As One – Planetary Folklore – [Mo Wax]

aarbor   2/19/2020   A Library

Kirk Degiorgio is As One. Here he is on Mo’ Wax from 1997. The sound is more jazzy [4,7,8] than the ‘70s soul and funk or Detroit Techno you hear in his earlier releases. There’s still a bit of funk present in the electronica here. – AArbor

SOFA SURFERS – Sofa Rockers Remixes – [Klein Records]

aarbor   2/19/2020   A Library

The Sofa Surfers are Mani Obeya, Markus Klenzi, Michael Hozgruber and Wolfgang Frisch of the Austrian posse of the ‘90s. Here are 2 of their tracks A1 and B1 with 2 gentle funky remixes of A1 by Richard Dorfmeister (of Kruder and Dorfmeister) – call it Downtempo, call it Trip Hop… but be sure to listen to it.   AArbor

Ekuka – Ekuka – [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

aarbor   2/19/2020   12-inch, International

Ekuka is Ekuka Morris Sirikiti a griot from Northern Uganda, who plays the mbira (a metal thumb piano), and is the ‘musical grandfather’ to a whole generation of rappers and producers from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. These are recordings that listeners made of radio broadcasts at a time (during the reign of General Idi Amin) when Ekuka didn’t have access to recording studios.  As a result there’s some distortion – but the mbira seems to shine through the murk. Lo-fi vintage recordings of a griot master with a remix by Ekuka as the last track. AArbor

Freedom Satellite – Soul Samba – [Vienna Scientists]

aarbor   2/12/2020   12-inch, A Library

Jurgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner are Freedom Satellite. This is their first (electronica) release from 2000 which helped launch the Vienna Scientists label. The tracks on the A side: Soul Samba and Savor are 2 of their best known tracks and well worth a play (as are the 2 on the B side). – AArbor  

KUMASI TRIO – Fanti Guitar in West Africa 1928, Vol. 1 [coll.]

aarbor   2/12/2020   A Library

These rare recordings from 1928 are some of the first ever to feature African music played on Western guitars.  Kumasi is a city in Ghana which in 1928 had an open air market and one of the first British department stores in Africa. The trio is H.E. Biney and Jacob Sam (whose real name was Kwame Asare) on guitar, and Kwah Kanta on percussion. The trio were brought to London to record 36 double-sided records. This is considered the first recording of “highlife”. For reference – Amponsah is a standard highlife song.  AArbor


aarbor   2/12/2020   A Library

The Gentle People are a combination of 1990’s club culture (Electronica) and 1950s cocktails and tiki kitch (Lounge). Think sugar coated/easy listening with vocals and nostalgic cheeseballness. Their names are Dougee Dimensional, Honeymink, Laurie Lemans, and Valentine Carnelian.This is their single Journey remixed by the likes of Aphex Twin (whose Rephlex label they record on) and Hazchem. I especially recommend the remixes. AArbor

I:CUBE – “Disco Cubizm” – [Versatile]

aarbor   2/5/2020   A Library

This is I:Cube’s  (Nicholas Chaix) 2nd release from 1996. Disco Cubizm and Listen 2 The Bass are playful, bouncy fun tracks, with a sense of humor. The Daft Punk Remix on the B side is more sober.  – AArbor  

Music For the Gods – [coll.] – [Rykodisc]

aarbor   2/5/2020   A Library

Indonesian music is more than just Gamelan! This beautiful collection aptly demonstrates this by giving you not only beautiful gamelan music, but excellent examples of other interesting instruments and vocal stylings. On track [3] slit drums or tubular bells, jew’s harp [6], a harvest song [7]. Kecak [10] a famous [monkey] dance from Bali in which the male singers chant much like a gamelan  in 8 layers of chants and the dance is choreographed to the chanting. Track [13] is Mamaca – sung poetry. AArbor

Pike, Dave – Jazz For The Jet Set – [Atlantic (Jazz)]

aarbor   2/5/2020   12-inch, Jazz

Recorded in NYC in the Fall of 1965. Vibraphonist Dave Pike plays mariba here and Herbie Hancock plays the organ (an instrument he rarely played again).  This is Herbie Mann’s first outing as a record producer. The charm of this album is that even though it’s a “Jazz” album it’s also got a dash of boogaloo and pop with catchy melodies. AArbor

Maisha – There Is a Place – [Brownswood Recordings]

aarbor   1/8/2020   A Library, CD

Maisha is a 6-piece outfit lead by drummer Jake Long who are a part of the up and coming London Jazz undergound. Others in the band: Nubya Garcia (sax/flute), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Amane Suganami (piano/Wurlitzer), Twm Dylan (double bass) Tim Doyle (percussion and Yahael Camara Onono (percussion). Most of the tracks are 8 minutes or longer. AArbor

LES FILLES DE ILLIGHADAD – Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni – [Sahel Sounds]

aarbor   1/8/2020   A Library

Fatou Seidi Ghali and Alamnou Akrouni are Les Filles de Illighadad: the first women’s Tuareg band. They are cousins. Their band includes 2-3 other women.Tuareg women don’t play the guitar they play a style of music called tende which is centered on a drum made with mortar and pestles. It’s a style that influenced Tuareg guitar playing but isn’t generally part of the music played by Tuareg men. This is an example of traditional women innovativating beyond what has been acceptable in their culture. This is their first record (from 2016), it’s lovely! The A side is 5 tracks which are not separated, the B side is one long track called ‘Tende’. – AArbor

SYRUP – Different Flavors

aarbor   1/8/2020   A Library

German funk group which is the alias of the Poets of Rhythm.  Compost label boss Michael Reinboth wanted a disco funk release and this moniker was created for that project. This is their only full length release. It’s funky in a delightful (not sticky sweet) way. Drop the needle! AArbor

Nerija – Nerija EP – [Domino Recording Co Ltd]

aarbor   1/8/2020   A Library, CD

Nerija are a collective of London-based musicians: Nubya Garcia (tenor sax), Steve Reid,  Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet), Cassie Kinoshi (alto sax), Rosie Turton (trombone), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Lizzie Exell (drums), and Rio Kai (bass). Their music is original and inspired by: jazz, hip hop, Afrobeat and South African Township styles. Each track was written by a woman who plays on the recording.  AArbor

SANDBENDERS – Rock ‘n Roll

aarbor   12/18/2019   A Library

Bodo Eisel and Martin Maischein are the Sandbenders. This record from 1998 is their only release on Craft Records. Even though it’s called Rock ‘n Roll this is not guitars and drums, it’s keyboards and beats. AArbor


aarbor   12/18/2019   A Library

Indonesian music and culture was influenced by the people who invaded them: Mongolians, Hindus, Buddhists (7th and 12th centuries), Moslems (13th century) and Christians (in the 16th Century). The indonesian people include many cultural and linguistic groups – from the relatively primtive Dayks in Central Borneo and the Temiar people of Malay to the more sophisticated Javanese and Balinese. Many Western people are familiar with the shadow puppet plays and Gamelan orchestra music. This limited edition remastered release of recordings done in 1949 offers a listeners additional Indonesian musics: dance music, children’s music, shaman songs, even opera – as well as other instruments. AArbor


aarbor   12/18/2019   A Library

Hideaki Ishi is DJ Krush who dropped out of school, joined a gang and then the Yakuza. call these tracks “downtempo”. He says that the movie Wild Style inspired him to become a DJ. He is considered one of the pioneers of Japanese hip hop and considers his music to be “underground” rather than “mainstream” hip hop. Here he is heard with others: Coldcut, Jazzanova, Kodo, DJ Shadow and remixing others. FCC on Side C track 1. Some standout tracks: A1 and 3, B1 and D1. AArbor

Bellor, Jennifer – Reflections At Dusk [Innova/American Composers]

aarbor   12/18/2019   A Library, CD

Jennifer Bellor is a 36 yo composer (PhD from Eastman) who teaches music composition and theory at the U of Nevada – Las Vegas. This is her latest release and I was prepared not to like it, but I did. I liked her use of instruments: melodic percussion vs. non-melodic percussion, a variety of saxophone sounds, she really must like twilight, sunset, dusk because she understands the magic of that time of day. Be sure to check this out. – AArbor  

WHERE THE MOUNTAINS MEET THE SKY: Folk Music of Ladakh [coll.]

aarbor   12/18/2019   A Library

Ladakh is a part of Kashmir high in the Western Himalayas, in India. In the past its strategic location at the crossroads of important trade routes that connected the Silk Road to India, made it important. In the 1960’s China closed the borders with Tibet and Central Asia, so international trade has dwindled, except for tourism. Morup Namgyal worked at Ladakh’s only radio station and recorded a vast archive of Ladakhi folksongs, over 1000 recordings. Tragically the collection burned to the ground in 2002 along with the radio station. Morup set about recreating the archive. 5 of the songs on this album, recorded in 1992, are among the handful of tracks to have been spared by the fire. Sublime Frequencies has assisted in the preservation of the Ladakhi heritage by making this music available around the world. Play this record and help to keep Ladakhi folk musical traditions alive! The tracks are beautifully recorded and I especially liked the instrumentals, vocal tracks are tuneful and listenable. AArbor

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