Fort Lauderdale – “1001 Revolutions” – [Worm Interface]

cinder   2/3/2015   A Library, CD

A futuristic, downtempo, beat laden listen. Stylings of hip hop, funky jazz, 70s cinematic touches, horns, electro, and breakbeats. Dreamy strings mixed with afro bell bottomed, jive walkin’ gangs. Super groovy and killer. British duo! Sheer negligee wearing, lounge tunes. Shaken, not stirred.

Shock Frontier – “Mancuerda Confessions” – [Malignant Records]

cinder   3/14/2014   A Library, CD

Mancuerda is a form of torture where a tight cord was wrapped around the victims arm. The executioner would then throw his entire weight backwards, or the pressure would be exerted by a lever, and the cord would cut through the skin and muscle, right to the bone. This is a project from Robert Kozletski, along with Carney, formed in 2010. Dark industrial electronics, with haunting spacial tonalities. Glistening blades and rumbling lows. Ambiently dense atmospheric textures. Drones of the murky black night. Subtle torturous vibes. Ghostly voices, and spoken samples.

Bene Gesserit – “Multilingual Sad Songs, Weird Jokes and Experimental Stuff” – [Feeding Tube Records]

cinder   3/14/2014   12-inch, A Library

Kooky silly experimentalisms from Alain Neffe. Some from the mid 80s, the 90s and 2009. Quirky singing and words, mostly female, in french, and possibly other languages. Musical toy boxes, violin, organ, accordion, synthesizer, piano, etc…. all sorts of added fun to warp and widdle. Looping and echoing. Some are tripped out, some have a fun beat, some are just ear pleasures. Playful fun.
And… The Bene Gesserit are a female key social, religious, and political force in the Dune series.

Peter Peter & Peter Kyed – “Valhalla Rising” – [Milan Records]

cinder   2/28/2014   CD, Soundtrack

Dark and spooky sounds from triple Peter, with a Kyed tossed in. A film score that doesn’t have the cinematic feel, if you listened before knowing, you’d think it was a normal record. Low rumbles, and creeping fills. Guitars that sound like the beginning of an epic Godspeed song. Droned out organs that give the sense of desolate fog fueled mountains. Slow paced heart beats in pounding effect. Tension. And Mads!

Fungus of Terror [coll] – [El Suprimo]

cinder   2/19/2014   12-inch, A Library

Released in 2007. One original by Black Sash, and 3 remixes by the likes of Solar X, Tipsy, and Snakeoiler (Billawtm & Cotton Casino). Inspired by the 1963 Japanese film Matango! (Attack of the Mushroom People). This floats all over the place with ‘psychotropic tempos, murky hypnotic beats, distorted guitars, and cinematic atmospheres’. Black Sash has film dialogue layered over heavy drenched electronics and dub beats. Oozing with psychedelics. Solar X flips the table and presents super glitch. Tipsy of course brings the lounge exotica vibes, with the best use of film sampling. Snakeoiler bring it back to some dub, with an alien ambient wind trailing throughout that leads into some psych guitar. This is pretty killer!

Gilbert, Bruce and BAW – “Diluvial” – [Touch]

cinder   2/19/2014   A Library, CD

Sound explorations from Bruce (ex-Wire) and BAW (David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin). They used rising sea levels as their theme, imaging the world before, during and after a great flood. Lots of aquatic hints… drips, running, gushing and sloshing in electronic tones. Ambient drones of melancholy. Cold shivering winds. Stormy and desolate. Dark and gloomy.

Burr, Ellen and Unruh, Michael – “Where Am I From, Where Am I Going” – [Pfmentum]

cinder   2/19/2014   CD, Jazz

Almost theatrical musical sounds from Ellen and Michael. Flute and bass clarinet argue, then sing, then quarrel, then celebrate in harmonious delight. Playful textures. Flute as duck, clarinet as goose. Animated visions of colorful 60s musical notes bouncy and rebounding, then splashing into each other to create a new monstrous tune. I’m not sure if these are all improvisations, or planned, could take a cue from either. Free and floating. Tickled woodwinds and reeds.

Fox, Terry – “Ataraxia” – [Plate Lunch]

cinder   2/19/2014   A Library, CD

Sound works from Terry, dating back to the late ’70s and early ’80s. Creative use of natural instruments. Each performance was entirely acoustic, no electronics were used, which is surprising given some of the sci-fi sounds that escape. Many of the tracks are of piano wires stretched entirely out and straight across a stage, or an attic, or a church… then either plucked, bowed, hit with chopsticks or played. He does the same with an aluminum rowboat inside a tunnel for ‘Culvert’. ‘Lunar Rambles’ has him playing two metal bowls, with a violin bowl. The resonating tunes that bounce back from the various locations are intriguing. Experimentalism.

Natural Snow Buildings – “Daughter of Darkness” – [Ba Da Bing]

cinder   12/20/2013   A Library, CD

Gorgeous, whimsy desert psych folk drones. Quivering mandolins, rustling strings, guitars, wordless female ghostly singing, various percussion… The whole thing is very continuous in sound (six discs!). This is the kind of music you’d want to take some hallucinogens to. Soft colors, slowly evolving migrations, whispy clouds. Has an earthly ambiance to it. Definitely has a tribal vibe, in a harmonious ritualistic sort of way. These recordings were originally released on cassette as well. NSB is a duo from France.

Artemiev, Eduard – “Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris” – [Superior Viaduct]

cinder   12/6/2013   12-inch, Soundtrack

‘Solaris explores the inadequacies of time and memory on an enigmatic planet below a derelict space station.’ Made in 1972, in Russian. A psychological thriller taking place in the future. Eduard Artemiev composed a chillingly adequate soundtrack for the film. This is eerie, spooky, space cadeting music. It has tones that give you goosebumps, gorgeous cosmic celestial drones, synthesizer sounds, and lots of moments of reflection. Floating lost in space, drifting past stars, seeing your past lives flash before you. The color is grey, the temperature is -80.

Nova Scotia / Eye [coll] – [Tipped Bowler Tapes]

cinder   12/6/2013   12-inch, A Library

Both I think are from New Zealand. Nova Scotia’s experimental jam sounds like it was recorded in a concrete garage. Rhythmic drums, with an odd sounding cymbal hiding in the corner. There’s also some droning horns that sometime step on their toes to peak over the jangled chaos. This track starts slow, but soon your in the middle of a high school marching band warm-up. It sounds like they all just got their horns and can’t wait to just blow. It had me laughing halfway through once the drums stop, because they sound like some drunk geese. Eye has a more obvious cohesion. Electronics, and possible pedal manipulations along with drumming that picks up the pace. It peaks out back into a mellow, cool down and fades back to white.

Rushford, James & Talia, Joe – “Manhunter” – [Kye]

cinder   12/6/2013   12-inch, A Library

Joe Talia is a drummer, percussionist and electro-acoustic performer based in Melbourne, Australia. James Rushford seems somewhat mysterious online, but I believe he’s from Australia as well. This is minimal, fog head inducing drones. Wind and ambient tones. A slow synth beat pops in for a second on A2, then fades into the shadows, only to reappear again. Lots of experimental, gloomy ghostly sounds. Dreary like a wet winter morning. Popping and clicking, like mic’d acoustics or wood crackling in a fire. The B side has some spooky, effected vocals, like an 80s monster-in-the-TV type of sound. This side has more going on and sort of has a B-movie horror feel towards the end. Don’t be alarmed of the “skipping” sound, it’s supposed to sound that way.

SKOZEY FETISCH / HORSEFLESH [coll] – [Ratskin Records]

cinder   10/27/2013   A Library, Cassette

Super short cassette! Over before you blink, with both tracks at 2:30 each. Skozey Fetish’s track is the beginning of your neural mind operation. Setting you down, tape manipulations with zipping and zapping, subliminal words…. your eyes are getting heavy as the doctors fine tune their instruments. Horseflesh is the full on mind wipe. Plugged straight in, electronics are flowing statically right into your brain. Rolling, grumbling, riding wire taps and electrode maps.

Murcof & Petit, Philippe – “First Chapter” – [Aagoo]

cinder   10/27/2013   A Library, CD

Dreamy, ethereal cosmic ambient bliss. Has a very old world gothic feel to it, especially when Sarah Jouffroy comes in with her ghostly singing on the first track. This summons the spirits of times past. No joke – when I was listening to this, the light in the room died a slow fading death, leaving me in darkness. Chillingly fitting to the beautiful electronics, and piano that drifted from the speakers. Slowly floating, in an empty gray cloud with soft and loud percussion that sting and intertwine throughout. Bells and strings, whether their programmed or real, ring and echo. The second track has an ethnic flair to it, while the third track combines elements from the first two, along with a skipping record effect… the most experimental of the 3 tracks.

Edith Bunker’s Demonized Vomit Insurance – “Volume One” – [Feeding Tube Records]

cinder   9/27/2013   12-inch, A Library

Tags on his page include tape manipulation baby jesus buttplug and tardcore. This is oddities at play. Random guitar playing, ugly mouth sounds, annoying singing, offense song titles, quirky attitude. One guy, Brent Field, seems to hate everything and everyone. Lonely and depraved music is what I also read. This guy is probably the kid that used to piss in the popcorn butter at movie theaters. There’s some more experimental tracks here and there, as well as some super quick clips like fake phone calls and computer voices. Swans cover on side A!

Opponents – “Telepathic Times” – [Prison Tatt Records]

cinder   8/30/2013   12-inch, A Library

Darkness within the beat, from the Brooklyn area. Mentions of post-apocalyptic times and concrete walls were made to help you envision what they were going for with this. There’s a red light style dark wave synth, with monotone male vocals. Ghostly wordless singing on one track. A very dreary, danceable futuristic style sound. Industrial “light” with rumbling, lurking rhythms.

TALsounds / Greyghost [coll] – [Hausu Mountain]

cinder   8/30/2013   A Library, Cassette

Two 20ish minute tracks from two solo artists. TALsounds is Natalie Chami. She brings super dreamy, whimsical, airy looping and twisting ambience. Synths and voice roll over each other like grape vines. Dewey, misty and pretty. Greyghost is Brian Griffith. Radio frequencies shifting and fading. A plucked guitar loops and lapses in time. Thoughtful memories and mind racing meditations. Very soothing and relaxing cassette. Great for laying in a meadow on a warm summer afternoon.

Nagai, Seiji – “Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999” – [Klimt]

cinder   8/16/2013   12-inch, A Library

Solo outing from Seiji Nagai, of the Taj Mahal Travellers. Recorded in 1999.
Dense, lush rolling improvised sounds swirl and twist like tendrils. There’s definitely electronics, and in between the cracks you can hear piano and keyboards. It’s psychedelic in its own way, where instruments and sounds melt and pour into each other like lava (lamps, ha!). Some are more droned out and slow, while others are quicker and more frenzied. Yet it all sounds harmonious, and almost raises you like a fizzy lifting drink. Lots of warping sounds, and trinkling effects. I noticed after, on the back he has a short blurb about each track, and he’s spot on with how I would describe each of them. There’s lots of layers and details on each side, fun to listen and shift your focus from one to the other.

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