Nervous Gender – Gestalt / Green Tile Floors 7″

gretaclue   3/12/2012   A Library

Synth punk pioneers, Nervous Gender have had a lot of line up changes in their 30+ years in biz. This 7″, recorded in 2009, features Edward Stapleton, Mike Ochoa, and Joe Zinnato and was mixed up and fixed up by Screamers alum and former Nervous Gender drummer, Paul Roessler. Maybe cool kids will say this 7″ is crap because they are older now. That is what I have been hearing when i tell people about this record. “Really? Thats lame.. I don’t know.. I like old Nervous Gender, but..” I have big black hearts for old Nervous Gender. Man, the balls on that band. Do i miss Phranc? Yeah. Kind of. But there’s one thing you can’t change. Getting older. Should they get out the synthesizers and start singing about having a bad back or their last colonoscopy? Or maybe they should just stop making music because they can’t top what they did in their youth. Hipsters are brutal. I opted to shove all that pretension up my ass and actually listen to this record. Old school synth punk with Nervous Gender’s signature sharp edges. Sounds good to me.


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