Mad Nanna – “I Made Blood Better” – [Goaty Tapes]

mickeyslim   4/3/2012   A Library, Cassette

Mad Nanna is Michael Zulicki who runs the Albert’s Basement label outside of Melbourne, Australia, where he resides. From what I gathered, Mickey (as they call him!) plays his skewed take on “pop” music, getting together with random musicians who sometimes haven’t heard the music before. Mostly lo-fi recordings make the album seem very live, like its coming at you from your living room, and at times, sounds like it’s coming from someone else’s. Some tracks sound like they’re very stripped down; metal trash cans and plastic tubs drum set and one chord songs with crappy mic volume, daddy likey.

The volume likes to fluctuate, but it only gives it a grittier more homemade sound, which I approve of on this album. Sometimes bluesy, sometimes psychy, also some popy numbers, and drudgier stuff as well. His guitar feels thrown together in the moment, keeping you waiting for the next note, but played precisely in time. Track 2 and 7 are spoken and 7 sounds like it might have a “fuck you” on it. Mad Nanna has some 7″s?? out also, would love to see more of this group in the library! Eat it up!

PGM: track 7 (B3) may have a “fuck you” on it.

Nautical Almanac / Vertonen [coll] – [Crippled Intellect Prods.]

mickeyslim   4/3/2012   12-inch, A Library

Killer split from Nautical Almanac (formed in 1994 in Ann Arbor), and Vertonen (Blake Edwards from the Bay Area). Droney and sometimes grooving, this album feels half like a noise party and half like a droned out war scene.

Nautical Almanac takes the award for most noise party sounding. Plethoras of beeps, a symphony of sirens, the first track feels like a wet, damp, city scene. Second track starts quiet and build to multiple electrocutions layered over the sound of breaking glass then a warbled computer in an empty hospital room. A3 is the noise party Friday night!

Vertonen wins war scene award for it’s first two tracks. First one takes place in outer space and the second near a helicopter pad at sunset. B3 is a salsa-ish song… yeah you heard me. Cool release, interesting blend of the two groups, recommended for everyone!

Walls – “Future Is Wide Open, The” – [Iron Lung Records]

mickeyslim   3/28/2012   12-inch, A Library

Four guys out of Seatlle, WA who are very pissed off. Luck enough to have them up in the Pit early this year, and what a performance it was. A lot of the songs they performed are here on this album released last year. With socially provocative lyrics and a hardcore-punk/ noise-metal sound this album does a good job of getting you nice and pissed off as well (especially after checking out the killer lyrics sheet inside.)

Slow and drudgy in places, crazy fast and insane at others, throathy and also peircing screaming lyrics, and the drums create a sense of urgency with a slow tempo. This band has an incredible diversity of sound, and also had you moving around like you’re having an epileptic seizure.

FCC: A1, A3 (which tracks into A4), A6, B1 (tracks into B2), B3, B4, B6*

*awesome lyrics though

Monypeny, Derek – “Limerence” – [Underwater Experience]

mickeyslim   3/22/2012   A Library, Cassette

Limerence (n), term coined in ’77 to describe the strong romantic attraction to someone else, coupled with the obsessive need for the feelings to be reciprocated by the limerant object. This cassette will undoubtedly be the limerant object for many DJ’s up here at KFJC. Monypeny uses electric oud and the electric guitar, making this release less Middle Eastern influenced. The first track on side A starts off in the middle of a cloud of bees swarming around and around, distracting you from something. That something comes unexpectedly and sounds like a robotic Godzilla tearing apart cars at the junkyard. Second track is more of a lucid underwater naptime dream. Three is hypnotic ambient single notes until halfway it stops and turns into a handdrum jam.

Then turn this sucker over and experience the 17:00 long track. Sparse sounds warbling by, slowly building and building to drop back down, never really hitting a peak. Awesome job here, and I think many will enjoy, especially with all the love Don’t Bring Me Down, Bruce has been getting. Get your fix…

Mickey Slim

Tiger Asylum Records [coll] – [Tiger Asylum]

mickeyslim   3/21/2012   A Library, CD

Some very different things on this collection from Tiger Asylum records. 15 different bands execute some form of improvisational experimentation. Ranging from brass ensembles to full force free-jazz to soulful spoken word (of which I am migthy fond.) Includes tracks by Ben Miller of Destroy all Monsters solo work and work in Push-Pull Orchestra. Mothguts and Herb Robertson blow my mind away with their punch in the face jazz explosion. We also hear the words of Ra Washington, who performs his own poetry on one track and has a woman read it on the second. Wish we had more of this guy. Khouri/Soderberg (A library) make quasi-soothing electronic space warbles. Chris Welcome is a slow, heavy stepping, free moving drunken haze in front of a bar just before last call. Lots of cool stuff on here, something for everybody, play before time runs out!

Oh yeah, there???s some cursing and shit on track two..

Joyce Collingwood – “Joyce Collingwood” – [Self-release]

mickeyslim   3/21/2012   7-inch, A Library

Hardcore Canadian punk ladies rock out in this self-release from Twitch Carreras and Claudia Fernandez on vocals and guitar, Gillian Callander on bass and Joy Mullen on drums. Joyce Collington is a airtram station in their hometown of Vancouver, B.C. I like the all female lineup, mostly because the vocals aren’t as deep and throaty, or high pitched screetchy. Very cool hardcore here… B2 is a little stoney/drudgey.

All songs come in around 1 minute, and watch for curse words , fool!

FCC: A1, A2, A4, B4

Amoumine, Agali Ag – “Takamba” – [Mississippi Records]

mickeyslim   3/7/2012   12-inch, International

Agali “Ali” Ag Amoumine is not from Takamba, nor is he Sonrai, the ethnicity credited with the creation of Takamba music. Ali lives in Timbouctou, 150 miles up river. I’m not sure that matters much, because this recording of Ali on electrified terhardent accompanied by Alhassane Maiga on calabash kicks ass! Originally distributed on cassette and cell phones, Ali’s music is regularly played on the local radio station and is likely on memory cards into Niger, and now into KFJC’s library.

Occasional shouting and the distortion on Ali’s two-stringed terherdent make for long hypnotic psyche jams. The calabash keeps a low steady rhythm as the songs progress. They play a lot of takamba standards, but at least one, Hali Diallo, is an original about a Pulaar woman.

Side A tracks through to the end with a time of 19:36, and Side B seems to pause only once 8:38 into it with 11:48 remaining. You can either drop the needle anywhere, or my favorite, play the whole fucking side. Mix with it, play it alone, just throw it on a turntable already!

Shanley, Scott – “Equinox, The” – [Self -released]

mickeyslim   2/29/2012   A Library, CD

Electric guitar chaos from Scott Shanley, noisemaker extraordinaire!
Scratchy, ear-bleeding crunch and static manipulation. Sounds like a
cat screaming as it wakes up from a nightmare. A police siren on an
oil rig stuck in a massive thunderstorm. The two long tracks remind me
of coming up on a bad acid trip, as they slowly ebb and flow. Last
track has trippy distorted spoken vocals and a couple false endings. Turn up and enjoy

Axolotl – “Telesma” – [Spooky Action]

mickeyslim   2/29/2012   A Library, CD

This release by Axolotl (pronounced axel-ottle) is the solo output of
Karl Bauer, who says he tries to create a physical experience from the
music, which you experience when throwing on your head phones and
blasting it. Much louder and multi layered than other releases. Static
and voices, melodcally daunting layered electronics create gorgeous
drones and ambient squeeks that make you feel stuck in the colorful
bubble of a lava lamp.
1 Giant orchestral wave of spacey noice that crashes suddenly
2 Space station musical chairs, foggy construction site stuck on spin cycle
3 Sea static stuck in traffic, helicopter dream fades out
4 mermaid chorus with reverb, futuristic copcar sirens, wave of dragon
fire at end
5 melodic EAS test from across church, ends at :04

Rene, Wendy – “After Laughter Comes Tears: 1964-65” – [Light in the Attic]

mickeyslim   2/21/2012   12-inch, Soul

From her first song, the?? first note, through both LPs, this girl has some fucking soul. Wendy Rene, born Mary Frierson in Memphis, corralled her siblings and formed the vocal group the Drapels, who got immediately signed to Stax’s subsidiary label, Vox. Mary got signed the same day when she showed Stax cofounder Jim Stewart songs she had written. She recorded her songs with her brother Johhny, Booker T and the MGs and Otis Redding (who coined her stage name, Wendy Rene).

After three singles of her own music, two with the Drapels, and being included on a roster for a French Stax compilation, she retired to take care of her growing family. Made some royalties when WuTang Clan sampled After Laughter. She returned to do one more show in New Orleans in 2010. She currently sings in her local church choir.

Rene has such as strong?? voice, and the power in her voice in the first couple tracks really get you moving. This is all of her recordings, including all the songs recorded with the Drapels. Brilliant liner notes, amazing release. I can tell this is going to be a KFJC favorite, so hit it up before it becomes uncool…

PGM: all songs just fade out slowly

Tru Thoughts – Shapes Compilation [coll] – [Tru Thoughts]

mickeyslim   2/11/2012   A Library, CD

This is the second compilation KFJC has goten from Tru Thoughts records, formed by Paul Jonas and Robert Louis in Brighton, UK in 1999 after the succedd of thier nightclub. Became one of the most repected independent labels in the UK. Tru Thoughts also birthed three sublabels: 7sevenm, concentrating on funk/soul; Unfold, who releases compilations (not this one suprisingly), and Zebra Traffic, releasing UK hip-hop.

This album is really a mix of all thos; danceable beats that are funky groovy, hippy and hoppy. Liner notes explain individual track sounds, but ludge for yourself. Some tracks are definitely better than others, so preview that shit…

If this album was a beer, it would be a strong IPA of sorts.

Best tracks: 1,3,4,9,14,15

Instrumentals: 1,7,12, (13?)

Coxhill, Lol – “Bald Soprano Companion, The” – [Tak Tak Tak]

mickeyslim   2/11/2012   Cassette, Jazz

Coxhill is a prolific solo soprano and sopranino sax player. this album is supposed to accompany a book of the same name, which is a biography of Coxhill’s life. Half of the songs were written for the album, others were recorded live or come from soundtracks.

The music changes from groovin boppy sax riffs to wonky squeaks and high pitched expirimentation. Very versatile player. Feels like a “best of” album. Long tracks good for mixing since it’s all solo saxophone work. Great expirimental imporv here.

mickey slim

Sun Foot – “Songs In The Key of R, B & C” – [Awesome Vistas]

mickeyslim   1/31/2012   12-inch, A Library

This album is a split release by Teenage Teardrops and Awesome Vistas of Sun Foot, a trio based in Portland including Ron Burns of Swell and Star Pimp, Awesome Vistas label founder Chris Johanson, and Brian Mumford of Dragging an Ox Through Water and Jackie-O Motherfucker. These guys utilize guitar, bass, handdrums, electronic drumpad cymbals, pan lids, clarinet, tape, a computer, and vocals. I’m not really sure how to?? classify this music, you’ll just have to take a listen and enjoy.

A-side is a monotonous side-long, one-chord guitar with pings and pangs and droned chanting, plus some awesome hand drum action. A little to straightahead for me, maybe good for mixing.

B-side is all over the place… in a good way. B1 sounds like its trying to be bluesy and psychy at teh same time, reminiscent of 60’s classic rock. B2 is twangy twangy twang, one-chord guitar, two note bass line, a short and sweet guitar solo in the wrong key in the middle, other found sounds sprinkled through.

B3 uses wonky clarinet and what sounds like vinyl scratching. There’s someone yelling in pain, then strange electronic noises overtake the music. B4 is a short, almost surf sounding track, and B5 is a mix-mash of it all, kind of a weird electronic surf punk ballad. Lots will like, and many will love; only 400 copies. Enjoy!


Diet Cokeheads – “Ocular” – [Vinyl Rites]

mickeyslim   1/18/2012   7-inch, A Library

New single from Daniel Halal (bass), Brian Hennessy (guitar), and newcomer Vivienne Rohan (drums) who are the noisemaking Diet Cokeheads from Harry Pussy’s hometown of Gainesville, FL. This is the third in a series called “Orifices,” ??the other two albums titled “Oral,” and “Nasal.”

The A-side is “M. Dumptruck,” a 3-minute long freak out with female vocals screaming accompanied by maniacally deep mimicing male vocals. Then it starts to switch back and forth between a danceable girly pop beat.

B-side is 6-minute long eccentric noise/punk/psych/metal jam. Spacey reverby vocals float in the background as it changes quickly from slow rhythmic tones to heavy punk to a stoner metal jam. Fun for the whole family!

mickey slim

Lande, Aubrey W/ Shelley, Amy – “Dick” – [Self-release]

mickeyslim   1/17/2012   A Library, CD


Amy Shelley is a jazz/ improv drummer from the Denver, CO area, and

Aubrey Lande is an improvisational vocalist who sings primarily with

her husband Art Lande (see Jazz Vinyl.) Amy Shelley keeps it

inconspicuous for most of the album, with desolate toms, vibes and

cymbals. Aubrey Lande, on the other hand, goes balls out improvising

lyrics, which at first listen sound kind of ??corny and cheesy, but to

think that she comes up with them on the spot during recording??? I give

her props. She messes with the sound of the words and when she finds a

particular sounds she likes, she repeats the word with different vowel

and consonant sounds.

Track 3 is some creative gibberish Lande sings in falsetto. Track 6

sounds really sensual and sultry in the way Lande speaks. In track 7,

Shelley busts out a sick hip-hop beat, and Lande talks about the

ingredients in maple syrup (worms, sperm, and whale sperm parts,

paramecium, parmesan cheese.) Track 9 we hear the drums wax and wane

from overpowering the lyrics to being almost unheard, back and forth.

Creative, fresh, and something for spoken word lovers! Check this out

and play it now!

Gauthier, Jeff Goatette – “Open Source” – [Cryptogramophone]

mickeyslim   1/11/2012   CD, Jazz

Jeff Gauthier with Nels and Alex Cline, long-time collaborators, are experimenting with mixing jazz and their unique ambient effects into the background of their songs. Four of the six guys are credited as playing “effects” on top of their other instruments, and the eerie, wonky space effects are a great accompaniment to Nels Cline???s electric guitar work.

Things Past is lackluster, and doesnt contain anything distinct we havent heard before, but still check it out. Track 6 is a cover of Ornette Colemans, Joy Of A Toy, which waxes and wanes in and out of outer spacey jazz sounds. The last and title track, builds slowly from a spacey, pitter-patter soundscape to an almost modern classical sounding bridge, back into the crazed power jazz breakdowns theses guys are pioneers of. Great addition to the plentiful Nels Cline collection here at KFJC???

Fly Girlz, The – “Da’ Brats From Da’ Ville” – [sockets]

mickeyslim   1/11/2012   12-inch, Hip Hop

A great example of not judging a record by its cover, Da??? Brats From Da???Ville, is a group of six high schoolers from Brownsville Middle School, ages 12-14, who were the product of a city funded after school music program that called themselves the Fly Girlz.More importantly on this album, though, are the dirty industrial beats and effects that accompany these girls. The fact that these girls chose weird spacey janglings and bells, toy piano solos, thick beats, make them an impressive representation of New York City???s youth. This album unites two different sounds and the contrast of electronic beats and young girls clicks right into place???

Mastered by Weasel Walter of The Flying Luttenbachers. This album has a lot for everybody, and I???m not sure whether this should go into Hip Hop or A. Not checking it out might be a crime of some kind.

Petit, Phillipe – “Henry: The Iron Man” – [Beta-lactum Ring Records]

mickeyslim   12/22/2011   A Library, CD

Two long tracks and one shortie of skritchy scratchy staticy voices, like a deaf-mute’s schitzophrenic thoughts as they walk through a quiet bus station depot. Hollow ambient voices turn into a loud stagnant drone, the bus station bustling now, and loud trains whir and whizzz by like an industrial battlecry, then back into a low monotonous dream. Philippe Petit is not the famous tightrope walker, but rather the creept turntablist. The album is based on a dream of Petit’s where he dreamed?? Shinya Tsukamoto made a twisted re-make of “Eraserhead,” amd he was writing the score… irky.


M. Slim

Francis Harold and The Holograms – “Who Said These Were Happy Times” – [Going Underground]

mickeyslim   12/22/2011   12-inch, A Library

Like a scary nightmarish dream, this electrified drudge crawls out of the murky muddy swamp and into the demented minds of this foursome from Arizona. The album consists of nin tracks of ghostlike screaming from a man in a dog maks and blackface, psyched out guitar riffs, stony thrumming drumming, feedback galore, and randon tempo changes. The last track, “Did You Hear,” is an eleven minute long stoner epic, maniacal laughing and inaudible screaming, bluesy distortion from guitarist, and droning bass; a perfect demonic accumulation of these guys’ best. Francis Harold says of his own music, “It’s, uh, really tense and really awkward and really confusing, like when you first get ot middle school and you have to dress out for P.E”


mickey slim

Kieltolaki – “Kuoleva Systeemi” – [Feral Ward]

mickeyslim   11/23/2011   7-inch, A Library

p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: Times; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }

Kieltolaki is a Finnish hardcore band from a small town called Turku. Their name means ???prohibition,??? specifically of the alcohol variety. You can tell that these Fins are fucking pissed off, and it makes me want to learn Finnish so I can tell what it is I???m supposed to be pissed about. The songs undoubtedly have cursing in them, but since they???re sung in Finnish, there???s no worry. The title track is only slightly sludgier than the rest, with an awesome growling scream in the beginning. The rest is pretty much fast-ass, maniacal laughing, screaming blood, punk

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