Thompson, William A. IV – Bagdad Music Journal (High Mayhem)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

An artist whose Natl Guard unit reported to Iraq in 2004 (and held there under stop loss) returns stateside to offer these reflections on our times infusing Baghdadi and Iraqi prisoner samples into the heart of contempo-experimental jazz.?? Less directional than most jazz experiments, WATIV pieces drift with a haunting hovering sound.?? WATIV’s
compositions express moments of mind-wandering comtemplation never seeking resolution but gently reflecting upon impressions of events beyond one’s control.??


Gallio, Christoph/Voerkel, Urs/Frey, Peter K – Tiegel (Atavistic)

outlier   1/31/2007   Jazz

Largely unknown in the U.S. Gallio studied under Steve Lacy in Paris and performed with Frith and Minton in the 90s. Soprano sax, piano-drums and double bass-trombone in a 1981 Zurich performance.?? From flickering phrases to flowering long-wave extensions, this trio lets you know they’re comfortable with space.?? Polyphonic wind and ripples of piano wrap around earthy basslines to concoct a potent european experimentalism.?? Sensible and stylish while touching on the outer edges of improv jazz.?? This is the euro-stuff at its finest, much like the Dieter Scherf and Mount Everest Trio releases.??

3W:?? Fine Swiss Craftmanship

Ilgenfritz, James/Ali Shakh, Aaron/Pride, Mike – Dealbreaker (UTECH)

outlier   1/31/2007   Jazz

Ilgenfritz (Trio Caveat) spearheads trio explorations that require no safety net of riffs or themes.?? Chances are taken and listeners rewarded with an open-ended conversational interchange.?? The center of gravity revolves around a rotation of anchoring phrases, each kick-starting a new wave of tonal and temporal dynamics.?? One can hear the adventurous hearts of young lions in this recording, beating an undeniable path to future mature treasures.??

3W: Ever Extending Expansions

Pere Ubu – Why I Hate Women (Smog Veil)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

David Thomas haunts us once again with his stressed out pharmofantasmic tales of a man out of place and a world gone mad.?? A couple of smashers and some avant narratives make for a respectable revival of the Ubu experience.?? Avoiding a David Thomas Band sound, this Ubu incarnation stays true to the legend.?? Less manic and more reflective than the classic version, this outfit doesn’t fade as maturity settles in.?? The high priest of hysterical vocals hones his storytelling into a seriously hip sound of synth-pleasured rock.??
3W: Clever Cleveland Clown

Gjerstad/Brandsoal – Antisonic (UTECH)

outlier   1/31/2007   CD, Jazz

Are you ready for Doom Jazz ?
Feedbackophonic sheet metal smashing and polyphonic winds blow your house down as that bongwater drips off your chinny chin chin.?? The musical clock has struck twelve as this duo triggers a cultural curfew from the cathode-lick block.?? Escape to the hills is only possible by spreading your wings and riding the waves of this disturbed duo’s antiphony.?? There is no time for comtemplation of what music was, only a fool would look back with regret.?? What’s done is done and you may as well stick a fork in those blue note lps, they’re done.??


Antique Brothers – Bears in the Woods (House of Alchemy)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Free-range folk that would sound nice looking at the hills from your Humboldt getaway in the morning.?? Valentine and Chasny moves with a more spacey sense of timing, in no hurry.?? Fresh air fret fingering free-folk forays forever finding flora and fauna in their forest of sounds.?? Some moments of dreamy electronics and distant vocals decorate the folk wisdom of this duo.??

3W: Fresh Air Feeling

Impractical Cockpit – To Be Treated (Load)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Slightly damaged and destroyed lo-fi guitar wandering sounds somewhat like a Ralph Steadman drawing.?? Out of Nawlins, LA and quite probably out of their minds. Don’t let the DIY sound fool ya, this has that deconstructed Caroliner brilliance working under every moment of dissonant depravity.??Departure is the essence with whole pieces echoing the end of the Beatles’ “Long, Long Time” (trust me).?? Jewelry box dancer in a pharmaceutical fog, logical extensions of an insane musical doctrine, it could be your soundtrack of senile cynicism.?? More sensible than Slicing Grandpa, more musical than Caroliner, perhaps an American version of NZ’s Futurians.

3W: When Levee Breaks

[coll:] Free London – Free London (Bo Weavil)[coll:] Free London – Free London (Bo Weavil)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Rob Mullender, Wooden Spoon, Ladywoodsman and The Eidetic Band all contribute to this collection of experimental sounds from across the pond. A slightly revolutionary feel to some fairly accessible audio art. Organic and mostly acoustic in construction, the drift and current of the soundstream will have you floating to your dreamstate destiny. Though quite out there, the composure and interchange of ideas make this an incredible document. Everything from Appalachia to Antarctica is canvassed by these four projects but lookout for Ladywoodsman and The Eidetic Band, they will take you for a ride with no return.


Ufomammut – Godlike Snake (Beard of Stars)

outlier   1/31/2007   12-inch, A Library

Italian stoner metal that comes thru like a freight train. Electric Wizard, Gravitar and obviously Neurosis come to mind when ingesting this slab of vinyl Valhalla. Blasts of blistering space rock melded with molten stoner metal. This trio gets to the outer orbits of the metal sound without compromise. This is expansive explosive material that cannot be ignored by any self-mutilating metal head.?? Urlo on bass, vocals and synth; Poia on guitars and synth and Vita pounds the shit out of the skins.


Circle of Ouroborus – Shores (Northern Sky)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Absolutely the most unusual sounding pop or black material out there. Coming from the Joy Division of the Black Forces these Finnish messengers bring words of unbeing and nothingness. If you’ve ever felt out of place all the while looking for comforting sounds in that desolate frame of mind, this is what will awaken you to what the black side can offer. Deep shimmering vibrations that cloak the dangerous words of a depressed prophet.



5ive – The Telestic Disfracture (Tortuga)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Out of Boston, Ben Carr on subsonics and Charles Harrold on gears blast thru to the underworld, adding vocals and some new sounds to their rattling rampage at the lower end of the wavelength spectrum. With a cleaner sound to make room for some noise elements, 5ive gets to a more industrial space going beyond the Big Black. While you may miss the rough edges from earlier releases, this duo seems to be building momentum for a breakthrough.


shit and shine – jealous of shit and shine (riot season)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Scratch’n sniff lo-fi slightly damaged destructopoptronic collage action.?? Friend of Sailor Winters, Slicing Grandpa and others of the degenerate slagheap vanguard.?? Mixers looking for outrageous interjections that will stay hidden in the bushes will be fixed up on early tracks.?? Comes off smartass and unserious at first and then the subversion sets in until some repetition on 6 & 7 with 8 & 9 returning to fucked up feral/xpop form.????????
3W: Johnny Can’t Giveafuck

Rope – Heresy, and Then Nothing But Tears (family vineyard)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

A cinematic Morricone gloss echoes from these blasted out bastard ballads birthed from jpn psych and nyc guitar meanderings.?? Throw some freaky poetic rants and you have the makings for sensual sonics with the theatre of Oxbow and the tracers of Loren Mazzacane Connors.?? A patient sense of attack keeps an eerie reinforcement of waves working through phrases of guitar and voice.?? The trippy delivery of vocals is what sets this apart from anything else, kind of a crusty psych if you will.

3W: Trippy Crusty Psych

Coll: Aryan Asshole Records Compilation (Aryan Asshole)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

A collection of out of print stuff by wolf eyes, dilloway, dead machines, burning star core and others.?? Detonation rig and instructions contained inside.?? A spectrum of noise running from distracted ambience to malevolent maelstroms is covered by the motherfuckerest in the business.??


Tennis Club – Tennis Club (self release)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

A dirge and purge mission to clear space for better funeral plans.?? Melodic elements attach to metered constructs whose center of gravity slowly collapse into narco-nihilist doom.?? Travels thru spaces with a sense of purpose yet maintains that wandering flutter as moves to new space are followed.?? Like drilling Biff with a Roscoe Tanner 140mph serve to the back of the head, very satisfying.??

3W: Dirge Purge Surge????

Bone Awl / The Rita (Klaxon)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Completely fucked recordings from 2005 make clear that audio quality does not trump all.?? Vicious violent vitriolic sonic sequestration.?? Fuck, I mean WHAT THE FUCK ??? This is just some of the most out there FUCKED UP PUNK on the planet.?? And yet many will say, “bone what?”.???? Bone Awl come on heavy and hammered while The Rita go noiseking in Robespierre fashion.?? Okay, so maybe these guys don’t clean up after themselves but someday collector scum will be asking why we didn’t save the cans.??


Marblebog – Csendhajnal (Turanian Honour)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Hungarian tape release from 2003 with some previous recordings from 2001-02 to boot.?? Muscular Magyar music, molten magma leaking thru the soil, creating new surfaces over the dying grass of old.?? Strange combination of folk, strum and scream with synthscapes, a wonderdrone march (3) and even a blues-rock closer(14).?? While those looking for an excuse can bail at the first scream, the ardent listener will find sophisticated sounds from a Black Metal mentality.??


loachfillet – cut throat rogues (fish pies)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Oakland subversive audio agent channels that Lokomotiv SS / Solmania neuro-nihilist gnash-smash noise ethos.?? In your face and round the back of your skull with some aggressively tasteful collageotronics that will mixxx your noodles.?? More subtle than the Ortmann-Wiese algorithm, yielding robust findings without loss of generality.?? Take that fucking nametag off.????


Asunder – Works Will Come Undone (20buckspin)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Finding strings of potent interplay among several strains of sounds (chant-doom-drone-metal), these local wizards wind them all into massive sonic narratives casting nostalgic and experimental spells onto trad Black Metal motifs.?? The result is not Frankenstein but Fucking Strong.?? What begin as simple frames for metallic fury evolve into latching segments locking the victim limb by limb and dragging them deep to undermind consciousness.?? The signature Asunder slaughtersound is to be found within but one must search through new fields of sound as preparation for the offering.


Grayceon – Grayceon EP (self release)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Jackie Perez Gratz of Amber Asylum with Max Doyle and Zack Farwell from Walken weave cello, guitar and drum lines thru a miasma of future tense nostalgia.?? A dreamy quality like Low, harmonies like the Evens but way heavier with some Hanged-Up tangents.?? Familiar sounds that never quite remind you of exactly what your mind reflects on as you hear the phrases.?? Driving and pounding trio stuff that lifts the feminine voice in rock to a new level.?? Absorbing, luring streams of strings and skins that are the wind under a dove’s wings.??


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