Morricone, Ennio – “Il Mio Nome E Nessuno” – [AMS]

ophelia necro   1/10/2018   12-inch, Soundtrack

This is the original soundtrack to the 1973 italian western My Name is Nobody. Once the greatest gunslinger of the Old West, Jack Beauregard, only wants to move to Europe and retire in peace, but a young gunfighter, known as “Nobody,” idolizes him and wants to see him go out in a blaze of glory. He arranges for Jack to face the 150-man gang known as The Wild Bunch and earn his place in history.

This soundtrack starts off with a very heavy Room 222 seventies sitcom vibe with flute, etc. The next 2 tracks are more “westerney” with classic whistling and the regular tricks. Track 4, Side A is my fave, it starts off with a clock ticking and slowly the instrumentation and elements that create the perfect Morricone masterpiece. On side 2 the standout for me is the second track with a creepy sound (and that 70s bass!). Track 3 has a weird take on Ride of the Valkyries. The album closes with more 70s flutey sitcom stuff. Overall a nice addition to the library. Morricone is a true master. The liner notes are all in italian which was kinda lame unless you can read italian. This is a re-issue.

In Hoc Signo Vinces – [Coll] – [Black Goat Records]

ophelia necro   5/6/2014   A Library

2010 release on Los Angeles label Black Goat Records. 6 song full length collection involving 4 black/doom metal projects; Halo of the Sun,The Arm and Sword of the Bastard God,Gnaw Their Tongues and The Slaughtered Lamb. Halo of the Sun are from the U.K. and the song “Fenriz” is a melodic, ambient doom/black metal song. Vocals are a mixture of high pitched screams and clean singing. Subject matter based on Norse Mythology. The Arm and Sword of the Bastard God are from Southern Ca. and provide a heavy stoner/doom metal track named “Gutter Mother Creator”. Heavy production, death metal growls, slow stoner doom. Misanthropic themes of anti-religion and hate.Gnaw Their Tongues is a project from the Netherlands. There are 2 tracks from them and they are raw, noisey, experimental black/funeral/doom metal with high pitched screams for vocals and a few spoken word samples. Bondage and torture is the lyrical theme. The collection closes out with 2 tracks from the Southern Californian project The Slaughtered Lamb. The Slaughtered Lamb is a side project from one of the members of Welter In Thy Blood. The project is depressive doom/black metal with black metal screams, deep growls and samples. Dark and primitive production with suicidal themes.


Mutiilation – “Vampires of Black Imperial Blood” -[Drakkar Records]

ophelia necro   5/6/2014   A Library

Mutiilation (spelled with an umlaut over the “u”) is a French one-man black metal band who belonged to Les Legion Noires aka The Black Legions,a group of French underground black metal musicians and bands in or around the Brest region of Brittany. This group or circle was believed to have been formed in response to the Norwegian “Black Metal Inner Circle”. This incarnation of Mutiilation features duo of Mordred and Meyhna’ch (William Roussel). Bass, guitar and drum machine with vocal stylings typical of Norwegian black metal.Depressive/suicidal black metal considered one of the early originators of 2nd wave black metal and often credited for inventing the “depressive/suicidal black metal” sub-genre. Pure and traditional in composition and use of primitive production style. Melancholic, bleak and dynamic. Subject matter predominantly fixated with death and Satan. This is a re-release (2012), the album was originally released in 1995, it was the first full-length CD to be released on the French record label Drakkar Productions which was established in 1994.







KVB, The – “Immaterial Visions” – [Cititax]

ophelia necro   10/18/2013   A Library

UK duo of Klaus Von Barrel and his girlfriend Kat Day combine guitars, synthesizers and drum machine with reverb drenched vocals. Their sound can be described as moody, electronic darkwave . 8 tracks. Record pressed on 180 gram ultra clear vinyl in a limited edition of 999 copies.


Carpenter, John & Howarth, Alan – “They Live” – [Death Waltz Records]

ophelia necro   10/18/2013   A Library

Released on 3/20/2013 by Death Waltz Records this is the limited edition soundtrack to the John Carpenter film “They Live”. Music composed by the director and Alan Howarth in 1988 by the duo and recently remastered by Alan Howarth. The first track “Prologue Broadcast” is an excellent soundbyte from the film and would make a great station id. The rest of it would be best described as 80s electronic blues with a western element. It is atmospheric and utilizes synthesizers, piano and harmonica. Most of the tracks use the same melody so, listened to as a whole it’s becomes a bit redundant. Out of the 11 tracks, my favorites are A1 and B4.Blue/Red vinyl.









Lycus – “Tempest” – [20 Buck Spin]

ophelia necro   10/18/2013   A Library



Lycus is a 4 piece out of Oakland (with a few other musicians providing violin and additional guitar and electronics on tracks I and III). This album was recorded between November of 2012 and January of 2013 in Oakland at Earhammer Studios and consists of 3 epic tracks. Combining all the best elements of dark, dirge, doom metal with odd key changes and furious black metal transitions. The music of Lycus would best be described as threnodic. Vocals range from a deep growl to dark melodic chanting. Akin to Asunder, Graves at Sea and Sweden’s Katatonia but this project seems more more refined and deliberate. No stone of lamentation goes unturned. A very exceptional release.





Sourvein – “Black Fangs” – [Candlelight Records]

ophelia necro   5/28/2013   A Library

North Carolinian sludgelords Sourvein have been together in one incarnation or another since 1993. This is their first full length album since 2002 and it delivers down and dirty, raw, doomy sludge rock with snarling, rough and dry, black metal vocals. Some tracks have faster, higher tempo hero metal riffs thrown in here and there. Repetitive, meditative and grinding. Excellent drumming. Conjuring EyeHateGod, Noothgrush, early Melvins, Sleep (Volume One) and Electric Wizard on track seven.Recorded in Moyack, North Carolina in 2009 and 2010, released in 2011. Led by T-Roy Medlin and joined on this album by guitarist King James Haun (Ol Scratch), bassist Ahmasi O Daniel and drummer Jeffrie Moen.


Lower – “Lower” – [540 Records]

ophelia necro   5/28/2013   A Library

Rock and roll foursome out of Copenhagen. Two songs that were originally from a long gone demo tape. They recently redid the songs (in Copenhagen) for this 7 inch. Two guitars, bass, vocals and drums. Reminded me of the Royal Baths meets Slug Guts with a bit of the Cure thrown in. Desperate, anguished vocals, guitar feedback, primal rhythms and gothic post punk vibe.

Side A “Someone’s Got It In For Me” is 4 mins 4 seconds

Side B “But There Has To Be More” is 2 minutes 45 seconds



TV Ghost – “Phantasm/Panic Area” -[Sweet Rot Records]

ophelia necro   9/19/2012   A Library

TV Ghost is from Lafayette, Indiana and features Dolan Brahne Hoeft, Jackson VanHorn, Shawn Ghost, and Timothy Conrad Gick. TV Ghost released their first 7,” “Atomic Rain,” on Die Stasi Records. This 7″ is a follow up to their full length album “Mass Dream” (In The Red Records). Two tracks of creepy, rockin’ psyche influenced post punk. This would make Lux Interior proud and work well in a set with the Cramps, Blaq Mummy, Haunted George, Dead Bolt, etc…Disturbed vocals, haunted house organ, a twisted ride. B side has a noise influenced 60s garagey, monster mash vibe .

A Side is “Phantasm” it runs 3:46

B Side is “Panic Area” it runs bout 2 and a half minutes

I don’t know if the music influenced me but…Crime vs Recipe review-
“Phantasm”- Late night body-snatching till dawn going from cemetery to cemetery, dodging bats and rolling in the graveyard dirt with bones in our knapsacks.
“Panic Area”- 3/4ths cup garage rock, 13 tablespoons of psychedelic noise, a whole lot of graveyard spice and a pinch of punk.

Long Distance Poison – “The Bog Nebula”- [Prison Tatt Records]

ophelia necro   7/10/2012   12-inch, A Library

Long Distance Poison is trio Nathan Cearley, Erica Bradbury and Casey Blockout of Brooklyn, New York. This is very spaced out droney stuff bringing to mind meditation albums of the 70s and 80s but with a creepy soundtrack feel like Tangerine Dream meets H.P. Lovecraft. The album is a one sided 12 inch track on the Prison Tatt Record label meant to be played at 33rpm and the track would be great to use either in a mix with something else or on it’s own. The perfect thing to listen to if trapped in a frozen chunk of ice travelling through space. Predominantly keyboards, synthesizers and effects with no vocals. Track is about 18 mins, 55 secs long.



Royal Baths – “Better Luck Next Life” – [Kanine Records]

ophelia necro   7/10/2012   A Library, CD

This Royal Baths release was recorded in a basement in February of 2011 and released in February of this year. With Jeremy Cox on lead guitar and vocals, Jigmae Baer on rhythm guitar and vocals, Eden Savage on Drums and Nathan Grice on bass. This is the band’s second full length release, a follow up to their debut “Litanies”. Just prior to release of this album, Cox and Baer decided to move from San Francisco to Brooklyn, NY. This is gritty garage psych blues at it’s creepiest. The vocal delivery and subject matter is unsettling. The songs are like little glimpses into the world of a maladjusted anti-social misfit. My favorite tracks are “Be Afraid of Me” and “Black Sheep” which are also on a 7 inch they released under the name “Baths” although the versions of these 2 songs on the CD are different from the 7 inch versions. The tracks could work very well in a set with Ty Segall, the Fresh and Onlys, Thee Oh Sees, Sonic Youth, etc. I really like this project and I hope to hear more from them.


Husere Grav – “Myths” -[Prison Tatt Records]

ophelia necro   7/10/2012   12-inch, A Library

Another one sided 12 inch release from Prison Tatt Records out of New Jersey. This time a Texas based, one man project of Todd W. a noise and metal enthusiast. This release is heavy on the droney, atmospheric noise and includes 4 tracks evoking underground wind tunnels, clashing static and robotic heartbeats. Beautiful, lonely isolation. Released in October of 2011. The cover design is by the artist and is an altered image from Brian De Palma’s film “Sisters” starring Margot Kidder.

Haare – “Rautapilvi” – [Prison Tatt Recrods]

ophelia necro   7/10/2012   12-inch, A Library

Limited edition release of 100, one sided, hand numbered 12 inch vinyl E.P. Haare is a one man Finnish noise project, Ilkka Vekka. This release includes sounds from Circle’s “Forest” release used with permission. A very eerie and atmospheric droney ambient piece which runs about 19 and a half minutes long, conjuring ghostly sirens, hazey cloudy hallways and knives being sharpened. Cover art by the artist.

Divorce – “Divorce” – [Optimo Music]

ophelia necro   2/20/2011   10-inch, A Library

Five piece out of Glasgow making punk rock/noise inspired by No Wave. Divorce is Sinead Youth: vocals – Hillary Van Scoy: guitar, vocals – VSO: bass, vocals – Andy Browntown: drums, vocals – Vickie MacDonald: guitar.This album is from 2009. It was their debut 10″ and is on red vinyl. Optimo is a label run by JD Twitch, one part of a DJ duo out of Glasgow. Refer to the collection “60 Minutes of Fear” for more info about J.D. Twitch. This would work well in a set with Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, Uxa, Swans, etc.


Vegetable – “c.f. / Sol” – [Gilgongo Records]

ophelia necro   2/20/2011   7-inch, A Library

One sided 45 (33rpm). Recorded at XNA in November 2010 with the help of James Fella in Tempe, Arizona. Released on Gilgongo Records. Frantic 3-some of spastic punk rock with male and female vocals. 2 tracks: “Castration Frustration” and “Sol”. Fun.

Sperm Wails – “Lady Chatterly” – [S-S Records]

ophelia necro   2/20/2011   7-inch, A Library

Recorded in 1986, Songs by Sperm Wails (London, 85-89). Vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Good 80s UK punk rock sound with elements of New York No Wave. Apparently they had their own label (Spurt) and might have recently been reborn under the name “Blowhole”. 2011 release on S-S Records. “Lady Chatterly” was released originally on flexi as part of a freebie to a fanzine, “Mr Wonderful” was an unreleased track.

Coathangers, The – “Hard Candy” – [Die Slaughterhouse]

ophelia necro   2/20/2011   7-inch, A Library

Foursome of fierce females. Georgian garage/punk rock that’ll bring a smile to your face. “Johnny” (Side A) is about going to hell and has some killer piano and slide guitar action. “Wife Eyes” is a bit cuter but just as fun. An entertaining follow up to their 1st single “Don’t Touch My Shit” on Suicide Squeeze.

Segall, Ty – “Melted” – [Goner Records]

ophelia necro   2/1/2011   12-inch, A Library

San Francisco garage rocker Ty Segall presents the album “Melted” which was recorded in December of 2009 in a basement studio in San Francisco. In the past he has pretty much done everything himself but on this release he has help from Mike Donovan (Sic Alps), Eric Bauer (Crack W.A.R.), Tim Hellman, Emily Rose Epstein, Jigmae Baer, John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) and Charlie Moonheart. This album is filled with catchy psychedelic-garage-pop tunes with classic 1960s rock riffs. The album brings to mind King Khan, Jay Reatard, Brian Jonestown Massacre, John Lennon and even Cheap Trick. Call me crazy but Ty pretty much had me with the cover and the gatefold art is pretty groovey too. Play it and enjoy!

Grinderman – “Grinderman 2” – [Anti-, Inc.]

ophelia necro   1/12/2011   A Library, CD

This is the latest of Bad Seed side-projects featuring Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos. Grinderman 2 is their second release and was recorded in England in 2009. This album is even better in the last and covers Cave’s usual themes of God, Death, and America but also sex being a major focus. Cave could be going through a mid-life crisis and there are a lot of songs on the album where he seems to be exploring the theme (3,7). There are a few songs that are softer “When My Baby Comes” (4) but most of the songs are pretty rockin. The artwork is impressive and the lyrics are included in the booklet. There is no naughty language.

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