Tarp – “Tarp ” – [Breaking World Records]

cinder   5/22/2008   7-inch, A Library

Synth-duo of Joshua Burkett & Conrad Capistran (Sunburned Hand of the Man) make the group Tarp. Two sidelong tracks of space probing moogy drones. Feels like background music for Doctor Who. Lots of the synthy “WAH WOH WAH WOH” sounds! Side A for more bubbling hovering, lava drones. Side B for the foaming surprise attack drones. Spacey! Both sides around 3 minutes!

Sutcliffe Jugend / Prurient – “End of Autumn ” – [Troubleman Unlimited]

cinder   5/22/2008   12-inch, A Library

Sutcliffe Jugend were among the earliest pioneers of Industrial/Noise/Power Electronic noise music, started in the early 80s. SJ consists of Kevin Tomkins & Paul Taylor. Prurient is noise musician Dominick Fernow, who primarily uses just a microphone and an amp. This live 2006 collaboration between the two features lyrics from death poems by Japanese monks. Side 1, 2 & 4 are harsh, distorted, feedbacking, electronic noise tracks. Severe metal blades scraping at the back of your brain, causing bloody eyes. White noise on the TV. Side 3 is way different from the rest. It plays more on the dark, spooky, horror filled torturous nightmares. The ones where you’re bleeding from the head and trying to run in the fog filled woods, with a dagger stabbed in your thigh. Low deep grumbling electronic pulses, fucking killer! Play this when feeling anxious & murderous. Tracks range from 12-15 minutes long.

Chopstick – “Chopstick Floppy ” – [???? (None Listed)]

cinder   5/14/2008   A Library, CD

Chopstick is a guy named Andrew Surber, who goes by “Van”, out of Northern California. This is his first release, full of noisy electronic based improv. All samples and music were created by him. Tracks range from mellow guitar plunking, to guitar freakouts, to full on Tron battle mode. Video games seem to be an influence with this guy. (floppy disc!) Atari-Nintendo wars mixed with sludge noise. Bouncy ball computer guitars. Electronic space wavs. Neat shit.

Charalambides – “Rose/Thorn ” – [Klang Industries]

cinder   5/14/2008   12-inch, A Library

A sidelong and 2 mid-length improvised tracks from Tom & Christina Carter, recorded back in 2000. Long droning organ tones and bowed instruments waft through the air like frozen petals. Every now and then a vibrating guitar string, or a slight pause in the flow, gives you enough time to start breathing again. Christina’s floaty voice appears, intertwined with mellow, organic, sustaining chimes of driftness.

Beequeen – “Sandancing Demos ” – [Important Records]

cinder   5/8/2008   10-inch, A Library

Beequeen is Dutch musicians Freek Kinkelaar & Frans de Waard. This is actually a 10″ featuring 8 short demos for their Sandancing album. Mostly (Lou Reed-ish) male vocals, but Olga Wallis lends a female voice on a few tracks. Other guests include Barry Gray (known for his work in the early 80s with The Legendary Pink Dots) and Kees Rietveld on guitar. Simple, mellow pop songs with a semi-melancholy feel to them. Original versions, stripped down, rough mixes, and one unreleased (B1) track!

Dead Machines – “Plays Kwaidan ” – [Ideal Recordings]

cinder   5/8/2008   7-inch, A Library

Husband & wife duo John Olson (of Wolf Eyes) & Tovah O’Rourke (of Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice) make up Dead Machines.
Late night walks in the haunted forest. Thick fog banks. Screaming ghost trains. Damp tunnels that never end. Frozen winds that torture your ears and stiffen your nose hairs. Whispering drones of ice cold memories. This is the soundtrack to that nightmare. Two sidelong horror tracks to play in the dark.

Winters In Osaka – “Orchids ” – [One Sock]

cinder   4/25/2008   A Library, CD

This band comprised of Adam Jennings & Erik Stanis
hail from Chicago. Some of their past collaborations
have included Cock ESP & Weasel Walter. Pedals, tape
manipulation, mandolins, guitars, keyboards, drum
machines… pushes you to the limit with electronic
thumps and scratches. It’s like you’re leaning over
the edge on one foot, but you don’t fall. Anxious and
itchy. Harsh and noisy. Experimental thrash, at
harshest times: Merzbow-like. Slower times it feels
like field recordings of shit being plugged in and
tested. Excellent!

Retolt Mandala – “SF Munou Kokyobutsu ” – [Dolor Del Estamago]

cinder   4/25/2008   A Library, CD

First album from this “Tokyo avant chaotic art band”.
Nobu Kasahara seems to be the leader, with a few
others making it happen. Loose, skittering, abstract
types of psych-improv. Vocals every now and then, but
more behind the music. Apparently a few tracks are
live, track 6 being a pretty bad recording, ha!
Guitars, drums, cymbal crashes, electronics. Lots of
scrwarbling noisy electronics going on.

Un Festin Sagital – “Epitafio a La Permanencia ” – [Beta-lactum Ring Records]

cinder   4/25/2008   A Library, CD

A unique and interesting band out of Santiago, Chile.
Mixing drifty guitars, distorted rumbles,
electro-acoustic sounds, some prog rock elements,
spaced out organs, random quarbled (Ruins style)
vocals, dark singing, light proggy singing, and
traditional music (warped circus sounds to acoustic
guitars). Even some flute, didgeridoo and sax! Feels
like Pink Floyd of South America mixed with a dash of
The Legendary Pink Dots and a sprinkle of every
circuit bending artist out there at times with the
long floating random shifting tracks. Really cool
shit. Each track is super unique from the other.

Harmonia – “Live 1974 ” – [Water]

cinder   4/18/2008   A Library, CD

A short lived (1973-76), but amazing band comprised of
Micheal Rother, Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim
Roedelius (Kraftwerk, Cluster, Neu! mixed together!)
This was performed at a small club, formerly a railway
station, in Germany to a crowd of about 50 people.
Luckily there’s no annoying applause to kill your high
during this 58 minute ambient electronic outer space
performance. Rother believes everyone was stoned,
which is how this makes you feel – very relaxed and
non-existent. Looping repetativeness, krauty beats,
synths, organs, pianos, tripped out guitar. Check out
the liner notes and photos for all their gear!

Poetics, The – “Critical Inquiry In Green ” – [Compound Annex]

cinder   4/10/2008   A Library, CD

Mike Kelley (Destroy All Monsters) and Tony Oursler
reunited in 1997 to make this recording to coincide
with the opening of the Poetics Project installation
at Document X. Creepy minimal dark Throbbing
Gristle-ish music with dead-pan spoken human vocals.
Computerized vox (think Stephen Hawking) comes in on
select tracks. I imagine a Crispin Glover type fellow
doing a drug-induced spoken word night in a dark
red-lit dungeon, smoke filled and raining of course.
Sounds like a bad acid trip. Really awesome!

Axolotl/Inca Ore [coll] – [Arbor]

cinder   4/10/2008   7-inch, A Library

Axolotl’s two tracks are electronic loopy drone-outs.
Very short, if you don’t catch the break it sounds
good as one piece. I think there’s violin in there
Inca Ore sounds like a creepy little girl telling a
whispering ghost story in the land of OZ. Harp
included. Both sides excellent!

Growing – “Disconfirm ” – [The Social Registry]

cinder   4/10/2008   7-inch, A Library

8th edition of Social Registry’s ongoing singles
collection. Limited to 750 copies. Growing hails
from Brooklyn, NY. Side A is a rusty electronic
looping sunflare, with squiggly solar sperm squiggles.
Side B on the other hand sounds like my intestines
after a long day of eating beans, tofu and beer.
Gurgles to the max! Both sides around 3 minutes.

Plants – “Plants ” – [Killertree Records]

cinder   3/13/2008   12-inch, A Library

Recorded back in 1993 on a 4 track c90. Apparently
these three guys were in high school at the time,
summer school style. Never trying drugs before, they
make a DIY style water bong including a big orange
road cone, and get stoned out of their minds. They
start these 10pm jam sessions, and play almost every
night. Plants was born! Improvised spastic
guitar/drum/tapes/loops/keys, etc. Two side-long
tracks of fuzzy guitar and drunk drums. They ended up
drifting (or…wilting…) away about a year later.
Both sides about 20 minutes long. Side A has an abrupt
stop, and side B sounds like different sessions were
stitched together. Great stuff from foggy pot brains!

Nagoski, Ian – “Kerflooey ” – [Ehse]

cinder   3/13/2008   12-inch, A Library

Ian’s first solo release in 4 years. Two side-long
tracks of meditating outer-space drone-room chamber
electronic sound. Both sides about 15 minutes long.
Side B is more dynamic…going from quiet window
watching hovers to louder “holy shit, look at that
planet” thoughts, while side A has a more
control/operating room feel. Ian has contributed his
past efforts to the music of Joe McPhee, Jack Rose,
Six Organs of Admittance, Pelt, Tom Carter and Magali
Babin. -cinderaura

Phillips, Dave + R. H. Y. Yau – “Illusion Is a Natural Condition ” – [Helen Scarsdale Agency]

cinder   3/6/2008   A Library, CD

An hour of ear-piercing, headache inducing, nerve
twitching, body spazzing, intoxictaingly paranoid,
schizo happening tracks. Almost all under 2 minutes,
some only seconds long. Electronic screeching freak
outs that make your brain quiver. Sometimes the
frquency is so low it sounds like nothing, sometimes
so high you cry. Good for layering. Collected from
2000-2005. Yau also founded and co-curates the
Activating the Medium festivals.

Onna – “Katawa ” – [Psf]

cinder   3/6/2008   A Library, CD

Music project of Japanese underground cartoonist,
Keizo Miyanishi. He also did all the artwork for this
release. The first in many years, Onna have been
semi-around since the 80s. Early lineup included
Michio Kurihara, before White Heaven! This includes
Keizo and two other folks on guitars and that’s it.
Sad, intense and melancholy songs. Keizo sings in
Japanese, but the lyrics are written in English also.
Words range from mystical dragon heads, to voyeuristic
views of a woman pampering, to killings of mothers.
Dark acoustic guitar driven bluesy-folk. Track 4 is
the most upbeat if you’re looking to rock out.

New Blockaders, The – “Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren ” – [Blossoming Noise]

cinder   3/6/2008   A Library, CD

Rumored as their last live performance, this was
recorded at the ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas
festival in 2006. From the UK and together since
1982! Along for the ride is Damion Romero, Joke Lanz
and Dave Phillips. The 49 minute piece starts off as
various sputters and feedbacks, rebounding off open
air. Almost ten minutes in, the sound of terror
begins. Warbling old-man wales, crushing waves of
electronics, metal-wall sounding scrapes. Images of
trains and huge industrial machines crunching and
grinding along. Squirbles and squarbles galore.
Never giving up the whole time. Great!

Kubisch, Christina – “Night Flights ” – [Important Records]

cinder   2/17/2008   A Library, CD

A reissue of Christina’s album from the mid-80s. Tape
loops & echoed effects, trumpet, glass bowls and glass
horns, diverse field recordings, flute and
electronics. An experimental ambient trip. Each piece
makes your imagination go wild.
The first, Cat’s Dream, lets you explore what little
kitty sees in her sleep… from romping through the
grass, vibrating insects, purring madly, and distant
humans chatting.
On track 2, you get the sense that a glow bug had a
little too much rum. Lonely sounds of bubbling,
bouncing, bumbling up and down. The crickets are so
tired of that drunk.
For the final track, Circles IIII, layers of slow
oooooohhhh’s hypnotize you into a dizzy trance. A
qualuded vocal choir. Meditating moans. Floating

Baker, Aidan – “Sea Swells a Bit…, The ” – [a Silent Place]

cinder   2/1/2008   A Library, CD

Three long beautiful atmospheric tracks. Aidan Baker
is from ambient-doom duo Nadja. Deep hypnotic
mind-swelling dreamy drones. Guitar textures, tape
loops and drifty drum machines. Each track feels like
glistening waves as the layers gently push forward and
fall back within themselves. Would fit it well with
the likes of Eno’s ambient albums or Stars Of The Lid.
It definately feels like you’re flying through the
Grand Canyon drowning in sunkissed dew drops. Very
peaceful and relaxing.

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