Introverted Formula Deceptive Eyes [coll] – [Jartecknet]

billiejoe   1/21/2015   12-inch, A Library

Two disc compilation. One artist per side.
Altar of Flies — We have two solo albums from this artists. Manipulated sounds from field recordings including (or can be interpreted as): background dialog, rumbling engine, pilot light going on and off, insects, garbled quacking, riffling, faucet, dripping, splashing, creaking, strings, synth. Second part is quieter and ambient percussion without rhythm then guitar sneaks in. Blodvite — Swedish word meaning “bloodshed”. Sounds like field recordings. Creaking, whistling, distant screams and groans, very unsettling. Second half is calmer. Droney synth, scratching sounds, and looped distorted dialog. Sewer Election and Anders Dahl — humming drippy zingy crunchy slidey ambient. Elisha Morningstar clangy horns, static synth, door creaking, air, sound channels going on and off.
Billie Joe Tolliver

Full of Hell / Merzbow – “Full of Hell / Merzbow” – [Profound Lore Records]

billiejoe   1/21/2015   A Library, CD

Collab between the band Full of Hell and everyone’s favorite animal rights activist Merzbow. First disc (in the plastic holder) is eleven short tracks that mostly transition well. This is metally. Screaming vocals and fast guitar and drums. Grindcore for sure, but the songs are varied. The three vocalists play well off of each other. I like how track five sounds because I can imagine it being recorded in front of a stadium audience. FCC tracks 2 and 3
Second bonus disc called Sister Fawn (the disc in the sleeve) is noise. Metal rhythms infused with delicious static, synth, and feedback. Spoken word on first track. Track 5 is my new mantra.
Everyone will love this album.

Billie Joe Tolliver

Lords of Outland – “Lord O Leaping” – [Edgetone Records]

billiejoe   1/14/2015   CD, Jazz

Skronky experimental jazz. I like the robot and fart sounds on track two. Saxaphonist and composer Rent Romus formed the group in 1994 and it has been a rotating cast of musicians since. The group says they are inspired by abstract socio-political themes of Frank Herbert, HP Lovecraft, and Phil K. Dick. There is a shitton of their stuff in the library.

Kirby, Leyland – “Intrigue & Stuff 4” – [Self Release]

billiejoe   1/14/2015   12-inch, A Library

This is the fourth of a four volume, limited edition set. Side A is a video game theme on coke, chaotic and playful. Second track is smooth beats with ambient background. Side B is more keyboard and beats. Leyland Kirby is an English artist also known as The Caretaker, a long-running project by electronic musician James Kirby alongside his better-known project V/Vm.

Frith, Fred & Butcher, John – “Natural Order, The” – [Northern Spy]

billiejoe   11/26/2014   CD, Jazz

These two Englishmen bring us skronky screechy sounds with their sax with guitar. Some melody so it does not get too nuts. Fun though. Frith on guitar is a founding member of English avant-rock group Henry Cow. Butcher on Sax has worked with Elton Dean, Chris Burn, and Jon Corbett. We have a bunch of stuff from both of these artists in our library.

Carroll, Doug – “Music For Cello and Wind Animals” – [Self Released]

billiejoe   11/12/2014   A Library, CD

Four long tracks of fabulous animals sounds from Bay Area artist Doug Carroll. This time Doug is featured on the cello. Each track is a lovely mix of human composition and animal improvisation. A completely perfect album. I will play all of this often and I hope you do too. And if you have not played his other pieces in our library I suggest you do that too.
Billie Joe Tolliver

Deison & Mingle – “Everything Collapse[d]” – [Aagoo]

billiejoe   10/15/2014   A Library, CD

April 2014 release. Second this year from these two.
CD 8 tracks medium length one long at end. Track five has a respirator and EKG beeping. Droney buzzy piano and sound effects, an ominous kind of beauty. All very layered and intricate. Occasional spoken word but nothing distracting except the end of the last track when its a samples a line from Psycho. Some really quiet places. Last track, about half way through it gets quiet then really loud. Followed by some singy songy vocals that are really creepy.
Deison is a long time noise musician collaborating with Italian artist/pianist Mingle aka Andrea Gastaldello. He has his own label Loud! and Final Muzik. He’s also created works with Candor Chasma and Sara Galan and the duo Cinise. And he’s experimented with independent radio. We have one other CD from him. Mingle has collaborated with other experimental musicians in Italy as well as making documentary film soundtracks and remixes.

Habibi – “Habibi” – [Burger Records]

billiejoe   10/15/2014   12-inch, A Library

This self-titled LP is the first from this rock band from Brooklyn. Habibi means “my love” in Arabic. Reverb guitar and Motown-esque girl band vocals. This could be in the next Quentin Tarantino film. Sweet and salty.

Goat – “Run to Your Mama Remixes Vol. 2” – [Rocket Recordings]

billiejoe   10/1/2014   12-inch, A Library

Collection of remixes of one song by various artists. Side A is a dance party featuring female vocals. The first track on Side B features drums, guitar, synth, and prominent vocals and ends with an ambient background. Second track is 80s pop and no vocals. These songs are liable to get stuck in your head.

you will dance to this
tribal echoes open up
synth drums smack boom boom
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Woat – “Improvised Dissections” – [Self Released]

billiejoe   10/1/2014   A Library, CD

Five tracks from this opaque duo, W00DY and Solid State Entity of Boston. Trippy electronic zings and floating beats. Just in time for Halloween. Tappings and clappings. I liked track two because of the crunchy clanging garbled beat and five because it is darker and industrial. Watch levels on this one. Some low key vocals in the back add to the haunting feeling. Track four is some good old fashion unce unce unce.

fun new beats you’ll like
two electronic artists
clang bang smack womp womp
— Billie Joe Tolliver

Fat White Family, The – “Champagne Holocaust” – [Fat Possum Records]

billiejoe   9/17/2014   A Library, CD

CD released this year by the sextet from South London. Wailing guitar at times twangy
Kinda bluesish. Lots of feels and lots of drugs. The distorted vocals are decipherable. There are bells on Isn’t It Raining in Your Mouth? because bells. Without Consent gets jazzy with the drums. Fancy. All American Prairie is twangy, which is fitting. Borderline is one of my favorite tracks because it’s buzzy and Heaven on Earth is too because it is loud. Bomb Disneyland is upbeat and peppy. They are clearly talented musicians and would make an amazing live show.

Billie Joe Tolliver

Intolerant – “Snow Stained With The Blood of Traitors” – [Prison Tatt Records]

billiejoe   9/17/2014   A Library, CD

Nine track compilation CD released this year. Cookie monster vocals and blended distorted static sounds. This is not a crisp bite from a pita chip, more like a crunchy gooey bite from a rice krispies square. Delicious and you want more. Self-identified black metal. Sounds like some good guitar solos but it is very distorted. This group has only been together for a couple years and this is our only piece from them.
A few seconds of spoken word at beginning of tracks one and eight. I liked The Eternal Law because I could visualize them performing it and Steadfast Destiny because it is fast and has cawing vocals towards the end. Tracks start and stop suddenly. The music is definitely intended to be played loud and therefore kind of mushy but it left me wishing it was mixed differently so I could hear the musicianship. There is also an inconsistency with the recordings as if they were done at different places and times. While I liked it some of the songs felt repetitive. Play this loud. Really loud. NO discernable FCCs.
Billie Joe Tolliver

Andrew Jackson Jihad – “Only God Can Judge Me” – [Plan-It-X]

billiejoe   9/17/2014   A Library, CD

Folksy punky band from Phoenix. We have their People Who Eat People CD that was added recently. This is an EP from 2008 and has seven short songs. Sad screaming vocals. The lead singer is echoing John Darneille in style and content. I liked the cello solo on track six.
FCCs tracks: 2, 4,and 5
Billie Joe Tolliver

Ishibashi, Eiko & K2 – “Compressed Happiness” – [Phage Tapes]

billiejoe   9/17/2014   A Library, CD

Two long racks on this collaboration from 2013.
Dynamic. The album is not afraid to combine opposing textures and tones. On the first track there is screeching and crackling feedback layered over ambient strings, and then it builds, then the beat comes in, then…The second track is harsh and never lets up except for the occasional gut wrenching half-seconds of silence. It is hard to believe this is the first thing we have added from Japanese artist Eiko Ishibashi. We do have plenty in the library from Kimihide Kusafuka (K2).

Billie Joe Tolliver

Zebu! – “Chainsaws and Cheerleaders” – [Feeding Tube Records]

billiejoe   7/30/2014   A Library, CD

FCC track 4
17 track CD from the goofy and sardonic rock band Zebu!. The duo (Steve D???Agostino and Ted Lee) from Massachusetts is joined by Stephen ???Stegro??? Surrett.
We have one other CD of theirs and did a Live Mic with them recently. Standard rock sound with some harsh noisey elements. Angsty.
I like the middle of track 8 and track 10. Last track goes completely quiet halfway through and has a spooky ???hidden track??? at 2 minutes to the end.
Today I learned that a zebu is a type of cattle from South Asia.

— Billy Joe Tolliver

Bergljot – “Solen Avloser Regnet Som Avloser Solen” – [Sofa]

billiejoe   7/30/2014   12-inch, A Library

Five track LP from Czech-Norwegian trio self-identified as free jazz but that is up for debate.
Piano, bell, and plucky strings with clangy percussion. Bassy.
Side A is four tracks. It has a high pitch start and gets buzzy warbly next to wind instruments.
Side B is a side-long journey of creaky industrial and noise with high frequency crunchy scratchy and plucky nuggets.
Bergljot has been known previously as the Vojt??ch Proch??zka Trio playing modern jazz classic compositions by Ornette Coleman, Herbie Nichols, Paul Motian as well as
Proch??zka???s originals.

— Billie Joe Tolliver

Gloria Diaboli – “Libation Unto He Who Dwelleth In The Depths” – [Nuclear War Now! Productions]

billiejoe   4/30/2014   10-inch, A Library

Canadian Black Metal with indecipherable cookie monster vocals over cymbal heavy drums and choppy/repetitive guitar.
Previously known as Crypt, this group is made up of Narcoterrorist, Funeral, and Mal. They are associated with Havoc, Miasma, AMSG, and Godless North.
Second side is called “sheol” which is the Old Testament or Hebrew word underworld.
Satan-worshiping fun for the whole family. I dig it.

Higuchi, Keiko / Cris X – “Melt” – [Musik Atlach]

billiejoe   4/30/2014   A Library, CD

Five track CD from 2010. Two experimental artists join sonic forces with piano, vocals, and various other sounds including some looping and samples. It moves slowly but powerfully. Haunting and pleasant at the same time. The second track, “Sister/you left me so insane” will give you goosebumps.
Cris X is a prolific sound and visual artist from Italy. He’s worked with Merzbow/Masami Akita, KK Null/Kazuyuki Kishino, MB/Maurizio Bianchi, Sachiko, Michiko Hirayama, Hamayoko/Yoko Higashi, Gene Coleman, Eugene Chadbourne, Luca Miti, Tiziana Loconte, Ben Watson, Splinter vs Stalin, Torturing nurse and others.
Keiko Higuchi is a writer and performer. She is also a member of the band 0.03 and has collaborated with Maki Hachiya, Kidonatsuki, Sachiko (Overhang party) and K.mical (no neck blues band), Masami Kawaguchi and many others.

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