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TALsounds – “Sky Face” – [Notes and Bolts]

Thurston Hunger   12/22/2013   A Library, Cassette

KFJC’s first full length from NaTALie Chami aka TALsounds,
after two splits with Greyghost and Iron Galaxy. This is
also KFJC’s introduction to the riveting Chicago label
Notes and Bolts. On her earlier Iron Galaxy split, Natalie
brought a friend into her cloudbank, but this returns to
her gravity-defying dream-delay solo work. Home-crafted
mind-blenders with some potential circuit bender trickery
too. I really dig the element of drone-song, there are
gentle anchors of repeating notes/chords, that reminded
me of Popol Vuh. Her voice work melds with her variety
of synths, in the way Liz Harris’ voice drifts between
the strings of her guitars. You’re not just floating,
you’re floating towards something. And it may not be
as pretty a destination as you had hoped; check the
grittier electronics on “Same Noise” and “Justice.”
She tweaks her own voice frequently, like on “Raw
Discourse” that ends up recalling the “Dolls Polyphony”
from the Akira soundtrack. A nice mix of cute and
eerie on that. Gossamer lyrics on many tracks that
vanish when you touch them. Chami’s 2013 brand of
sonic isolation tank meets ear massage has me looking
forward to more soon. -Thurston Hunger

TALsounds / Greyghost [coll] – [Hausu Mountain]

cinder   8/30/2013   A Library, Cassette

Two 20ish minute tracks from two solo artists. TALsounds is Natalie Chami. She brings super dreamy, whimsical, airy looping and twisting ambience. Synths and voice roll over each other like grape vines. Dewey, misty and pretty. Greyghost is Brian Griffith. Radio frequencies shifting and fading. A plucked guitar loops and lapses in time. Thoughtful memories and mind racing meditations. Very soothing and relaxing cassette. Great for laying in a meadow on a warm summer afternoon.

Tal / Iron Galaxy Split 7″ [coll] – [Cricket Cemetery]

Thurston Hunger   12/12/2013   7-inch, A Library

Following the trail of TAL (or TalSounds aka Natalie Chami)
is what led me into the Cricket Cemetery. So that’s some
pretty ruling pied piper action, thanks! Chicagoan Natali
works w/ swirling soundscapes, dronish but never robotically
sterile. On her track, “Valse” focus is on a soothing sax solo
from Anthony Bruno drifting over a base built by Natali with
synth pulses, some dappled delay, disembodied voices (one
of the things she always does excellently) and by the end
she has woven in a form of found percussion. It’s a wistful,
blissful lulling, that leads to Iron Galaxy on the flip.
Ironically that starts with a sample saying,
“What happened to your nose?”
“I got punched in the face”
And it is a sort of sonic sucker punch after Tal. Imagine
Melt Banana with a male vocalist on the Love Earth label.
That won’t get you there, but is headed in the right direction.
Agressive, insistent, and kind of cute in an extreme way.
White noise is gated in lieu of guitars and drums are
overridden by angry drum machines. Got to be a one-man
wrecking crew, pretty heavy yin/yang action on this split!
-Thurston Hunger

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