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Hemroid The Leader

Albinoni, Tommaso – “Sinfonie For Orchestra” – [Musical Heritage Society]

Hemroid The Leader   10/11/2016   12-inch, Classical

Tommaso Albinoni, self described dilettante, scion of paper-mill wealth, Venetian contemporary of Vivaldi. Known mostly in his time as a composer of operas. None were published so what is known of him are instrumental Sonatas and Sinfonias. Sounds like a car or diamond ring commercial, sounds like Vivaldi, sounds like Classical. B2 is notable for its lack of counterpoint, prefiguring the symphony

Del Piano, Roberto – “Le Main Qui Cherche La Lumiere” – [Improvising Beings]

Hemroid The Leader   9/27/2016   CD, Jazz

trans: The Hand That Seeks The Light. It must be really dark in there. The band fumbles madly for their instruments. Somebody turn on the light! Strange ensemble, like a pot stirred non-stop, never allowed to simmer. Just steamy fumble. Bassist Del Piano leads two different bands through two CDs on the excellent Tokyo label Improvising Beings. Subtle electronics are more noticeable on CD1.

Vlatkovich, Michael – “Myrnofant’s Kiss” – [Pfmentum]

Hemroid The Leader   9/16/2016   CD, Jazz

Born in St. Louis, Missouri and awarded a scholarship to attend the St. Louis School of Music, trombonist Michael Vlatkovich has lived in Los Angeles since 1973. His session resume includes films such as John Cassavettes’ Tempest.

Here, he leads a quartet in a creative improv setting. Jonathan Golove’s electric cello is alternately bowed and plucked, and along with David Mott’s baritone sax stands in for the bass. Chris Garcia on drums. Trombone, bari sax, and drum often conjure a second-line feel.

Cline, Nels – “Dirty Baby” – [Cryptogramophone]

Hemroid The Leader   8/21/2016   CD, Jazz

Conceived as a “trialogue” between the music of Nels Cline, paintings of Ed Ruscha and poems of David Breskin. This is the musical component to Dirty Baby, a multimedia work of music, poetry, and pictures performed at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. A deluxe monograph was published by DelMonico Books.
Two discs of instrumentals from two different nonets. A major work in the canon of Nels Cline, features brother Alex, Vinny Golia, Wayne Peet, Scott Amendola et al. CD1: Longer tunes. CD2: Shorter tracks, wildly eclectic, Funky Bluesy Thrashy, Great track names taken from Ed Ruscha paintings. Ambitious; the larger group gives Cline a lot of different possibilities.

Wyche, Daniel – “Our Severed Sleep” – [eh?]

Hemroid The Leader   8/9/2016   A Library, CD

Daniel Wyche – Guitar, Ryan Packard – Drums. Recorded in Chicago 2015. Two long tunes. Wyche’s drone-feedback LFO guitar ebbs & flows. Drummer Packard mixes noise and free jazz, shows good chops. Released by eh? records.

Chesky, David – “Agnostic, The” – [Chesky Records, Inc.]

Hemroid The Leader   8/9/2016   A Library, CD

David Chesky’s The Agnostic (1997) performed by the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir with Alto, Bass, and Boy Alto soloists. Recorded March 2000 in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Sacrilegious music. Libretto inspired by Beckett, Camus, Nietszche & others. An Agnostic believes things are essentially unknowable and that human knowledge is limited to experience. “My name is Todd and I am dead / … I’m but a child / … I question this God.” Lots of dynamic range in the recording.

Premature Burial – “Conjuring, The” – [New Atlantis]

Hemroid The Leader   7/26/2016   12-inch, A Library

Brass trio Premature Burial’s debut features Matt Nelson on sax&efx, Dan Peck on tuba&efx, and Peter Evans on piccolo trumpet. Named for a Poe story about being unable to move and buried alive. Spectral improvisations. Tense drones. Close mic mouthpiece makeouts. Processing.
Versatile material could be drone, academic, jazz, noise.

Ostermeier, M. – “Tiny Birds” – [Words on Music]

Hemroid The Leader   6/22/2016   A Library, CD

A flapping of wings
Strapped to the gurney, the somber tones of a gentle piano, the medicine cart squeaks down the hallway. A window is open somewhere. The medicine man is adorned with clattering gold bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and tusks of every kind. Down the hatch …

Honey – “Love Is Hard” – [Wharf Cat Records]

Hemroid The Leader   6/15/2016   A Library, CD

Loud, greasy slice of New York maximum rocknroll on a semitranslucent drippy paper plate. Brooklyn trio Cory Feierman, William Schmiechen (Amen Dunes), and Dan Wise (Psychic Ills) I-iv-V garage psych. Toppings include MC5, Stooges, Coachwhips.

Dieterich & Barnes – “Coral Casino, The” – [LM Duplication]

Hemroid The Leader   5/18/2016   A Library, CD

The day after they met, John Dieterich of deerhoof & Jeremy Barnes of Neutral Milk Hotel sat in a room and attempted to ignore each other while improvising. The resulting music is synthy, polyrhythmic, a bit like Ghanaian pop music, a bit like fusion jazz. Soulful.
Jeremy heads LM Duplication, they’ve released Eastern European traditional sounds. This makes for a provocative contextual wrinkle.

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