3 Hur-El – “3 Hur-El” – [Guerssen]

surferrosa   11/15/2011   12-inch, A Library

One of Turkey’s most popular “Anatolian Rock”bands, 3 Hur-El is a group of three brothers playing western rock fused with Turkish folk. This record leans more towards rock rather than folk, but the classic Turkish sound really comes through all over this music. Plenty of long instrumental sections in all the tracks, lots of beautiful string-work, tight bass-lines and mellow vocals sung exclusively in Turkish. All the percussion here is hand percussion.! Check out A5 for 2 full minutes of nothing but hand drum sweetness. What’s even better is the double necked electric saz (kinda looks and sounds like an oud if that helps) for some worldly string savvy sounds to pleasure your ears. This whole album rocks. All the tracks are good. Spin away! -Surfer Rosa


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