Vopat – “Calcutta ” – [Brutal Sound Effects]

cinder   8/29/2007   A Library, CD

One long 30 minute track. Serious low frequency grumbles and growls from Indiana. Deep meditating rolling electronic droney trip outs. It starts like a dark moonless night in the forest, planning your next attack on that juicy rodent…then you remember your beautiful flower bed garden back home, as the sun comes up and birds chirp. The sunrise is excellent. Ah isn’t life great!

Thee Majesty – “Vitruvian Pan ” – [Blossoming Noise]

cinder   8/2/2007   A Library, CD

Whispering words. Dead pan delivery. Shrieks like
Smeagol. Beats like a dirty dark alley smoke-filled
strip joint. Long blood red curtains and whip chains included.
Super vocalist Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle,
Psychic TV, etc) speaks the spoken words and music by
Bryin Dall. The last track features an old cassette
recording of stories Genesis would leave for his
daughters to fall asleep to back in ’87 when he
couldn’t be there to read them in person. Killer stuff.

Saints – “Saints ” – [Self Released]

cinder   7/20/2007   A Library, CD

Jason and Sean make intense crunchy electronic mass destruction in Goleta, California. Four songs recorded live in 20 minutes, ranging from quick and easy to
long and torturous…in a good way. Hidden distorted vocals, pulsing waves, throbbing death marches, brain scans gone wrong. If you listened to a uterus each month, you’d hear Saints rippin’ it up. Ha! Painful and beautiful “power electronics” for sure!

La Otracina – “Tonal Eclipse of The One ” – [Holy Mountain]

cinder   6/20/2007   A Library, CD

Formed in 2003 and heavy on the psychedelia, this
Brooklyn trio trips out. Sounds reminiscent of
Mothers Temple, Psychic Paramount, Guru Guru, Neu
all the krauty-space cadets in between! At times
flowing and toe-tapping riding high to your peak
then chaos happens and you’re coming down,
free-jazzing your way to experimental jam outs.
out, man! All instrumental.

Hentai – “Toy Factory, The ” – [Vital Records]

cinder   6/20/2007   A Library, CD

Hentai, Jakob Nybo from Denmark, is often described as a brutal mixture of sinister minimalistic noise blended with soundscapes and audio torture. He apparently takes all his anger and frustrations and unleashes it in destructive electronic brain noise.
Not quite as painful as Merzbow, but certainly no picnic. This album reminds me of a few D-movie cheesy puppet horror flicks I’ve spent valuable time watching. Great to fantasize your bloody Cabbage Patch doll axing your brothers Teddy Ruxpin bear!
Some tracks complete with evil toy sounds! Hentai also writes articles and reviews on Japanese extreme cinema. -cinderaura

Throbbing Gristle – “Part Two: The Endless Knot ” – [Mute]

cinder   6/6/2007   A Library, CD

First album in 25 years from these dark industrials.
Packed full of noise, churning electronics, loops,
digitalness, death, sleaziness, whiny strained vocals,
droning bubbling ambiance, and even a “red light
district” piano/horn sounding tune (#2). It does
sound a little “updated” and cleaner than before, but
it IS almost three decades later. A few slower
tracks, a few louder tracks. All TG greatness!

funny quote I found online:
“This Gristle is Throbbing without need of Viagra.”
hells yes!

McCormick, Matt – “Very Stereo ” – [Marriage Records]

cinder   6/6/2007   A Library, CD

Casio, delay, looping, pro-tools. Scratching radio
transistors. Dreaming in black and white, with
rainbow eyes. Soundtracks Matt has made for various
independent films of his own and others. Some light
and lofty, others feel like you’re not quite on the
right channel. Inside he lists what the tracks were
made of, and from what film, telling you to make up
your own visions. Minimal and mind intriguing.

Crows of The World [coll] – [Last Visible Dog Records]

cinder   5/24/2007   A Library, CD

Often thought of as a warning sign of death, the Crow
has a dark and powerful effect on humans. It ranks
highest in the ladder of bird intelligence, and can
hear frequencies lower that the human ear. Field
reports and museum studies from 11 different artists,
focusing on the family corvidae. Although no sounds
of the birds are included (damn!), you can close your
eyes and imagine soaring through the forest trees,
caa-ing your brains out on power lines, eating your
neighbours trash and having one of the most
recognizable and beautiful bird shapes in history.
Lots of found sounds, droning, strummed out guitars,
synths and daydreaming to be found with this release.
Beautiful stuff.

Merzbow/Giffoni, Carlos/O’rourke, Jim – “Electric Dress ” – [No Fun]

cinder   5/18/2007   A Library, CD

recorded live in 2006 in tokyo.
merz going old school using no laptops, the whole
thing is all analog and percussion instruments.
microphones, synths. total brutal electronic mashing
hell, the robotic war has begun. not an insane wall
of noise, lots of different textures and waves
throughout the whole recording (one long 52 min. track!).

LSD March – “Empty Rubious Red ” – [Tequila Sunrise]

cinder   5/18/2007   12-inch, A Library

5th full release from these avant-psych Japanese. It’s
actually more of a solo album by frontman, Shinsuke
Michishita. Joined by drummer Ikuro on a few tracks,
this release is super mellow and semi-dreamy. I don’t
know what he’s saying (it’s in Japanese), but it makes
me feel like he’s singing the soundtrack to a guy
who’s recently lost his job, out of money, his girl
ran away, and his car broke down… not to mention his
dog ate his last cookie. Beautiful guitar playing,

Broken Flag – A Retrospective 1982-1985 [coll] – [Vinyl on Demand]

cinder   5/2/2007   12-inch, A Library

A lovely 5 record box set of various recordings
released on the Broken Flag label, during the early
80s era. Inspired by a live perfomance by Whitehouse
in 1982, Gary Mundy knew that’s the direction he
wanted to go with music. He then went and formed
Broken Flag. He received a lot of encouragement, and
played with various folks included in this set. Some
more rhythmic than others, this box is a whole lot of
noise, and “power electronics”! Selections were made
of tracks that had previously not been available on

The stories about some of these and other recordings
released, in the book are a great read! Lots of
wasted bottle throwing, bloody fights, and police
arresting shows back then!

PS – Un-Kommuniti leader, Tim Gane, later went and formed
mellow group Sterelab….. big difference!

Wolf Eyes – “Dog Jaw ” – [Heresee]

cinder   4/26/2007   12-inch, A Library

33 rpm on side A
45 rpm on side B

Recorded in 2004 before Dilloway left the band,
originally on CDR, now on wax! Pure noise from Ann
Arbor, Michigan!

Side A begins with a full leg crunching assualt.
Track 2 is a more itchy growling vocal track,
sometimes sounding as if you’re looking for radio
reception in nowhere land. It closes out with track 3,
promising that yes, your legs WILL be broken.

I’M STUCK IN A FUCKING HELL! It’s where this records
sucks you into. Unfortunetly, track B1 swears. The
second track feels like you’re stuck in the bubbling
pits of foghorn death. The final track tests your
pilot abilities as you soar through the clouds of
feedbacking squarbles. (track has about a minute of
silence at the end).

Robot Vs. Rabbit – “Dos ” – [Squirrelgirl Records]

cinder   4/26/2007   A Library, CD

Dos, as in Spanish for the number 2. Their second
They say it concentrates on the cold war era space
race, the death of Kennedy, and the American dream. A
nice “empty room” feel of experimentaling
avant-garding rock. Some drones, samples, feedbacks
and effects. Each track has that live feeling,
as if it were all done in one take, while they just
felt like jamming out. Drums, guitar, bass – sometimes
that’s all you need! Nice spaced out pysch rock.

Vertonen – “Facing Leinth ” – [Gameboy Records]

cinder   4/19/2007   A Library, CD

Even though it’s listed as 8 seperate tracks, it’s
really one long 59 minute trip through your inner
psychosis, nibbling and suckling your deepest
thoughts and secretive dreams. Serious low grumbling drones
and slight electronic scratches with bits of ear-piercing
slicing stabs. You’ll be dripping with hallucinating
At about 29 minutes left, it fades slightly – a good
point to start or stop if you want a shorter

Sterling – “Cursed ” – [File 13]

cinder   4/19/2007   A Library, CD

Many say it’s Chicago’s best avant-garde
instrumental rock group. This being their second release, they
have a whole new line-up change, including pianist
Andy (90 Day Men) on keys, and Al (Milemarker) on
bass. Three long cinematic (beautiful piano)
tracks dabbling in the vein of Red Sparowes and Paik.

Yellow Swans / Devillock – Split [coll] – [Modern Radio]

cinder   3/21/2007   7-inch, A Library

Side A is Yellow Swans formally of SF, now in
Portland. Guitar feedbacks, angry electronics and
distorted buzzes. Feels like I’m in a metal welding

Side B’s Devillock is the label owner (Chris Meyer)’s
project. Recorded live, this is something that will
ease you into slumber land. A slumber of mind
draining mental tests. Very straight empty space ship
drones with a LOCKED GROOVE ENDING. -cinderaura

Experiment Haywire – “World War 23 ” – [Self-Released]

cinder   3/15/2007   A Library, CD

New York based female noise artist Rachel Haywire. She
apparently started out back in 2004 walking at odd
hours of the night recording sound samples of her
smashing various objects, and natural day to day
deconstruction workings of humans. Doing perfomance
art, and playing with her band of 5 or 6 girls
screaming and banging on scrap metal, called Nuclear
Riot Party, she decided to take it electronic and
start her solo project. This album is pretty
???industrial??? with the noises and the huge bouquet of
mixed samples and sounds. She chooses spoken
word-esque vocals over screaming which is a nice
change, but most are vocal-free.

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