Tru Thoughts – Shapes Compilation [coll] – [Tru Thoughts]

mickeyslim   2/11/2012   A Library, CD

This is the second compilation KFJC has goten from Tru Thoughts records, formed by Paul Jonas and Robert Louis in Brighton, UK in 1999 after the succedd of thier nightclub. Became one of the most repected independent labels in the UK. Tru Thoughts also birthed three sublabels: 7sevenm, concentrating on funk/soul; Unfold, who releases compilations (not this one suprisingly), and Zebra Traffic, releasing UK hip-hop.

This album is really a mix of all thos; danceable beats that are funky groovy, hippy and hoppy. Liner notes explain individual track sounds, but ludge for yourself. Some tracks are definitely better than others, so preview that shit…

If this album was a beer, it would be a strong IPA of sorts.

Best tracks: 1,3,4,9,14,15

Instrumentals: 1,7,12, (13?)


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