Potter, Colin / Mouldycliff, Phil – “Grey Skies On Ashpalt” – [Beta-Lactam Ring Records]

victoria west   1/4/2012   A Library, CD

I can see it all now through the sounds on Grey Skies On Ashpalt. This abstract ambient experimental album delivers the sounds of a microphone capturing the street scenes. You can hear many things from birds, radio tuning sounds, people in a distance talking as if they were in an old fashioned train station, scratching noises, what I would imagine aliens to sound like,??the center of a village with church bells ringing, mechanical motors purring, clanks and hammering and so much more, a speak and spell. All sounds blending together with the backing of electronic type ambient sounds. The album begins quietly and builds throughout. This unique album takes you on an imagination adventure.

-victoria west*


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