Combs, Cary Trio – Valencia (Evander)

outlier   1/31/2007   CD, Jazz

Melodic and playful tunes from this SF composer/bassist’s trio.?? Phrisky phrases of klezmer, calypso and smart film music superimposed on improv jazz structures.?? Upbeat, light-hearted stuff led by lyrical basslines with a couple of sermonesque strolls to the more rhythmic sphere or the bluesy ballads.?? Contemporary jazz you can take home to mother.??

3W: Well Mannered Jazz

Geoff Mullen – Thirty-six trillion manifestations (Entschuldigen)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

This is Geoff.?? This is Geoff’s room.?? Geoff doesn’t go out very much.?? His ex-girlfriend has a green sweater.?? She was stil his girlfriend before has asked to look at her paper butterfly through his 3-D shower glasses.?? Oh, the music, well it’s between Roy Montgomery and O’Rourke.?? Winding, echophonic analog amalgamation with less layering than your typical digital analogue. Dreamy organic waves of guitar and banjo manipulations in the musical meadows.

3W:Trillion Manifest Destiny

Supermodel Supermodel – Supermodel Supermodel (Emanem)

outlier   1/31/2007   CD, Jazz

Matthew Sperry rises from the dead to perform with Gail Brand-trb, Tim Perkis-elec, gino robair-perc and john shiurba-gtr.?? Not really, but Gino did arrange this session by inviting Gail Brand(UK) to the states for sun and fun with what was practically the Tuva space house quartet in 2001.?? Music suspended in air like it was performed in a skydiver test chamber.?? Back and forth, up and down but always out and out…electro-acoustic flashes and fades that outline something all the players see in the space between.????


Odd Cloud – Cavernous (Ypsilanti)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

From Detroit, Chris Pottinger and Jamie Easter lead this primal project of forest drone, spontaneous construction and outsider audio art.?? A wooden natural vibe is undermined by electronics and general weirdness.?? Judging from the sounds these guys are probably illegitimate children of scandinavian experimental

3W: In The Forest

Dead Machines – Dead-End at Olson Street (Ypsilanti)

outlier   1/31/2007   12-inch, A Library

John (Wolf Eyes) and Tovah (Wooden Wand and the VV) Olson explore low-grade hand-made technology solutions for the sound generation aesthetic.?? The soundspace includes the floor, walls and any other element relevant to DM’s creative process.?? Audio autospontaneity that touches upon both traditional and deconstructed perspectives on what music is.?? One thing is for certain, nothing is certain.??

3W: What Time Isn’t

Philip Blackburn – Habanera; A soundwalk through old Havana, Cuba (Innova)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

A street-level view of old Havana, mixes of santaria with
catholicism, club music with conversations and factory work with street noise.?? The recordings preserve a visitors perspective rarely focusing in on one source.?? The wandering focus leaves one a sonic panorama of impressions.?? Nothing is too mundane for inspection, it is everyday life being recorded.?? The bouncing ricochet of music and chatter mixes itself as you walk through an acoustic chamber of structures and alleys.??

3W: Havana in Bio-Fidelity

Nihilist Spasm Band and Joe McPhee – No Borders (Non Musica Rex)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Louis Black’s beat poet side project, ok not really, but it could’ve been.?? Groovin Tuvan drone tones and free sound interchange are the wind in the sails of this ship of cools.?? Twiddling your lips into the back of a fan then launching into gentlemanly rants and commentary on the new roman era accent the NYC-flavored free fugue.?? If it were translated to modern ballet, dancers would be thrown against walls by olympic hammerthrowers.?? Unrelenting unrestrained expression that answers to no conventions whatsoever.??

3W: Off Their Meds

Metallux and Wiese, John – Esoteric (Load)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Blasted out, destructotronic dreamscapes.?? Forget what you learned at the office today and stick your head into the aural orifice of pulsating pleasure, take a ride on the tripotron and leave your mind behind.?? Scrambled transmissions that make more sense than recombining worn fragments of prefab pop.?? Vocals and Terrortronics in an alternating predator-prey profundity.


Vertonen – Stations (CIP)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Sub-zero bikertronics from Blake Edwards, born and raised in the Bay Area and in Chicago since 1999. Live performances from 2003-06 on his own label.?? He also has two shows on WHPK in Chicago, “Radio Dada” and the all noise “Cacophonix”.?? An active assortment of audio experiences much like their creator who books and releases performances by the best in the anti-business (alu, z’ev,wolf eyes, hafler trio…).?? More composed than damaged, a colossal collage of soundclash climax. Splice and dice up front, noise spectrum in the middle and conceptual soundscapes on the backside.


Birchville Cat Motel – Curved Surface Destroyer (Last Visible Dog)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Campbell Kneale’s drone project, also of Black Boned Angel, meditatively transports thru the clouds and beyond to more dynamic soundfields.?? Relaxing vibe with a trippy side like a hashish trainride minus the rails.?? Live performances from Japan, NZ, Denmark and Scotland document BCM’s evolution from early drone majesty to sonic Valhalla afterlife.??


Lonborg-Holm, Fred Quartet – Bridges Freeze Before Roads (Longbox)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD, Jazz

Like a morning when random sounds all flux together FL-H leads to a space free of structure but not of form.?? The expressive clarinet of Guillermo Gregorio takes the cello-bass-skins setting to flight.?? Yawning morning instrument exercises and soaring afternoon airborne contraptions are in the mix.??

3W: Holm Tone Heroes??

Zeitgeist / Miller / Costaglioli – Shape Shifting – [Innova/American Composers]

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Twin Cities twiddlers Scott Miller and Phillippe Costaglioli have played together since 2001 in this improvisational real-time KYMA processing project.?? Recorded for the American Composers Forum, Zeitgeist’s soundbending tales of time and tone are accented by academy experimentalism and european poetry passages of revolving dialects.?? High-level processing happening in both the verbal and sonic senses.?? New music that is more hip than sophisticated, more baccarat than cabaret.

3W: Luc Ferrari Ferlenghetti

Malcom, Greg – Hung (CPSIP)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

This New Zealand release is a construction
of real-time solo performances into group pieces that ring true of guitar genius.?? GM avoids that static self-replicated solo sound in two ways, the guitar pieces are worked with varying techniques for sound textures and each piece sounds as though created by a unique musician, as opposed to eunuch musician self-replication like McCartney.?? Clear air clarity with a very tactile style on the strings and grooves heavily.


Black Boned Angel – Eternal Hunger (CpsiP)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Another 20m dose of the Black stuff from Campbell Kneale. The first 12m are classic new doom structure decorated with piano and organ while the back end is the simple sound of the death knell for fluff drone flower children.?? Kneale’s signature style gathers momentum with every release, simple yet devastatingly potent.?? No escape for the hobbled masses, they must deal with the destiny their blind faith has brought upon the world.?? Kneale is the new messiah with the power to breakdown the aural order of mysterious icons.?? Or maybe he’s just pissed about all that shitty music he heard in his youth.??


Coll: Crushing the Holy Trinity – Crushing the Holy Trinity (Northern Heritage)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Andee of Aquarius says this is the most sought after black
metal artifact of 2005.?? The 2nd edition from Northern Heritage after the first was mainlined by every black metal junkie on their mailing list.?? 6 groups of the darkest black metal pedigree attack the sacred with profane power.?? The compositions are complex and well-constructed avoiding the black hole of charred chord boredom.?? From attack mode to remorseful reflection these pieces demonstrate black metal is no longer an unsophisticated practice.


Black Boned Angel – Bliss and Void Inseparable (20buckspin)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Like an ocean of dark waves crashing the shores of your consciousness BBA delivers a 60m perfect storm of drone, sludge and feedback wrath.?? New Zealand’s Campbell Kneale is terrorizing the granola drone commune with a darker, nastier version of minimalist mayhem.?? The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is monitoring the results of such sonic experiments.?? HAARP will soon be displaced by this technique that soils listeners’ as they absorb the full dosage of doomed destruction.?? Get innoculated now before martial music hits the streets. Skies clear for the last 20m if the thunderous stuff is too much for ya.


Coll: High Mayhem Festival 2004 (High Mayhem)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Politically charged readings and performances from this experimental label in Santa Fe, NM.?? Things are said, chances are taken, nothing is held back from these artists with something powerful to say.?? International and New Jazz sounds bring high minds to the low arts.?? Improv and free experimentation is encouraged in this tight knit gathering of nomadic desert musicians.??


Daniel Popsicle – Live at Yoshi’s 9/30/02 Music of El Cerrito Volume 8

outlier   1/31/2007   Jazz

Dan Plonsey’s big band group including Albee, Goldberg, Robair, Schott, Shiurba and Sperry among others. If your high school band hung out after practice and got really high they might get close to this hipper than big band sound.?? Like a carnivalesque caravan marching down main street then taking a side street.?? Simple and bouncy hornlines weave into a larger moving sound mass.?? Deceivingly structured so that you think you know where its going and pleasantly unpredictable in timing and phrasing.??

3W: Reed Between Lines

Daughters – Hell Songs (Hydra Head)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library

Hades’ harlots of mathy metal rock, a regroup of the RI band ‘As the Sun Sets’.?? Their third release after ‘Canada Songs’ and a 7″.?? ….David Yau-ish (Jesus Lizard) vocals with a pounding current of jolting voltage, like Jesus Lizard meets Pink Mountain.?? Manic but spazzy with some Orthrelm over-the-topness.??

3W: Pink Mountain Lizard

N.A.D.M.A. – Paura (Alga Marghen)

outlier   1/31/2007   A Library, CD

Natural Arkestra di Marco da Maya Alta is the full name of this Italian free music unit led by Marco Cristofolini on percussion. This 1973 live recording in Milan is the initial release of a series highlighting the group’s musical journey.?? Total Improvisation influenced by an African musician ‘Papa’ who freed the group from conventional perceptions of how to create music.?? NADMA is also a sanskrit word meaning ‘the sounding of nature’, the ideal sound for a non-directional improv unit.??
Precursor to the Masashi Harada Condanction Ensemble.??


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