Liquid Sound Comapany – “Psychoactive Songs for the Psoul” – [Liquid Sound Records]

carsonstreet   4/26/2022   A Library, CD

Liquid Sound Company is from Arlington, Texas. Formed in 1996 by Solitude Aeturnus guitarist John Perez and Last Chapter drummer Jason Spradlin. The goal: create mind expanding psychedelic sounds for the head! With the nucleus of the band being John Perez & Jason Spradlin the band also includes current members Alan Wise, Mark Cook, and Ron McCain. With a new album in 2021 and live trips in the works, Liquid Sound Company is ready to fly!  Get out your lava lamp and light up the skies, with eastern nods, guitar freak outs and spacey chill out vibes.

Gnod – “La Mort du Sens” – [Rocket Recordings]

carsonstreet   4/26/2022   A Library, CD

Gnod are a British rock band from Salford, Greater Manchester, England. Formed in 2006, the band was described in a review of its 2011 release Ingnodwetrust as “a collective from Manchester with an ever-rotating list of members. La Mort Du Sens translates to “The Death Of Meaning” and also reflects its creation. As Paddy Shine of Gnod notes: “I think the title sums it up well because this album was coming together at a time when confusion was king for us all – still is. I think we can all relate to that. This record is a really strange beast because of the big change that happened between mixing and recording”. Started in 2019 the pandemic got in the way and ended up helping form the end product. Paddy continues: “I think the title really does sum up the vibe of ‘What the Fuck’? Maybe we should have called it that!”

Lugerner, Steven; Lang, Garret; Tootie Heath, Albert – “It Takes One to Know One” – [Slow and Steady]

carsonstreet   4/26/2022   CD, Jazz

Jazz reedist Steven Lugerner typically spends a lot of time composing new music for a variety of bold new ensembles. He has taken a different, more laid-back approach for It Takes One to Know One. By inviting drumming legend Albert “Tootie” Heath into his inner circle, Lugerner has recorded five covers with as much reverential care for the material as his drummer. Throw in bassist Garret Lang, and you have yourself a “chordless” trio – three instruments that are incapable of playing a musical chord. Lugerner sticks to the bass clarinet for the entire album made up of a Joe Henderson cover, an Irving Berlin cover, an Ellington/Strayhorn cover, and two tunes written by Heath’s older brother Jimmy Heath. When you add it all up, it’s all as easygoing as the cover art depicting three guys sitting on a bench next to a yawning dog.

Gerycz / Powers / Rolin – “Lamplighter” – [American Dreams Records]

carsonstreet   4/26/2022   12-inch, A Library

On Lamplighter, the trio of Cloud Nothings drummer Jayson Gerycz, hammered dulcimer player Jen Powers, and guitarist Matthew J. Rolin come together to whip up a storm of mostly improvised jams that roil with joyful abandon. The group weaves together roots music, free jazz, rock, and drone to create mesmerizing, largely acoustic music that captivates, dazzles, and imparts wonder. Lamplighter is lightning in a bottle – the trio is firing on all cylinders, confident in their skillset and interplay, which makes the improvisational nature of the compositions even more impressive. A little psychy and a lot meditative. Relax and enjoy.

Ponty, Jean-Luc – “Live” – [Atlantic (Jazz)]

carsonstreet   4/26/2022   12-inch, Jazz

Live is a live album by French jazz fusion artist Jean-Luc Ponty, recorded in December 1978 and released on April 18, 1979. Ponty was born into a family of classical musicians. His father taught violin, his mother taught piano. At sixteen, he was admitted to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, graduating two years later with the institution’s highest honor, Premier Prix (first prize). He was hired by the Concerts Lamoureux in which he played for three years. While still a member of the orchestra in Paris, Ponty picked up a side job playing clarinet (which his father had taught him) for a college jazz band, that regularly performed at local parties. It proved life-changing. A growing interest in Miles Davis and John Coltrane compelled him to take up tenor saxophone. One night after an orchestra concert, and still wearing his tuxedo, Ponty found himself at a local club with only his violin. The rest is jazz history.

White Manna – “First Welcome” – [Cardinal Fuzz]

carsonstreet   4/26/2022   12-inch, A Library

White Manna is a psychedelic/space rock band from California. Fueled by mystic forces hidden behind California’s Redwood Curtain, White Manna has been feeding heads a steady diet of transcendent jams for quite some time. White Manna’s longevity as one of the leaders of the modern psychedelic movement can be attributed to their willingness to introduce new elements to their sonic repertoire. Initially, these moves were subtle, but as the band has moved on through the years, these moves have become much more pronounced. So, here we are with First Welcome, an album that features warbled country leanings, airy blooms of ambience, and occasional hints of a German yesteryear, all implemented into the band’s signature hazy and spacey sound. First Welcome is the eighth full length album from this ever-evolving band. First Welcome is a product of the COVID era, with much of the recording happening in quarantine or while socially distanced. The band’s process relied on communicating via email and sending music files back and forth.

Tri Atma/Tri Atma

carsonstreet   3/27/2022   CD, International

Tri Atma was founded in 1977 by German guitarist Jens Fischer and Indian tabla player Asim Saha, Tri Atma fuses Eastern musical elements with Western electronic pop and psychedelia. Jens Fischer: “Tri Atma was founded around 1976, initially we were 3 people, the tabla player Asim (pronounced Oshim), a saxophone player Herbert Koschmieder and a sitar player, Manfred Flathe”. In 1982, the duo met Klaus Netzle, a veteran German record and television producer who brought the space-age sounds of the Fairlight and Synclavier computer synthesizers to their music. This is their first album and was recorded in 1979. Jens Fischer: ” We were inspired by everything from everywhere. I was very much into jazz, Miles Davis especially, Indian music, blues, reggae. Actually when you listen to the first album you will notice that all the bass lines were just reggae riffs. And we weren’t using a regular bass guitar but an acoustic one

Riley Geare/Time/Joker’s Chair

carsonstreet   3/27/2022   7-inch, A Library

Riley Geare is a Los Angeles singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. This 7″ is a mix of chill wave and jazz-laden funk. Geare’s sound blends soft-jazz and mid-tempo electronica. Riley is jazzy with a little lean toward progressive rock. Shoegaze, dream pop, ambient and electronica could all apply. Very pleasant and a nice way to segue between genres.

Dorotheo/Como Es

carsonstreet   3/27/2022   12-inch, A Library

Heavy doom meets colorful psychedelia meets swirly shoegaze on this release from Guadalajara group Dorotheo. Do we also detect Krautrock influences? Dorotheo was formed in 2011 in Guadalajara, Jalisco by Benjamín Zárate (guitar, vocals, synthesizers) and Otto Malgesto (drums, percussion, vocals). A veteran of the local scene including a stint in Antoine Reverb, Zárate shared some personal demos with Malgesto during a break from a musical outfit they both played in and they decided to launch the new project together.

Carlton Melton/Microwavelengths

carsonstreet   3/27/2022   12-inch, A Library

Carlton Melton (Andy Duvall, Rich Millman, and Clint Golden) are great friends of KFJC and we are great friends of theirs. Just drop the needle on this new EP and you will know why. Carlton Melton formed up along the Mendocino County coastline in Northern California in 2008. The idea to play live, loud, improvised, experimental, instrumental, psychedelic music in a geodesic dome had been discussed for many years prior to this date. The opportunity came to fruition after the Dome was completely rebuilt and the acoustic sounds inside were fully realized. This music is recorded live inside the Dome to analog and digital sources using carefully placed omni-directional microphones. All music is improvised. This EP was recorded before Mind Minerals and after their EP Hidden Lights both of which are in our library. This is a five-track excursion into free form psych, hazy drones, and all out fuzz freakouts. If you like this check out the other Carlton Melton albums in our library.

/A\ //A\

carsonstreet   3/27/2022   12-inch, A Library

/A\ is Emilie Zoé, Franz Treichler and Nicolas Pittet. The seven tracks in their debut album are the result of a series of jam sessions. From one track to the next a series of strange and perfect hybrids combine harmonically rich pop with driving rhythmic patterns. /A\ multiplies different energies and dynamics: the warmth of a migratory blues (Hotel Stellar), cat-like, undulating post rock (Grain Sand and Mud), low-tempo machine-like fury (We Travel the Light), a pale morning atmosphere (Count to Ten), mutant trip hop (The Leaves), an idle climb to Golgotha (Our Love is Growing). These trailblazing ideas follow each other with an incredible sense of naturalness. Released June 18, 2021.

Noertker’s Moxie/Walking On Blue Eggshells

carsonstreet   3/7/2022   CD, Jazz

Bassist/composer Bill Noertker has been active in the Bay Area jazz and avant-garde scene since the late 1980s. Since 2001, he has lead his own ensemble, Noertker’s Moxie, as a forum for compositions inspired by visual artists such as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Salvador Dalí and others.  He has composed over 150 pieces of music including the soundtrack for Curious Worlds: the Art and Imagination of David Beck and the extended suites Sketches of Catalonia; the Blue Rider; the Druidh; Tricycle; and In Billville.

Walking on Blue Eggshells is volume one of the new Billville trilogy, a collection of 25 previously unreleased live performances spanning two decades. The compositions contained herein are Noertker’s reflections on his travels, his encounters with art, his penchant for poetry, his love of Catalonia, his sense of wonder at words, his fondness for the tritone, his fascination with film.


carsonstreet   3/7/2022   A Library, CD

“Myrkur” means “darkness” in Icelandic. Amalie Bruun (aka Myrkur) has always paved her own path, challenging underground preconceptions of heavy metal ever since the release of her debut Myrkur EP in 2014. With a distinct sense of Nordic isolation, Myrkur’s compositions are at once savage and delicate. Choral and folk elements abound, lending the music a mystical, legendary quality and an untouchable equilibrium between dark and light. This is a fantastic combination of Nordic folk and black metal. Amalie’s voice is angelic one minute and sounding like an infected hairball the next. From her website: she has ” recast black metal in the most personal yet expansive of terms, their blending of Amalie’s Danish folk roots with tempestuous internal struggles breathing new life into a subgenre whose followers can be rigidly possessive.”

The Spacelords/Water Planet

carsonstreet   3/7/2022   A Library, CD

The Spacelords started in April 2008, when Marcus Schnitzler (drums, djembe, percussion, special effects) joined Matthias Wettstein (guitars) and Klaus Werz (bass) for a first session. From the first moment, it was clear that even as each of them had his own personal style and background, they had found a common sense in music. With an elegant combination of spacey melodies and powerful riffs they have created their unique sound.

Faust /Daumenbruch

carsonstreet   3/7/2022   A Library, CD

Faust’s work is oriented around dissonance, improvisation, and experimental electronic approaches, and has influenced subsequent ambient and industrial music.They are considered a central act of West Germany’s 1970s krautrock movement. The basic tracks on Daumenbruch were recorded by Zappi W. Diermaier, Dirk Dresselhaus and Elke Drapatz in Dirk’s studio. They were sent online as rough mixes to the individual musicians who recorded their overdubs independently, not knowing what the other ones would do and sent them back. This method created a result of interesting overlays, patterns and links. The recordings were mixed by Dirk Dresselhaus and Zappi W. Diermaier at the studio ZONE in Berlin. Three long pieces evolved, whose meditative industrial character is based completely on instant composition. Released January 21, 2022.

Sula Bassana/The Ape Regards His Tail

carsonstreet   2/20/2022   A Library, CD

Psychedelic spacerock and electronic musician Sula Bassana is a member of Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone and Interkosmos. He is an ex-member of Liquid Visions, Growing Seeds and Psychedelic Monsterjam. Sula was born in Berlin and is now living in northern Hessen. This is Sula Bassana’s first soundtrack album. 60 minutes of totally spaced out and minimalistic music for the Sci-Fi feature-film The Ape Regards His Tail by film maker Michael Yates. The music was done on Synthesizers, String-Ensembles, Mellotron, Organ, E-Guitar and E-Piano. It shows the mellow and relaxed, but also deep, dark and melancholy side of Sula Bassana.

Sherman, Collin/Suitable Benchmarks of Reform

carsonstreet   1/27/2022   CD, Jazz

Based in New York, New York, Collin Sherman creates experimental electro-acoustic jazz, ambient, drone, and noise. Collin says of this album: Suitable Benchmarks of Reform, my thirteenth release, sticks to the same process I have used on past releases, where I play all of the instruments myself and overlay the parts. This album is essentially in two sections; the first being a collection of three independent tunes, and the second being a four-part suite.” Some tracks are completely improv (“Rival Machinations” track 2) and some are pretty close to traditional jazz (“Phalanx Strictures” track 1) but most are a very satisfying mix. Nothing here will take the paint off your walls.

Flato, Steve/Microtonal Guitar

carsonstreet   1/12/2022   A Library, CD

Steve Flato is a composer and guitarist from San Diego, CA. He is interested in using the wide vocabulary of sounds and techniques found in experimental music to express and process his own internal experiences. He aims to use sound as a therapeutic tool by exploring anxiety, trauma, and loss and its potential for generating personal growth and meaning. Flato is concerned with process, chance, and the line between improvisation and composition, synthetic and natural sounds. A little drone, a little raga and a lot of great guitar. Experimental but strangely familiar.

Aural Hallucinations – "Hearing What You Want to See" – [Self Release]

carsonstreet   1/12/2022   A Library, CD

Although there are tacks listed on the back of the CD this is one long spacy/psychy track which runs 1:18:58. “Floating Thru Asteroids – Black Liquid – Running Squirrel – Terrorized Smoke Man – Ruptured Brain Valve – December Flashes Bye – Meditation 6 – Sour Lemon Kraut – Meditation 5 – Half Of A Stink Bug – Phat Werk – Meditation 1 – Drone” is the name of the track but Spidey does not like long track names so it will be shortened when you see it on the screen. Spoken word & Audio both with plenty of distortion and interesting twists and turns. Aural Hallucinations is a new project featuring Matt (ex-Elder) on multiple instruments (Synths, guitar, drums, bass, vocals) and Dr Space (Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle, Doctors of Space) on synthesizer and mixing. They also collaborate with Luis Antero who provides us with field recordings made in Portugal. Aural Hallucinations says: “The music is meant to be listened to in one long session, therefore, we have not split it up into individual pieces. Have toke, a vape, a smoke and a really far out trip with Aural Hallucinations and we hope you get to hear what you want to see!!!”

Music From The Motion Picture Black Snake Moan [coll] – [New West Records]

carsonstreet   1/12/2022   12-inch, Soundtrack

This soundtrack to the film written and directed by Craig Brewer is steeped in the Southern blues. The big surprise here is how well actor Samuel L. Jackson holds his own as a blues singer. There are tracks from Son House and R.L. Burnside so Jackson had some tough competition. He sounds like a throwback to the classic Delta bluesmen on “Just Like a Bird Without a Feather,” does a convincing take on the Blind Lemon Jefferson title track and rocks the juke joint on “Alice Mae” and “Stack-O-Lee.” Also on this record is the Black Keys’ “When the Lights Go Out”, Bobby Rush’s classic “Chicken Heads” and Precious Bryant’s “Morning Train”.” The Son House tracks run 12 and 22 seconds so if your “Current” tank is a little low – top it off.

Black Snake Moan is a dark modern tale of love, betrayal, sex, and salvation set in the Deep South and stars Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake. The film is the 2nd feature by writer-director Craig Brewer, whose 1st film Hustle & Flow won an Academy Award for Best Song and the 2005 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award. Black Snake Moan was filmed in Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding environs.

On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 66% based on 157 reviews, with an average rating of 6.4/10. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Uninhibited performances, skillful direction, and a killer blues soundtrack elevate Black Snake Moan beyond its outlandish premise.” On the television program Ebert & Roeper, filmmaker Kevin Smith described the film as “the best of the year thus far”. Smith praised Ricci and Jackson, saying this was “Ricci’s best performance and Jackson’s best performance since Pulp Fiction”. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone declared the film: “the year’s Worst Soft-Core Sex” on his list of the Worst Movies of 2007. When I first saw the album cover I thought “oh, boy – turkey” – maybe, maybe not. The music is great and Justin Timberlake doesn’t sing.  

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