G. Green – “Funny Insurance” b/w “Sounds Famous” 7″

gretaclue   4/11/2012   A Library

Garage-y pop punkers from Sacramento. This is good and catchy. These are two tracks that didn’t make the cut of their upcoming full length record. I go for the B side over A, but both are good.. URGH…The problem I have with a lot of these new garage bands isn’t their sound at all. I love the shit out of some catchy power pop. My thing is that a lot of it all sounds the same. Maybe I’m having an asshole moment, ??but indulge me.. This sounds just like everything other new garage band. A little moody.. they have more than 2 Fall records, they like Suicide, but they still like Nick Lowe.. I get it. I feel the exact same way. There is this sort of undefinable element to music I really dig that this 7″ lacks. I’m sorry. I’ll totally play this on the radio, because that undefinable element is different to everyone and maybe this really makes someone go from 6 to midnight. I like yellow birthday cake with white frosting, but it seems like thats all there is to eat these days and today at least, I’m over it.


Eulca Tergton says


Sure I'll have em if that's all there is but even still, I get fed up when the store has 100 other imitations Reese Cups for sale. They aren't Reese cups. But if you buy one of em once, it seems like two more fakes are born. Like I don't know the difference! Hell, I don't even like all the damn variations of the original Peanut Butter and Choclate masterpiece riff that Reese's itself makes.

You have nothing to feel bad about or to apologize for Sweetie.
Your instincts are right.
imitators, no matter how talented or delicious,
are rarely creative, never original
and except for weddings,
make just about everything worse.

And if they're from Sacramento their parents. brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, even they themselves are likely part of THE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY.
Nuff said.


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