Qwanqwa – “Volume Two” – [FPE Records]

Morada   9/2/2015   12-inch, International

Qwanqwa play an assortment of traditional Ethiopian music with an experimental twist, side B being distinctly more so. They seek opportunities to play to as many demographics as possible. Attempting to mitigate the infinite factors limiting attendance at club shows, they organize concerts in remote places and unique situations.

Ravi Shavi – “S/t” – [Almost Ready Records]

Morada   9/2/2015   A Library, CD

Band has been described as classic punk, modern indie, and new wave. This release consists of ten up-tempo, 1-4 minute garage pop rock songs from Providence, RI band Ravi Shavi (Rafay Rashid: vocals, guitar, Bryan Fielding: bass, Andrew Wilmarth: drums, Nick Politelli: guitar).

Bichkraft – “Mascot” – [Wharf Cat Records]

Morada   8/26/2015   A Library, CD

Various tracks include noisy rock with driving guitars, a fair amount of feedback, wah-wah, crunchy goodness, psyche, electronic clicking noises, the occasional stuck CD sound, and innocuous vocals (Track 8 not so innocuous), presumably in Ukrainian. What stood out for me was the drummer’s obsessive use of the ride cymbal, which at times felt relentless.

Ufux – “You Look Dark / Trash Walk” – [Jeth-Row]

Morada   8/4/2015   7-inch, A Library

UFUX list their genre as dustcore. Bandcamp lists them as Chicago punk. I’d call it a melange of punk, metal, and grunge. Each track has a good beat with competently played instruments. The vocals are harsh but not screechy. Trash Walk is downright dancy.
No FCCs detected.

Wuv – “Scary Ordinary” – [Great Plains Records]

Morada   8/3/2015   12-inch, A Library

Quirky, indie, garage rock from East Bay band WUV. This is their first LP, released January 2015 on Great Plains Records. Recorded at the Waboratory in Albany, CA. I couldn’t find any details on who is in the band but the album label says, “With Leeza, Natalie, Johnny, Sarah, Ezra, Megan, Paul, Eugene.” Lyrics enclosed scratched on an x-ray from an Oakland veterinary hospital.
No FCCs.

Is/Is – “Is/Is” – [Manimal]

Morada   8/3/2015   12-inch, A Library

This all-female Portland trio (Sarah Rose: guitar/vocals, Sarah Nienaber: bass/vocals, Ronnie Lee: drums) categorizes themselves as ghost rock/goblin pop. Solid guitar, bass, drums, and vocals come through a constant hum of reverb and static, as though you’re listening to instrumental psych and the band is practicing down the hall. No need to play two tracks at once with this one. The vinyl is a little warped on the edges but who can tell? No FCCs detected.

Russell St Bombings – “Russell St Bombings” – [Smartguy Records]

Morada   8/3/2015   12-inch, A Library

Australian duo Zephyr Pavey and Al Montfort (also members of Total Control, UV Race, East Link, and Dick Diver) named themselves after the 1986 attack on police headquarters in Melbourne. Record consists of some well put-together songs with incongruent randomness added (i.e. someone trying to tune a dulcimer, maybe?), so, basically a lot of you are going to love it. Cuing is going to be a bitch, in fact, Bandcamp lists two tracks, Side A and Side Z.

No FCCs detected.

Crocodiles – “Boys” – [Zoo Music]

Morada   6/10/2015   A Library, CD

Boys is San Diego-based Crocodiles’ fourth album. Despite the gazy, hazy sound, ubiquitous reverb and distortion, and dark lyrics (both are published poets), the feel is surprisingly poppy and it WILL get stuck in your head. Even the most poppy tracks (1,2,3,5,7) surprise you with bursts of random quirky noises. (4,6,10 are extra trippy/melancholy, 7 has a slightly Latin feel)

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