Black to Comm – “Ruckwarts Backwards ” – [Dekoder]

cinder   3/8/2007   12-inch, A Library

Recorded between 2003-2005, this is Dekorder???s label head Marc Richter???s solo release. Ambient space, field recordings, vinyl loops and faux-locked grooves. Very organic, dreamy and hypnotizing. Chirping birds, humming bees, interlocked vibraphone melodies, operatic looping vocals, lush flowing rivers and mellow hidden organs. The hiss of the whole recording gives it an almost vintage feel. ???cinderaura

Triad [coll] – [Neurot Recordings]

cinder   3/8/2007   A Library, CD

A compilation of three bands that have connecting members. It???s like a heavy-music incest!

Red Sparowes deliver two amazing instrumentals recorded live up here in the KFJC pit! They loved their performance so much they chose to include them on this 7???/ep release! Hells yes.

Made Out Of Babies is full of screaming female vocals by Julie Xmas, and intense hard guitars. They sound pretty pissed! It???s a shame their second song swears, it makes me want to break shit.

Battle Of Mice is newer on the scene, and another project led by vocalist Julie Xmas. It???s not as intense and angry as MOoB, she tends to sing more, but still screams her head off. A little more on the darker side. -cinderaura

Belleli, Avi – “Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder ” – [Ad Hoc]

cinder   2/22/2007   A Library, CD

Born in Tel Aviv, Avi is one of Israel???s most well
known composers. Also the leader of rock group,
Tractor???s Revenge, who has a few gold albums over
seas. This release is music set to a dance piece
performed in Europe, Japan, Israel and New York, of
the same name, choreographed by Yasmeen Goder. It
almost feels like you???re watching a semi-horror,
silent foreign film that takes place in cold empty
warehouse starring 2 mental souls. Very sparse and
Strange handclaps. Random hoarse female screams and
whines. Underwater bubbling pits. Gentle guitar
strumming, turned intense electric. Empty
whistling tunnels.

Fe-mail and Giffoni, Carlos – “Northern Stains ” – [Important Records]

cinder   2/22/2007   A Library, CD

Norwegian duo Fe-Mail met Brooklyn based Giffoni when
he booked them to play the No Fun Festival in New York
2005, but he then flew overseas in early 2006 to
create this lovely noisy collaboration in Oslo.
Electronics, synths, samplers, microphones, and
precise detailed timing are what make this
experimental bubbling, warbling album quite enjoyable.
It???s not an intense wall of noise (well, not all the
time), but a nice belly crunching bowl of feedbacking

Can – “Tago Mago ” – [Spoon]

cinder   2/15/2007   A Library, CD

Tago Mago is Can???s third full release (1971) and is
often thought of as one of the best krautrock albums
of all time. It was groundbreaking, experimental,
influential and one of their best ever! The second album with
Japanese singer Damo Suzuki, his sometimes moody
sometimes crazy vocals made the intensely rhythmic
jazz-inspired drumming, improvised guitar and keyboard
solos, and extensive tape edits into fantastic far out
musical melting pots. Everything from full on trancing
funk jams, screaming fits, and mind-zoning space outs!

Sixes – “Cursed Beast ” – [Troniks]

cinder   2/15/2007   A Library, CD

S6X6S. From Oakland!
Simply title ???The Beast??? when it started – 2 painful
years in, an 8-track reel-to-reel and a computer
ruined twice, two teeth pulled and a resulting throat
abscess requiring hospitalization, the name easily
retitled itself to ???Cursed Beast???. It brings you the
fantasies (or nightmares) of looping trains from hell,
regurgitated bull snot, haunting vocals of the
netherworld, heavy rhythmic drones and swirling guitar
noises. Dark, hateful, and full of disgust.

Bran(…)Pos With Tarantism – “Tear N’ Pause ” – [Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrac]

cinder   2/15/2007   12-inch, A Library

San Franciscan B()P & Tarantism recorded live at WLUW
in Illinois. Itchy glitches, noisy bloops and
frustrated electronics, puts you on the edge of
Anxiety Mountain. It???s almost like being constipated
??? the sound pushes, tries and comes so close to making
sense, that when it finally does and releases??? MAN do
you feel satisfied! Each side about 20 minutes long.

Side 2 does have a messy noisy version of the EAS, but
I???m thinking people will know it???s not real. (and
something that sounds like Beeker at the end!)

Viki – “Viki ” – [Animal Disguise]

cinder   1/11/2007   A Library, CD

A collection of previously unreleased and rare tracks from 99-04. Electro semi-industrial tracks, remind me of Angie Reed or early Adult. mixed with a punch of Wolf Eyes. Robotic drilling and knob-twiddling electronic blips and squerks, Viki’s beats are dark and sadistic.

Boris – “Vein ” – [Important Records]

cinder   1/11/2007   12-inch, A Library

I hear there’s 2 versions of this same titled limited release, one being 2 long droney tracks, and then this version – 12 tracks of insane pummeling thrash metal,
noise, samples, and spaced out drones. I wonder if it’s a rumor, because you could really play either side as one long track, since the breaks between songs
are so hard to catch, and it all melds together wonderfully. True Boris insanity!

Jade Emperor – “Telegrams For Our Council Oak ” – [Students of Decay]

cinder   1/10/2007   A Library, CD

Collaboration between Brad Rose and Wilson Lee. Spacey drones and plunkings, from another world…

1. Extinctions makes you feel as if you’re the grand
jade emperor, sitting alone in your dreary golden
glass palace, fiddling with your mandolin, when
halfway through, you’re invaded by droning space

2. Scattered Glory transplants you into the space
aliens mind chamber where you find yourself sitting in
the bayou in your ol’ rocking chair enjoying your long
lost loves banjo, but you’re really unconscious – the
aliens are drilling into your mind and studying your

3. You’ve returned home, oblivious to what happened.
You’ve forgotten how to play your mandolin. Plucking,
harsh sliding, dizzy. Then it all makes sense as the
room glows with orchestral images of Ruby Encrusted
Spires and the music fills the palace with warmth. The
aliens have succeeded!

Aufgehoben – “Messidor ” – [Holy Mountain]

cinder   1/10/2007   A Library, CD

Fourth release from this UK duo, but the first for Holy Mountain. They’ve taken audio from their live recordings and chopped, cut, mixed, layered and screwed them in the studio to create a noise rock crunch full of long lasting flavor. Beautiful ear-bleeding crackles, on the likings of Merzbow, Throbbing Gristle, Prurient & Hair Police.

Black Ox Orkestar – “Nisht Azoy ” – [Constellation]

cinder   11/17/2006   12-inch, A Library

From Montreal, Black Ox Orckestar contains members of Godspeed You Black Emperor/A Silver Mt. Zion and
Sackville. This sounds nothing like those bands
though! Original re-interpritations of Jewish music
traditions, acoustic instrumentation, Yiddish
singing… this record is beautiful! The record’s
name translates into “Not Like This”. They Listened to
pre-war recordings of Jewish and non-Jewish music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and wanted to capture the rawness and emotional intensity they heard there. I definantly feel it, and think this is slowly
becoming my new favorite type of foreign sound, so

Kaada – “Music For Moviebikers ” – [Ipecac Recordings]

cinder   11/17/2006   A Library, CD

Norwegian sound artist Kaada makes beautiful
simplistic music that makes you feel as if you’re a
little french girl playing with her doll house on top
of a shady grass hill. Kaada and 22 other musicians
from all over Europe created this album, which is
inspired by an imaginary film, in a short amount of
time. He’s even made some of the instruments himself, out of springs and piano strings. This would fit
right in with your Godspeed YBE and Yann Tiersen
collection. Kaada also plays in Cloroform, and has
also toured as the Kaada/Patton band.

Shogun Kunitoki – “Tasankokaiku ” – [Fonal Records]

cinder   11/17/2006   A Library, CD

Finnish four piece who have released their debut album
6 years after getting together. Sounding somewhat
classical (think laptop Baroque), this
electronic/slightly rock album is beautiful and full
of butterflies and rainbows. Each track has a steady
looped synthetic sound, while added layers of sound
swoosh in and out, creating a feeling of inspirational
happiness. At times, it feels like I’m watching
Koyaanisqatsi or any film featuring long flying shots
over rolling grassy hills and sandy beaches.

Big City Orchestra – “Comp Traz Ju05-Fe06 ” – [Ubuibi.Org]

cinder   11/17/2006   A Library, CD

From an angry ant frantically pounding his electric
typewriter to endless minutes of floating electronic
drone and a dead sounding zombie to a slightly
Negativlandish style George Bush spoken word (ummm
uhhhhh) and an angry lady tired of the idiocy of the
government, this cd is mind zoning and at times scary
(track 8 = perfect for telling a ghost story over).
Lots of electronic glitchy noises to numb your brain.

Track 9 is the same as 3, just with no bed. Play
over your own!

Dublab Presents : In The Loop 4 [coll] – [Plug Research]

cinder   11/17/2006   12-inch, A Library

Pretty mellow and nice release from Plug. indie
guitars, floaty vocals and sprinkly cupcakes!

A1 – A steady kick drumbeat (almost a heartbeat sound)
along with Becky Stark’s sweet voice bring tears to my
A2 – Daedelus & wife duo! Sounds slightly
A3 – Excellent track from AC’s first release. Boiling
fantasy smashing into the cymbals. Nice.

B1 – Devendra Banhart & Hairy Fairy make a nice
acoustic campfire marshmallow roasting tune.
B2 – Join in with the handclaps, acoustic guitar and
hum’s as the glitches make you itch.
B3 – cute jingle jangle that makes me think of an
upbeat Neil Young.

Sunray – “Ocean EP ” – [Earworm Records]

cinder   11/16/2006   12-inch, A Library, Format

Side A is an amazing cover of the Velvet Underground’s
Ocean, with Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3 on vocals.
Mellow and full of feedback. Nice & fuzzy. Super

Side B’s first track is a sweet little folky acoustic
ditty, sounding like it could be straight out of a
teenage high school love story. Innocent and cute.
Just go on a date with the boy already!
The second track is a live percussive psych-rock jam
freakout! In the middle it sounds like someone
talking on their cell phone, and the yells make me
feels as if ‘I’m there! Love it!

Antiproduct “The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears” [Tribal War]

cinder   11/16/2006   12-inch, A Library, Format

These kids are serious. Full of rage, annoyance at superficial expectancies and political hatred, they’re not afraid to scream in your face! I can picture these kids sitting on Telegraph in Berkeley, in their Birkenstocks and dreads, preaching and talking to strangers in the streets, and then flipping around and ripping your head off at Gilman St later that night. (They actually played their last show there in 2002) Hardcore tendencies, male/female vocals – never a non-stop moment!
Personal favorite – The Power Of Medusa, where Taina (singer) feels like everyone turns to stone when they look at her walk by, since she’s not what society deems as perfect. I actually feel like turning to stone when I see someone plastic like Pam Anderson walk by, ha!
Take some time to read the “mini-mag” that comes with it. Has lyrics, and great explanations of each song, their name and album title! Detailed!!

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