Braingrainhotspot – “Pompa” – [No Edition]

mouthbreather   10/14/2015   A Library, CD

Erik Malzner and Jurgen Richter paint an experimental landscape with one 40 minute track.

Snowstorm stream of conscious sounds outside, trudging to work past machinery, past slow marching band, past english and german voices, weeping. Finding out you’re pregnant, spiraling, seek advice from german midwife, imagine baby tears and overthink the future. Tip into a drunk guitar bar to bury the worry, find someone new, get the mojo working. What a day…

Huber, Ryan – “Aleksandr” – [Inam Records]

mouthbreather   10/14/2015   A Library, CD

Drone ambient offering with minimalistic beats and loops, industrial equipment texture. Relaxed meditative sounds and scope.

Abrupt endings

tk 8- complete departure from the rest of the album, kind of Kraftwerk-y.

Strategy – “Noise Tape Self” – [Furtherrecords]

mouthbreather   9/16/2015   12-inch, A Library

Paul Dickow’s experimental tape loops made with a 4 track, sourced material, found sound on the tapes and effects. Ambient, repetitious, lush atmospheres created here in. Static and other noise permeate the space, far out. B is spacier than A, but both are disorienting in a calm fashion. Spark up and float away.

Puce Mary – “Persona” – [Posh Isolation]

mouthbreather   9/16/2015   12-inch, A Library

Frederikke Hoffmeier gives us a look into this paranoid persona, with pulsing industrial beats, grating vocals, and scraping ambient texture. A bleak walk around neighborhoods with happy people indoors and you whispering sweet, hateful nothings outside in the cold. Much like looking in the mirror and hating what you see, this album talks to itself and induces vomiting.

Gas Chamber – “Stained Hand” – [SPHC]

mouthbreather   9/16/2015   7-inch, A Library

Buffalo NY hardcore punk set combine Power Violence, Prog, Experimental, Soundscape vibes into this EP.

A1: Slow build of elements, sludgy guitar, bass, drums, transition to faced paced hardcore.

B1: Proggy intro to fast punk sludge.
B2: Surfy reverb prog morphing instrumental

Noggin, Eric Boros, Crank Sturgeon & Id M Theft Able [coll] – [Manufracture]

mouthbreather   9/9/2015   A Library, CD

tk 1. skitter scamper, violin groan, guitar tinker
tk 2. loop liquid, vocal blitz, electronic buzz, mic drop
tk 3. short chattering, strings hit with hammers, bell like quality
tk 4. FCC in beginning, static shrieks, unintelligible voice farts, angrily trying to open your car door with abortion coathanger after locking keys in car, finally break in, smoke meth, scan the radio, stay up for two weeks and drive to canada, go into fast food joint all fucked up and order a burger somehow, tear burger asunder in view of innocents, psychosis, squirrel oral, rabid fuzz mouth, talk to your analyst, what, why
tk 5. distortion squeak, symphonic warm up, feedback and out

Monkey Puzzle Trio – “Pattern Familiar, The” – [Slowfoot]

mouthbreather   9/9/2015   A Library, CD

Loose, jazzy art-scape creations based on live improvisations. Drum beats sporadically spiral into regular pattern, but this is not the norm. Texture dips in and out of traditional structures into free jazz elements. Vocals float on top of the mix, sometimes insightful and jarring, other times like a Pentecostal fever dream.

Negativland – “It’s All In Your Head” – [Seeland]

mouthbreather   8/26/2015   A Library, CD

It’s All In Your Head FM broadcasting warped sound collage into your brain thing. Offering a comparative religious studies course in a 2-disc set. Philosophy, fundamentalist extremism, intolerance, misinterpretation, hypocrisy, afterlife, evolution, science are all touched upon.
CD1 is hyper focuses on Christianity, ending with the shaving of a monkey (Wildlife Tonight). CD2 is weightier and Islam-centric, covering 9/11 (This Thing Is Not Good), a failed suicide bomber (Push The Button), and other fun.
Humorous, dark wit expressed in well timed samples. No FCC’s, safe for daytime
Best taken whole, with a BigGulp of Pepsi and the redacted Bible that’s provided. Go with peace, and the knowledge that everyone is wrong.

Pateras, Anthony – “Chasms” – [Sirr Records]

mouthbreather   8/26/2015   A Library, CD

Australian pianist and electroacoustic tinkerer gives us a scrambled instrumental performance with a prepared piano. Rapidly moving hands and sounds create a residue of acoustic skittering in the back, giving the foreground activity a field to play on. Marimba, cymbal, percussion, bell sounds all being emulated with Pateras’ piano. Creepy, stressful ghost music.
Last track fades off with two minutes left, very quiet.

Thomas Carnacki, Quattro, Jesse, Burson, Jesse, Brumit, Jon – “Far Voyage From a Placid Island” – [Alethiometer]

mouthbreather   8/26/2015   A Library, CD

Thomas Carnacki is a group of artists who collaborate under said name, and these other names may in fact be those offenders. Ambient sounds float, walk, slurp, boop, warble, click, splash, loop, skip, through an apocalyptic mental soundscape. Long tracks that ebb and flow, but are mostly nightmare fuel.
Singing at the end of track 1: Merle Haggard’s ‘He Walks with me (In the Garden).’
Oneiromantic Ambiguity Collective song used on track 4.
Hidden track of group singing ‘Swing Low.’

Frahm, Nils – “Solo” – [Erased Tapes Records]

mouthbreather   8/19/2015   A Library, CD

Instrumental piano, contemplative, soothing, pounding keys, lush reverberation swirling around your head. Hours of meditative improvisation, pared down to these selections. Made on the Klavins M370, a GIANT piano.

Relaxing wake up or sleeping pill.

Nils’ breath can be heard throughout!

Santomieri-Farhadian Duo – “Red Blue” – [Self Release]

mouthbreather   8/19/2015   A Library, CD

A disjointed violin / guitar improv fight. Instrumental. Patterns present themselves through guitar while the violin strolls along. Free Jazzy. Jarring, but not terribly unpleasant by KFJC standards. Suitable for standalone play or layering, though tracks 2, 3, 7, and 8 begin with a beat structure. All tracks end smoothly, pausing for space. Sizzle string scratches, wavy wandering wonderment, doofy dumb doodling.

Uh Bones – “Honey Coma” – [Randy! Records]

mouthbreather   8/5/2015   12-inch, A Library

Chicago garage rock played through a busted speaker, first release from Uh Bones. Quick 1-3 minute tracks, reeeal short track breaks. Simple catchy rhythm, Hammond organ, crunchy guitar, fuzzy vocals. Lyrics somewhat incomprehensible. Diet Ty Segall, closer to the Kinks in tone and tempo. Easy tunes to groove on, tap a kicked up boot to the rhythm. No FCC???s that I could hear. YOUR MOTHER WILL LOVE THIS ALBUM.

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