Leonardson, Eric – “Radio Reverie in the Waiting.. ” – [Innocent Eyes and Lenses]

Thurston Hunger   10/1/2005   A Library, CD

Electro-acoustic musings and music, a
sonic rendezvous of machines digital and
primitive. A decade’s worth of decadence
from Leonardson, out of Chicago (he’s
worked with Hamid Drake, Michael Zerang,
Fred Lonberg-Holm, Tatsu Aoki…names
of note) This is gizmo core and pretty
damn fine at that, eyes closed…you can
easily envision Rube Goldberg contraptions,
(usually with swirl-rounding vortices)
lot’s of squeak, slow-bowed scapes, hum
tunnels (the last track is quite a ride)
Barbara Bush is on here for a special
guest appearance.


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