MC Sub-Zero Permafrost & LYDSOD – “My Brass Instrument” – [LYDSOD]

mickeyslim   9/10/2014   7-inch, Hip Hop

Hip-hop/brass-band/psych/noise orgy! MC Sub-Zero Permafrost spits raps overmusic from the project LYDSOD (a very sarcastic acronym for Live Your Dreams Stay Off Drugs), an acid drenched psych coalition from Brooklyn.

Very high pitched vocals, not sure if it spins correctly at 33 or 45 (I think its 45). The tuba and trombone add a zesty spice to the hip-hop flavor. The B-side wanders a bit into the noisy side of things, which I know a lot will enjoy. Throw it on the turntable and enjoy..

FCC: Both sides :(

Wikkid – “Intro, The” – [Soulthief Musick]

mickeyslim   9/10/2014   A Library, CD

One-man black metal band from South San Francisco. Goes by the moniker Wikkidiablo Wikkid. Five assaulting tracks of blood boiling blacker than black metal. Fast and in yo’ face, good use of electronics. Tracks almost bleed together.

Last two tracks are from a project, Blakhouse, that records for the same label. Joined by drummer, The Plague, things seem a little more disorganized, in a good, improverish kinda way. Much more earthy feel, drums don’t sound as forced.

Wicked torment…

Modern Mayan: The Indian Music of Chiapas, Mexico [coll] – [Moi J’Connais Records]

mickeyslim   9/3/2014   12-inch, International

Traditional music from Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico. Chiapas is home to the largest indigenous population in the country, with twelve different recognized ethnicities. Originally a Smithsonian Folkways release, Mississippi Records picked this up alongside Moi J’Connais.

Lots of different kinds of music here. There are homemade string instruments (guitars, violins), homemade drums, homemade flutes, harps, rattles, trumpets, and interesting vocals, sometimes in harmony. There is also four different languages being spoken on this album: Tzoztil, Tzeltal, Chol, and Tojolabal, and all share their roots with both Aztec and Spanish. The music played in these areas are purely ceremonial, never played for it’s own sake.

Deep, thick drums; shaky, high pitched voices; plucked string twangs; and floating flautists all make this a knock out add for KFJC. All tracks were recorded during actual fiestas in the community. Sick as fuck liner notes!

Show of Bedlam – “Roont” – [Choking Hazard Records]

mickeyslim   8/27/2014   12-inch, A Library


Heavy, doomy, nightmare-inducing metal music from the graveyards of Montreal. Haunting stoney sludge from Paulina Richards (vocals), Guillaume Pilote (guitar), Nick Richards (drums), and Ari Isensee (bass). Just recently added their split with Jucifer.

The female driven vocals really give this one a satisfying punch in the face. Nice long tracks here on Choking Hazard Records. Quality Canadian dirge..

Connoisseur – “Stoner Justice” – [Tank Crimes]

mickeyslim   8/27/2014   A Library, Cassette

New release from Oakland-based stoner punks. Six tracks on this single-sided green cassette, and it’s all over too fast. Great dirty tracks about smoking pot, smoking pot, and Oakland being a mecca for smoking pot. Sometimes the vocals are screamed, sometimes a nice low growl, all backed by head-smashing, rusty punk. My favorite is the story of the “Full Blown Marijuana Addict.” Watch for FCCs.

Put this in yer pipe and watch it buuuuurn….

Bukowski, Charles – “Reads His Poetry” – [Black Sparrow Graphic Arts]

mickeyslim   8/20/2014   A Library, CD


The dirty old man is back again (well not really.) Posthumous release on Black Sparrow press, this is a studio recording of Bukowski reading his poetry with no music, so this is a gem for mixing with. The usual topics are covered; whores, beer, horseraces, sex, smoking, late nights, etc.

The poet laureate of American low life bares it all, unaccompanied, and with very few direct FCCs. Keep in mind he does say some pretty naughty things…

One Night At The 1001 [coll] – [Sub Rosa]

mickeyslim   8/13/2014   A Library, CD


In 1954, Brion Gysin (longtime William S. Burroughs collaborator) traveled to Morocco and opened a restaurant in Tangiers called The Thousand and One Nights. I was here he would present the best Jajouka musicians nightly, as well as other Moroccan groups who specialized in exorcism and trance.

The first of this two-disc release includes recordings of a random night at The 1001. The musicians are unknown, and the tracks unnamed, but the first CD is super rare, super top notch Jajouka music. Definitely trancey and hypnotic, it conjures up a time and place, the recordings are raw, and may include Gysin coughing and making noises near the mic (see insert for letter to Raymuntcho Matta from Paul Bowles).

The second disc is fascinating too. Brion Gysin reads a poem, Dilaloo, an hour long piece about the origin of Life and so on. The poem is based on a Jajouka initiation ceremony Gysin was included in. Talks a lot about orgasms, genitals, rectums, masturbation, jelly etc. Gysin’s voice is almost monotonous, and plays directly with the ambient electronic hums by Matta.

For some reason it’s broken up into 41 different tracks, but all of CD2 tracks through. Favorite phrase: shit-encrusted armadillo gristle
Another piece of gold for KFJCs spoken word collection. Must play!

CD1-FCC clean
CD2-FCC: 3,5,7,8,9,11,13,17,18,19,20,34,38 but a lot is just downright naughty

Point Line Plane – “Smoke Signals” – [Skin Graft Records]

mickeyslim   8/13/2014   A Library, CD


Coming out of Portland, Point Line Plane was a duo of Josh Blanchard who sings/ plays keyboard and Nathan Carson who plays percussion/Moog. On this release from Skin Graft records they are joined by Howard Gillam on synth and effects.

Kind of garage rock/punk, in that is has a very DIY feel. Duo would do more of a noisy show during their tours, and that rears its ugly head the whole way through, making this something to behold.

Good for rockers and noisters..

Usui, H. – “Sings The Blues” – [VHF Records]

mickeyslim   7/23/2014   12-inch, A Library


Hiroyuki Usui sings the blues! Usui (Ghost, Fushitsusha, etc..) lends vocals to most of the tracks (all in Japanese?), and accompanies himself on bajo, guitar, steel guitar, bass, and cornet. From what I can tell, this is his first available solo work.

While this isn’t exactly blues music, it definitely has a blues theme. Very spacious sounds with minimal instrumentation, and yet Usui still evokes hypnotic rhythms. The sounds are very clear and each note has intent. Dark, woodsy, morose. Some Delta-ish slide guitar works it way in there.

The first two and second to last track utilize silence to create a feeling of coldness and solitude. The gaps are just uncomfortably too long. Very well done. Dig it!

Depressor – “Book of The Dead” – [Self-released]

mickeyslim   7/15/2014   7-inch, A Library


Book Of The Dead… there is no single copy of it remaining, maybe never was, only sections with magical spells that would aide the deceased’s journey into the Underworld.

This band takes the opposite route, coming straight FROM the Underworld. Aggressive, pissed off, death metal; some call it crust punk or industrial, and while I can see where they’re coming from, and it has those flavors… no bro.

The first and last tracks are instrumentals, but you wont really notice ’cause it’s over way too fast. Great stuff here, with Gabriel Gabriloff of ’09 & ’10-era Acephalix. At least stop to check out the colored vinyl.

PGM: All sides track, B2-locked groove? or does it just skip at the last groove…?

Jackson, Lil Son – “Lil Son Jackson” – [Arhoolie Productions]

mickeyslim   7/2/2014   12-inch, Blues


Born in Texas in August 1916 as Melvin Jackson. Wasn’t a child prodigy like his contemporary, Lightnin’ Hopkins, but did learn to be a mechanic. It wasn’t until after serving in WWII that he decided to make a living playing the guitar, when he earned his nickname for his short stature. Eventually went on to record for Imperial Records with a couple hits.

Coming home from a performance or something, his driver fell asleep at the wheel resulting in a crash. His injuries were enough to make him leave to business, and he went back to being a mechanic.

Great blues numbers here, all tracks are Jackson solo on guitar and vox. Songs about love (Girl I love, Roberta Blues, Louise Blues), foreign places (Cairo Blues, Santa Fe Blues), and general blues-i-ness. Almost MS delta sound, but unique in its own right.

Recorded by Arhoolie label-founder Chris Strachwitz in 1960 (the year he founded the label) in Dallas, TX.

Wolf Steps – “Full Moons Over Pandemonia” – [Self-released]

mickeyslim   6/11/2014   A Library, CD

Appropriately subtitled “A Docu-Orchestral Voyage,” this double disc release delivers just that. Synthesizers, pianos, organs, accordions maybe (?), growling thunderous electronics, and vocal samples all weave themselves into this hour and a half piece of mind warping madness.

While this definitely sounds like a twisted soundtrack of sorts, I’d say it has more of a narrative by itself. What it’s a story of, I’m not sure, what I am sure about is that it’s hectic, its dark, it doomy and absolute. The Four Kings of the Apocalypse make numerous appearances.

The second disc is noticably more black. The song don’t track, but there’s lots to love. Jump around and find some thing.. I’m sure you’ll dig.

Strangulated Beatoffs – “White Album, The” – [Skin Graft Records]

mickeyslim   5/28/2014   A Library, CD


All the songs you know and love! Shitdisturbers Fritz Noble and Stan Seitrich recorded their version of the Beatles’ White Album back in 1989, but only released four of the tracks on a 7″.

Now released as a full album on Skin Graft Records! Songs are actually played pretty straight ahead, or it sounds like they meant to, but they’re a little to tired or drunken or stoney, or some condo of all three. FCC at beginning of track 2, and the last track ends with a minute left, but the band sings “Her Majesty” from Abbey Road (very drunken). Pick your favorite tune and reminisce… well, sort of.

Melchior, Dan – “Slow Down Tiger” – [Starlight Furniture Co.]

mickeyslim   5/7/2014   12-inch, A Library


Hypnotic ambientness and extrodinary sampling on this, Dan Melchior’s latest solo release.

Starts off with a lulling, hypnotic synth in the backround as an organ pattern gets layered over it. Sounds like a haunted shipyard at midnight, or in the distance howling in a graveyard.

Spoken samples are woven through the whole A-side: field recordings of the 1990 poll tax riots in London, Chilean poet Nicanor Parra; a clip from Sult, the Swedish film based on Knut Hamsun???s Hunger; Russian absurdist/surrealist Daniil Kharms; Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins; author of modernist masterpiece Briggflatts Basil Bunting; the eternally disenchanted Alan Dugan; and John Betjeman. The side ends with multiple layers of random beats falling in and out of sync, I could hear a heart rate monitor and a phone ringing, with other electronics I’m sure.

B-side was almost just an psyched-out instrumental drone version of the A-side. Almost makes you fall asleep, but keeps you attentive, could very well be used as a mixing tool. Get into this, many people will dig..

Cline, Nels/ Corsano, Chris/ Giffoni, Carlos – “GRADUATION” – [FREE103POINT9]

mickeyslim   4/30/2014   12-inch, A Library


The first part of this album by noisicians Nels Cline, Chris Corsano and Carlos Giffoni (this time calling themselves the Graduation Trio) starts as an assaulting improv of guitar/drums/electronics and slowly winds down, with quirky guitar ramblings and quiet drum madness fizzling out, electronic tweaks and static crawl through the cracks the whole way through.

Then, once you’ve finished that.. you can enjoy it again, this time re-mixed by Carlos Giffoni, much noisier, more electronic, more glitchy, and doomier at parts, much more dynamic sounding if that’s what you’re going for. B-side takes on a personal feel, like Giffoni’s own project, in a sense.

I enjoyed the A-side more, for it’s earthier sounding noise (if that’s a thing).

Heads, The – “Tilburg” – [Rooster Rock]

mickeyslim   4/9/2014   12-inch, A Library


Four guys from England: Paul Allen (guitar, vox, audio generator), H.O. Morgan (bass), Wayne Maskell (drums, sonic attack), and Simon Price (guitar vox). This is a live album from a July 2008 European tour with Wooden Shjips. This recording is from a night in Tilburg, Netherlands at a place called 013 Poppodium.

As I dropped the needle on the first side of this double LP, I could feel the room slowly filling with smoke as the psychedelic haze began. You can feel the energy of the live show, in the guitars mostly, the wailing lead, and the heavy riffage as it slowly turns into a more spaced out atmospheric experience. The last track is the entire D-Side “Spliff Riff,” and it cooks! What starts as an assault slowly mellows out, but the beat speeds up, moaning guitars, thumping drums, gutteral bass.. cool electronics at the end? Or is it feedback noise?

Sides A-C: 3 bowls, Side D: 3 bowls by itself.

FCC: At the very beginning of the B-Side, he says, “We’re The Heads, thanks and SHIT”

Liles, Andrew – “Ninki Nanka, Yumboes & Monsters” – [Dirter Promotions]

mickeyslim   4/2/2014   A Library, CD


Nurse with Wound, Current 93 character Andrew Liles brings us another in his “Monster” series, this one being partially inspired by a Lee “Scratch” Perry album being produced by a friend. So a few years later Liles decided to make his own dub album with voices from Maude Swift and Steve Pittis.

I’d call it minimal dub noise, Hawkeye called it drugs & bass. Definitely on the dub side, while still being a little dynamic. Lots of moaning and growling, buzzes, squelches and squaks. Four tracks on this guy, the first one is a 14-minute long space trip, very minimal, silent at points even. Let’s you slip into the mood.

Second track only 5 minutes, but scarier, more brooding, with tribal drumming. Track 3 is my favorite for bringing in the funky bassline for a good 9-10 minutes, then there’s breaking glass and liquid sounds with a cool spoken word piece. Last track is an eleven minute, slower, spacier dub track with deep dark horns with some nice screaming in the middle.

Fun noize dubz..

Replica – “Demo Tape” – [Self Release]

mickeyslim   4/2/2014   A Library, Cassette


Super fast, loud, angry, hardcore shit punk from Oakland. Bunch of chicks (possibly?) Seriously in yo’ face, all up in your grill kind of shit.

A grand total of five minutes on this over-too-soon self-release. Play it, I dare you.

Hurricanes of Love – “Quintorian Blues” – [Feeding Tube Records]

mickeyslim   4/2/2014   12-inch, A Library

Needless to say, this shit is off tha chain!

Hurricanes of Love is the solo project of Frank Hurricane (Frank Copenhaven) from Brooklyn. Psychedelic gangsta blues music. He plays ambient blues pickings and tells stories of hiking trips and taking lots of drugs and drinking lots of alcohol, and meeting strange people: pimps, serial killers, etc. Everything he describes is either: holy, psychedelic, or spiritual. Also everything he likes is described as “off tha chain!”

The stories are pretty hilarious, they don’t really go anywhere, it’s all in the way he tells them.

FCC: A2, B2, Side C, and D3.

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