Odyssey Cult, The – “Vol. 1” – [Silver Current]

billiejoe   9/25/2017   12-inch, A Library

Ethan Miller from Oakland! This album just came out. He also writes Sci Fi poetry.
Sounds like wailing guitar and jamming drums in a big empty echoey container. If one were to label the genre one might pick the word psych. Second side is very chill. Whole thing is excellent. On delicious cherry red vinyl.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Maju – “Maju-2” – [Extreme]

billiejoe   9/12/2017   A Library, CD

Pronounced “may you” and is Japanese for cocoon. Group from Tokyo. Sounds like romantic spacey moody almost hip hop beats. Reminiscent of Lovage. Came out in 1999. One of those albums that’s too short.

No Balls – “Second to Win First to Lose” – [Killedbyanaxe Records]

billiejoe   9/12/2017   12-inch, A Library

Lie! Lots of balls. Sweden and Norway by way of Paris. Album came out this year. Limited pressing. Sounds like grunge noise rock. Heavy guitar riffs. Artists are Brandsdal, Bryngelsson, Gurrik, Lauritzen, and Raberg. B side is chiller. Has horns! (?) It’s also not really three tracks, it’s just two. Both sides are 16:20.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Cage, John – “Litany For The Whale” – [Harmonia Mundi USA]

billiejoe   8/30/2017   A Library, CD

Cage at his Cageiest. Opera voices, spoken word, and chanting that reminds me of Catholic monks in New Mexico who put out an album of Latin chants. But this isn’t that. Lots of pregnant silences. Excruciating details in the liner notes and I still have no idea what is going on. But I don’t care because I love it.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Muslimgauze – “Hebron Massacre” – [Soleilmoon Recordings]

billiejoe   8/30/2017   A Library, CD

Muslimgauze is Bryn Jones from Manchester. This is a 25 min long piece that sounds like spiraling beats. Released in 1994. Called experimental and tribal. This piece is a response to the 1994 Hebron massacre which was carried out by an individual of the Israeli Kach movement at the Ibrahimi Mosque.
– Billie Joe Tolliver

Glen Or Glenda/ Dinosaurs, Baseball & Hopscotch [coll] – [Cupid Is Stupid]

billiejoe   7/26/2017   12-inch, A Library

Glen or Glenda has been described as “jazz music for a horror movie” and I agree. They are Adrian Riffo, Christophe Ratier, Mathieu Fuster, Melody Gottardi.
Dinosaur, Baseball & Hopscotch is Clare Hubbard, Justin Clifford Rhody, Keith Wright Sounds like a slow grind. Horn drums and panting breathing beat boxing. Both noisy hippy jam freak outs. Really groovy.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Dempster, Stuart – “In The Great Abbey of Clement VI” – [New Albion]

billiejoe   7/26/2017   A Library, CD

This album came out thirty years ago. Bay area dude. He’s done a lot of important stuff like taught at Washington University and had fellowships. He is associated with the Deep Listening Institute founded by Pauline Oliveros This is three long minimal droney toney pieces. Horns on tracks 1 and 3 and didj on track 2. Absolutely delicious. Good for calming down or staying bummed out.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Ikeda, Ryoji – “0 Degrees C” – [Touch]

billiejoe   6/21/2017   A Library, CD

Japanese sound scientist. Sounds like glitchy upload download fast forward symphony radar bloops chimes skipping static no signal. Short to medium tracks. Blends well so would recommend continuous play.

Bastard Noise / Brutalomania [coll] – [Skull Records]

billiejoe   5/31/2017   7-inch, A Library

Noisy oh my gosh and screaming vocals about veganism and animal rights. Good stuff. Brutalomania is a solo noise artist who has worked under many different aliases such as Cadaverizer Noise, Feral Squat, and Manuel M. Cubas.
Bastard Noise of course is a California group founded by Eric Wood, Henry Barnes, and WT Nelson. They’re discography is quite extensive. They have been making noise since the early 90s and have worked with countless other artists.

Levitas, Asher – “Lit Harness” – [Planet Mu]

billiejoe   5/24/2017   12-inch, A Library

Previously of Old Apparatus and a collaborator with Michael Crowe. From London. This is his first solo album. He is also a video artist. Sounds like buzzing electronic ambient with rhythm. Pretty. Spacey. Pew pew laser guns. Engine. Ambient hazy details and wooshings. Said to be about his sleep paralysis.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Haxel Garbini – “URI” – [Snowdonia]

billiejoe   5/10/2017   12-inch, A Library

Italian artist who has made all kinds of music. This is concrete experimental stuff. Uses a stethoscope in water on A1, 2, and 5. Synthy melodies, bells clanging and echoing, twangy strings on A3 turns into lovely space out. Birds. Organ-type sounds.
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Radio Cliff Hangers [coll] – [Radiola]

billiejoe   4/26/2017   12-inch, A Library

Damsels in distress, dastardly villains, theme songs, Ovaltine ads, racism, spies, organs, weather sound effects, and over acting. What’s going to happen next? Tune in to find out.
– Billie Joe Tolliver

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