Bring Beer [coll] – [12XU]

Dianthus   6/13/2012   12-inch, A Library

Not only does the title of this compilation out of 12XU records beckon you to bring tasty libations, but it is quite tasty too. Brewed from the finest ingredients out of the underground Austin punk and rock scene, “Bring Beer” also highlights some out of towners too. This hoppy LP was released on Record Store Day and all sales profits go to Trailer Space. This is a for profit record store which has come to be known as a “community resource” for many Austin artists featured on this release and also for music-seeking Austin dwellers. Yes, and the record cover is the actual sign that displays out in front of the store. Dive into the rhythmic drumming of Rhett and Dean’s “Tales of a Brave Cherokee” or shoegaze upon the only female vocal track from artist Carolee. The band Naw Dude brings the hardcore punk and Phillip Sambol slows it down with “Everybody Moves You”. My ears can’t wait to hear this on KFJC and I think there is something for everyone on this savory release.


Helios Creed – “Galactic Octopi” – [Transparency]

Dianthus   6/12/2012   A Library, CD

Last time I listened to Helios Creed when their last album came out 5 years ago, I really thought they made their album in outer space. On their latest release “Galactic Octopi”, I still think they have not come back to earth yet and I am pretty ok with it . Helios Creed dishes out space rock at its finest along with nebulously clouded vocals and easy riding bass lines brought to you by Lux Vibratus and strong drumming from Aleph Kali. In true Helios Creed style, the guitar lines cruise in hyper – speed through a universe of different effects to create the kind of music they call ” Space Acid Cyper Punk Metal Ambient Weird Rock Psychadelic Thingy Noise” All that brings you a myriad of tape manipulations, flange, evil cackles, metallic percussion and sidewinding wah-wah guitar pedals that make your face squint with ooey – gooey goodness. Some of the tracks are a bit repetitive, but songs like “Star Streaker”, “Red Chopper” and the title track “Galactic Octopi” help you understand why HC has such a cult following. Get in your space rocket and rock on out to some Helios Creed now!


Pheromoans, The – “Midnight Watchdog” – [Sweet Rot Records]

Dianthus   4/11/2012   7-inch, A Library

This sweet sweet little 7″ out of Sweet Rot Records charges though some romping DIY lo-fi punk on the A side and ends up with some spoken word tracks on the B side. “Robotic Son” grabs some flicked out guitar and twangs is out to a beat driven base drum. The title track has a small ode to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and teases you with a little country. Interesting and delightfully weird check out this fun 4- track gem.


Romanowski – “Romanowski’s Party IN My Pants” – [Trouser Trout Records]

Dianthus   4/4/2012   CD, Hip Hop


Who wouldn’t want a party in their pants? I would have to agree with Romanowski on this one when reviewing this remixed version of his 2004 earlier release. P.I.M.P. is split between two danceworthy discs mixed my some of SF’s best club djs and beyond. The first disc reminds me of the sand soaked beaches of Ibiza with latin vibes shaked out by DJ Smash and J. Glass. A daytime party element flows through the first 12 tracks with songs like, “Dance Dance Dance” and the P.I.M.P. title track by (DJ F). The second disc turns it up and turns you out into the foam party with housey, teched- out tracks filled with glitchy beats. Check out “Taliban Rockers” (Zeph & Azeem Remix) for some comedic praise for the dj or ET’s phone bill feat SF skater/artist Tommy Guerrero. Can’t decide on which song you like? Try out the OG Megamix which samples most of the tracks and gives a fun tribute to the swiss- born Romanowski -like a boss.


DJ Food – “Search Engine, The” – [Ninja Tune]

Dianthus   2/8/2012   A Library, CD

After an 11 year hiatus, DJ Food is back in the space saddle on this intergalactic journey of sound and samples. Themes of robots, astronauts and retro science class flow through sunset colored nebulas and patterned drumwork from Dr. Rubberfunk. This 12 track creation also includes the vocal stylings of Natural Self and The The’s Matt Johnson. I dug the intro track’s psychedelic rock vibe and fuzzy bass as well as other laser streaming cuts. The track “Prey” contains some spooky voice work that would make Vincent Price proud and the final track throws you into the abyss and also schools you in the physics of sound. Overall, not your typical dj creation, but well worth a try on your favorite set of speakers.


Scraps – “Classic Shits” – [Bedroom Suck]

Dianthus   2/6/2012   12-inch, A Library

Cuter than a koala under a rainbow comes Scraps outta Australia. Bedroom pop at its finest with dreamy keyboards and simple, catchy vocals encircled by a slightly eighties vibe and some Sesame Street tickles. Laura Hill’s quirky melodies are both honest and charming and keep a subtle beat to keep your feet up and keep you feeling all warm and gooey inside.


Unwed Teenage Mothers, The – “Blonde Girls” – [Play Pinball Records]

Dianthus   1/11/2012   12-inch, A Library

Pinball Records has been releasing music from some really cool bands lately and The Unwed Teenage Mothers out of Oxford, Mississippi are just one of those bands. This tasty little musical taco is filled with spicy, meaty little scuzzed – out garage filled rock and roll. Also, there is a swinging attraction to the vocals that contain little punk rock flares, do-wop and a catchiness that cause you to want to listen to the short tracks over and over again. “Uh- oh” is one of my favorite tracks with driving guitar and rib-tickling keys. “Wait” makes me want to puke from too much lyrical cuteness, but I still have to listen because the sixties-vibed, pop-surfiness gets my head swinging every time. Featuring members of Bass Drum of Death, Preacher’s Kid and Lover!, The Unwed Teenage Mothers will charm their way into you heart. Flip the record over to listen to the tracks again as all the same tracks are on both sides of this vinyl pancake.


Wide Hive Remixed [coll] – [Wide Hive]

Dianthus   1/2/2012   12-inch, Hip Hop

15 bass- driven tracks dig deep into the grooves on this base driven- double LP on SF’s Wide Hive Records. Elements of Hip-Hop, House, Downtempo, Dub and Electro can be found on this collection that can get the party started or help make your car go- BOOM! Sultry female vocals will entice you on tracks like “Rudy” and “Shine” or if you feel more like hearing some urban poetry from rapper Rubix, check out “Seven Grain”. Get hooked on the heavy- bassline dub medicine from Variable Unit on “Dr J. Dub” or enjoy some spacey, spooky guitar riffs from Tommy Guerrero on the cleverly titled track: “Eclectric Company”. Some tracks like “Boundary” and “Urban Shaman” can be a bit repetative, but that should not stop you from expanding your audible medulla with some of the selections from DJ Zeph and Calvin Keys. This vinyl playground will make your hips shake and your ears quake and really brings forward a little bit of San Francisco’s jazzed up interpretation of electronic music that maybe even yo mama could enjoy.


King Tubby &; The Clancy Eccles All Stars – “Sound System International Dub LP” – [Pressure Sounds]

Dianthus   12/6/2011   12-inch, Reggae

A key piece of history to the allmighty creation of dub, King Tubby lets loose on the house band The Dynamites. He succeeds in creating a rhythmic and kicking LP full of crackles, drums, horns and thumping basslines. Tubby’s personal differences ( his shy nature and abstinence to marijuana) and tragic murder are just a small part of his historical status. It is his incredible skills as a musical engineer that keep generations of music lovers coming back for his creative works of auditory art. Most of the mixes on this LP are timed perfectly and are subltety filled with wit and character. Still danceable, Clancy Eccles entrance you with the track correctly named “dance beat” which includes a kind of crispness from Paul Douglas’ high hats and Winston Wright’s happy organs. Thist can only be made better with steeping delay and winding up back in the gorgeous rhythm of dub. Other not to be missed tracks include: “Dub Star” and “Red Moon”. A nice release from Pressure Sounds to ensure you feel the riddams of reggae…


Cruddy – “Negative World” – [12XU]

Dianthus   12/5/2011   12-inch, A Library

“Negative World” pretty much sums up the theme of this fueled-up punk mix from the band known as Cruddy. Produced by the hands of Hans Zimmerman, this Austin trio creates some ear damage with such bleeding, short tracks as: “History Remains” and “Slow News Day”. A little angry, yet totally moshable, former members of the Uppers, Serious Tracers, Total Abuse and Best Fwends create terror and fear that make you want to put on your riot gear to beat down the things that make you angry and stand up for the things that make you believe in yourself. All in all Cruddy’s angst drums up some post-punk grime and even has some big beat on sticks from Alison Goodman. Well worth a listen and I can only imagine what fun they would be to see live in all their nihilistic glory!


Woom – “Muu’s Way” – [Ba Da Bing]

Dianthus   11/7/2011   12-inch, A Library

WOOM’s Sarah Magenheimer and Eben Portnoy were formally known as Fertile Crescent until they took a hiatus to charm us us with their latest creation “Muu’s Way”. Folk-infested harmonies swirl throught the sea soaked air as their touching lyrics beam us home on Willy Wonka’s chocololate bay. Songs like “Salt” bounce out childhood sing-a- long memories along with “Foggy Dew” which uses froggy purs to accompany Magenheimer’s accapella vocals. “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship” highlights this Oakland duo’s latest manifestation by making a song even your great ,great, great grandma could smile and dance to. Instumentally rich with piano, gongs, breathy woodwinds, steel drums and synths, WOOM has all the elements to satisfy your poppy sweet tooth as well as beguiling you when trying to classify their music.


Dreamend – “So I Ate Myself Bite By Bite” – [Graveface]

Dianthus   11/7/2011   12-inch, A Library

Members of Black Moth Super Rainbow and the Appleseed Cast have created a vision of mystique and uber exisitance on Dreamend’s album: “So I ate myself, Bite by Bite”. This album weaves through an idea of dark and sometimes horrific thoughts of one man’s daily negotiations with himself all musically accompanied by indie-folk- shoegazey stylings. The post- rock almost sweetened vocal singing disguises the protaganist lyrics of songs like “Pieces” which decribes the gory and very intimate details of commiting a murder. The following tracks then transistion into other songs describing the serial killers appetite for more until the 10 minute final track titled “An Admission”. Musically the album evolves starting with toy sounding twinkles to a more dark and driving bass line headed by Ryan Graveface’s bass. Either way, I do have to confess I like Dreamland’s pursuance to create musical art with a touch of lucid insanity hidden under an indie-rock rainbow.


Resoe – “Black Void of Space, The” – [Echocord]

Dianthus   11/2/2011   A Library, CD

Gather your space muffins and ride on a dubby-beat rocket to Resoe’s Black Void of Space. Subtle, mellow, ambient beats infused with trickling nebulas of synths and off-beat high hats cause your head to sway to alternative dimensions. Dennis Bog a.k.a. : Resoe started out in the hip-hop musc scene in Coppenhagen at age of 14 and then started twisting knobs to techno beats in the early nineties. Resoe’s latest album, turns dubstep to a brighter and lighter place bringing along with it an atmospheric and hazy approach that can be derived from his creative dj experience. There is the Space Mountain appropriate track “Lakeviews” or the dubbed out “Dubcuttin” and “Apart from Moorpark” snake charms you with a little sitar. This album definitely is not predictable and even though I like the first part of the album the best, it is still enganging for the ears.


White Orange – “and This Is Why I Speak to You In Parables” – [Made In China Records]

Dianthus   9/27/2011   12-inch, A Library

Prepare for the encroachment of psychedelic glory as Portland’s band White Orange brings a 2 -track LP to a turntable near you. The first thirteen minute track summons Syd Barrett, dips into Hawkwind and fuzzes out sounds similar to Kyuss and Mudhoney with it’s pedal to the metal. If you want a much shorter, less weird version of the song, try the second track “middle of the riddle” which is coincidentally in the middle of the first track. Also, try not to get too distracted by the vinyl containing the seal originally created (or or for) Aleister Crowley and be beguiled by the Side B art by Raul Casillas. Turn it up and turn your self on to White Orange.


Dead Westerns, The – “Wallpaper Silence” – [20 Sided Records]

Dianthus   8/18/2011   7-inch, A Library

Some of the things that make me proud of being from the Bay Area are good food, good people and good music like The Dead Westerns. This quartet started out in the basement on Bernal Hill and were seasoned with influences such as Dick Dale, Willie Nelson and Stephen Malkmus. All together this forms a fogged in sound of empassioned hiccupping vocals, whiskey and saltwater soaked guitars, country bass and strong rhythmic keys creating a cinematic landscape that belongs in a 50s style movie soundtrack. This 7″ contains 4 tracks of blissfuly fun surf rockesque style tunes and some do-wop all throughout. I especially loved the into track “Just to be in your sight” that would be perfect for a roadtrip or just a good ol’ dance on yer table. Check out The Dead Westerns on your speakers or at a SF music venue soon!


Current 93 – “Honeysuckle Aeons” – [Coptic Cat]

Dianthus   8/18/2011   12-inch, A Library

With over 20 albums under their wing, Current 93’s David Tibet (aka David Michael Bunting) can still find material to orate about. The album Honeysuckle Aeons is mostly apocalyptic folk, braised with some dark experimental and psychedelic phrasing. This record seems mostly influenced by Tibet’s new found love of Christianity and its origins which can sometimes be depressing and enlightening at the same time. This new love affair is quite a far stretch from some of this band’s earlier seductions by the mystic Aleister Crowley, but nothing like the graceful strokes of Baby Dee on the keys to save your soul on tracks like “Jasmine” and “Pomegranate”. Or enjoy the theramin shining on songs “Moon” and “Honeysuckle” featured on this totally guitarless album. Not as heavy or as dark as some of Currrent 93’s earlier stuff, but still filled with incantations and battles between good and evil combined with orchestral textures and delicate arrangements. A nice addition to the KFJC library and maybe a nice addition to yours.


Heater – “God and Hair” – [Permanent Records]

Dianthus   8/8/2011   12-inch, A Library

Listen away as the 90’s catch an 80’s new wave on this album from the newly formed band Heater. This trio from Columbia, Missouri consists of members from Jeruselum, Starbaskets and the California Raisins. Kick back and bask in the sunlight of low-fi indie punk and bathe in the grotty depths of psychadelia. Vocals chant out over carefully, but not so carefully picked guitars, while the bass tiptoes around rocking tunes like “Black and Gold” and “Fire Peacock”. Check out the track “Fire Flight” for a pretty much instrumental seascape and “Rad Boy” for a totally rad intro to the song by starting off goth and ending up punk. Only 500 copies of this “God and Hair” LP produced and never to repressed again, so get your sandy little hands on this tasty morsel.


Nothing People – “You’re Invited” – [Permanent Records]

Dianthus   8/1/2011   7-inch, A Library

I have never been nor heard of this band’s hometown of Orland, California but this 7″ gives me a glimpse of what I may find there. Nothing People drives you through a dusty Northern California ghost town creeping you out with moaning guitars, proto-confession punk vocals and spacey fuzz. The second track, “Reinstall”, reminds me of the vocal stylings of… dare I say it… yep, I will say it… Stephen Pearcy of Ratt smeared together with a sexy driving bass line and lip smacking delays, yet this track is little too short for my taste. Kinda like Stephen Pearcy…If you like Nik Turner, Factrix or Hawkwind you may wanna invite this fine record over to your turntable tonight.


Pouffe – “Malll” – [Self-release]

Dianthus   7/19/2011   A Library, CD

Living on 2 different islands in New Zealand, artists Matt Plunkett and Kraus do not have many opportunities to compose music together. Pouffe (pronounced “poof”) recorded this 12 -track adventure in the spare room of Kraus’ home writing songs and recording them onto a 1/4″ reel to reel machine – all in just 2 days. Fun, fresh and creatively vibrant, Pouffe tickles your ears with interesting sound adaptations that include low-fi guitar, clapping, tape-echo, organ, drums and unbalanced microphone techniques. Matt Plunkett bounces out lyrics that carries you into spaces of loneliness, humor and everyday life, all while at times ranting truthfully like a nasally-toned Jello Biafra. Kraus, who has formally played for other New Zealand bands such as The Maltese Falcons, The Futarians and The Murdering Monsters, summons currents of drumming and hawk screeching guitar as well as conceptualizing the birth of the songs by not editing them too much. Try the song “Industrial Zone” on and be prepared to have it stuck in your head all day. The track ” Emperor of Men” if you need your poetry cup filled from the writing of Emily Dickinson or just listen to the whole album for free! (yes…they will send you your own copy)Take a gander at Pouffe’s 2nd album”Malll” and try to describe their music to yourself.


Total Slacker – “Crystal Necklace” – [Impose Records]

Dianthus   7/12/2011   7-inch, A Library

Straight outta your dad’s basement comes Total Slacker. This indie band brings low-f i, low-budget, smoky tunes to make you giggle and bring you back to 60s psychadelia. Even though at times they sound like they may of just picked up their instruments and started playing for the first time, members Tucker Rountree and Emily Oppenheimer are really drop-out classically trained musicians. Oppenheimer and Rountree began making music after meeting at a laundromat and soon after acquired drummer Ross Condon. (Condon is the younger brother of Zack Condon, another stick twiddler for the indie band Beruit) “Crystal Necklace” casts a spell on you with heavy bass lines and fleeting, stacked vocals coupled with a side of psych-infused amped up guitars. The song “Video Store Rental Guy” sounds like these 3 just got high in their highschool bathroom and decide to jam out to a little diddy and add some impromptu lyrics. Choose Side A if you would like some psych, Side B if you want some smile with your psych. Either way, throw on your Ray Bans and some skinny jeans and enjoy…

-Dianthus –

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