Memorize The Sky – “Creeks” – [Broken Research]

Max Level   10/4/2011   12-inch, A Library

Interestingly minimal trio work. The MTS guys have been working together for quite a while, improvising in a subtle, slow-moving style on reeds, upright bass, and percussion. On the two side-long pieces here, they add subtle electronic manipulations to the mix. The first half of Side A brings to mind a nature recording –Is that rain? Are those insects? Is that a bird? No it isn’t, but it could be. Eventually the band starts layering in other sounds and drones, more electronics and percussion. Side B is an improvised piece with instruments that sound for the most part like instruments, maybe with slight electronic modifications. Flute is in the foreground while bowed/strummed bass percolates underneath. The percussion is surprisingly inconspicuous on this piece, so understated you’ll miss most of it if you’re not paying close attention.


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