Sleep – Over – “Casual Diamond” – [Hippos In Tanks]

Dianthus   6/24/2011   7-inch, A Library

If you have ever imagined what song Kyle MacLachlan from Twin Peaks might do a striptease to, I think the song “Casual Diamond” just might be it. The Austin trio Sleep – Over brings hauntingly, harmonious, whispy vocals to some dreary, stretched-out guitars glittered in echoes and tunneling snares. This song makes you want to gather a sleeping bag, some popcorn, that really weird doll that grandma gave you and your tweeny girlfriends and go watch a David Lynch marathon. Flip this little forty- fiver over and enjoy the Brooklyn born electronic composer Laurel Halo remix the tune. She brings the synthed, industrial beats to the “adult sleep over” where you had just danced all night but are still not ready to hit the hay yet because your buddy just brought you a mimosa at 3am. If you enjoy the ghostly vocals of the Cocteau Twins laced with some David Torn – style guitars, you should be able to curl up next to Stefanie Franciotti and her 2 newest recruits from some of Austin’s best bands Pure X and Silent Diane. All together they make Sleep – Over one yummy auditory sundae.


Pangaea – “Inna Daze / Won’t Hurt” – [Hessle Audio]

Dianthus   6/22/2011   12-inch, A Library

Dubstep has taken a turn up in the last year or so. Not so much the volume or the amount of sub-bass, but the amount of beats per minute. Pangaea (aka Kevin McAuley) and co-founder of Hessle Audio, has done just this. He brings the roots of UK dubstep along with some teched-out fruity loops to this nice 2-track EP. The first track “Inna Daze” literally screams for your attention and then sends you into the doomy deep. Soon you find yourself cranking your body into head-bobbing action with some Detroit tech -house lady yells and 50s-style ray guns. “Won’t Hurt” stays true to the Dubstep sound by spooking you out at the front door and then in walks the womps just in time to get you to boogie to the climatic violin serranade and shake hands with some astonishing 130bpm technoid beats. If you enjoy the likes of Benga, Skream or Elegato give this wheel of steel a try.


Guadalupe Plata – “Guadalupe Plata” – [Folc Records]

Dianthus   6/4/2011   12-inch, A Library


Hailing from the small town of Ubeda, Spain, Guadalupe Plata brings an unromantic sound that seems influenced both by the forefathers of Delta blues and voodoo witch cults. Bassist Paco Luis Martos created his handsome bass from a zinc washtub, wooden stick and a chainsaw pull- string which thumps his way around the swampy, guitar-driven vocal pleads of Pedro de Dios Barcelos. Carlos Jimena’s kick drum marches you through sweaty, rockin’ tracks like Lorena, Boogiue de la Muerte (Boogie of Death) and Pollo Podrio (Rotten Chicken). The first track warms you up, but does not even prepare you for the greatness of the rest of the album. Be ready for some lo-hi-fi, straight-up sexy, dirty wifebeater wearin’ blues accompanied by a smoky joint filled with the likes of Charlie Patton, R.L. Burnside, Ty Segall and Captain Beefheart. Lose yourself in the cool pop-up artwork inside the album and listen while your mind goes to church and then to the strip-club with zombies, serpents and skeletons afterwards.

– Dianthus-

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