Electric Crush – “Dropouts In a Drug Haze” – [Black Gladiator]

Dianthus   7/10/2012   12-inch, A Library

Take a one man band out of Las Vegas and give him a shot of blues, with some freshly shaken bellowing punk and chase it down with some electric beats and you have Electric Crush. “Dropouts in a Drug Haze” was originally a demo tape recorded in Y2K and then reissued on the first side of this LP and later combined with some current acidic , yell your mother effin’ face off tracks. Side A digs deep into the garage of punk and dusts of your Doc Martin thrashing shoes while Muddy Waters plays steel guitar in the background . The stand out track for me was “Clock Stands Still” on the flip side, which brings the ghetto blastin’ beats along with some lyrical rapping and high- pitch noise. Interesting and weird 300 limited copy release from the Black Gladiator label.



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