Number 6

Universe 25 [Birth Control Productions]

Number 6   1/15/2021   A Library

two lengthy “rehearsal” tracks, one per side of the cassette from a California recluse who enjoys fitting into the bray of the public rabble, probing a reflective mental fullness of decay laced with longterm effects of drug enlightenment while seducing passengers unaware of the trap he has set for you in his kill room of heavy, thick noise penetration, ruptured by periodically emerging then vanishing, odd and awkward hints of pulsing tension loosening bowels of restrained anticipation that inspires physical dance violence between predator and Teachers AIDS prey

Ysk – OXRMM [Birth Control Productions]

Number 6   10/20/2019   A Library

allegedly Japanese medium marsh flagellum with avocado rhythms and dingleberry croutons by handrawn bunny adorned by hyperdermic needle sperm coccidia collar that push and pull out at exactly 4:00 each.  don’t settle for one hit. you are meant for all 8. the voice of the bunny remains beneath the seven layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. the force direction and physical load develops sprained buboes that scar the back of the host and can be read only by braille incisions leftover from its entire donation.  scab cycles obliterate top layers of protection. we’ll accept no amount too small or too large.

Seven Chakraz Memento Mori (7 Deadly Sins)

Number 6   10/2/2014   A Library

acquiring SATANIC metal icons is a cynical approach by a hiphop team applying a similar ruse in their sneering satire of the 7 deadly sins, predictably aimed at a decadent market that demands consumption or expression no matter the cost to their widening orbit of destruction. ALL FCCXXX. overall old guard feel with the intelligence flow sometimes relying on cliche and nearly always slung by semi-automatic triggers, but mostly full of loose, spontaneous slips of cum and cheek dressed in the smoke of insecure effort to still sound badass and wicked. EVIL FIGHT EVIL for fun. a welcome boy/girl/boy rally (Nickie P mmmmmmm) offsets a self-righteous tone that occasionally makes you forget you???re supposed to be bad not good about the glorification of SIN

Welter In thy Blood- “Todestrieb” [Dusktone]

Number 6   7/16/2013   A Library, CD

if this is any indication of what the extinction of the human race sounds like then get the fuck out of its way or fall under its command. there are many contenders for this bleak style of metal, but Welter In Thy Blood draft the best elements of the left hand path. if you can survive the call to suicide in every chill scrape of anguish and hatred on this miserable road to annhilation then consider your self unlucky. at least you know it will start in LA and not in the Netherlands. suicide is a virtue and you’re better off making your exit now or if you can endure this hellish call to action then you probably love killing yourself slowly to suffer another day. there is a lot of depressing metal out there that tends to lack much conviction or worse, romances the point with post-rock progressions. Welter In Thy Blood’s Todestrieb shuts that false shit up once and for all. this puts the suicide, the hate, the black and the doom back into this type of metal abstraction where it belongs and finds common ground with the shallow, dry primitive chill of black metal (Xasthur, Vargr, Wold), the lumbering funereal dirge of doom (Bunkur, Planet Aids, Nortt) and the ambient cacophony of noise (Abruptum, Whitehouse, Emit, Skullflower). a difficult and challenging test enveloping harsh freezing cold, yet scalding abrasive heat. intimate, yet far away, unattainable. haunted voices, tortured screams and hateful roars overlap and more often barely distinguishable as human. minimal minor key melody lifted by a constant subterranean tone with guitars crashing like walls of ice accompanied by possibly amplified objects of various metals and barely audible piano. swerving into oncoming traffic.

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