Holy Sons – “Criminal’s Return” – [Important Records]

olmec   3/23/2011   A Library, CD

Holy Sons is the solo project of Emil Amos, drummer to Grails and Om. Criminal’s Return is Amos’ seventh solo release. Within is indie rock swirled by psych and tinged with despondence. It is very mellow, perhaps to a fault, but there are moments where the music takes off and brings you with it. When performing live, Holy Sons is Emil Amos, Bill Slater, Alex Hall (Grails), and Benny Nugent (Dolorean). This sounds like both these bands combined.

Picks are:
1: Quiet indie rock meets Pink Floyd.
2: Diverse and interesting instrumental.
4: Muttered vocals and guitar noodling.
10: Stoney and bluesy.


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