NHK’Koyxen – “Dance Classics Vol. II” – [Pan]

Belladonna   1/16/2013   12-inch, A Library

NHK’ Koyen is Kouhei Matsunaga an electronic musician and draughtsman who resides in both Osaka and Berlin. He spent his formative years in Osaka studying architecture and listening to techno and rap. Although his focus seems to be on a hybrid of those two genres, he has also collaborated with more experimental artists like Asmus Tietchens , Conrad Schnitzler, Lesser, Mika Vainio and Merzbow. This ranges from super beat-y and bleepy to glitchy and gritty. Theres some good bass, dubbiness and echo that make this more than your average “techno” release.

Freude Am Tanzen 5zig [coll] – [Freude-am-Tanzen Recordings]

Belladonna   1/16/2013   A Library, CD

Mathias Kaden’s Freude Am Tanzen label celebrates its 50th release with 5zig. Its a perfectly curated selection of 12 diverse tracks from 11 different artists. Each track is so interesting and quirky, its really delicious.
I hate to pick favorites but I do love Kade Bostan and “Mon Petit Soleil D’Algrie” is pretty much perfection. Robag Wruhme’s “Haftbolle” has that Autechre-y clang that I love so much and Exit 9’s “No Accident In Paradise” is nicely minimal, melodic and hypnotic. Theres plenty here for the non beat-heads. Enjoy!

Dear, Matthew – “Beams” – [Ghostly International]

Belladonna   10/31/2012   A Library, CD

The Dear Mr. Dear is keeping us on our toes. This is not expected but very much enjoyed. A mix of beats with moments of guitar, melancholy and that off kilter vocal styling that seems to be so popular at the moment. Great lyrics, like I said melancholy. Its quite engaging and addictive. This has the mass appeal that crosses many genres, it should be loved by all.

Uladat – “Uladat” – [Black Tropical]

Belladonna   10/31/2012   A Library, CD

Eperimental electronic and percussive artist from Ontario Canada. A mix of interesting sounds, can you imagine a tropical rain forest with industrial crunch and screech? Or a Island holiday with dubby, crunchy with menacing beats? Its not quite IDM, not quite industrial, not quite doom, its just plain awesome.

Daphni – “Jiaolong” – [Merge Records]

Belladonna   10/31/2012   A Library, CD

This is Dan Snaith???s (Caribou/Manitoba) debut LP as Daphni. Apparently he has warmed up to the beats with a Four Tet collaboration and numerous DJ gigs. Its said that Snaith hates Dance Music but it would be hard to NOT dance to this.
Each track is unique in its danceable strangeness, quirky synth loops, conga drum samples and weird vocal samples. This is everything I could ask for in a beat oriented release and more. The best electronic music doesn’t take itself too seriously and just makes you want to go out and shake it. You CAN dance to it!

Pinch & Shackleton – “Pinch & Shackleton” – [Honest Jon’s]

Belladonna   9/19/2012   A Library, CD

DJ Pinch (Robert Ellis) and Rob Shackleton, two well known British Dub Step artists. Only this isn’t really Dubstep or Jungle, more of a super deep dark dubby bass heavy escapade. Minimal techno beats throughout, it ebbs and flows with such a natural progression that you can get lost in it. Middle Eastern influences throughout, which add an interesting tribal element and some really cool vocal samples. This is heavy. LOVE it! Enjoy!

Stimming – “Relfections” – [Dynamic Music]

Belladonna   8/28/2012   A Library, CD

aka Martin Stimming a musician and producer from Hamburg. This is his first full length release although he has created mixes for some of the tech house greats like Sascha Funke and Claude VonStroke. I’ve been wanting “Reflections” for sometime now and it does not disappoint! This has a unique quality, like a tech house/glitch combo with cool samples and classical instrumentation. Its super chunky and thunky and off kilter and random. Each track is unique and engaging. I really love “Fruits of Life” and “Silver Surfer” for that extra thunk factor plus cool string elements but I think most will really enjoy “the Loneliness” with its cool harmonica sampling. Its hard to pick a fave track because I love them all. This is so much more than just techno.

Sal Solaris – “Outerpretation of Dreams” – [Tesco Organisation]

Belladonna   8/22/2012   A Library, CD

a Russian duo working in the post-industrial field since the late ’90s. This is amazing dark ambient/noize. Very intellectual and sophisticated in nature. Reminiscent of older noize but elevated to a new level, with mind blowing repetetition, beats, echoing vibrations etc. They have worked and played live with Genocide Organ, Der Blutharsch, Deutsch Nepal etc. If you like those or the rhythm of Henrik Rylander or Ah Coma Sotz, you will love this. The only thing I find puzzling is that its not on the Cold Meat Industry label.

Curtin, Dan – “Space Politics EP” – [Autoreply]

Belladonna   8/22/2012   12-inch, A Library

a long time and well known House music producer who got strangely enough got his start in hip hop.
This is very acid house bleepy bloopy. A tad too tweeky qwerky house-y for me but if you like the beats with a side of acid, you should enjoy. Track 3 “Atomosic 2” is my fave.

Dark Knight Rises, The (Hans Zimmer) – “Dark Knight Rises, The” – [WaterTower Music]

Belladonna   8/22/2012   CD, Soundtrack

As I am sure most of you know, the “Batman” franchise headed in a different direction with the last three releases. Its a darker and more sinister Gotham and so is this soundtrack. Interspersed between beautiful melodies are dark and menacing chants, inspiring both nostalgia and fear. Its a bit creepy but we like that dont we? For those seeking a less sinister track, “Mind if I cut in?” is a beautiful and romantic. The rest might inspire you to do battle. Also what???s on the CD is not even half the music, for the rest you will need to download the interactive app. Humpf!

Claro Intelecto – “Reform Club” – [Delsin Records]

Belladonna   8/1/2012   A Library, CD

aka Mark Stewart, a Manchester based artist and producer. I’ve waited four long years since his last release. This is just as beautiful and diverse as previous material. A great mix of mellow beats, slower tempos and shimmery soundscapes. I could listen to Track 2 “Blind Side” on repeat, its that good, so good that everything else could be crappy and that track alone would make this a success but fortunately every song is amazing. This is just so shimmery and soothing, it will lull you.

Brainclub First Edition [coll] – [Brainclub]

Belladonna   6/12/2012   12-inch, A Library

A very strange and mysterious release which took some major sleuthing to understand. Still relatively unknown artists collection on the Brainclub label. I think they might be from Austin? This is a great collection of experimental electronics and ambience. It would be easy to listen to this and assume it was only one artist as the styles of each are somewhat similar. Some are more shimmery, some more minimal beats but all in all great material. Its unobtrusive and interesting and I really enjoyed it.

Thing, The ( Morricone, Ennio ) – “Thing, The” – [MCA Records]

Belladonna   6/12/2012   12-inch, Soundtrack

From the amazingly brilliant and award winning Morricone comes the score from John Carpenter’s 1982 film “The Thing”. This was a rare instance of Carpenter not scoring his own film, which later led to some disgruntlement between the two. Luckily while the film has scared the beejeezus out of most of us, without the visual the score is not quite as terrifying. This release is timeless and beautiful. It is haunting and scary but the beauty of it far exceeds any fear you may feel.

Rainbow Lorikeet – “Fractures” – [Debacle Records]

Belladonna   6/12/2012   A Library, CD

aka Italian producer Nicolo Tescari who is quite seasoned and has a very impressive resume including scoring many independent films. Very lush and textured beats with A LOT of psychedelic waves of electronics. This is pretty trippy but so thoroughly enjoyable. There are a few strident electronic moments but the overall feel is so mellow and contemplative. Please enjoy!!

Extrawelt – “In Aufruhr” – [Cocoon Recordings]

Belladonna   6/6/2012   A Library, CD

This is the second full length release from this duo from Hamburg. This is on Sven Vath’s Cocoon label and while labeled as “Techhouse”, this definitely has a dancefloor quality but also some unique touches that make this more than just a “techno” release. Very interesting instrumentation going on, touches of IDM and even slight moments of Industrial Dancefloor-ishness and darkness. The tracks vary enough to keep me thoroughly pleased from beginning to end. Its delish! Enjoy!! Belladonna

Dalglish – “Benacah Dann Deachd” – [Record Label Records]

Belladonna   5/2/2012   A Library, CD

aka Chris Douglas. Glitchy short creepy tracks, lulls you into a false sense of security by starting with nice and somber electronics with minimal beats but becomes more and more scary as it progresses. Some good sonic noise alien laser fights and destruction. Vibrating echoey blurpy bleepy ice cave dwelling aliens. This should appeal to many as it is very complex in nature and has enough creepy/psychadelic.electronic elements that it can please most of you.
Ordinarily this would totally be my thing but its almost too creepy for me.

Lutoslawski, Witold – “Orchestral Music” – [Emi]

Belladonna   5/2/2012   A Library, CD

Lutoslawski (January 25, 1913 ??? February 7, 1994) an award winning European composers and one of the preeminent Polish musicians during his last three decades.
During his youth, Lutoslawski studied piano and composition in and early works were influenced by Polish folk music. His life was rich and full of adventure, much like many during the early 19th century in Eastern Europe. These three discs are VERY DRAMATIC in nature and could easily be film scores (or perhaps are?).
Disc 1- very tragic, ominous, sad
disc 2- still dramatic but moments of optimistic flute and light moments
Disc 3- almost too much to listen to, its very heavy, intense and overwhelming.
Let this be the soundtrack to your life.

Dundov, Petar & Tresher, Gregor – “Duo Tone” – [Music Man Records]

Belladonna   4/3/2012   10-inch, A Library

What happens when two genius techno artists (one Croatian and one German) team up for an adorable little 10″ collaboration? It’s pure awesomeness: gorgeous shimmery, quirky and trance-y techno. “Geist” is a bit moodier and therefore my favorite but “Duo Tone” has a nice groovy beat. Both have enough trippy moments that even the non technoheads should enjoy. It’s pretty addictive.

Dinky – “Home On a Sunday” – [Horizontal Music]

Belladonna   4/3/2012   12-inch, A Library

aka Alejandra Iglesias aka “Miss Dinky” an experimental techno producer, born in Chile, but relocated to NYC in the mid-’90s to study dance. She got into dance music and eventually began DJing in the N.Y.C. club (kid?) scene.
Truth be told learning her background did enamor me more with her music, which is a tad house-y for my tastes. The title track “Home on a Sunday” while quirky, has vocals which did not intrigue me as much as the cool clangy strange but still bumpin’ “Michelle” and mellow house-y “Unidog”. Bonus points for being a redhead.

Matador – “Kingswing” – [Minus Records]

Belladonna   4/3/2012   12-inch, A Library

aka Gavin Lynch a Dublin based DJ/Musician/Producer and trained chef. This is on Richie Hawtin’s Minus label but he also has remixes on Trapez, Harthouse and Plus 8.
This is great dark, thumpy, swoony, chompy and buzz-y techno. I much prefer the B-Sides “Hitbox” followed by “Nomans Land”, and then “Mambo”. The title track “Kingswing”.. it’s OK but definitely not the best of the bunch, stick with the other three and play it LOUD.

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