ST37 – “and Then What” – [Noiseville]

olmec   6/9/2011   12-inch, A Library

ST 37 comes from Austin, Texas. As the hippie movement wafted from SF to TX, it turned into something downright dirty. And Then What [Noiseville, 2006] brings the sludge, freakout, and semi-pop to an already bipolar genre of psych. Forget the hash oil, and smoke this Texas crude instead.

1: Drum, guitar, vocals. Stony lyrics and raga melody.
2: Eastern mysticism. Instrumental.
3: Overlapping vocals and psych guitar freakout. Mellows in the second half.
4: Poppy and upbeat, with proper psychedelic elements.
5: Holy shit ten minutes of frenetic insanity that gets even crazier over time.
6: Psych-punk reminiscent of The Stooges and Les Goths.
7: Sludgey and gripping guitar improv and distorted vocals. Maybe my favorite track on this LP.

Thanks to Jack Soil for picking up this excellent LP from the 4th Austin Psych Fest!


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