeats what
sounds like ‘grizzly adam’ of #3, and #8 that’s a bit
like both those, or noisy shoe gaze, and half hip hop
of #6, it’s got close to no language (fuck on #3) and
is quite fun. -Eveningly Infinitely Wipes

Language: Fuck on 3

Anzellotti, Teodoro – “Push Pull” – [Hat Art Records]

Grizzly Adam   2/10/2012   A Library, CD

Anzellotti, Teodoro A Library CD
Push Pull
Play next: Cinematic Star Wars soundtrack.
Rolf Riehm 1937 Half the back and forth sway
of a ship, the other, the simplified talk at sea,
far away from intellectual landlubber classes.
Kind of grumpy exploration, reminds one of
the meander of Sun Ra on the keys. Bass
textures going through the wash. Harbor horn,
heavy Blounted density.
Salvatore Sciarrino 1947 Tone, bellow breath,
atonal keying. Variation under repeating measures.
Cageian random key song crafting. Head-sound
concision. Ornate percussive technique off rhythm
of the sandy air channeling, and melody tones.
5 notes of bass vibration complete the piece.
Dialog uber Luft 1934 has it’s dialogue. More so
it has great movement through tufts of atonality.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes

Castle Face Presents: Group Flex, Vol. 1 [coll] – [Castle Face Records]

Grizzly Adam   2/3/2012   10-inch, A Library

ah-e ah-e Ah-e Ah!
Garage rock, always almost not that tune no one could
ever guess, and by just a smidgen; and it couldn’t
matter any less, of course it sounds good, it’s that
almost not that really great tune. Less simple, not
fine touches, catchy mathy, fit for a sprint, Blank
Club enthused, ha ya ha ya ha. By technicality, better
than the rip off originals, rewrites for performance,
this is not perfectionism at work (still cool too, by
the nature of music, it’s still enjoyable.) Whether
it’s Sunset Strip, Great America, Laguna Beach, or
Police Academy 1 or 2, wherever you play your music,
may it always sound good like this. Hear it on No Way
Out, Record Roundup, Hippies Graveyard, any place that
has room for Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life and bubblegum
rock, has room for this.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly

Defenders of The Underworld [coll] – [Battle Axe]

Grizzly Adam   2/2/2012   12-inch, Hip Hop

What is wrong. Flow ain’t wrong and still we are dealing,
dealing with this and that. This language for stealing
language for crime language for Satan’s games, does not
get too far until shit appears, making us silent, weak,
and suspicious, and someone says, would you look at that
shit over there. Therein come realities. Derelict beer
buzz feel good shadow of a mind bleak escape prison alone.
Such is the hip-hop rapping in it’s more salient function.
And these records here have that, on trinity lost and
pow wow, and on the other end, mostly just plain drunk
beats, Where Jay-Z at? Dare I say it has some Akinyele
something something, with that, What the dilly silly,
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

Language On: the full monty, worst enemy, switchblade,
work the angles rmx, trinity lost, endangered species,

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