Night Beats/Outlaw R & B

carsonstreet   9/17/2021   A Library, CD

Night Beats is the brain-child of Native Texan Danny Lee Blackwell. The soundtrack of a generation, the band’s R&B inspired Western Psychedelic sound is a reckoning, a shoot-out at dawn, the ear-splitting peel-out that leaves nothing but a cloud of red dust in its wake. They’ve toured around the world and shared the stage with the likes of Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, The Black Angels, Roky Erickson and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Blackwell says of the album: “Outlaw R&B is music for the borderless, the free, the outcasts and the forgotten.” Released June 4, 2021. Very good stuff – play it.

Litter, The/Future of The Past

carsonstreet   9/17/2021   A Library, CD

The hard rock and psychedelic sounds of the Minnesota band The Litter come full circle in the 2019 release Future Of The Past. In the late 1960’s The Litter followed up their punk/garage classic hit “Action Woman” with the LP’s Distortions, $100 Fine and Emerge. Along with Distortions, Emerge has remained one of the most respected and collectible records from the psychedelic era. The Litter toured the nation playing shows with the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jethro Tull and Cream. For Future Of The Past original member Tom Murray enlisted the help of some talented young players, as well as original Litter guitarist Zippy Caplan.

Gnod/Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy

carsonstreet   9/17/2021   A Library, CD

Gnod are a rock band from England. Formed in 2006, the band was described in a review of its 2011 release Ingnodwetrust as “a collective from Manchester with an ever-rotating list of members.” This is unreleased material from the early days of the band. Paddy Shine of Gnod says of the band: “We just wanted to jam really and see what happened. That led us down the road of constructing a vibe or an atmosphere for playing live. We played a lot of squats, house gigs and parties in the early days. We lived in each others pockets – shared ideas, books, films etc. We just got on one. Some heads came along for the ride. Good times.” Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy is drone, psych and just plain experimental jamming. Some very eerie stuff going on on tracks 7 and 8. Track eight sounds like it was recorded to torture the residents of hell who seemed to be getting too comfortable with their situation (in a good way). Freak out with Gnod.

Brown, James / Live At Home With His Bad Self

carsonstreet   8/31/2021   12-inch, Soul

This album is a complement to the 50th anniversary release of Live at Home With His Bad Self (which itself is an expansion of a 1969 live show that was heavily edited into the LP ‘Sex Machine’), this Record Store Day Black Friday exclusive is the after-show set, featuring extended versions of rare cuts, new mixes, a duet with Marva Whitney and some revealing stage patter.

Davis, Miles / Live In San Juan

carsonstreet   8/31/2021   12-inch, Jazz

By the late ’80s Miles Davis had radically overhauled his style yet again, incorporating prominent synthesizers and using an ever-changing cast of young backing musicians. This remarkable set took place in the intimate setting of the Coach House Concert Hall in San Juan Capistrano, California, on June 15, 1989, and was broadcast on American Public Radio. It features just two tracks, a tribute to Jaco Pastorius from Davis’s 1989 Amandla album and the title-track from 1986’s Tutu. Check out the insert with lots of additional information. This is on serious 180g vinyl and is a UK import.

Cat Stevens – Harold & Maude Soundtrack

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   12-inch, Soundtrack

Harold and Maude is a 1971 film that incorporates elements of dark humor and existentialist drama. The plot revolves around Harold Chasen (Bud Cort) who is intrigued with death. Harold drifts away from the life that his detached mother prescribes for him, and slowly develops a strong friendship, and eventually a romantic relationship, with a 79-year-old woman named Maude (Ruth Gordon), a Nazi concentration camp survivor who teaches Harold about the importance of living life to its fullest and that life is the most precious gift of all.

Critically and commercially unsuccessful when originally released, the film developed a cult following and in 1983 began making a profit. The film is ranked number 45 on the American Film Institute’s list of 100 Funniest Movies of all Time. Much of Harold and Maude was filmed in the bay area including Berkeley, Brisbane, Burlingame, Colma, Daly City, Dumbarton Bridge, Emeryville, Golden Gate National Cemetery, Half Moon Bay, Hillsborough, Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Menlo Park, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, Mori Point, Oakland, Pacifica and the courthouse in Redwood City.

The music in Harold and Maude was composed and performed by Cat Stevens. He had been suggested by Elton John to do the music after John had dropped out of the project. Stevens composed two original songs for the film, “Don’t Be Shy” and “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out” and performed instrumental and alternative versions of the songs “On the Road to Find Out”, “I Wish, I Wish”, “Miles from Nowhere”, “Tea for the Tillerman”, “I Think I See the Light”, “Where Do the Children Play?” and “Trouble”. This record is a Record Store Day exclusive on 180g orange vinyl.

San Kazakgascar – Scar Tissue

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   7-inch, A Library

In 2019 San Kazakgascar morphed into more of a collective of collaborators after years of being a four person band. Guitarist Jed Brewer mixed and matched players. This release has Jed Brewer on guitar and Jeff Tobias on saxophone. Recorded last year at Brooklyn’s legendary Sunview Luncheonette this is a lathe recording. Tobias’ saxophone is a perfect match for Brewer’s Eastern-tinged string work. Limited edition of 30.

The Drood – The Drood

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   A Library, CD

This is the debut studio release from Denver band The Drood. The Drood travels a dark and dreamy path through space-rock and psychedelia. The sound on this album slides between sludgy space/prog rock, industrial grit and layered soundscape dreams. The Drood moves through an eclectic range of emotion, mystery and just plain weirdness. Sure to interest those seeking an esoteric journey in audio form. There is other worldliness and intensity to their music, and a fascinating overlap between mysticism and skepticism. A fun trip for all you KFJC space cadets.

Carter / Shipp / Parker / Cleaver – Welcome Adventure! Vol. 1

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   CD, Jazz

Recorded in New York City. Released June 2020. Recorded during the pandemic and perhaps in some ways reflecting the weird trip it has been. The music here swings a bit more than the names billed might lead you to believe. Daniel Carter has been collaborating with William Parker since the early 70s and with Matthew Shipp starting in the mid 80s. This trio has played together on many recordings but by adding legendary drummer Gerald Cleaver to the mix they have created a supergroup of sorts. Two extended tracks bookend a shorter four-minute piece, “Scintillate”. Perhaps the Adventure is the end of the pandemic and the ability to get together and make music again.

Lizards Exist – Lizards Exist

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   12-inch, A Library

Croatian Psychedelic/Space rock band with a new approach to vintage psychedelia. Founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 2011. They played for almost four years, including live concerts, before they went into the studio to record their debut album in March 2014. This self-titled debut was recorded using only vintage equipment (pre-1976) which contributes to its warm and rich sound, typical of the 70’s psychedelic music. Recorded live at Kramasonik Studio, March 2014. It features a very interesting blend of influences including early Pink Floyd, krautrock bands like CAN or Ash Ra Tempel and Canterbury acts like Gong and Soft Machine. This is no exercise in nostalgia it is new, fresh and totally psychy. Album mastered at Abby Road and manufactured in England.

Boris Brozović – drums, percussions, thunder drum
Siniša Mraović – guitars, binson echorec, volume pedal
Roko Margeta – hammond organ, rhodes piano, mellotron, arp 2600 & kawai 100f  synthesizers, roland space echo
Tihomir Zdjelarević – bass, space effects

Sula Bassana – Organ Accumulator

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   A Library, CD

Psychedelic spacerock and electronic musician Sula Bassana is a member of Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone and Interkosmos. He is an ex-member of Liquid Visions, Growing Seeds and Psychedelic Monsterjam. Sula was born in Berlin and is now living in northern Hessen. This version of the album includes the three tracks from the Dissapear EP. Casiotone 403, Casio SK 1, Roland TR 606 drum box, Yamaha PS 30 are among the instruments Sula used on this album.

Keshav Batish – Binaries In Cycle

carsonstreet   8/17/2021   CD, Jazz

Keshav Batish hones a personal, multifaceted sound as a player and composer with Binaries in Cycle, his debut album, featuring alto saxophonist Shay Salhov, pianist Lucas Hahn and bassist Aron Caceres. When the group gathered to record Binaries in Cycle at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, in Batish’s home city of Santa Cruz, the beloved performance space was empty. It was August 3, 2020, the height of the COVID pandemic. Despite adverse circumstances, Batish and the quartet rose above to deliver stirring performances of five original pieces, plus inventive readings of Ornette Coleman’s “Police People” and Thelonious Monk’s “We See.” Keshav has played in our pit with his father Ashwin.

Spiral Wave Nomads/First Encounters

carsonstreet   7/7/2021   12-inch, A Library

Extended psych jams that mostly just relax your mind. This is the second album from Spiral Wave Nomads and was recorded live one afternoon in the pre-pandemic days of the summer of 2019. All songs were improvised live and recorded without overdubs by Spiral Wave Nomads in Delmar, New York. Spiral Wave Nomads are Eric Hardiman on guitar and Michael Kiefer on drums. First Encounters documents the first time Kiefer and Hardiman ever met in the flesh and played music together in the same room. Their self-titled debut (also in our library) was recorded by file-sharing between Albany New York and New Haven Connecticut. Take a trip with these guys.

White, Tony Joe/Smoke From The Chimney

carsonstreet   7/7/2021   CD, Country

Tony Joe White, nicknamed the Swamp Fox, was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, best known for his 1969 hit “Polk Salad Annie” and for “Rainy Night in Georgia”, which he wrote but which was first made popular by Brook Benton in 1970. White was a pioneer of the Louisiana swamp rock sound. Smoke From the Chimney, released posthumously, is composed of previously unknown home recordings. White’s eclectic legacy has persevered through decades of influence, covers and popular culture. Smoke from the Chimney captures Tony Joe White’s signature style in its purest form and serves as a living testimony to one of the most gifted lyricists and storytellers music has ever known.

Tirelli, Armando / El Profeta

carsonstreet   6/24/2021   A Library, CD

One of the most famous progressive rock masterpieces from South America carrying a resounding resemblance to the 70’s Italian prog scene. Armando Tirelli wrote this concept album and performed all the keyboard work on the album (piano, mellotron, synths, organ). The soft vocals are by Armando and are in Spanish. Inspired by the writings of Gibran Khalil – yes The Profit – required reading in the hippie codex. Often referred to as symphonic prog. Uruguay’s gift to progressive rock.

Sherpa / Tanzlinde

carsonstreet   6/24/2021   A Library, CD

Tanzlinde is the debut album of the neo-psych band Sherpa from Abruzzo, Italy. You can hear influences of psychedelia and Krautrock invoking thoughts of Popol Vuh and Robert Wyatt. Eastern culture’s traditional music is also reflected here. Tanzlinde means a linden tree under the leaves of which the people find time to get back to themselves and connect to their deepest feelings. It’s a metaphor for strength but fast growing and so is the music. This album becomes better and more intense with every listen… released December 27, 2016.

Liquid Visions/The Lost Recordings

carsonstreet   6/24/2021   A Library, CD

Studio recordings from 2000. Lots of long tracks with beautiful instrumental parts. Spacy, garage, fuzz psychedelic jam rock. Liquid Visions was founded in Berlin in late 1994. They developed their sound which basically is a blend of garage/fuzz rock and spacey trips in combination with a light show when playing live. They were both ahead of their time and behind it. An acid blast from the past and the present. Very nice booklet tucked into the inside cover with lyrics.

Spiral Electric/The Spiral Electric

carsonstreet   3/26/2021   A Library, CD

The Spiral Electric are a psychedelic rock band from San Francisco. They bring a mixture of roaring guitars, bass, drums and synthesizers. The Spiral Electric has gathered an international following and toured up and down the US west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles. They have played festivals like the Desert Stars Festival in Pioneertown CA, the Gathering of the Tribes Festival in San Francisco, CA and the Portland Psych Fest in Portland, OR

Bipolar Explorer/Of Love and Loss

carsonstreet   3/11/2021   A Library, CD

NYC based dreampop trio of Summer Serafin, Michael Serafin-Wells & Sylvia Solanas.  Of Love and Loss is both a testament and tribute to their fallen bandmate Summer Serafin who died tragically after an accidental fall. “Great, beautiful, drifty-pop filled with sadness & wonder” – WFMU. “Epic & affecting” – Surface Noise.” “The most significantly stirring & addictive musical accomplishment we’ve come across in some time. Altogether haunting” – Ground Control”. The lyrics are very moving and the music just keeps running through your mind.

Glenn Jones/The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar

carsonstreet   3/11/2021   A Library, CD

Former Cul de Sac leader Glenn Jones gives us ten American Primitive originals on The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works for 6 & 12 String Guitar. KFJC broadcast the Thousand Incarnations of the Rose Festival of American Primitive Guitar which mostly featured finger picking solo guitarists performing their own incarnations of a sound pioneered by John Fahey more than five decades ago. Glenn played at the festival. When Glenn plays twelve-string guitar it is actually a ten-string guitar as Jones removes two thin strings.

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