Sissister/ Soup Purse [coll] – [Golden Slipper Records]

mouthbreather   5/31/2016   A Library, CD

the bugs crawl through your pores, exposing dermis, itch. insects made of metal, talking through modems while consuming and fornicating in flesh, yours. static floods your eardrums, as the bots take over your body, breathing, movement, mind. let it consume you as the scratches in your head grow louder.

sissisters – mellower noise
soup purse – crunchy electronic noise

Clever – “Kewdi Udi” – [Homeless]

mouthbreather   5/24/2016   12-inch, A Library

Brisbane (AUS) fast paced noise rockers with a penchant for punk. angry, raw, with a dash of childishness. jangly guitar, tight drums, and a vocalist emulating a slurring, cryptic johnny rotten.

vulgar sounding, sweet breakdowns. yummy yummy!

Toyota – “Concept Model(s) I-V” – [Discontinuous Innovation Inc.]

mouthbreather   5/24/2016   A Library, Cassette

SF hyperactive fun-punkers, all named after models of their namesake’s corporation. giving up jittery vocals, guitars, bloopy bass, energetic drumming in a self-imposed ‘pseudo-corporate rock’ genre… a coffee hyped baby Devo sound. not much melody here. sure to piss someone off.

play the tape! 10 minutes of fun, then its over!

Dezurik Sisters – “Yodel and Sing Their Greatest Hits” – [Mississippi Records]

mouthbreather   5/24/2016   12-inch, Country

Minnesota weirdos yip-cackling their way through these 26 selections. these farm girls hit their stride in the late 1930’s, buck-bucking their yodels to urbanites, radio listeners (WLS-AM’s National Barn Dance), and other audiences who had cut ties with their rural upbringings.

yodel yer scrotal; bock-buck yer flock, Chuck; chip-chiperry, Marie; try to sing with the birds.

Zu + Eugene Robinson – “Left Hand Path, The” – [Trost]

mouthbreather   5/18/2016   A Library, CD

ambient droney chugging through a self depreciating landscape of the paranoid mind. while Zu (Italy) normally gives an experimental instrumental offering, the inclusion of Eugene S Robinson’s (Oxbow) vocals and poems paints an extra layer of creep on top of a bleak sonic journey.

no drums or forward song structure like that of other Zu releases, guitars and electronics instead. way laid back on the musicianship.

night time music for moon worship and introspection. throw it in your mix!

Corrections House – “Know How to Carry a Whip” – [Neurot Recordings]

mouthbreather   5/11/2016   A Library, CD

angry industrial knife fight. members include Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Mike Williams (Eyehategod), and Sanford Parker (Minsk). punishing vibrations, muddy pissed of preaching peaks out of the mix at times, generally suffocating itself with energetic beats, guitar riffs, and a hint of saxophone.

easy to swallow, despite the jagged texture

Bilge Seaweed Orcastrua – “Salty Sea Shanties” – [UBUIBI]

mouthbreather   5/11/2016   7-inch, A Library

experimental pirate radio station operated by Big City Orchestra out of the Bay Area. field recordings, happy/sad drinking songs, consumerist worship all contained on this pretty blue 7″. NPARRR (National Pirate Radio) gives us lo-fi yum, coupled with boot-thumpy, folk instrument driven, shanties.

included is a cd of air checks of 16 tracks, with some great tunes and field recordings that didn’t make the EP. ??put it on continuous and feel the breeze in yer nethers.


Burger Boogaloo ’15 [coll] – [Burger Records]

mouthbreather   3/9/2016   A Library, Cassette

a collection of artists from the Burger Records Festival 2015. we got straight-forward, garage-y pop, lo-fi, 2-3 minute sizzlers all over this tape. fit into any poppy set with ease and teabag all your troubles away.

FCC free, though Teabag Party may not be a party for everyone!

Wet Ones – “S/t” – [Slovenly]

mouthbreather   1/27/2016   A Library, CD

Kansas City, Misery garage punk set comprised of ex FAG COP and MOUTHBREATHERS peoples. tight, catchy, crunchy punk with psych elements sprinkled in. reminds this mouthbreather of a thrashy King Khan & BBQ Show, Thee Oh Sees, and Black Lips. short tracks with a few FCCs, as noted. yum it up

Mad Genius – “2012” – [PIAS]

mouthbreather   1/27/2016   A Library, CD

‘a sonic time capsule for the end of days…which didn’t actually end’
audio samples of politics, crime, and zombies compiled with tunes to give us the big picture of pre-apocalypse 2012.
Negativland lovers, rejoice!

Heartland – “Union Pacific” – [Cream of Turner]

mouthbreather   11/21/2015   12-inch, A Library

drone-y waves of effects, vocalizations, stringed instruments, percussion and even a amplified model train set, though distinguishing these instruments isn’t as obvious as it would appear. moves real slow and spooky, delirious wails from a well. a standalone creep fest or mixing layer, your choice!

May, Brian – “Patrick” – [XOZMIQ]

mouthbreather   10/28/2015   12-inch, Soundtrack

Limited re-release of the soundtrack to this movie about a comatose patient who manipulates the mind of his hot nurse.
Score consists of the airy joys of falling in love (repeating melody) juxtaposed with the murderous creepy jitters on the next track. Fall in love, murder, rinse, repeat.

Pouzet, Nicolaus, Julian Palomo – “Elation (A Tribute to The Masters)” – [Improvising Beings]

mouthbreather   10/21/2015   CD, Jazz

Keyboard, Soprano Sax, and Shakuhachi (bamboo flute). Trks 1-4 are listed as one piece, but can be played separately. Soothing, sometimes dissonant improv, synthetic strings, rainy day staring out a window into the street wondering if you friends secretly hate you (they do, move on). K-RA: Beepboop, fart through a tube, grungy sidewalk, you gotta goooo. Synth driven rendition of Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.
Potential is there for good mixin’!

Rollig, Silke, Burton Greene – “Space Is Still The Place” – [Improvising Beings]

mouthbreather   10/21/2015   CD, Jazz

Husky female vocalist and erratic pianist duo give us some Avant Free Jazz. A few songs with lyrics, but for the most part Rollig (who writes the melodies) is scatting in synchronization with Greene’s playing. Liner notes on all songs give the thought process behind these well produced tracks, though the actual product drives me up a wall. Subject listeners to this, pretty please!


Wovoka – “Saros” – [Battleground Records]

mouthbreather   10/21/2015   A Library, CD

Debut album from LA Sludge Metal set. Crunchy guitar and legible vocals establish this journey through the wastes. Paints a vast, desolate landscape, cold mountain tops with wind carrying the battle cry throughout the plains. Slows down at the end of the album.

Walk up the alter and pull out your entrails to appease the disc in the sky

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