Off! – “Compared to What” – [Southern Lord Recordings]

mickeyslim   11/16/2011   7-inch, A Library

2 songs from OFF! Awesome job by Keith MOrris (blackflag, circlejerks), joins Dimitri Coats, Steven McDonald (reddkross) and Mario Rubalcaba (hotsnakes). The tracks are reminiscent of tight pantsed head-bangin punks punching and kicking things, and of course Morris’ flailing dreads.

Rotten Apple: distorted grinding guitar tries to embody chorus line “I’m the rotten apple on your family tree.”

Compared to What: Faster, louder, BETTER! More yelling, killer guitar work and licks in the transition.


Red Dons – “Pariah” – [Deranged Records]

mickeyslim   11/16/2011   7-inch, A Library

Red Dons is the primary band from what’s called the Vagabond Sound Music Collective based in Portland, started by Doug Burns (lead vocals/guitar) and Hajji Husayn (bass/vocals). While many folks have been in and out of the band, this collection is Burns, Husayn, Richard Joachim (drums/vocals) and Will Kinser (lead guitar) of Born/Dead (see A library).

Pariah is a very fast, in yo’ face punk track with a flat, repetetive guitar melody in the background. These guys know how to rock out.

It’s Your Right is a GEM! It changes tempo a couple times in the song, and switches from what sounds like three different tracks. They fit together very well. PLAY THIS SONG!

Very versatile for a punk group, these guys are pro

Death Trap – “No Hicks” – [Feral Kids Recoreds]

mickeyslim   11/9/2011   7-inch, A Library

Death Trap was a hardcore punk band from King City, CA who started in 1983. The band wasn’t around very long, but Feral Kid Records decided to put this record out some 25 years after it was recorded. 4 tracks recorded on a 4-track. “No Hicks” is basically the bands socio-commentary on the people from King City as are the other tracks on this album. Sounds exactly like what it is, four teens from the buttcrack of California beating the shit out of their instruments…

Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw – “Night Gallery” – [Thrill Jockey Records]

mickeyslim   11/9/2011   12-inch, A Library

This is Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw performing live on KVRX Austin, TX in March 2010. It’s one 45-minute long jam that tracks through, broken into four peices of the same movement, Night Gallery. The first part is mostly Sun Araw going for a 9 minute long psych drone. Then part II comes in heavy and kind of suddenly as the tempo builds and the guitars start to shred back and forth. Part III mellows out a bit as the drums get sludgier and a drone builds and builds to part IV which highlights an organ in the beginning to turn into an awesome climaxing pulsing psyched out mesh of both bands rocking out, even some unintelligible vocals. Killer shit… and its from live on the radio!

Ultrathin – “Glass City” – [Badmaster]

mickeyslim   8/24/2011   7-inch, A Library

Debut album by Ultrathin, a trio of Canadians (Montreal area), who successfully throw down two?? garage-ish punk songs. Two members from another Canadian band, Pink Noise (check A vinyl.) First side, “Glass City,” is quite power chord happy keeping it fast and in-your-face. Kind of funky bassline, shredding guitar solo at the end. “Don’t Mess” get’s even farther into your face with a screechy guitar, screechy vocals, and a tom-heavy drumline. Dark, gloomy, heartburning, face-shredding magic…

Human Eye – “They Came From The Sky” – [Sacred Bones Records]

mickeyslim   7/13/2011   12-inch, A Library

Bass, drums, guitar, ???alien??? piano and saxophone all thrown together to make Human Eye, a four-piece from Chicago. Up-tempo drums with lots of drum rolls, facemelting psychedelic distorted guitar riffs and drudgy vocals. They Came From the Sky is slower and stonier than the rest of the album and I think it???s what most folks will dig more than the other tracks, speeds up at the very end though. Can definitely be played a side at a time since the tracks have very little space in between tracks. Also check out Junkyard Heart. Guaranteed to get listeners heart pumping.

Nacho Business – “Nacho Business” – [Sacramento Records]

mickeyslim   6/28/2011   7-inch, A Library

Candice Adams (vocals/bass), Heather Crocker (vocals/guitar), and Alec Roberts (drums) make up Nacho Business, a garage band from Sacramento that sounds like they???re playing their middle school talent show. Bubble-gum punk? The second track, Spend the Night, is the highlight of the album, but only because the drummer speeds up the beat (unless you enjoy a spacey, twee-punk sound more, check out Cotton Candy Dreams.) All tracks are under two minutes. Final track ends very abruptly.

– Mickey Slim

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