Father Murphy – “Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It”

gretaclue   4/11/2012   12-inch, A Library

This Italian trio has been recording since about 2003 so far as I can tell. I kept this record for a while in review because, while I liked this record when I first heard it, it is so layered. I needed a minute. I was also curious about this bands sound evolution. Earlier recordings have much more of a pop sensibility to them. I like bands that start pop and then go to the dark side. Like the Catholic school girl who starts off going to mass and ends up doing drugs in the bathroom and sleeping around with older boys. They already had a dark side when they started.. They site Os Mutantes as an early influence and its evident in the best possible way. They are currently touring with Dirty Beaches, who I love. Their blog has a lot of pictures of trees and of Hitler in a dress holding a kitten. Thank god! This record is sometimes spooky, often ominous, dirgy slow tempo rock doom. Mixed by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier.


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